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Compliance solution for managing workforce
Sitepass is a workforce management solution that helps enterprises ensure safety and manage the compliance of employers, contractors, and more. Professionals can maintain a centralized database of qualified suppliers and send project invitations to multiple contractors via email. Leia mais sobre o Sitepass
Gestão de visitantes com autoatendimento de check-in
O Vizitor é uma solução de gestão de visitantes com funcionalidade de autoatendimento de check-in para hóspedes. A plataforma baseada na nuvem pode ser implantada em tablets para facilitar o check-in digital dos convidados. Ele também oferece recursos como notificação do anfitrião, convite por e-mail, impressão de crachás, etc. Leia mais sobre o Vizitor
Software de reserva compatível com dispositivos móveis
Software de reserva desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas de turismo, atividades e aluguéis a gerenciar e aumentar suas reservas online. Desenvolvido no Havaí com o Aloha Spirit. Leia mais sobre o FareHarbor
Visitor management on the iPad, web and mobile.
Sine is an online check-in management solution for tracking visitors and contractors across construction companies, industrial facilities, hospitals and more Leia mais sobre o Sine
Connect with Confidence
Proxyclick is a web application, a kiosk app and a smartphone app for managing the welcoming of visitors to your office. Leia mais sobre o Proxyclick
A maneira mais fácil de acesso para visitantes.
O sistema de registro de visitantes do Envoy é a maneira mais fácil de acesso para visitantes. Colete as informações de contato do convidado, tire fotos e peça que assinem NDAs. Leia mais sobre o Envoy
The smart but simple visitor management solution
The smart but simple visitor management solution and digital employee in-out board. Clever design, amazing support, unbeatable value. Leia mais sobre o SwipedOn
Cloud and iPad based Visitor Management System
Track your office's visitor traffic. Fully customizable, SMS and email based, 2-way communication system with badge printing. For 1 to 3000+ employee offices! Leia mais sobre o The Receptionist
Go beyond the lobby.
Traction Guest is the leading enterprise visitor management system that provides security, efficiency and compliant visit experiences at offices worldwide. Verify IDs, screen against watchlists, print visitor badges and simplify the check-in with a SOC2 certified VMS. Leia mais sobre o Traction Guest
Cloud-based visitor management solution
iLobby is a tablet-based visitor management platform designed to manage front desk roles and streamline check-in process for visitors, contractors and employees Leia mais sobre o iLobby
Online appointment scheduling software and API
Setster is an intuitive scheduling solution that empowers businesses to close loops and processes via a REST based API for appointments scheduling. Built for enterprise yet easy and friendly to use by smaller teams. Leia mais sobre o Setster
Online appointment scheduling, marketing & payment solution
Schedulicity is the premier online booking system for appointment, class & workshop based businesses - with payment processing and marketing tools included. Leia mais sobre o Schedulicity
Visitor management system
Teamgo delivers a modern sign in experience with an enterprise level visitor management system. Design and customise your own visitor types and visitor flows and display a sign in kiosk for guest to check in quickly and more efficiently every time. Sign in visitor, staff, contractors and more! Leia mais sobre o Teamgo
Security Workforce Management Platform
TrackTik’s integrated security workforce management software offers security service companies complete control of every aspect of their business. Leia mais sobre o TrackTik
Visitor, contractor & evacuation management
WhosOnLocation enables organizations to manage people coming in and out of work sites and offices to improve safety and security, and protect employees & assets Leia mais sobre o WhosOnLocation
Visitor management solution
Sign In App is a visitor management solution designed to help streamline visitor & guest registration processes with email & SMS notifications, history & reports, visitor badge printing, visitor & staff photos, custom terms & policies, an online portal, custom data fields, privacy options, & more Leia mais sobre o Sign In App
Greet visitors, accept packages, and GET MORE DONE!
