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Software de gestão da diretoria que deixa a diretoria satisfeita.
O OnBoard é um dos líderes em software de gestão da diretoria porque encanta diretores e capacita administradores. Ele deixa a diretoria satisfeita. É por isso que, quando os diretores escolhem o OnBoard pela primeira vez, eles se apaixonam: ele foi feito apenas para eles. Comece uma avaliação gratuita de 30 dias. Leia mais sobre o OnBoard
Learning Management System for Schools, Colleges and Universities
Instructure is a technology company committed to improving education. We provide instructors and students with modern tools and resources that empower and simplify the learning experience. Instructure offers Canvas—the open, easy-to-use, cloud-native learning management system—as well as Canvas Network, an index of open, online courses by... Leia mais sobre o Canvas LMS
Digital fundraising solution for nonprofits
GiveGab is a digital fundraising solution which helps nonprofit organizations raise money online with a suite of tools for online and event fundraising, supporter engagement, marketing and communication, volunteer management, and more. Users can access GiveGab on tablet and mobile devices. Leia mais sobre o GiveGab
Online collaboration & web conferencing solution
Blackboard Collaborate is an online collaborative learning solution which enables employees to fulfill training requirements anywhere, anytime, with audio, video & webcam support, file sharing, & mobile collaboration, plus an interactive whiteboard, chat functionality, & more Leia mais sobre o Blackboard Collaborate
Sistema de gestão de aprendizado online e gestão de cursos.
O ecossistema de aprendizado da Blackboard ajuda as empresas a oferecerem um aprendizado baseado em resultados que impulsiona o crescimento dos funcionários de maneira mensurável. Ele fornece uma experiência de aprendizado simples e unificada devido a um conjunto completo de soluções, incluindo LMS, ferramentas de colaboração, registro, relatórios... Leia mais sobre o Blackboard for Business
Repense o SIS.
O sistema informático para estudantes integrado do Alma capacita as comunidades de aprendizagem com soluções de software prontas para o futuro. Leia mais sobre o Alma
Collect, manage & review applications.
SurveyMonkey Apply helps organizations to collect, manage and review any type of application or submission from one secure online portal. Leia mais sobre o SurveyMonkey Apply
Cloud-based learning management solution
Brightspace is a cloud-based learning management solution that enables K-12 schools, universities, businesses, and government organizations to communicate or engage with students and employees via virtual classrooms, personalized training, video assessments, and more. Leia mais sobre o Brightspace
Software de gerenciamento de prêmios
O Award Force é um software de gerenciamento de prêmios que oferece aos usuários ferramentas para gerenciamento de candidatos, integração de gateway de pagamento, gerenciamento de votações, promoção e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Award Force
Web-based LMS for corporations, built on social learning.
Edvance360 is a web-based learning management solution designed for K12, higher education and corporate users to promote an interactive learning environment Leia mais sobre o Edvance360
Flexible grantmaker software that powers your purpose.
Zengine is the most flexible and configurable platform for full-cycle program management, supporting grantmakers at mission-based organizations. Leia mais sobre o WizeHive
Suíte de ferramentas operacionais para ensino superior
O Ellucian é uma suíte de ferramentas de operações para instituições de ensino superior, com módulos para ERP, SIS, gerenciamento de relacionamento constituinte e análise. Oferece aplicativos móveis, integrações de terceiros e autoatendimento para alunos. Leia mais sobre o Ellucian
Crie, comercialize e venda cursos online com o Thinkific.
