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O Adzerk é uma plataforma de desenvolvimento de servidor de publicidade que permite que engenheiros e gerentes de produtos projetem, construam e iniciem servidores de publicidade no lado do servidor. As APIs oferecem suporte ao desenvolvimento de servidores de publicidade totalmente personalizados para promover todos os tipos de anúncios,... Leia mais sobre o Kevel
EXADS is a customizable ad server built with developers in mind every step of the way. The EXADS Admin Panel provides a single interface for advertisers and publishers to monitor and manage all aspects of their online advertising business. Leia mais sobre o EXADS
AdButler is an advertising management solution that helps businesses design, launch & manage advertisement campaigns. The platform allows users to personalize the interface with custom branding & use a custom domain for hosting advertisements as well as providing admin access. Leia mais sobre o AdButler
JW Player is an online video management software designed to help businesses upload, stream, and deliver high-quality videos on a centralized platform. Administrators can track ad revenue to manage monetization and utilize video intelligence to improve audience engagement. Leia mais sobre o JW Player
Bannerwise is a Creative Management Platform, with a whitelisted ad server, that you can use for increasing the ROI of your campaigns and creating relevant and thus better performing ads with ease, while at the same time decrease the set-up and production time. Leia mais sobre o Bannerwise
MikMak provides brands with end-to-end eCommerce analytics and consumers with multi retailer checkout experiences. Leia mais sobre o MikMak
With BrandMaster, the results speak for themselves. Brand Management platform created for marketing professionals who seeks to improve brand strategy execution and marketing efforts. Leia mais sobre o BrandMaster
diDNA is a cloud-based enterprise ad management platform, which helps businesses optimize digital ad inventory and enhance ad revenue by leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Leia mais sobre o diDNA
Epom Ad Server provides online businesses with everything they need run efficient advertising campaigns and reach their audiences across multiple channels Leia mais sobre o Epom
Genius Monkey provides data-driven programmatic ad-buying solutions that help brands navigate the world of digital advertising. Their platform allows marketers to run highly targeted ad campaigns that reach the right audiences in the right place at precisely the right time. Leia mais sobre o Genius Monkey
Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform helps marketers in top global brands scale their creative production for videos, HTML5 banners, and statics. The platform enables high-volume content creation to meet demands, delivering your creatives to multiple channels. Leia mais sobre o Storyteq
Otterfish is the easiest way to create and launch Facebook/Instagram Ads. Perfect for small teams or SMEs, Otterfish makes creating and launching Facebook Ads so easy anyone in your team can do it. Free plan available. Try it today. Leia mais sobre o Otterfish
Choozle is a cloud-based digital advertising software that provides publishers and marketing agencies with tools to build targeted campaigns and analyze the performance of advertisements on a centralized platform. Supervisors can use the dashboard to gain an overview of total spend, ad clicks, CPM, and CTR via actionable analytics. Leia mais sobre o Choozle
SaaS header bidding management tool for online publishing houses and online-ad monetization and yield optimization teams. Leia mais sobre o HeadBidder
AdvertServe is a unified ad serving platform for web, mobile, email, and video. It helps businesses gain insights into performance using an analytics suite and add functionalities to programmatic offerings in real-time through server-to-server integrations. Leia mais sobre o AdvertServe
NT Programmatic Platform is a cloud-based platform that assists marketing agencies with media placements and planning, data collection, audience segmentation, data quality analysis, and ad optimization in real-time. Leia mais sobre o NT Programmatic Platform
O Quartile é uma plataforma PPC que ajuda a automatizar e otimizar campanhas de publicidade de comércio eletrônico com tecnologia de inteligência artificial e machine learning, combinando ciência de dados e análise com profundo conhecimento estratégico em marketing de comércio eletrônico. Leia mais sobre o Quartile
Brid.TV is an online video platform that helps publishers and ad networks grow their businesses through high-end video monetization solutions. Brid.TV’s premium ad solutions allow publishers to maximize their yield by delivering the highest quality video ads for each unique viewer. Leia mais sobre o BridTV
Match2One is a cloud-based programmatic advertising solution, which assists businesses and agencies with audience targeting and campaign management. Key features include client management, access control, fraud detection, multi-format support, and banner creation. Leia mais sobre o Match2One
Flexible SaaS platform to manage programmatic ads for large publishers, media houses, ad networks, and app developers. Leia mais sobre o Admixer.Network
O MarfeelPress é um plug-in do WordPress que oferece várias ferramentas para ajudar as empresas a otimizar o envolvimento do público, a receita de anúncios e a monetização em sites móveis. Os usuários podem publicar conteúdo otimizado para SEO em várias plataformas e enviar notificações por push a destinatários específicos. Leia mais sobre o MarfeelPress
Where to Buy is designed to help businesses display information related to products’ pricing and nearest store locations to consumers using customizable web pages. It enables organizations to map customer journeys and communicate with brand managers, retailers, and clients via a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Where to Buy
Google's AdSense tool is a software for monetizing websites. Thus, the software acts as an ad server, with which the own website or a blog can serve as an additional source of income. Via a few lines of code, the ads are played out fully automatically on the website. Leia mais sobre o Google AdSense
Smart AdServer enables publishing and advertising enterprises to deliver, manage & optimize their rich media campaigns on desktop, mobile, apps & tablet devices Leia mais sobre o Smart AdServer
Fanomena Events is a customer engagement software designed to help event organizers share personalized content with the audience to boost brand awareness. Administrators can create a personalized digital sponsoring platform to display advertisements and share unique content. Leia mais sobre o Fanomena Events is a self-service billboard advertising platform built for small businesses, startups, and everyone in between. Leia mais sobre o
