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O Skeddly é um software de automação de nuvem para executar ações agendadas, como backups e snapshots, para contas da Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leia mais sobre o Skeddly
Monitore o desempenho e o uso dos seus aplicativos na nuvem com os painéis em tempo real, dados de eventos estruturados pesquisáveis e alertas de métricas do Datadog. Leia mais sobre o Datadog
O Site24x7 fornece uma exibição abrangente sobre o desempenho dos serviços na nuvem nos ambientes AWS, Azure e GCP. Há o fornecimento de suporte para o monitoramento de mais de 30 integrações AWS, mais de 100 recursos do Azure e mais de 10 serviços GCP. Leia mais sobre o Site24x7
DoiT is intelligent technology that helps businesses manage and optimize their CloudOps. This solution provides smart tools such as automated cost optimization, cloud analytics, spot scaling, and anomaly detection. DoiT's Flexsave tool, available for AWS and Google Cloud, can help automate compute commitment management for optimized cost and... Leia mais sobre o DoiT
Zapier connects the web apps SMBs use every day so you can save time, automate tedious tasks, and focus on what matters most. In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows using 4,000+ of the most popular web apps—no code required. Leia mais sobre o Zapier
O Google Cloud Platform é uma plataforma modular que presta serviços de criação e dimensionamento para empresas de qualquer tamanho e setor. Ele oferece ferramentas para armazenamento de documentos e dados, aplicação de chaves de segurança, criação de aplicativos, gestão de API, inteligência artificial, machine learning, bate-papo ao vivo, entre... Leia mais sobre o Google Cloud
BigTime is the access-anywhere operating system behind the greatest professional services teams on the planet. See how we help your project-driven firm track & bill its most important asset: time. BigTime can help you take the guesswork out of utilization, capacity planning, and revenue projections. Leia mais sobre o BigTime
CloudHub providing a fully-managed, multi-tenanted, globally available, secure and highly available cloud platform for integration and APIs. Leia mais sobre o Anypoint Platform
O Dell Boomi é uma plataforma de integração na nuvem 100% nativa. Permite que organizações automatizem processos de negócios e construam os negócios conectados em uma interface de arrastar e soltar, sem necessidade de codificação. Leia mais sobre o Boomi
O PieSync integra seus contatos em aplicativos na nuvem, o que significa consistência em todos os seus aplicativos. Chega de entrada manual de dados e importação/exportação. Leia mais sobre o Operations Hub
Splunk Enterprise is a cloud-based platform designed to assist businesses with big data management and analysis of machine data. Key features include data visualization, performance metrics, data collection, real-time search, indexing, KPI tracking, reporting, and monitoring. Leia mais sobre o Splunk Enterprise
New Relic One is the all-in-one web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. It provides code-level diagnostics for production apps deployed on several infrastructures. It has a SaaS platform that enables its partners to build plugins using open API's. Leia mais sobre o New Relic
Access your business, securely with a purpose-built and compliant workspace, dramatically reducing IT management burdens and costs, while increasing your organization's teamwork and productivity. Leia mais sobre o Abacus Private Cloud is a cloud integration solution which allows users to connect cloud apps in simple or complex, multi-action workflows to automate business processes Leia mais sobre o
Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) is a cloud-based integration platform, purpose-built to design, build, operate and optimize critical ecosystem integration processes. Leia mais sobre o Cleo Integration Cloud
O DigitalOcean é um software de gestão na nuvem desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a criar e lançar aplicativos em ambientes na nuvem. Os administradores podem usar a plataforma para configurar estruturas de desenvolvimento de aplicativos, manter catálogos de produtos e capturar e armazenar dados de negócios em um repositório centralizado. Leia mais sobre o DigitalOcean
TextP2P offers texting, email, and ringless voicemail combined in platform for small to medium size businesses in the US & Canada. The platform allows users to do bulk messaging or do 2-way conversations with a 98% open rate. It also supports message automation, keywords, and surveys. Leia mais sobre o TextP2P
ParkMyCloud helps businesses identify cloud waste and reduce spend by 65% through policy-driven automation. Leia mais sobre o ParkMyCloud
Com equipes de desenvolvimento e operações com um monitor profissional, fácil de usar e com mais de 50 mil instalações de clientes nos cinco continentes, o Pandora FMS é uma solução de supervisão pronta para uso: lucrativa e expansível, cobrindo a maioria das opções de implantação de infraestrutura. Leia mais sobre o Pandora FMS
LogicMonitor offers a full-stack observability platform for MSPs and enterprises that’s fully-automated, cloud-first, and hybrid ready Leia mais sobre o LogicMonitor
Tanaza is a cloud management platform designed to help businesses handle the configuration, deployment, and remote monitoring of Wi-Fi networks or access points using a Linux-based operating system. IT professionals can configure Internet Protocol (IP) addresses & receive email alerts about faults. Leia mais sobre o TANAZA
Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform, which helps businesses in eCommerce, IT, and media sectors launch, manage, and maintain applications and servers. Features include automated backups, IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication, patching & real-time monitoring. Leia mais sobre o Cloudways
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring software makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. It delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance. Leia mais sobre o Network Performance Monitor
Integrate cloud, on premise and flat data with no coding. Load data between sources directly, sync them, replicate to DWH to start getting valuable insights. Leia mais sobre o Skyvia