O Thinkific é uma plataforma de curso online que permite aos usuários criar, comercializar e vender cursos em seus próprios sites de marca usando temas de arrastar e soltar ou HTML e CSS. Leia mais sobre o Thinkific
Student engagement platform for the education sector
Nearpod is a cloud-based student engagement platform that helps teachers, schools, and higher education institutions engage and assess students using interactive virtual lessons and collaborative discussions. Leia mais sobre o Nearpod
Enterprise-level reporting tools for colleges & universities
Argos from Evisions is a cloud-based enterprise reporting tool developed by higher education experts, that enables college and university administrators to leverage departmental and institutional data in delivering real time insights visualized within chart-rich reports and interactive dashboards Leia mais sobre o Argos Reporting Software
Enterprise content management solution
Automate & integrate the management and control of documents, business processes & records using one application Leia mais sobre o OnBase
Marketing automation and sales execution platform
LeadSquared is a complete CRM & marketing automation software to help businesses capture, nurture, manage & track their leads in one place. The cloud-based solution is designed for enterprises & SMEs and provides tools for lead capturing, lead nurturing, sales management, marketing analytics & more. Leia mais sobre o LeadSquared
Cloud based college management solution for colleges
Web-based college management. It's secure and easy-to-use, with simple pricing, great customer support, and no upfront costs. Leia mais sobre o Populi
Assessment management and analytics platform
ExamSoft is an assessment solution that helps K-12 and higher education institutes as well as government organizations administer exams and assess student performance. It enables educators to automatically generate random question sequences and block internet access to prevent exam fraud. Leia mais sobre o ExamSoft
Live polling and Q&A solution for businesses of all sizes
Vevox is a live polling and Q&A solution that enables businesses of all sizes and educational institutions to streamline processes related to employee or student engagement, online meetings, classes and more. Leia mais sobre o Vevox
LMS for schools, universities, and school districts
NEO helps schools manage all classroom activities, including creating and delivering educational content, student assessment, tracking student progress, and promoting communication between students and teachers. Leia mais sobre o NEO LMS
Cloud-based student lifecycle management solution
Destiny One is a student lifecycle management platform purpose-built for higher education divisions serving non-traditional learners. Leia mais sobre o Destiny One
Automated feedback collection for development-based programs
Blue is cloud-based experience management software designed to automate central surveys, course evaluation, and 360 degree feedback review initiatives through integrations with HRIS, CRM, student information system (SIS), learning management system (LMS), and single sign-on (SSO) solutions. Leia mais sobre o Blue
Laboratory risk management system for organisations
BioRAFT is a cloud-based solution that assists government bodies, educational institutions, and life sciences companies with laboratory risk management. Key features include job management, risk analysis, notifications, trend analysis, and compliance management. Leia mais sobre o BioRAFT
Scholarship management and donor reporting for universities
Blackbaud Award Management (formerly AcademicWorks) is a web-based scholarship management & donor reporting solution which assists schools, colleges and universities with applicant tracking & communication. Key features include forms management, student portal, financial aid management & reporting. Leia mais sobre o Blackbaud Award Management
The ONLY BPM platform with time-based process automation!
Intuitive. Comprehensive. No-code. Discover Process Director, the only process automation platform incorporating the element of time. With 4 consecutive years on the Gartner Magic Quadrant Process Director empowers IT teams & business users to rapidly create & deploy sophisticated, customized apps. Leia mais sobre o BP Logix Process Director
Statistical analysis solution for universities & businesses
Intellectus Statistics is a cloud-based platform designed to help universities, non-profits, and businesses conduct data analysis and prepare outputs in APA-formatted tables and figures. Key features include data planning, regression analysis, data visualization, interface reminders, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o Intellectus Statistics
Classroom management software for educational institutions
LanSchool is a classroom management software designed to help educational institutions create online tests, monitor student devices, and improve engagement. Teachers can disable internet connectivity during quizzes or tests, limit access to approved websites, and send or receive learning materials. Leia mais sobre o LanSchool