Evocalize is a cloud-based content marketing platform designed to assist businesses with digital marketing execution and media procurement. It provides a single solution that integrates all partner channels, including online, mobile, and social media. Leia mais sobre o Evocalize
Reduce production time and focus on what matters. Our Creative Management Platform lets you design, scale, publish, analyse, personalise, and optimise your display campaigns in-house. Leia mais sobre o BannerFlow
SpotXchange is the trusted video advertising platform for premium publishers, helping them manage relationships, avoid latency and make the most money from their inventory With more than 400 million auctions per day, SpotXchange is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory reaching 200 million unique visitors in more than 80 countries... Leia mais sobre o SpotX is a white-labeled programmable stack and real-time bidding (RTB) platform designed to help businesses manage, track, target, and optimize advertising campaigns. It offers various built-in tools and anti-fraud filters for organizations to scan traffic quality or malware. Leia mais sobre o
AdPushup is an ad revenue optimization platform that helps publishers and eCommerce businesses improve their advertising revenue using premium advertising exchanges and ad operations expertise. Leia mais sobre o AdPushup
PubWise is an ad server and publishing software designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline programmatic advertising, header bidding, and revenue reporting operations. It enables publishers to optimize advertisements according to user segments, conduct demand and content analysis, and identify ad optimization opportunities using machine... Leia mais sobre o PubWise
Connexity is a shopping ad platform designed to help businesses view and optimize shopping advertisement campaigns and monitor performance via a unified portal. The solution enables organizations to define goals and budgets to automatically identify and place ads in competitive traffic and receive reports to adjust priorities. Leia mais sobre o Connexity Shopping Ad Platform
m19 is an AI-powered advertising technology dedicated to Amazon Ads. Leia mais sobre o m19
SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is an intelligent, multi-channel marketing solution. Modules of Customer Intelligence 360 include 360 Discover, 360 Engage, 360 Match and the SAS CDP capabilities. Additional related products include SAS Intelligent Decisioning) and SAS Event Stream Processing. Leia mais sobre o SAS Customer Intelligence 360
Simulmedia is setting out to fix TV advertising better by bringing web-like advertising techniques to television. Simulmedia has built the world’s first fully-scaled digital ad targeting platform for television, powered by the largest TV viewing database ever assembled. Leia mais sobre o Simulmedia
Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform which helps organizations automate the purchase and distribution of display, audio, or video advertisements across various online channels. It enables advertisers to organize digital media inventories and manage multiple advertisement and data exchange accounts. Leia mais sobre o Amazon DSP
Broadstreet is an ad management software that helps businesses, local or regional newspapers, and magazine publishers create and launch advertisements to streamline marketing operations. Managers can track the performance of campaigns, generate analytical reports & export them in CSV format. Leia mais sobre o Broadstreet
Adrenalead provides website publishers and advertisers with ultra-precise tools to pilot and adjust your Web Push Notifications campaigns, in real time, to make them a real new growth lever for your online business. Leia mais sobre o Adrenalead
The Addrelevance AI-powered solution increases CTR and conversion rate by 50%. The individual decision-making profile of each website's visitor is analyzed so that you can optimize the consumer journey, or serve hyper-personalized content, digital ads, campaigns. Leia mais sobre o Addrelevance
Zuuvi is a danish design platform build for digital marketing teams and designers, that enables them to produce best-in-class ads in few minutes. The idea to Zuuvi started when the founding team headed this problem “These HTML5-banners, coding, and launching them is a long and costly process.” Leia mais sobre o Zuuvi
Cluep AI mobile ad platform targets people based on what they share and feel, the content they post and where they go in the physical world. With patented text analysis, image and video recognition engines and location intelligence Cluep offers unique digital solutions to the advertising landscape. Leia mais sobre o Cluep
Adsterra is a world-renowned ad network. It serves more than 30 billion ad impressions monthly, and 70% of traffic is mobile. It works with more than 30K+ partners, including publishers, brands, media agencies and affiliates. Three-level malware protection comes as a standard at Adsterra. Leia mais sobre o Adsterra Ad Network
Xandr Monetize is a strategic selling platform designed to help businesses in the media production industry streamline inventory tracking, demand channel management, and consumer experience operations. The platform enables organizations to configure workflows, run online campaigns, and generate custom reports. Leia mais sobre o Xandr Monetize
Magnite is a supply-side platform (SSP) designed to help businesses track advertising inventories, display advertisements on various websites, and track revenue via a unified platform. The platform enables managers to set up policies, run online campaigns, and manage advertisements across multiple channels including CTV, desktop, mobile devices,... Leia mais sobre o Magnite
A unified audience platform, Affle’s MAAS leverages a multi-channel approach enabling mobile advertisers to acquire quality users. Leia mais sobre o MAAS
ad.agio delivers your message to all the Touchpoints in the Digital Ecosystem: powerful Analysis Engine and advanced Forecasting. Reach your Audience right where they are. Leia mais sobre o ad.agio
AdPlify is a 7-in-1 toolset for Facebook advertisers that is helpful for running profitable ads. It is a cloud based SAAS that finds hidden audiences, tracks competitors and targets super customers. Leia mais sobre o AdPlify
Clickky offers custom solutions to help mobile advertisers and publishers manage advertisement monetization and user acquisition operations via programmatic and performance services. It allows organizations to design, launch, and manage advertising campaigns to engage with the target audience and monetize traffic. Leia mais sobre o Clickky

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