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ENWIS is designed for Waste & Recycling companies across multiple sectors, such as Aluminum, Automotive, Bio-Hazardous, Chemical, Cardboard, Commercial, Composting, Construction Material, Containers, Demolition, Dumpsters, E-Waste, Energy Convergence, and more. Leia mais sobre o Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ENWIS
Fraction ERP is a cloud ERP system aimed at small to midsize manufacturers. With quick access through a web browser, you can manage your entire production from inquiry to shipping and invoicing. We offer integration with Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks. Leia mais sobre o Fraction ERP
PM II RENT is a software tool that assists rental companies with inventory management, contact storage, order handling, and more. Leia mais sobre o PM II RENT
PM II BASIC is a hybrid enterprise resource planning software that includes management of orders, contacts, projects, documents & more. Leia mais sobre o PM II Basic
WasteEdge is a waste management software that helps municipalities, landfill stations, brokers, sub-contractors, and MRF's streamline processes related to sales, accounting, customer management, transport management, and more. Leia mais sobre o WasteEdge
D-X 360 is a all in one ERP solution for factories. The best practices of your industry are gathered in a simple, powerful and secure solution. It covers all areas of your company: * Supply Chain * Production * Inventory * CRM * HR * Finance Leia mais sobre o ERP DX-360
All in one ERP solution for garment and footwear businesses. From Billing to Accounting to CRM all at one stop. Leia mais sobre o G-SOFT EXTREME RETAIL
FirstBit ERP system gives the most benefits to contracting and construction companies, which run multiple projects at the same time by streamlining existing processes and removing communication gaps between site and office. Leia mais sobre o FirstBIT ERP
IOCarnicas is an enterprise resource planning solution that helps small to large businesses in the meat industry and all its sub-sectors. A product born and co-developed along with meat industry companies. The result is a very advanced, very detailed, and fully tailor-made system. Leia mais sobre o IOCárnicas
Infor CloudSuite Corporate is a financial management solution that combines business management and financials in a single solution. It is deployed on-premise and in the cloud and is designed for various industries including manufacturing, professional services, healthcare, retail and distribution, transportation, energy, consumer products, and... Leia mais sobre o Infor CloudSuite Corporate
iScala is a cloud-based software that allows you to manage your sales pipeline, schedule meetings and calls, and track the results of your efforts. Leia mais sobre o iScala
US Gloster offers modules like inventory management, payroll, accounting, GST, E-invoice, E-waybill, Payroll statutory, and much more in one ERP. US Gloster runs in both cloud and on-premise. Leia mais sobre o US Gloster
Visio ERP DAGDA is a robust enterprise management software, but innovative in its intuitive and versatile usability through web access, which has an ecosystem of integrated and modular functionalities. Besides, it is a Business Management System that will provide process improvement. Leia mais sobre o ERP Dagda
Integrated enterprise resource planning software platform for manufacturing, distribution, warehouse and service industries. Leia mais sobre o Infor LX
Our ERP solution that enables businesses to manage expenses, projects, contracts, invoices, and more. Leia mais sobre o Yellow Jersey
ISIE is a software package dedicated to the production, management and distribution of financial data. Its architecture and its functionalities allow you to integrate its processes within your financial universe with ease and efficiency. Thanks to a large-scale use of relations between objects, it is possible to constrain the various elements that... Leia mais sobre o ISIE
An all-in-one tool management tool for building management professionals operating in the field. Leia mais sobre o Extrabat Building
HERAKLES is a provider of software for industrial enterprises in France. It specializes in the area of manufacturing and engineering companies. Leia mais sobre o HERAKLES
Serenic Navigator for Public Sector is an accounting and financial management solution available in the Microsoft Cloud. It serves public service organizations such as non-profits, NGOs, K-12 school districts, and government agencies. This solution is designed to help organizations increase efficiency and transparency within core fund accounting... Leia mais sobre o Serenic Navigator for Public Sector
French ERP solution for businesses of all sizes. This intuitive cloud enterprise application enables companies to better manage finances, human resources, and business intelligence. Leia mais sobre o Yield
