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RapidMiner is a data analytics solution that offers a range of products to mine data, understand it and use it to predict outcomes. The applications is designed for data scientists and business analysts to design their data analysis processes without the need for code. RapidMiner works in any environment and with any data source, and allows you to... Leia mais sobre o RapidMiner
Adverity is a data management platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketers to demonstrate value faster and easier, by transforming siloed data into actionable insights. Leia mais sobre o Adverity
O Improvado é uma plataforma de extrair, transformar, carregar (ETL na sigla em inglês) que extrai dados de mais de 200 conectores existentes, transforma-os e carrega os resultados no local escolhido. Relatórios e painéis em tempo real eliminam o tempo de geração de relatórios manuais em 90%. Não requer desenvolvedores nem conhecimento de... Leia mais sobre o Improvado
Mi9 CRM is an integrated customer experience & relationship management solution with real-time omni-channel customer data, designed specifically for retailers Leia mais sobre o Mi9 Retail Suite
O Competitors App é uma solução de inteligência comercial para rastrear as estratégias de marketing dos concorrentes. Mudanças do concorrente, inclusive e-mails, boletins informativos, postagens em blogs, postagens em redes sociais, mudanças em sites, estratégias de SEO, palavras-chave e anúncios, podem ser visualizados no aplicativo em tempo real... Leia mais sobre o Competitors App
Amazon Cloud Search is a search and content marketing software application that produces a list of search results based on keyword relevance and ranking preference. The application results are controlled via the Amazon Cloud Search user dashboard and search widget can be embedded on the website. Leia mais sobre o Amazon Cloud Search
Panoply is the first smart cloud data warehouse, which streamlines the data journey from source to analysis with AI technology. Leia mais sobre o Panoply
Business decision-makers will be impressed with the insightful information you provide them. Best of all they can access it anywhere and quickly share it with other decision-makers. This will be the most insightful information they ever had. Leia mais sobre o Reach Reporting
Simple, secure, scalable BI platform. Create self-serve reports in easy steps. AI and ML driven insights and forecasts for users. Leia mais sobre o Intellicus
KNIME Analytics Platform is an open-source data analysis platform that enables data scientists to build and maintain visual workflows for data analytics. Using drag and drop capabilities, KNIME allows users to easily build data analysis workflows using pre-built nodes and components from the KNIME Hub. Leia mais sobre o KNIME Analytics Platform
Yellowfin is a leading Business intelligence Software vendor. With more than 1,000,000 users globally - Yellowfin is the number one Business Intelligence choice for organizations of all sizes. Leia mais sobre o Yellowfin
We create BI products to help consolidate, process, analyze and extract insights from data. Leia mais sobre o OWOX BI
O Email Meter é uma solução de análise de e-mail baseada na nuvem, criada para o GSuite, que ajuda as empresas a rastrear a produtividade, carga de trabalho e tempo de resposta dos funcionários. Os gerentes podem gerar histogramas e mapas de calor para obter visibilidade dos e-mails enviados e recebidos, tráfego de e-mail, principais destinatários... Leia mais sobre o Email Meter Enterprise
Nfairlending allows you to identify, mitigate, and communicate Fair Lending risk to your management team, board, regulators, and more. Leia mais sobre o Ncontracts
O ReportPlus é uma solução de inteligência comercial de autoatendimento que permite aos usuários criar e compartilhar painéis e visualizações de dados de várias fontes. Leia mais sobre o Reveal
Leve a inteligência comercial aos clientes. O adiciona um módulo de inteligência comercial (BI na sigla em inglês) interativo diretamente ao seu aplicativo ou portal do cliente. Leia mais sobre o is a web data integration platform which allows users to extract, prepare, and integrate semi-structured web data into structured data tables. The point-and-click interface lets users select the required information, and data can be integrated into apps or analytics with APIs & webhooks. Leia mais sobre o
Spruce is a cloud-based business management and point of sale (POS) solution for home and building supply businesses. It offers end-to-end process management for sales, accounting, purchasing, rentals, manufacturing, delivery, and more from desktop and mobile devices. Leia mais sobre o Spruce
Digital workplace productivity analytics and technology operation metrics. In-depth usage reports, analysis, and real-time monitoring for all major cloud, hybrid, and on-premise business productivity applications. Leia mais sobre o Omnicontext
Dasheroo Business Dashboards - Monitor metrics from apps like Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, MailChimp, LinkedIn and many more all in one place! Leia mais sobre o Dasheroo
Stamplay is a low-code application data integration & workflow automation platform for both businesses and IT teams to connect apps and boost productivity Leia mais sobre o Stamplay
Iridium BI helps legal firms analyze financial data and other business metrics to streamline query processing and profitability analysis. The GL module lets users manage expenses and create reports using general ledger data, AP sub-ledger data, balance sheets, income statements, and trial balances. Leia mais sobre o Iridium BI
Real-time accounting and ERP accounting software in the cloud or on-premises offering automated processes and transaction recording, reporting, and analysis Leia mais sobre o Plus & Minus
O Funnel integra-se a todas as plataformas de publicidade, reúne automaticamente dados de publicidade e os mapeia com dados de conversão. Visualize seus dados em qualquer lugar. Leia mais sobre o Funnel
AnswerRocket is the AI-powered business analytics solution that enables businesses to ask natural language questions about their enterprise data in order to make proactive decisions and keep every team member and stakeholder in the know. Leia mais sobre o AnswerRocket
