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Fast360 is aimed at the insurance mediation sector. It offers a cloud platform with 360º accessibility, available for insurers, collaborators, offices, and end-users. Its open structure allows the integration of external developments and configurations adapted to different business models. Leia mais sobre o Fast360
Nextworld ERP Financials offers ERP functionalities in the field of finance and accounting. The software works entirely in the cloud. Thus, it runs on all devices with an internet connection. The software offers extensive reporting and statistical features. Leia mais sobre o Nextworld ERP Financials
Zavia ERP is a business resource management software for hotels. It enables the virtual management of reservations and payments through secure platforms. It performs the functions of promotions scheduling, billing, administration, reception schedules, and hotel performance control. Leia mais sobre o Zavia ERP
Versys is an ERP software for SMEs. It issues online invoices in printable format, tracks sales and customer relationships, monitors inventory through inputs, outputs, and warehouse turnover, and creates activity reports to facilitate decision making. Leia mais sobre o Versys
Mistral ERP is an integrated management package available online for Windows and mobile devices. It covers the field of agricultural machinery, such as renters, sellers, and dealers. It helps with the management of equipment, i.e., repairs, sales, and rentals. Leia mais sobre o ERP Mistral
Calipso ERP is a cloud solution that covers all the administrative, logistical, operational, and service processes of a company in a single platform that can be accessed from any device with internet access, using various operating systems. Leia mais sobre o Calipso ERP
WAM ERP is a cloud-based program designed to manage the administrative, accounting, and financial processes of companies. WAM is accessible using any mobile or fixed device (laptop, netbook, mobile, PC, etc.) with internet access. The user can customize the interface. Leia mais sobre o WAM ERP
Lokoa is a specialist in agile methodology and business management. It offers flexible and accessible business solutions. Whether B2B or B2C, this CRM can adapt to suit all the needs of various organizations of any size. Leia mais sobre o Lokoa
Profity ERP is a specialist package for production and construction companies. The software provides specific functionalities, such as calculation, work preparation, and machine- and tool management. Purchasing and finance are fully integrated and Profity ERP integrates with BIM software. Leia mais sobre o Profity ERP
Mamut One is smart software designed for SMEs. Purchasing, stock management, project administration, customer management, and financial administration can all be found in one central location. This provides an overview and aims to offer greater control, along with time and cost savings. Leia mais sobre o Mamut One is ERP software for large companies and businesses. ERP is an online platform with modules for financial administration, project control, inventory management, and HRM. It offers comprehensive automation of business processes, reporting via fully customizable dashboards, and software integration via APIs. It was created by... Leia mais sobre o ERP
O ERP UAU é um sistema de gestão empresarial direcionado à construtoras e imobiliárias, responsável por automatizar processos e centralizar as operações. Através dele, também é possível controlar o relacionamento com os clientes, desde a prospecção, e oferecer um atendimento diferenciado. Leia mais sobre o ERP UAU
STM Renting is a software specially designed for the textile industry. It automates all the necessary steps in businesses, from the control of the production chain to sales. It also incorporates tools for warehouse control, intermediation with wholesalers, and online sales. Leia mais sobre o STM Renting
Exomail is a mailbox platform developed by Exodata. The Zimbra interface makes it possible to access data from any web browser. Admins can access the mailbox from any Internet-enabled device. Leia mais sobre o Exomail
Academy-Cloud is a cloud application for the integral management of educational centers and academies. It includes program utilities for administrative tasks and the management of student documents. Customization is possible, enabling the integration of modules adapted to the needs of each center. Leia mais sobre o Academy-Cloud
Nikel ERP is a custom-built, personalized tool for business management. The system includes all the operational, commercial, and logistical functionalities that the customer needs, from a WMS to a CRM. It is compatible with all operating systems and integration is straightforward. Leia mais sobre o Nikel ERP
CROSS ERP is comprehensive management software, designed for retail pharmacies. It was created by SWIL to provide solutions to optimize the business system and increase productivity. It offers the company an online platform to make it more streamlined and accessible. Leia mais sobre o CROSS ERP Software
Daftra is an ERP software that helps organizations manage sales, invoicing, books, clients, workforce, inventory, and other operations. It includes fully integrated business management modules implemented to meet business needs anywhere, anytime, seamlessly track processes in real-time to control, and grow the business. Leia mais sobre o Daftra
ERPNova is an ERP program that facilitates the integral management of any company. It has specific software for organizations in the following sectors: automotive, food, electrical, alcoholic beverages, industrial, and manufacturing production. It is multilingual and multi-user. Leia mais sobre o ERPNOVA
KaisEVO is a multisectoral tool for the management of the production and distribution of products. The system is integrated with different modules covering the areas of accounting and finance, sales, logistics and CRM, planning and control of production processes, and data management with AI. Leia mais sobre o KaisEVO
Software ERP en la nube is a platform for real-time control and monitoring of a company’s commercial and accounting management. The system includes WMS and POS functionalities. It is customizable for country, language, currency, payment methods, and automated accounting statements. Leia mais sobre o Software ERP en la nube
ERP System S2 is a business management application created by the ALBEN group. It is designed for use in real estate companies that want to have all their information online. It has a large number of query mechanisms to meet the demands of its users. Leia mais sobre o ERP SYSTEM S2
DSE ERP Integrado is a cloud-based tool for the digitization and automation of key business processes. The system is modularly integrated to cover all needs related to purchasing, sales, collection, inventories, POS, mobility, and management reporting. Leia mais sobre o DSE ERP Integrado
atimeüs is an ERP software specifically designed for companies in IT services, software engineering, consulting. Key features include timesheets, projects portfolio, load forecasting, invoicing, procurement, monthly closing, and real-time dashboards. Leia mais sobre o atimeüs
Consignmate is a cloud based Transport Management System. Designed to streamline your operation, Consignmate will manage your transport jobs, Despatch to Drivers, Sign on Glass, GPS Tracking, Invoicing, EDI, Subcontractors and a whole lot more... Leia mais sobre o Consignmate

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