Syxsense is an endpoint security software designed to help SecOps departments, managed service providers (MSPs), and IT professionals maintain threat prevention through authorization scanning, third-party patching, communication blocking from infected devices, and continuous collaboration. Leia mais sobre o Syxsense
O Hevo é uma tecnologia de pipeline bidirecional de dados que não usa código, desenvolvida especificamente para requisitos das operações de extração, transformação e carregamento (ETL na sigla em inglês) avançadas; extração, carregamento e transformação (ELT na sigla em inglês); e ETL reversa. Leia mais sobre o Hevo
OneSaas connects the apps you use for accounting, ecommerce, fulfillment, CRM, billing & invoicing and email marketing. Save time and money - eliminate errors and manually entering data. Get your business apps happily working together so you can get back to business. Leia mais sobre o OneSaas
AWS CloudFormation is designed to help businesses create and manage a collection of Amazon Web Services and third-party application resources in a cloud environment. Employees can utilize built-in templates to replicate the infrastructure in multiple environments and update or delete an entire stack as a single unit, eliminating the need to manage... Leia mais sobre o AWS CloudFormation
Cohesity is an enterprise-grade server backup solution that provides a unified platform for disaster recovery, backup, archival, and storage optimization to help businesses protect data against ransomware or malware attacks. Leia mais sobre o Cohesity
O Rubrik oferece disponibilidade instantânea de aplicativos para empresas na nuvem híbrida para recuperação, pesquisa, nuvem e desenvolvimento. Saiba o que o Rubrik pode fazer por você. Leia mais sobre o Rubrik
IBM WebSphere Application Server is a Java-based server runtime environment with real-time visibility into all workloads. Leia mais sobre o IBM WebSphere Application Server
O Workato conecta seus aplicativos e automatiza seus negócios. Habilite fluxos de trabalho de negócios eficazes e envie dados para os aplicativos com filtros condicionais, sem duplicatas. Leia mais sobre o Workato
Jitterbit API integration platform enables companies to rapidly connect SaaS, on-premise and cloud applications and instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process. Leia mais sobre o Jitterbit
CloudM is a cloud-based software service for storing and maintaining data. It offers data protection and compliance for businesses or government departments. Key features include mass migrations, automated data access, and vendor lock-in prevention. It also supports manual task automation. Leia mais sobre o CloudM Manage
Checkmk provides in-depth insights into the health and performance of your cloud infrastructure and allows IT adminstrators to create custom dashboards to monitor all nodes, servers and hosts. Leia mais sobre o Checkmk
Unified platform for monitoring, troubleshooting and security based on ELK and Grafana. Leia mais sobre o
Terraform is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution designed to help businesses with cloud migration, version control, self-service workflows, infrastructure provisioning, multi-cloud governance, and remote state storage. Leia mais sobre o Terraform
Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is a hybrid and multi-cloud IT management software that targets IT company DevOps and operations teams. Key features include API, application & configuration management, real-time monitoring, user & policy management, server monitoring, and role-based permissions. Leia mais sobre o Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform
AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform empowers today’s software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively manage and optimize complex software environments in real time. It’s more than monitoring—it’s true Application Intelligence with cloud or on-premise deployment flexibility. Leia mais sobre o AppDynamics
Sematext Cloud is an all-in-one observability tool that helps businesses assess and gain key insights into the front and back-end performance of system applications. Features include real user and synthetic monitoring, transaction tracing, infrastructure monitoring, and log management. Leia mais sobre o Sematext Cloud
Morro Data CloudNAS is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses of all sizes streamline collaboration, data synchronization, file sharing, and other operations via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to embed the CacheDrive gateway into different networks. Leia mais sobre o Morro Data CloudNAS
VMware Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that enables users to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device, anywhere. Leia mais sobre o Workspace ONE
Use MailsDaddy Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool to convert Lotus Notes NSF file to Office 365 account. Leia mais sobre o Lotus Notes To Office 365 Migration
Torii is a cloud-based platform for tracking, optimizing, and controlling the usage and costs of various SaaS applications, including finance, identity management, CRM, HR, project management, communication, marketing, and more, with automation tools and continuous insights Leia mais sobre o Torii
Elastic Observability is a software that allows users to monitor their business's health and performance. Elastic Observability offers a wide range of features, including monitoring, alerting, reporting, and analytics. Leia mais sobre o Elastic Observability
Sumo Logic is a log management and data analytics software that creates information based on data feeds. It assesses server, application and website performances by creating graphs and charts. It creates alerts when data reaches certain levels which in turn notify of potential threats/downtime. Leia mais sobre o Sumo Logic
O Scaleway é uma plataforma de gestão de base de dados projetada para ajudar as empresas a lidar com a infraestrutura de computação na nuvem. Ele permite que os desenvolvedores de software implantem instâncias de VM, definam regras de acesso à rede, rastreiem o desempenho de aplicativos e monitorem o uso de CPU ou largura de banda. Leia mais sobre o Scaleway

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