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Partner Marketing & Performance Marketing Platform (formerly HasOffers)
TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is the industry’s most flexible SaaS solution for managing marketing partnerships across mobile and web. Customers can maximize ROI from onboarding through payout with their most important partners, including affiliates, influencers, networks, advertisers, and more. Leia mais sobre o TUNE
Solução de gestão de parceiros e marketing
A plataforma Ingenious Partner Management Platform ajuda anunciantes, agências e empresas de rede de desempenho a monitorar o envolvimento de marketing, dados de parceiros e muito mais. A solução permite que as organizações gerenciem seus e operações financeiras e acompanhem interações em vários canais em uma plataforma unificada. Leia mais sobre o Ingenious Partner Management Platform
Venda mais com um melhor software de afiliados.
O Post Affiliate Pro ajuda você a configurar seu programa de afiliados de A a Z. Ele é um software de afiliação confiável, intuitivo e infinitamente expansível. Comece a recrutar e gerenciar seus afiliados e aumente suas vendas com o marketing de afiliação. O Post Affiliate Pro se integra a mais de 200 sistemas de CMS e gateways de pagamento,... Leia mais sobre o Post Affiliate Pro
Affiliate tracking software for eCommerce & SaaS
Tapfiliate is cloud based affiliate tracking software that enables eCommerce & SaaS companies to set up, track & optimize their own affiliate marketing programs Leia mais sobre o Tapfiliate
In-house affiliate marketing software
Circlewise is the Partnership Management Software of choice for B2B and B2C companies of all sizes. Our software allows advertisers to efficiently manage their partnerships with affiliates, influencers, media buyers, and ad networks enabling them to scale their affiliate marketing indefinitely. Leia mais sobre o Circlewise
Software de marketing por indicação
O InviteReferrals é um software de marketing por indicação projetado para ajudar as empresas a conquistar novos clientes criando e lançando campanhas de indicação de clientes em múltiplas plataformas, inclusive sites para celular, tablet e área de trabalho, bem como aplicativos móveis para Android e iOS. Leia mais sobre o InviteReferrals
Shopping cart & affiliate management for online vendors.
PayKickstart is an online shopping cart & affiliate management platform which supports built-in payment integrations, multiple currencies, coupon codes, & more Leia mais sobre o PayKickstart
Affiliate tracking software
Affiliate tracking made easy. Recruit and manage affiliates, coordinate marketing promotions and pay their commissions. LeadDyno works on any website. Leia mais sobre o LeadDyno
Solução de gestão empresarial para pequenas e grandes empresas
O Kartra é uma solução de gestão empresarial baseada na nuvem projetada para ajudar pequenas e grandes empresas a criar, lançar e gerenciar plataformas de marketing online com modelos personalizáveis, análise de 35 graus, respostas automáticas, gerenciamento de afiliadas, check-out interno e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Kartra
Referral software for SMBs & large businesses
Omnistar helps growing businesses to leverage the marketing power of existing customers & ultimately increase their customer base by creating a referral program Leia mais sobre o OSI Affiliate Software
Global Payables Automation
Tipalti automates your entire supplier payments operation for accounts payable organizations. Power international payments, invoice processing, AP tax and regulatory compliance, payment reconciliation, and reporting in one holistic cloud solution. Companies using Tipalti eliminate 80%+ of their time spent managing supplier payment operations.... Leia mais sobre o Tipalti AP Automation
Advanced affiliate marketing made simple.
