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O Brandwatch é um software de análise de rede social que fornece informações sobre consumidores e tendências de mercado ao analisar conversas em várias plataformas. Leia mais sobre o Brandwatch
SAS Visual Analytics facilitates exploration, interactivity, analysis, and sharing insights through natural language with a single low-code/no-code interface. Plus, augmented analytics and chatbots accelerate insights and help uncover stories hidden in your data​. Leia mais sobre o SAS Visual Analytics
KP16 is a market research solution that provides features such as customer segmentation, benchmarking, conditional logic, panel management, real time data, customizable templates, statistical analysis, and visual analytics. Leia mais sobre o KPI6
Grooper intelligent document processing provides data enrichment that embeds human comprehension into documents and other unstructured data. The solution is delivered in a collaborative consulting fashion or as a data fulfillment service. Leia mais sobre o Grooper
RapidMiner is a data analytics solution that offers a range of products to mine data, understand it and use it to predict outcomes. The applications is designed for data scientists and business analysts to design their data analysis processes without the need for code. RapidMiner works in any environment and with any data source, and allows you to... Leia mais sobre o RapidMiner
Chattermill is a cloud-based customer experience management software designed to help businesses capture, organize, and analyze customer feedback using analytics, natural language processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The platform lets organizations establish automated workflows with event-based triggers to record customer... Leia mais sobre o Chattermill
Os assistentes virtuais e as ferramentas de automação com tecnologia de IA oferecem suporte sem interrupção por e-mail, voz e bate-papo a todo o ecossistema da empresa. Automatize 85% das consultas relacionadas ao usuário em mais de 12 idiomas, aumente as pontuações nas pesquisas de satisfação do cliente (CSAT na sigla em inglês) em 25% e esteja... Leia mais sobre o Enterprise Bot
O Deep Talk transforma conversas de texto com clientes em dados valiosos para vender mais, oferecer uma melhor experiência ao cliente e melhorar os produtos usando a inteligência artificial. Leia mais sobre o Deep Talk
Môveo.AI is a conversational AI platform that enables businesses to design, deploy and manage omnichannel virtual assistants Leia mais sobre o Môveo.AI
Hello Customer is the agile customer experience management platform that excels at getting customer insights from feedback with the highest A.I. accuracy and deepest level of detail, out of the box. We integrate with your CRM, ticketing- , UX- & many other tools. Leia mais sobre o Hello Customer
inConcert Contact Center allows businesses to reach their customers through any channel, including voice and video calls, email, live chat, SMS/text messaging, social networks, WhatsApp, and more. The software aims to provide an outstanding experience and transform every customer interaction. Leia mais sobre o inConcert Omnichannel Contact Center
Atribus is a cloud-based consumer intelligence tool that allows users to monitor mentions related to influencers, topics, brands, or other keywords across websites, blogs, forums, social networks, digital newspapers, and more. It allows users to create custom alerts for specific keywords, which can then be used to monitor conversations about a... Leia mais sobre o Atribus
MonkeyLearn is a cloud-based text analytics solution that extracts data from emails, surveys, tweets, or any text and turns it into custom visualizations. The platform provides insights and workflow automations for support, product, customer experience (CX), and development teams. Leia mais sobre o MonkeyLearn
IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding is a natural language processing solution, which provides features such as customized insights, metadata extraction, text analytics, data categorization, high-level concept identification, and sentiment analysis. Leia mais sobre o IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding
IBM Watson Assistant is a cloud-based chatbot solution which provides features such as intent recognition, natural language processing, query suggestions, and automated responses. Leia mais sobre o IBM Watson Assistant
FirstLanguage API is a SaaS-based API service, which enables individual developers or a company to build applications that require NLP tasks. FirstLanguage API is specifically designed to be generic and can be used by any industry. Specific industry fine-tuning is also possible. Leia mais sobre o FirstLanguage
AWS provides machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to help businesses analyze data insights, personalize the customer experience, optimize business processes, and more. Leia mais sobre o Machine Learning on AWS
