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O Co:tunity é uma plataforma colaborativa de controle de tendências e gestão de ideias. Ele fornece ferramentas e processos que permitem às empresas reunir, compartilhar, analisar e desenvolver ideias, tendências e cenários. Leia mais sobre o Co:tunity
With Competera's price intelligence software, omnichannel and online retailers benefit from high-quality product matching, marketplace crawling and actionable competitive analytics. Leia mais sobre o Competera
Plataforma SaaS de inteligência de negócios que permite que marcas e varejistas monitorem e analisem dados sobre preços, concorrentes, estoques, produtos, vendedores, conformidade de marca e espaço em prateleira digital para otimizar a estratégia de marketing, preços e vendas e tomar as melhores decisões de negócios. Leia mais sobre o FlipFlow
All-in-one platform for strategic foresight. Leading global source of analyses of future trends, disruptions, and scenarios, created by top futurists. A complete set of SaaS tools for the entire foresight process – from trend identification through scenario analysis to shared foresight. Leia mais sobre o Futures Platform
O Hootsuite é uma ferramenta de marketing nas redes sociais para empresas gerenciarem, agendarem e acompanharem o envolvimento do conteúdo social em todos os perfis das redes sociais. Leia mais sobre o Hootsuite
Gerencie várias redes sociais, agende publicações ilimitadas, supervisione palavras-chave e colabore com sua equipe. Leia mais sobre o Zoho Social
O SEMrush é um kit de ferramentas de marketing criado para profissionais de marketing digital, com ferramentas para otimizar estratégias em SEO, PPC, mídia social, conteúdo e relações públicas. Leia mais sobre o Semrush
Birdeye is the highest-rated all-in-one reputation and CX platform for local businesses and brands. Over 90k businesses use Birdeye’s platform to effortlessly manage online reputation, connect with prospects through digital channels, and gain customer experience insights to grow sales & thrive. Leia mais sobre o Birdeye
O Sprout Social é uma ferramenta de gestão de redes sociais criada para ajudar as empresas a encontrar novos clientes e aumentar a presença deles nas redes sociais. Pequenas empresas podem gerenciar completamente a presença em redes sociais a partir de uma plataforma única e intuitiva. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare e outros são gerenciado... Leia mais sobre o Sprout Social
Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO toolset that helps you rank higher and get more traffic. Leia mais sobre o Ahrefs
Estabeleça a base certa para gerenciar as experiências das partes interessadas. De informações de clientes a segmentação de mercado e testes conceituais, o Qualtrics CoreXM é uma solução para todos os dados de experiência. Leia mais sobre o Qualtrics CoreXM
O Moz (anteriormente SEOmoz) PRO combina gestão de SEO, supervisão de redes sociais, recomendações de ações e muito mais em uma plataforma fácil de usar. Leia mais sobre o Moz
Google Alerts is a cloud-based notification platform designed to help users receive emails about content changes and new posts across web pages, articles, research papers, and blogs. It enables users to schedule alerts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Leia mais sobre o Google Alerts
Software que ajuda empresas a administrar e gerar avaliações online, envolver e responder aos comentários dos clientes e descobrir os principais insights dos clientes. Leia mais sobre o ReviewTrackers
Acompanhe seus concorrentes, otimize preços e expanda seus negócios com decisões de preços bem informadas. Leia mais sobre o Price2Spy
SimilarWeb is a global multi-device market intelligence company used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide, to discover, track, and grow their digital market share SimilarWeb Pro provides a global view of endless website and mobile app data based on the largest user panel in the industry. The app aggregates all competitor intelligence... Leia mais sobre o SimilarWeb Pro
Meltwater media intelligence tracks over 275,000 global online news sources, and has partnerships for print and broadcast monitoring. Social media listening covers Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, comment, review sites, forums, message boards and over 300 million blogs. Leia mais sobre o Meltwater
Rank tracking software that lets users monitor their entire brand and all your competitors in Google’s search results, track more keywords for cheaper than any other rank tracker, and discover ranking trends using historical data that you never lose access to. Leia mais sobre o Nozzle
Oktopost is the only social media management platform architected for B2B. Oktopost enables marketers to manage social content at scale, amplify reach, and integrate social with a marketing and sales stack. Leia mais sobre o Oktopost
O Alexa Marketing Stack é uma plataforma de pesquisa de palavras-chave e classificação de sites que oferece várias ferramentas de análise competitiva e de SEO, incluindo uma matriz de palavras-chave do concorrente. Leia mais sobre o Alexa
O Sprinklr oferece produtos de gestão de redes sociais para ajudar as marcas a melhorarem sua presença nas redes sociais, aumentando o envolvimento, melhorando a percepção e tornando-se mais estratégicas. É uma plataforma de gestão de experiência social com um conjunto de aplicativos para garantir a consistência da marca entre clientes e funcionári... Leia mais sobre o Sprinklr
Connect with your ideal B2B sales prospects quickly, capturing contact data from the places that your prospect the most using Datanyze. Our Google Chrome Extension helps capture a contact's email address, direct dial number, and more! Leia mais sobre o Datanyze
BrightEdge platform combines SEO and business metrics into one-click reports, provides actionable recommendations on the best opportunities to gain share of organic search traffic, enabling SEO managers and experts to focus their efforts for maximum impact. Leia mais sobre o BrightEdge
NetBase is an enterprise social media analytics solution for top consumer brands, their agencies, and their ecosystem to drive real business results. Leia mais sobre o NetBase Quid
ChartMogul is a revenue analytics platform built to help you run your subscription business. Get a complete overview of your global subscriber base; MRR, ARPU, ASP, churn, and LTV in a beautiful, easy to use dashboard. Leia mais sobre o ChartMogul
InsideView, the leading provider of sales intelligence, increases productivity and revenue by delivering relevant business and social insights. It integrates natively with leading CRM systems including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, NetSuite, Oracle, Siebel, SugarCRM, SalesLogix and SAP CRM. Leia mais sobre o InsideView