With PINpoint, you’re getting the power behind 25 years of focus on manufacturing excellence. As a recognized leader in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) category, we give customers the ability to optimize efficiency and quality, and deliver a positive return on their investment. Leia mais sobre o PINpoint
OnPlan is a financial planning application designed to help small to midsize businesses streamline sales forecasting and budgeting operations using financial models. The platform uses synchronization capability to implement Excel formulas and download prepared models into an Excel spreadsheet. Leia mais sobre o OnPlan
DataFox is a cloud-based account intelligence solution that helps drive marketing campaigns and personalized sales. Leia mais sobre o DataFox
GoodData allows businesses to analyse data through a secure online space where teams can access, share and collaborate data.It offers ways to turn data into actionable intelligence and intelligence dashboard.Its open analytics platform support the IT department needs for overview and security. Leia mais sobre o GoodData
A inteligência de vendas baseada em inteligência artificial do MoData oferece recursos para rastreamento de histórico de pipeline, gerenciamento de cotas, previsões, alertas personalizados, etc. Leia mais sobre o MoData Suite
Flight is a cloud-based cash flow app for small businesses & accountants which combines a cash flow calendar, activity feed, anomaly detection technology & more Leia mais sobre o CashFlowTool
Fivetran is a zero-maintenance data pipeline which enables businesses of all sizes to collect and analyze their business data by connecting applications and databases to a central data warehouse. Fivetran supports a range of data connectors, including Asana, Braintree, Shopify, Salesforce, and more. Leia mais sobre o Fivetran
Finally, advanced data visualization right within Adobe Illustrator! Boost your charting power and uplift your productivity. Use the free online chart maker or install our extension for Illustrator and boost your dataviz power with an extra set of unrivaled chart design features. Leia mais sobre o Datylon
Rulex’s unique software helps people and organizations take the best possible decisions by seamlessly combining transparent data-driven knowledge with human expertise. Leia mais sobre o Rulex
FACT ERP.NG is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that creates a unified system for the business processes of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Accounting, payroll, inventory, CRM, manufacturing, and more are combined to offer a flexible, configurable, mobile solution. Leia mais sobre o FACT ERP.NG
Intuitive, powerful, and affordable, Easy Insight is your solution for creating rich visualizations from your existing SaaS products. Leia mais sobre o Easy Insight
Chartbeat is a suite of content analytics tools for publishers that lets you easily track reader engagement on your site, optimize your user experience in real-time, and share key metrics with your team. Leia mais sobre o Chartbeat
Capture business insights contained in agent interactions to improve contact center agent performance. Automatically score, transcribe, and analyze 100% of your agent interactions and gain visibility into the agent performance. Use insights gained to coach and train agents for a better CX. Leia mais sobre o CallFinder
Y42 is the only easy yet scalable data platform for loading, transforming, connecting, visualizing and sharing data, offering no-code & SQL. The end-to-end tool is based on the client's own DWH and can be 100% UI-operated, making Y42 the solution of choice for many growing eCommerce and DTC brands. Leia mais sobre o Y42
With our 65+ plug-and-play connectors, BIME instantly brings together data, so every team can blend the datasets they care about in a single report or dashboard Leia mais sobre o BIME
An automated, AI-led pricing solution that helps retail businesses benchmark against competition and optimizes prices in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Price Optimization
HUI is a collaboration software suite designed to help startups, corporates, freelancers, influencers, and fundraisers manage communication, legal documentation, business analytics, pitch decks, public relation (PR) activities, sales relationships, and human resources. Leia mais sobre o HUI
Daisee is an artificial intelligence enabled speech & semantic analytics software that helps businesses analyze calls to gain deep insight into customer satisfaction, vulnerability & more. It lets supervisors automatically evaluate call data to detect quality & compliance issues in near real-time. Leia mais sobre o daisee
Visuant is a business performance solutions that incorporates metrics/scorecards so organizations can understand performance against goal, dashboards to visualize the data and integrated links to corrective actions to drive accountability and engagement within the organization. Leia mais sobre o Visuant
Slemma is a simple, yet powerful, BI and reporting tool for businesses. Leia mais sobre o Slemma
Built for accountants, Spotlight Reporting has been designed by accountants with decades of experience in advisory and consultancy. For accountants and businesses wanting reporting that delivers deeper insight and clarity for better decision making, there's no better reporting solutions available. Leia mais sobre o Spotlight Reporting
FUTRLI (formerly CrunchBoards) is a cloud-based business forecasting & reporting solution which offers KPI dashboards, 3-way forecasting, auto-alerts, and more Leia mais sobre o FUTRLI
FinPro empowers organizations to report, analyze, plan, and manage their data in real time Leia mais sobre o FinPro
O MANTA extrai e analisa informações de scripts SQL e configuração de ETL para visualizar fluxos de dados entre tabelas de banco de dados, arquivos, campos de relatório e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Manta
LiaCX is a CX (customer experience) intelligence platform that helps you listen, interpret, and act on customer & operational data. Drive change, increase efficiency, improve business outcomes. Leia mais sobre o LiaCX

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