Manage, track, and grow your affiliate and influencer network like never before. With Refersion it's easy to track referrals from affiliates, influencers, partners & and customers. And our secure platform streamlines how you manage, reward, and pay affiliates, and more. Leia mais sobre o Refersion
Global mass payments to contractors & suppliers
Payment Rails is a global payment platform for sending business payments to customers, contractors, suppliers, collaborators, and any other business partner. The cloud-based tool facilitates payments to individuals or companies internationally to over 200 countries, and in any local currency. Leia mais sobre o Payment Rails
Content marketing and influencer outreach for agencies
Pitchbox is an influencer outreach and content marketing solution that enables marketing agencies or SEO departments to find the right influencer to promote their content and spread awareness of their brand. PitchBox is able to integrate with SEO providers to receive reliable and brand-safe results. Leia mais sobre o Pitchbox
Plataforma de publicidade nativa
O Outbrain é a principal plataforma de publicidade nativa do mundo. Conecta leitores, editores e profissionais de marketing. Leia mais sobre o Outbrain
Conversion tracking platform for affiliates & media buyers
TrackingDesk is a cloud-based traffic and tracking management platform for affiliates and media buyers providing a full management suite such as analytic, landing page rotation, call to action optimization, A/B testing, conversion tracking, user agent targeting, geo target and campaign management. Leia mais sobre o TrackingDesk
Partner Marketing Platform - Track, Analyze & Automate
Everflow is a Partner Marketing Platform for tracking, managing, & analyzing the performance of multiple marketing campaigns. Designed to aid marketers with understanding & improving their marketing techniques, Everflow offers real-time analytics to identify best & worst performing placements. Leia mais sobre o Everflow
Smart tracking for performance marketing networks
Offerslook is an innovative marketing solution for Performance Marketing networks. Offerslook lets users build & manage their own ad network/ affiliate network Leia mais sobre o Offerslook
Referral Marketing Software, Done Right.
Ambassador empowers marketing teams to increase new customer acquisition, referrals and revenue by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth. Leia mais sobre o Ambassador
Affiliate tracking & management software
Scaleo is a cloud-based affiliate tracking & management software with an intuitive design, anti-fraud logic™, real-time reporting, full API access & more Leia mais sobre o Scaleo
Affiliate/Referral Marketing & Lead Generation Software
#1 Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation software. Create an affiliate program and drive more leads and sales to your website. We make it EASY. FREE TRIAL. Leia mais sobre o LinkTrust
Customer communication suite for inbound marketing, marketing automation and multi-channel communication
SimplyCast is an all in one marketing suite for organizations worldwide. SimplyCast's software automates email, survey, event, SMS, fax, Twitter and autoresponder marketing in order for businesses to effectively reach customers on their preferred mode of communication. It is a feature-rich multi-channel marketing platform used by thousands of... Leia mais sobre o SimplyCast
Performance Marketing Software
CAKE provides performance marketing software with solutions for affiliate marketing, lead generation and multichannel marketing. Leia mais sobre o Cake
Real time performance and affiliate marketing platform
Trackier, formerly vNative, is a cloud-based performance marketing solution that helps marketing agencies manage campaigns, track affiliate sales, and optimize customer conversions. Key features include white-labeling, click tracking, traffic segments, geotargeting, real-time data, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o Trackier
Performance marketing for networks, advertisers & agencies
Affise is a performance marketing software for networks, advertisers & agencies to manage their affiliate networks, track traffic, & optimize their results Leia mais sobre o Affise
All-in-one marketing software
Simplero is a single software for your website, sales funnels, email marketing, online courses, and membership sites. Leia mais sobre o Simplero
Launch your first (or millionth) email campaign, no sweat.