Greetly is a visitor check-in app for Apple's iOS and Google Android tablet devices. Greetly handles visitors, deliveries, event registration check out and much more. Greetly can capture visitors photos, document eSign, print visitor badges and generates a digital visitor log book. Leia mais sobre o Greetly Receptionist
Visitor management system for iPad, web & mobile
VisitUs Reception is a visitor management tool used to sign-in visitors and staff using an iPad, web or mobile. Greet visitors with a professional sign-in experience that is tailored to your business, send SMS & email notifications, record visitor information, get NDA Agreements signed, and more. Leia mais sobre o VisitUs Reception
Gestão de registro de visitantes em iPad/Android
O Vizito é uma ferramenta de registro de visitantes personalizável para empresas registrarem, monitorarem e gerenciarem visitantes com um terminal de iPad/Android front-end e um site back-end. Leia mais sobre o Vizito
Gestão e registro de visitantes no iPad
O Lobbipad é uma solução de gestão de registro e recepção de visitantes no iPad para empresas voltadas para clientes, com ferramentas para fazer check-in e registrar visitantes. Leia mais sobre o Lobbipad
We take care of visitors, so you can take care of business.
Check in and monitor visitors and vendors with secure, cloud-based visitor management for enterprise organizations and facilities. Fast, secure, compliant, and easy. Leia mais sobre o Veristream
Facility management software for the digital workplace
iOFFICE is a cloud-based integrated office system which assists medium to large sized corporations with visitor and facility management. Its key features include scheduling, meeting room booking, ID scanning, registration, document management, space utilization and courier tracking. Leia mais sobre o iOFFICE
Mobile visitor management software for guarded properties
Gate Sentry is a visitor check-in registration and management solution for guarded properties and security companies, using hybrid-cloud mobile technology to control visitor access in real time, with customizable permanent or temporary guest lists, historical visitor tracking, notifications and more Leia mais sobre o Gate Sentry
The #1 All-in-one Compliance Management System
1 cloud-based EHS platform to solve ALL your safety requirements. Simple for workers to use, simple for managers to customize. Clients can choose from as little as one app, right up to an entire suite of over 30 apps. Try now. Leia mais sobre o Donesafe
Visitor management system by Teem
LobbyConnect is Teem's visitor management system, which runs on iPads & provides a secure, web-based interface to simplify the visitor check-in process Leia mais sobre o LobbyConnect
Visitor management for corporate & government facilities
ALICE Receptionist is a complete visitor management solution, with options for ID scanning and checking guests against national registries, real time video and chat communication, digital content, and more. The cloud-based app connects with hardware to act as a virtual receptionist. Leia mais sobre o ALICE Receptionist
Cloud-based gym management software & payment processor
Jonas Fitness is a cloud-based club management software that enables fitness clubs to improve operations by monitoring customer data and automated billing Leia mais sobre o Compete Club Management
Solução de filas para clientes inesperados e filas de espera nas lojas
Um sistema digital de gestão de filas que melhora a experiência do visitante e fornece informações de dados em tempo real. Leia mais sobre o Qminder
Cloud-based visitor management solution
Visitly is a cloud-based visitor management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes manage contractors, employees, visitors, customers and operations, allowing users to streamline front-desk operations, record guest/employee information, digitally sign documents, and capture photo IDs Leia mais sobre o Visitly
Visitor registration & management solution with iPad app
InstaCheckin is a visitor registration & management solution with native iPad app, arrival notifications, visitor information, visitor badges, NDAs, and more Leia mais sobre o InstaCheckin
Visitor, student, & volunteer management software
KeepnTrack offers secure solutions for school and facility visitor management, volunteer management, and student tracking via a single platform Leia mais sobre o KeepnTrack
On-premise based membership management software
Club Sentry is an on-premises based member management software that enables clubs and membership based organizations to manage billing, sales and facilities Leia mais sobre o Club Sentry
Meeting room & resource scheduling software for Outlook
Resource Central is a meeting room booking system that allows users to easily schedule meeting rooms, resources, people, equipment, and services directly within Microsoft Outlook®. Leia mais sobre o Resource Central
Cloud-based visitor management system for all business sizes
CoReceptionist is a cloud-based visitor management system designed for small to large businesses to help automate registration processes including check-ins, check-outs, onboarding and more. It provides a centralized platform to streamline front desk operations and enhance the visitor experience. Leia mais sobre o CoReceptionist
Cloud-based vehicle, visitor & vendor management solution
