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Recebimento de pedidos móveis e comércio eletrônico B2B para marcas e atacadistas
O Pepperi é um conjunto de softwares de vendas móvel para marcas e atacadistas, fornecendo catálogo, recebimento de pedidos, merchandising e comércio eletrônico B2B via aplicativos nativos iOS, Android e Win10. Leia mais sobre o Pepperi
Comércio eletrônico baseado na Internet e em aplicativos para empresas de atacado
Comércio eletrônico B2B, engajamento com o cliente e marketing digital para atacadistas e distribuidores via Progressive Web App (PWA). Leia mais sobre o
Comprehensive solution to serve your business needs.
PayPal Commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to serve your business needs and your customers, whether you’re just getting started or already a thriving enterprise or marketplace. Leia mais sobre o PayPal
Site content and customer journey management for eCommerce
Magento Commerce enables large companies to create, manage, and edit e-Commerce websites to provide personalized customer experiences. Features include drag-and-drop page builders, customer segmentation and targeting, content staging, rule-based product relations, visual merchandising, and more. Leia mais sobre o Magento Commerce
Connected Inventory Management. Simplified.
Cin7 makes complex retail and wholesale simple, with all-in-one Inventory Management, POS, Direct EDI Integration and 3PL integration. Leia mais sobre o Cin7
Avaliações e marketing de conteúdo do cliente
O Yotpo ajuda marcas a usar as avaliações e fotos dos clientes durante a jornada do comprador para aumentar a confiabilidade, a repetição de comportamentos favoráveis e as vendas. Leia mais sobre o Yotpo
Electronic Data Interchange & eCommerce software
TrueCommerce is the most complete way to connect your business across the supply chain – integrating everything from EDI… to inventory management… to fulfillment… to digital storefronts and marketplaces… to your business system and more – so you can do business in every direction. Leia mais sobre o TrueCommerce EDI Solutions
Redefining Enterprise Ecommerce
Bigcommerce is an all-in-one SaaS ecommerce platform for growing and established online businesses that want a powerful solution in a user-friendly package. Leia mais sobre o BigCommerce
The B2B Commerce Platform for Manufacturers & Distributors
Handshake is a sales order management application for businesses in the wholesale industry. It enables users to manage orders, reduce order processing costs, streamline fulfillment operations, and track team's performance. Features include reporting, inventory management, and appointment tracking. Leia mais sobre o Handshake
Integrate, automate data flow, synchronize data among apps
SyncSpider is an integration tool designed to help eCommerce businesses automate multi-channel sales processes, connect apps together, sync inventory data, and more. An automation tool built for eCommerce, it helps grow revenue, centralize stocks, improve the buying experience for customers. sync data across apps and marketplaces. Leia mais sobre o SyncSpider
Plataforma de comércio eletrônico para B2B e B2C.
O Miva é uma plataforma de comércio eletrônico integrada, totalmente personalizável, que combina os sistemas de gerenciamento necessários para administrar uma empresa, incluindo ERP, CRM, OMS, POS e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Miva
Software de comércio eletrônico para carrinhos de compras
O CS-Cart é um software de comércio eletrônico com escala e com tudo incluído, adequado para pequenos fornecedores independentes online e grandes operações com várias lojas. Leia mais sobre o CS-Cart
Worldwide retargeting platform
AdRoll is an ad retargeting platform used by brands to retarget users with ads across social media, mobile, and the web. It offers solutions for both enterprises and agencies of all sizes, helping reach site visitors at the most optimal time with the most appropriate ad on any screen or device. Leia mais sobre o AdRoll
Enterprise eCommerce platform for high volume merchants
Shopify Plus is a multi-channel enterprise eCommerce platform for high growth and high volume merchants earning $1M or more in annual revenue Leia mais sobre o Shopify Plus
Prioritize relationships, not just transactions.