Terapeak is an Amazon and Ebay research app helps online sellers optimize their product listings and understand their market. The app gives insider insight into top selling products, product categories and top performing listings. It uses the data it collects from listings to help optimize listings. Leia mais sobre o Terapeak Research
Hotel Rate Shopper is an AI-powered hotel room rate pricing software to track, monitor, and update your room rates in line with competitor pricing across all your sales channels. Update your room rates as many times as you want & secure the best occupancy rate. Leia mais sobre o RateTiger
#1 Revenue Management Solution for Short-Term Rental Managers and Owners to Get, Grow, and Keep Revenue Leia mais sobre o Beyond
ClientIQ is a sales intelligence platform that enables sales organizations to harness and leverage the power of Insight-led Selling to engage prospects with value-driven narratives that create competitive separation, build trust and credibility at scale. Leia mais sobre o ClientIQ
Veritone Attribute is a real-time media attribution software which gives radio & television broadcasters the ability to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns with features such as behavior analytics, campaign management, intelligent attribution, reports & dashboards, & more Leia mais sobre o Veritone Attribute
KP16 is a market research solution that provides features such as customer segmentation, benchmarking, conditional logic, panel management, real time data, customizable templates, statistical analysis, and visual analytics. Leia mais sobre o KPI6
BuiltWith is a website profiler, lead generation, and business intelligence tool providing technology adoption, eCommerce data and usage analytics for the internet. It helps create lists of websites using particular web technologies and also lists of websites within specific ecommerce categories. Leia mais sobre o BuiltWith
O Competitors App é uma solução de inteligência competitiva para rastrear as estratégias de marketing dos concorrentes. Mudanças do concorrente, inclusive e-mails, boletins informativos, postagens em blogs, postagens em redes sociais, mudanças em sites, estratégias de SEO, palavras-chave e anúncios, podem ser visualizados no aplicativo em tempo... Leia mais sobre o Competitors App
Quantcast is an audience measurement software that offers data analytics to better understand your website traffic. The app pulls data from over 100 million web and mobile platforms to provide reports on audience demographics and geographic data including insights into competitor websites. Leia mais sobre o Quantcast
Os sistemas examinam diariamente mais de 400 milhões de produtos em mais de 30.000 sites de comércio eletrônico em mais de 50 países em todo o mundo. A plataforma oferece aos varejistas e às marcas uma visão mais abrangente do estado dos preços no mercado, permitindo que eles elaborem uma estratégia de preços eficaz. Leia mais sobre o Netrivals
O iSpionage é uma solução baseada na nuvem que ajuda pequenas e grandes empresas de marketing digital a gerenciar processos relacionados à pesquisa e supervisão competitivas, permitindo que as empresas usem análise de página de entrada e rastreamento de classificação de SEO para melhorar as estratégias gerais de marketing e o desempenho nos... Leia mais sobre o iSpionage
Government contracting platform that helps businesses get federal, state, local, education and Canadian opportunities, distribute leads, manage sales pipelines and more. Leia mais sobre o Deltek GovWin IQ
OWOX collects, prepares and analyzes all your marketing data with ease. With OWOX BI, your data is ready for analysis and reporting. Build any report you need in minutes and visualize it in Google Data Studio or Google Sheets. Leia mais sobre o OWOX BI
Marketing Miner is an SEO tool for all data-driven marketers. Gain valuable insights with over 40 features to skyrocket your website rankings. User-friendly interface and bulk data analysis features to save your time and effort. Leia mais sobre o Marketing Miner
Jungle Scout Cobalt supports enterprise ecommerce brands, agencies, and investors in 17 global markets by empowering them with market share data, competitive intelligence, category trends, and more. Leia mais sobre o Jungle Scout Cobalt
Locowise gives you insight into what social media content is working for your competitors and why. Leia mais sobre o Locowise
Echobot MONITORING offers a media intelligence software to help you track, filter and analyse each day millions of articles, reports and comments. Easily create curated reports or automated alerts about whats happening in your market and keep your team in the loop. Leia mais sobre o Echobot
Agenty is a suite of web-based tools for web data extraction. These tools are capable of detecting & extracting data from public as well as password protected sites in plain text or XML formats. OCR capabilities also allow businesses to automatically recognize & extract text from PDFs and images. Leia mais sobre o Agenty
Digimind is a competitive intelligence solution designed for companies to detect, collect, capitalize, and distribute market insights in response to strategic challenges. It provides real-time online monitoring of the business environment and advanced competitive benchmarking tools. Leia mais sobre o Digimind
KLIKER is a market intelligence app with real-time data shown on one screen in real-time. Log in to KLIKER to check you brand's performance, your offer's competitiveness or competitor's activities. Leia mais sobre o KLIKER
App Annie provides the world's leading brands and publishers across all B2C verticals with the most comprehensive mobile market data and analytics to drive their mobile strategy, products, marketing and monetization. Leia mais sobre o Intelligence
comScore is a web analytics and digital marketing software that assesses your website and online platforms performances based on visitor trends and search engine results. comScore lets you identify your digital audiences in depth and enables you to drill down on vital traffic data and in turn segment your audiences for retargeting content... Leia mais sobre o ComScore
Pulse is a marketing analysis solution that helps businesses analyze competitors & compare performance across multiple departments. It comes with a built-in scoring model, which assists enterprises with ranking companies across various verticals using paid, as well as organic, data. Leia mais sobre o Pulse

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