SV3 is a cloud-based building security solution which allows organizations to manage visitors, vehicles, and vendors, and ensure that anyone arriving at their facility is invited and properly credentialed. The platform also offers native apps for Android and iOS to mobilize security operations. Leia mais sobre o SV3
Multilingual SaaS visitor management software for enterprise
TDS Visitor is a multi-lingual SaaS visitor management solution that provides for the full visitor lifecycle, from pre-registration and self-service checking-in to notifying hosts of visitor arrivals and checking out, including detailed reporting, custom workflows and deep integrations Leia mais sobre o TDS Visitor
PurelyTracking - A Free Time Tracking Software for Everyone
PurelyTracking is Web and Mobile based time tracking solution focusing on efficiently managing the entire workforce of the company. It is the most sophisticated free Time & Attendance Software with unique features such as Geo-lock Time Clock App, Leave Management, and Payroll Generation. Leia mais sobre o PurelyTracking
Cloud-based visitor management
Veris is a cloud-based visitor management solution designed to help small to large businesses manage their front desk, security, check-in, and access. The platform enables users to automate their visitor registration process with image capture, badge printing, notifications and a self-service kiosk. Leia mais sobre o Veris
School Visitor Management, Dismissal, Attendance, & Security
The SchoolPass platform features visitor management, dismissal and carline automation, daily and emergency attendance, perimeter security cameras, bus boarding, and after school activity management. Leia mais sobre o SchoolPass
Visitor management system for lobbies and receptions
MyLobby is a visitor management solution designed for use on tablet devices. It helps automate the visitor sign-in process, stores visitor records in the cloud, mitigates security threats, and provides hosts with instant notifications of arrivals to ultimately improve visitor management. Leia mais sobre o MyLobby
Reservations management software
Free web reservation booking engine for bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostel, cabin, condo, vacation rental, etc. Take reservations directly from your website. Leia mais sobre o Moonicorn
Intelligent digital assistant for visitor management
Ivana is an Intelligent Visitation And Notification Assistant for visitor management within live support offices, universities, corporate help desks, and other location-based support services. Ivana can take on the duties and responsibilities of office managers, assistants, and receptionists. Leia mais sobre o Ivana
You must know WhosOnLocation in the event of an emergency
Visitor Management - tracks Visitors into and out of your building allowing you to know WhosOnLocation at any time. You can also track employees, contractors and couriers, assets like keys, access cards. Manage car park spaces. Contractor Management - tracks contractors, licence expiry dates, Insurance dates, Induction expiry dates and more,... Leia mais sobre o Visitor, Contractor and Induction Management
Gated apartment community security & visitor management
ADDA Security is a gated apartment community security & visitor management system which supports visitor notifications, automatic reports & resident ID cards Leia mais sobre o ADDA Security
Kiosk-based visitor management software
Vizmo is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses manage visitors entering office premises by automating the process of verifying phone numbers, capturing IDs, & printing badges. Enterprises can customize their kiosks with brand logo/colors & modify questions according to visitor type. Leia mais sobre o Vizmo
Visitor management for apartment complexes and communities
Gate Key is a cloud-based visitor management system designed to assist apartment complexes & gated communities with managing guests, pets & registered vehicles. Key features include a contact database, guest registration, activity tracking, incident reporting, data export & third-party integrations. Leia mais sobre o Gate Key
Visitor management for hospitals & healthcare facilities
BreezN is a visitor management solution for hospitals & healthcare facilities, designed to enhance the patient / visitor experience and improve site security Leia mais sobre o BreezN
Visitor management solution for small to large businesses
Navigo Visitor Management is an on-premise and cloud-based solution designed to help small to large businesses streamline and manage badging and check-in processes for visitors. It allows users to inform, manage and direct visitors to programs and public facilities. Leia mais sobre o Navigo Visitor Management
Visitor management system for businesses of all sizes
DORBUK is a cloud-based visitor management system designed to help businesses of all sizes manage visitors' information, invitations, arrivals, departures, and more. It comes with a self-service kiosk, which runs on iOS and Android devices and allows guests to check in and out without assistance. Leia mais sobre o DORBUK
AI-enabled facial recognition visitor management system
GreetLog is a cloud-based visitor management solution designed to help businesses identify visitors and provide security within residential or commercial premises using facial recognition. Visitors can submit personal details into the system and store them in a unified database for future reference. Leia mais sobre o GreetLog
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