Sana Commerce Cloud helps organizations delight clients, boost efficiency, and drive agility by making ERP and e-commerce work as one. Leia mais sobre o Sana Commerce
Multi-channel eCommerce solution for small to large firms
SellerChamp is a cloud-based multi-channel eCommerce solution designed to help small and large businesses manage listings, repricing, and cross-selling across various online platforms. The platform automatically extracts product details, features, and images via UPC or ASIN. Leia mais sobre o SellerChamp
Helping to create delightful Search & Discovery experiences
Algolia is the search-as-a-service platform that enables companies of all sizes to deliver fast and relevant digital experiences that drive real results. Leia mais sobre o Algolia
Automate Your Ecommerce Bookkeeping
Webgility is a virtual bookkeeping software designed for ecommerce sellers who use QuickBooks or Xero. Webgility makes ecommerce easier for ecommerce sellers by automating busywork and data entry; Save money by replacing your bookkeeper. Leia mais sobre o Webgility
Web-based Order Management system integrated with QuickBooks
Now Commerce is a web based order management system integrated with Quickbooks and designed to provide an online sales experience for customers Leia mais sobre o Now Commerce
eCommerce software for brands of all sizes.
The TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce Platform allows merchants of all sizes to extend their brand identity throughout the entire online shopping experience. The platform excels at all types of orders including B2C, B2B, Amazon Seller Central, Phone Orders, In Person Sales, Subscriptions, Quotes. Leia mais sobre o Nexternal
Take B2B and wholesale orders online anytime, anywhere.
Zoey offers a suite of solutions, including an eCommerce self-service portal and a mobile app, to empower B2B and wholesale merchants to capture orders in any environment necessary, all while unifying orders all in one dashboard. Leia mais sobre o Zoey
Everything To Make Your Online Business Click
Whether you're new to e-commerce or a pro, CoreCommerce offers all of our great features to every customer, no matter which plan you choose. Leia mais sobre o CoreCommerce
eCommerce platform for multiple online stores
AmeriCommerce is an eCommerce platform built for high volume online stores & complex products with features such as multi-store management, B2B/wholesale capabilities, custom discount & shipping rules, marketing tools, headless/remote carting, subscription products, & more Leia mais sobre o AmeriCommerce
Retail POS System for businesses of all sizes
Vin eRetail POS is a cloud-based point of sale solution which helps small to large businesses with billing and invoicing. Key features include stock adjustments, tax calculation, email notifications, inventory, order management, and more. Leia mais sobre o Vin eRetail
Cloud-based eCommerce software for retailers & manufacturers
Zencommerce is a cloud-based eCommerce platform designed to help retail businesses create and launch websites with a personalized domain name using built-in templates. Manufacturers and retailers can use the admin panel to add product descriptions, SKU codes, prices, and multiple images. Leia mais sobre o Zencommerce
B2B eCommerce Solution to Receive & Process B2B Orders Fast
B2B Wave lets you accept orders and reorders, create an online product catalog, add price lists, manage customers, sync your accounting and inventory systems, use Zapier to integrate with 2000+ tools, and build custom integrations with their API. Multiple pricing plans. Try it free for 30 days. Leia mais sobre o B2B Wave
Single, Unified B2B + B2C Ecommerce Solution
SuiteCommerce enables businesses to seamlessly connect every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business from a single, unified platform to create uniquely branded shopping experiences across all points of commerce. Leia mais sobre o NetSuite SuiteCommerce
B2B catalog-based sales order entry
Orderwerks is a B2B order entry solution which allows businesses to create a custom product catalog and manage orders in real time as clients are working on them. The cloud-based platform offers collaboration tools for supporting clients, communicating with clients via a chat interface, and more. Leia mais sobre o Orderwerks
Online global payment gateway
Worldpay is a global payment gateway and solutions provider with products and services for SMEs and large enterprises, from card payments to fraud management. Leia mais sobre o Worldpay
Field sales, distribution and e-commerce management tool
inSitu Sales is a cloud-based field sales, distribution & eCommerce management solution designed to help small to medium firms manage order taking, invoicing & payments. With real-time data & GPS tracking, it allows users to closely monitor operations and communicate with field representatives. Leia mais sobre o inSitu Sales
Grow your business with collaborative commerce from VTEX.
