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Ensure Mobile App allows Healthcare Organizations to manage membership, hospitalizations, referrals, claims and revenue from one central platform Leia mais sobre o Ensure
A missão do Novable é conectar as empresas com as startups mais relevantes para suas estratégias de inovação, crescimento, transformação ou desenvolvimento corporativo. Leia mais sobre o Novable
Termi is an AI-enabled chatbot solution for legal and professional services firms. It allows users to search for data and documents in any connected application by simply typing questions. Leia mais sobre o Termi
Lumernore Analytics is a business Intelligence software with no-code analytics. The platform helps users get actionable intelligence that is connected to their data - from all types of sources. Leia mais sobre o Lumenore
Maple manages mathematical needs and allows calculations to be treated like like the valuable assets they are. Leia mais sobre o Maple
qashqade provides a cloud-based software for private markets, which helps businesses connect GPs, LPs and fund administrators on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o qashqade
TaholaCloud lets you monitor and control your business on any device in any location, track your KPIs, and drill down through the detail. Use for menu reviews, basket analysis, price elasticity, store and product performance, staff management, loss prevention, and detailed transactional analysis. Leia mais sobre o TaholaCloud
Maple Flow combines a simple, freeform interface and a math engine. Leia mais sobre o Maple Flow
Rinalogy Search is an interactive search that finds what each user is looking for, quickly. Providing a robust intelligence layer that adds features to other search systems and platforms, Rinalogy Search bridges data silos by using a single query to find relevant information in multiple data sources Leia mais sobre o Rinalogy Search
Software for estimating costs (or any other value) from sample data. Leia mais sobre o CCOSTAT
Obviously AI is the fastest and easiest tool to build AI models in minutes, no coding required. Leia mais sobre o Obviously AI
Orbit Analytics offers a flexible operational reporting and analytics solution with comprehensive dashboards and self-service capability. Leia mais sobre o Orbit
Insights to drive viewer engagement, increase revenue, and reduce subscriber churn. Leia mais sobre o Verimatrix Analytics
For Indian SME manufacturers, TranZact is extremely simple-to-use Inventory Management and ERP software. It digitizes their entire business process right from sales inquiry to dispatch. It's as simple as excel but impactful as SAP. Also, integrated with Tally to streamline your accounting. Leia mais sobre o TranZact
Catchr is the tool you need to extract your marketing data. Our connectors ( facebook ads, google ads, Linkedin ads, twitter ads, bing ads ... ) will allow you to make reports and visualize your efforts in a simple and fast way. Leia mais sobre o Catchr
Revintel is a cloud-based business intelligence solution designed to help hotels, resorts and casinos, gain full visibility over all revenue data. The platform enables businesses to generate and analyze a variety of reports in different formats. Leia mais sobre o Revintel
Reimagine data analytics with a google-like search bar. INSIA helps to analyze the real-time data through a Google-like search bar where the user just needs to type the question in plain English. INSIA proactively sends actionable insights to users on any performance deviations. Leia mais sobre o INSIA
Trellis is a legal research platform powered by artificial intelligence technology. It aims to make it easier for litigators to search and find state court or trial records and access judge analytics. It offers an extensive database of records, including court rulings, dockets, and filed documents. Leia mais sobre o
MediSked Connect Exchange is a data repository + business intelligence and population health management platform Leia mais sobre o MediSked Connect Exchange
antares analyzer is a tool for data analysis, data evaluation, and the subsequent preparation of reports and visualizations. The program is aimed at the area of business intelligence. This software package can process and evaluate data automatically and at speed. Leia mais sobre o antares analyzer

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