Top Hat is the end-to-end higher education teaching platform
Top Hat is an app designed to help college professors and lecturers engage students and build comprehension before, during & after class. The software offers solutions for delivering interactive courses, customizing digital textbooks, assigning homework, and securely administering tests. Leia mais sobre o Top Hat
Web-based SIS & education management solutions for colleges
Orbund is a web-based SIS and education management solution to automate academic functions such as recruitment, registration, e-learning, and contact management Leia mais sobre o Orbund
Class Management software and Online Registration+
ProClass is an online dashboard-based solution for class and events organizers, with features spanning registration, membership management, scheduling and more Leia mais sobre o ProClass
Strategy implementation and performance management
Strategy implementation, performance management, benchmarking, public dashboard and reporting software helping teams to stay the course Leia mais sobre o Envisio
All-In-One Virtual Student Succes Platform
ConexEd is a cloud-based platform for virtual student services, instruction, and reporting. It provides ADA and FERPA-compliant software for scheduling, meeting, messaging, collaborating, and reporting. Now, campus departments can connect students to the right help at the right time on any device. Leia mais sobre o ConexED
Recruitment and admissions CRM for higher ed institutions
TargetX CRM provides a communications tool, online applications, application review tool, reporting & more for admissions & enrollment professionals Leia mais sobre o TargetX CRM
Web-based student information system for higher education
ampEducator is a school information system which enables small to mid-sized universities and colleges to manage admissions, communications, accounting, and more Leia mais sobre o ampEducator
Cloud-based CRM, sales & marketing automation software
Shape is a cloud-based CRM, sales, & marketing automation software for businesses in industries such as legal, real estate, mortgage, finance, & education. Shape offers tools to manage & automate online marketing & promotions, capture and service leads from online sources, & more Leia mais sobre o Shape
Marketing data aggregation tool
Improvado is a marketing data aggregation tool which allows users to connect a range of marketing platforms and business intelligence tools without developers Leia mais sobre o Improvado
Polling and survey software with learner engagement
TurningPoint is a polling and survey software that helps organizations conduct in-person and remote assessments using multiple choice, true or false, numeric response, and open-ended questions. Participants can respond using their own cell phone, tablet or computer. Leia mais sobre o TurningPoint
Cloud based campus management solution
STARS is a cloud based campus management solution which allows schools and colleges to maintain records and operational data for students and staff Leia mais sobre o STARS
Enterprise-Grade SMS Text Messaging Platform with SMS API
TrueDialog is an enterprise-grade SMS texting solution built for big business, made easy for small business. Mass Texting & 2-Way dialog at scale. Extensive features at half the price of competitors. SMS integrations with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Marketo, Hubspot, others. Robust SMS API. Leia mais sobre o TrueDialog
Solução de gerenciamento e administração de campus no local
O RollCall é um software de administração de escolas que não são dos ensinos fundamental e médio, que oferece ferramentas para gerenciar funcionários, alunos, ex-alunos e operações financeiras. Leia mais sobre o PowerVista RollCall
Web based student information system
SchoolBrains is a student information system for k-12 schools which provides tools to manage student information, set academic goals and track school activities Leia mais sobre o SchoolBrains
Enterprise app with a grid UI that leverages IT investments
Intellimas is an enterprise level software with spreadsheet features. Build your own web apps with it or use our built-in supply chain solutions. Leia mais sobre o Intellimas
Student engagement platform for higher education
Eventus is a student engagement solution designed to help educators and professionals within higher education build mobile apps for managing student communication & career services. It lets users share announcements & newsletters with students via targeted push notifications & custom in-app feeds. Leia mais sobre o Eventus
Web based student information system
EMPOWER is a student information system which offers recruiting, admissions, billing, reporting and alumni development features for academic management Leia mais sobre o EMPOWER SIS
Leading Student Management for Higher Education
Campus Cafe is a web based campus management solution that manages admissions, registration, student services and finance management features in a single solution. Leia mais sobre o Campus Cafe
Online learning & bitesize training platform for teams