Tap into new markets and attract new customers and suppliers with VTEX, the first and only fully integrated marketplace-commerce-oms solution. Leia mais sobre o VTEX
AI-powered B2B eCommerce Platform with marketing automation
ewiz commerce is the world's first AI-powered B2B eCommerce platform which allows you to digitize all your business functions at speed and scale. Built, managed, and hosted by Powerweave, you save time and money as you don't have to chase or coordinate with multiple parties to get things done. Leia mais sobre o ewiz commerce
B2B wholesale software for managing orders and inventory
OrderCircle is a cloud-based B2B wholesale software designed to help businesses in the eCommerce industry manage online orders, inventory, invoicing, payments, customers, and more on a centralized platform. Administrators can use the dashboard to track stores' performance. Leia mais sobre o OrderCircle
B2B sales system for fashion & lifestyle brands
Traede is a B2B sales eCommerce platform designed specifically for the fashion & lifestyle industry, with features for customer, product & order management Leia mais sobre o Traede
eCommerce software for small to midsize businesses
Vidra is an Italian multi-channel eCommerce software designed to help small to midsize furniture, food and beverage, jewelry, apparel, and wine businesses manage online stores, shipments, inventory, and omnichannel sales processes on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Vidra
Multi-channel listing & inventory management solution
StoreAutomator is a multi-channel listing & inventory management solution which helps small to midsize firms manage product listing creation, marketplace posting, data optimization, formatting, overriding & mapping. The platform offers automatic currency conversion for international channels. Leia mais sobre o StoreAutomator
Wholesale food and beverage suppliers
Ordermentum is a web-based order management software designed to benefit both the wholesale supplier and the venues they serve. The platform enables teams to deliver a seamless and simple ordering experience to their customers. Leia mais sobre o Ordermentum
Open source B2B eCommerce platform
OroCommerce is an open source B2B eCommerce software for mid & large sized companies, with built-in CRM and third party application integrations Leia mais sobre o OroCommerce
Extensible API-based B2B eCommerce Platform for any business
Virto Commerce B2B eCommerce platform is a composable out-of-the-box solution that allows you to cater great user experience to your customers. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or distributor, with Virto Commerce you are able to quickly build a scalable online-store to expand your business. Leia mais sobre o Virto Commerce
Cloud-based shipping solution
FreightCenter is a shipping solution which allows users to obtain shipping rates & schedule pickups with qualified, well-known freight & shipping companies Leia mais sobre o FreightCenter API
An B2B Ecommerce platform that grows your wholesale channel.
Envoy B2B is an eCommerce platform designed to help businesses in apparel, wholesale, footwear, consumer electronics, and other sectors manage assets, create content, engage with retailers and enable brand representatives to support specialty retail accounts using various digital tools. Leia mais sobre o Envoy B2B
B2B eCommerce and product management software
Equip is a cloud-based B2B eCommerce platform designed to help equipment manufacturers and dealers manage product catalogs, business analytics, and sales operations on a centralized platform. Administrators can store product information and bill of materials (BOM) in a relational database. Leia mais sobre o Equip
Cloud-based eCommerce tool for managing B2B & B2C channels
Kibo eCommerce is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses manage multiple sales channels, online orders, and marketing campaigns on a unified platform. Using the integrated headless commerce module, organizations can handle front-end and back-end operations and social media pages. Leia mais sobre o Kibo eCommerce Solution
B2B eCommerce for manufacturers & distributors
iStockist is a B2B eCommerce software solution which accepts & processes online orders & automates marketing & communication around products & offers Leia mais sobre o iStockist
Software de gestão de assinaturas e associações.