Cakemail is an email marketing application that simplifies the way small businesses engage with customers, allowing them to manage contacts, create personalized email campaigns from templates and simply... send. It’s an affordable, easy-to-use solution, created to help small businesses begin, or pursue, their email marketing efforts - regardless... Leia mais sobre o Cakemail
Web-based ecommerce software
Nexternal Solutions provides web-based ecommerce software to businesses interested in maximizing their success. This search engine friendly shopping cart software can be used to sell directly to consumers or to other businesses and can differentiate between customer types. Nexternal's ecommerce solution maximizes profit by focusing on increasing... Leia mais sobre o Nexternal Solutions
Customer referral marketing software for SMEs
Referral SaaSquatch is a cloud-based referral marketing software designed to help enterprises track & reward referrals from their customers. Leia mais sobre o Referral SaaSquatch
Affiliate marketing tool for managing partnership programs
Impact Partnership Cloud is a cloud-based suite designed to help businesses manage the entire partnership lifecycle, from recruitment to incentivization. The platform can be used to manage relationships with business partners, affiliates, charities, ambassadors, sponsors, and more. Leia mais sobre o Impact Partnership Cloud
Affiliate program management software
iDevAffiliate is an affiliate program, tracking, and commission management software designed to integrate with users’ existing websites Leia mais sobre o iDevAffiliate
Promotional campaign creation engine
Talon.One is a cloud-based promotion engine designed to help businesses create, customize, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns. The centralized platform enables users to create targeted and personalized coupon codes and link single-use coupons to specific client IDs. Leia mais sobre o Talon.One
Referral campaign creation & tracking for SaaS
ReferralMagic is a website-embeddable referral marketing campaign creation and tracking solution for SaaS businesses, allowing various types of referral rewards Leia mais sobre o ReferralMagic
Criação de campanhas de recompensa por indicação para empresas
O SalesCamp permite que os usuários configurem campanhas de marketing por indicação para seus negócios, recompensando seus melhores fãs por enviar leads de alta qualidade. Leia mais sobre o SalesCamp
Web-based performance marketing platform
LeadsPedia is a performance marketing platform offering tools for lead capture and validation, affiliate management, call routing and tracking, and more Leia mais sobre o LeadsPedia
Affiliate Marketing to connect site owners and retailers
ShareASale is an online affiliates network that enables merchants to connect with a network of established Affiliates as well as recruit new ones. Performance Marketing is one of the most powerful and effective customer acquisition tools available to an online Merchant. As a Merchant - you decide the commission structure to pay - and only pay... Leia mais sobre o ShareASale
Referral, affiliate, influencer & advocacy marketing
Social Seeder is an ambassador marketing software for running ambassador, referral, affiliate, influencer marketing & advocacy programs from a single platform Leia mais sobre o Social Seeder
Multi-channel affiliate marketing tracking platform
HitPath provides data tracking and performance marketing software for advertisers and affiliate ad networks. Leia mais sobre o HitPath
Performance tracking for affiliates and advertisers is a SaaS affiliate marketing campaign management & analytics platform designed to aid affiliates and advertisers with tracking campaign performance Leia mais sobre o
Cloud-enabled partner onboarding & relationship management
Impartner PRM is a cloud-based partner relationship management solution designed to help companies manage, optimize & accelerate their channel partner program, including recruiting, cooperative marketing/selling & performance management. The platform integrates with Salesforce and other CRM systems. Leia mais sobre o Impartner PRM
Performance tracking solution for affiliate businesses
vene dash helps businesses, advertisers and marketers track, analyze, and manage performance across affiliate programs. The built-in fraud detection module allows managers to assess incoming traffic and detect malicious apps, VPNs, proxies, fake web crawlers, user-agent spoofing, and more. Leia mais sobre o vene dash
Campaign management solution for businesses is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses track the performance of marketing campaigns and manage visitor traffic in real-time. Key features include lead generation, customizable branding, status mapping, ad serving, user group management, link building, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o
Customer Management
Customized membership sites to keep your members engaged and quickly build your continuity revenue stream. Liquifusion has been working with Information Marketing specialists for the past 3 years providing Member Sites integrated with Infusionsoft (or OfficeAutoPilot) and other website design and development services. Take a look at our Reservoir... Leia mais sobre o Reservoir
A management platform for brand advocates and promotions
Easily create and track brand advocates and online promotions to build awareness for your business Leia mais sobre o WallSee
Affiliate management, campaign tracking & detailed reporting
ClickInc is an affiliate program management solution, offering marketers a suite of online software tools for affiliate or lead tracking, reporting and more Leia mais sobre o ClickInc
All-in-one marketing automation platform
InstaSuite is a marketing automation platform that builds pages, membership sites, sends emails, creates blogs, and provides users with customer support Leia mais sobre o InstaSuite
Stats tracking solution for affiliate marketing programs
Voonix is a cloud-based affiliate marketing solution which helps enterprises automate data collection from numerous affiliate platforms to gain insight into business earnings and optimize ROI. It lets users manage team members by providing information access and assigning specific roles. Leia mais sobre o Voonix