Synap is an award winning Learning Management System that enables organisations personalised, engaging and impactful training at scale. Leia mais sobre o Synap
Gestão de certificação e avaliação para o ensino superior
O Weave é uma solução de certificação e avaliação baseada na nuvem criada para ajudar as instituições de ensino superior a analisar ementas, planejar cursos e muito mais. O recurso de avaliação programática permite às organizações analisar avaliações e gerar informações objetivas sobre o desempenho dos alunos. Leia mais sobre o Weave
Integrated admissions & CRM platform for higher education
FULL FABRIC is an all-in-one recruitment, admissions & CRM platform enabling higher education institutions to manage the entire student lifecycle from initial enquiry to alumni relations, and gather all customer data in a single location in order to enhance recruitment and admissions processes Leia mais sobre o FULL FABRIC
Visual goal setting for businesses, coaches & educators
Goalscape is visual goal management software for goal setting and goal-oriented program and project management. Goalscape is used by individuals, business owners, managers, coaches and team leaders to run presentations, workshops and meetings Leia mais sobre o Goalscape
Enterprise accreditation management solution
Jetpack Accreditation is a cloud-based enterprise accreditation management solution designed to help businesses automate processes related to document management, benchmarking tools, self-studies, and assessments by collecting vital data through surveys. Leia mais sobre o Jetpack Accreditation Management
End-to-end project management & mind mapping
Barvas is a project management platform that supports all stages of a project from start to finish, utilizing visual cues to help breakdown challenges and tasks Leia mais sobre o Barvas
Remote assessment proctoring solution
RPNow is a cloud-based examination proctoring solution designed to help educational institutions manage online testing from anywhere. The platform can be used alongside any test delivery system to manage identity verification, securely deliver online examinations, and ensure academic integrity. Leia mais sobre o RPNow
Interview management software for educational institutions
Admit Video is an interview management software, which helps educational institutions streamline admission, screening, and assessment processes using videos. The white-label capabilities let users establish custom application procedures, utilize existing rating rubrics, and personalize the platform. Leia mais sobre o Admit Video
Advanced scheduling technology
ScheduleSMART software is designed to streamline the placement, scheduling, tracking and reporting of students for schools Leia mais sobre o ScheduleSMART
Student Engagement and Retention Analytics Software
At its core, SEAtS is a student success platform for the 21st century campus. SEAtS offers a single platform for students, lecturers, administrative staff and senior management to manage all aspects of the student life-cycle relating to student engagement and retention. Leia mais sobre o SEAtS
Hosted campus management and administration solution
Collegix is an administration and management software for colleges and universities to manage admissions, student life cycle, HR and financial operations Leia mais sobre o Collegix
Serve engaging campus community sites for students and staff
Planet GRAD is an online community platform for university and college campus deployment, connecting students, alumni & staff with engaging networking features Leia mais sobre o Planet GRAD
Cloud-based learning management system
Mimir Classroom is a cloud-based learning management system that provides instructors with the tools they need to deliver computer courses online, including project & assignment programming, course management, a content library, plagiarism detection, Canvas, Blackboard, & Moodle integration, & more Leia mais sobre o Mimir Classroom
Video Content Management and Lecture Recording Solution
MEDIASHAREiQ's leading edge cloud-based enterprise video platform provides video recording, managing, live-streaming, and sharing, ideal for both the Higher Education and Corporate Training markets. Drive learner engagement and accelerate performance through easy to manage, immersive course content. Leia mais sobre o MEDIASHAREiQ
Solução de gestão escolar de código aberto
O OpenEduCat é uma solução de gestão escolar de código aberto que ajuda instituições educacionais a administrar a relação, a comunicação e a colaboração com estudantes, professores e funcionários. Com a ferramenta de gestão de cursos, os usuários podem planejar grade curricular, transcrições, calendário de provas, hierarquias de cursos e muito... Leia mais sobre o OpenEduCat
Cloud-based communications platform for the education sector
Cadence is a cloud-based communications software designed to help educational institutions interact with students and alumni through chat. It allows businesses to manage student enrollment, donations, automated responses, communication, phone number validation, and more on a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Cadence