O Abowire é um software de gestão de assinaturas desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a configurar vários níveis de preços, cupons de desconto e períodos de teste para automatizar processos de faturamento e cobrança recorrentes. Os membros podem fazer login por meio de logon único e verificação de e-mail para acessar o portal do cliente. Leia mais sobre o Abowire
Multi-channel eCommerce software
Jolt Fulfillment System is a multi-channel eCommerce software that helps businesses of all sizes manage sales, warehousing, and shipping operations. The product management module allows users to create and manage catalogs for all distribution channels on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Jolt Fulfillment System
B2B and B2C eCommerce software for manufacturers
eSeller is a web-based B2B and B2C eCommerce software designed to help businesses personalize buying experiences by controlling product presentation and content processes across online channels. The system automatically updates pricing information, inventory details, and order status. Leia mais sobre o eSeller
Open-source e-commerce solution for global brands
Spree Commerce is an open-source e-commerce solution based on Ruby on Rails with a responsive user interface, optional PWA frontend, REST API, GraphQL, several official extensions, and 3rd party integrations available. Leia mais sobre o Spree
Plataforma inovadora de venda de manufatura (CRM e CPQ)
O "Manufacturing X" é uma plataforma de vendas que mescla os recursos e benefícios do CRM, comércio e CPQ, enriquecendo-os com dados de planejamento de recursos empresariais (ERP na sigla em inglês). Com a combinação três-em-um de CRM, CPQ e comércio, é possível garantir um retorno do investimento (ROI na sigla em inglês) rápido e baixo custo... Leia mais sobre o Manufacturing X
Omni-channel retailing system with real-time inventory
Sku IQ provides a plug and play omni-channel system for physical and online retailers, connecting POS data to eCommerce, apps, and marketplaces Leia mais sobre o Sku IQ
Private B2B eCommerce platform
B2B Direct from RepZio provides custom-branded B2B eCommerce websites with shopping cart functionality, ERP & accounting system integrations, and more Leia mais sobre o B2B Direct
Plataforma de comércio B2B
O Mobisale é uma plataforma de comércio B2B que oferece uma solução completa para todas as atividades de campo de vendas e distribuição, incluindo realização de pedidos, vendas de van, merchandising, comprovante de entrega e aplicativos de comércio eletrônico que priorizam dispositivos móveis. O Mobisale é compatível com integrações de sistemas de... Leia mais sobre o Mobisale
Blockchain B2B Platform
e-Procure is completely free Blockchain B2B Platform offering an integrated cloud based Procurement and B2B sales software to help businesses better manage and automate the full procurement and B2B sales lifecycle Leia mais sobre o e-Procure
Dutch point of sale (POS) solution for retail stores
Afosto is a Dutch point of sale (POS) solution designed to help retail stores manage both online and offline sales using cash registers and eCommerce webshops. It lets users manage stocks across multiple warehouses & update product inventory across all sales channels through a centralized database. Leia mais sobre o Afosto
Multi-channel order management platform for business buyers
Salesforce B2B Commerce is a cloud-based platform, which helps retailers, wholesalers, and distributors manage purchase of goods or services through a self-service eCommerce storefront. Features include real-time data, inventory tracking, renewal automation, and order management. Leia mais sobre o Salesforce B2B Commerce
API & microservices-based headless commerce platform
Elastic Path is a headless eCommerce software designed for businesses in the retail, manufacturing, automotive, gaming, wholesale, and other industries. Administrators can monitor consumers’ buying trends, cart items, or shopping history to provide personalized promotional offers and coupons. Leia mais sobre o Elastic Path
B2B eCommerce management software
CStore helps manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and other businesses manage online orders, sales, inventory, billing, and more. Users can prioritize online display order of products, handle discounts and commissions, and add, edit, and remove categories, descriptions, and manufacturers. Leia mais sobre o CStore
B2B checkout platform
Balance is a B2B payments experience company offering the first online checkout built for businesses. With Balance, companies can process any payment method, offer flexible terms, and get paid instantly, all in one place. Leia mais sobre o Balance
Software para a gestão administrativa de e-commerces B2B
O ROMA é uma plataforma web para a gestão de e-commerces B2B, a qual reúne múltiplas funcionalidades como a criação de catálogos digitais, layouts personalizados, o mapeamento das ações nas páginas dos catálogos, permitindo uma diagramação original; e o envio dos catálogos por e-mail aos clientes. Leia mais sobre o ROMA
Platform for managing wood sales, marketplace and buyers
The Timber Base application provides traders and producers in the wood industry with access to a shared marketplace. It is useful for sales and the establishment of B2B connections. It has functions for the entire purchasing process and facilities for worldwide wood trading. Leia mais sobre o Timber Base
B2B Ecommerce Simplified
B2B e-commerce platform that automates your purchase order intake process, saving manufacturers time and money! Leia mais sobre o Cloudfy
Business management system for retail, hotels & restaurants
Passfeed offers vertical-specific solutions for restaurants and retail shops such as business management systems, online ordering & contactless payment products, POS systems, and instant digital banking and payments solutions seamlessly integrated in an all-in-one easy to use place. Leia mais sobre o Passfeed