Business intelligence solution that provides quick analysis and real-time data availability. It is designed to help businesses of any size make informed decisions based on market trends, while also preparing for adverse changes. This solution can convert historical data into actionable insights. With QFT BI dashboards, users can access the current... Leia mais sobre o QFT Business Intelligence
Flexio is an ERP system that includes accounting, purchases, sales, inventory control, services, contract management, among others. Flexio is designed to help companies work faster and with more control. Leia mais sobre o Flexio
PDCA is an ERP software that allows users to manage their entire business in one central place. Leia mais sobre o PDCA
Discovery Solutions is a True oilfield operations-based ERP system designed to streamline operations and accounting for oilfield service and supply companies. Leia mais sobre o Discovery Management Software
projo is a cloud-based, all-in-one solution for architecture and engineering offices. Leia mais sobre o projo
A cloud-based ERP software with end-to-end solutions in one platform covering accounting, CRM, HRM, procurement management system, inventory management system, warehousing, and manufacturing. Leia mais sobre o HashMicro
O TagPlus é um sistema de gestão comercial para micro e pequenas empresas, o qual centraliza as rotinas e pode ser integrado a várias ferramentas, como CRMs, soluções de pagamento e plataformas de e-commerce. Com acesso online, o sistema TagPlus e seus recursos funcionam em qualquer dispositivo. Leia mais sobre o TagPlus
O ERP Nereus é um sistema de gestão integrado, o qual reúne funcionalidades para o controle de compras, estoques, ordem de serviços, movimentações financeiras, e mais, além de oferecer um mecanismo inteligente para a criação de relatórios acerca da performance e visão estratégica do negócio. Leia mais sobre o Nereus ERP
OnERP is a cloud solution that centralizes all the functionalities of the administrative processes for businesses. The application uses integrated modules to cover different administrative, accounting, and operational requirements. It also covers functions for CRMs, TPMs, e-commerce, and HR. Leia mais sobre o OnERP
a3ERP is a comprehensive business management platform that includes operational, administrative, accounting, payroll, financial, and business management processes from a single place. It also includes CRM and POS modules. It uses the Windows operating system and offers an Android mobile app. Leia mais sobre o a3ERP
O ERP Essencial é um sistema de gestão integrado, dedicado a automatizar e centralizar as rotinas operacionais de distribuidores e varejistas agropecuários. Através dele, é possível ter acesso aos principais indicadores do negócio, como análise de vendas, margem de lucros e curva ABC. Leia mais sobre o ERP Essencial
Repasat is a cloud ERP for integrated business management. The platform includes a CRM, SAT, document management, human resources, project management, distribution, and logistics. The application is accessible on all devices from any browser with internet access. Leia mais sobre o Repasat
moneyBox ERP is software for all types of companies and start-ups. It offers several independent modules that can be acquired according to the requirements of each department. It enables complete online management without the need to use paper. It has a tool for CFDi validation. Leia mais sobre o MoneyBox ERP
Sysbit ERP is a cloud-based software that uses modules to incorporate a company's administrative, accounting, operational, and human resources processes on a single platform. The application is available from any device and gives access to all information in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Sysbit ERP
ERP Fácil is a cloud platform that integrates all the necessary functionalities for the administration of any type of company. The system is based on business intelligence for effective management. In addition, it includes a CRM, e-commerce, and accounting management that complies with all tax laws. Leia mais sobre o ERP Facil
ZOOMFAB® Manufacturing supervisory system (MSS) is the most effective and easiest to implement production management tool with automated IIoT machine monitoring for sheet metal fabricators. ZOOMFAB® gives you better control, additional capacity, shorter lead-time and more profit. Leia mais sobre o ZOOMFAB
Foundry Bean Global Work System is a cloud ERP system with subscription billings and receivables, revenue management, vendor invoices and payables, general ledger, cash management, inventory, shipping, service contracts, human resources, and customer relationship management. Leia mais sobre o Foundry Bean Global Work System
With Moiboo software the business efficiency can be increased by 80% and the activities of the business can be efficiently managed. Leia mais sobre o Moiboo Software

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