O Accern é uma plataforma de ciência de dados sem código que permite que as equipes de dados utilizem facilmente modelos de processamento de linguagem natural (PLN) prontos para uso para extrair informações, analisar sentimentos e fazer predicações de várias fontes de dados não estruturados. Economize tempo e dinheiro com modelos de PLN treinados... Leia mais sobre o Accern
AYLIEN is a business intelligence solution that utilizes text analytics to generate insights from news content. The platform can be used across the media monitoring, financial services, and information services industries for risk intelligence, media intelligence, product development, and more. Leia mais sobre o AYLIEN
Repustate is a natural language processing (NLP) software designed to help businesses in the pharmaceutical, automotive, government, and other sectors analyze customers’ sentiments across product reviews, podcasts, and videos. Administrators can utilize AI-enabled tools to automatically extract relevant information from unstructured data in... Leia mais sobre o Repustate
Contact Suite is a critical component of any Amazon Connect implementation. It consists of natively built solutions that extend the power and functionality of Amazon Connect. These solutions require no integration effort and work in tandem with Amazon Connect. Agent Desktop, Dialer, Chat, Email Leia mais sobre o USAN Contact Suite for Amazon Connect
Retrieve & Relate is a self-service multi-omics analytics platform where you can search, compare & analyze your sequences. Leia mais sobre o Retrieve & Relate
IBM Watson Discovery is an AI-powered enterprise search solution, which provides features such as categorization, visual discovery, specific passage responses, tagging, sentiment analysis, natural language search, topic classification, cataloging, machine learning, and grouping. Leia mais sobre o IBM Watson Discovery
Amazon Comprehend is a natural language processing solution that can extract and interpret insights from text. Leia mais sobre o Amazon Comprehend
Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis app that interprets social media engagement and other customer interactions. The app pulls data from tweets and Facebook posts, as well as survey results, reviews and other business content to identify trends and provide deeper customer insight. Leia mais sobre o Semantria
Mr Wolf is a customer support automation system with machine learning and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technology which supports the automation of business processes such as customer service, sales, accounting, finance, logistics, or IT Leia mais sobre o Mr Wolf
Cognitive Workbench is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform designed to help businesses in industries such as healthcare, mobility, insurance, and others streamline text mining processes using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. Leia mais sobre o Cognitive Workbench
Stratifyd is an augmented intelligence and data analytics platform which helps businesses collect, analyze, and visualize unstructured and structured customer data in real-time. Using the AI-enabled speech analytics solution, customer care representatives can develop transcripts of call recordings. Leia mais sobre o Stratifyd
Veritone Automate Studio is a robotic process automation software designed to help organizations create and deploy artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled workflows via a unified platform. IT teams can use the application to conduct sentiment analysis and transform audio, video, and textual data into actionable intelligence. Leia mais sobre o Veritone Automate Studio
Amenity Analytics is a natural language processing software designed to help businesses in the finance and insurance sector transform data into actionable insights. It offers a key drivers module, which enables administrators to identify emerging risks and analyze the company's health. Leia mais sobre o Amenity Analytics
CoreNLP is a natural language processing (NLP) platform designed to help organizations extract and analyze data from business documents. It enables IT teams to sort unstructured data as per business requirements, handle content tokenization and sentence segmentation operations, and analyze text sentiments. Leia mais sobre o CoreNLP
Eigen is a natural language processing (NLP) software designed to help businesses in the finance industry analyze interactions between devices and human language and process large amounts of natural language data in real-time. It enables organizations to automatically extract critical information from business documents, predict operational risks,... Leia mais sobre o Eigen
High performance production-ready NLP API for Named Entity Recognition (NER), sentiment-analysis, classification, summarization, question answering, translation, language detection, tokenization, and POS tagging. It is based on spaCy and HuggingFace transformers and all models can be used for free. Leia mais sobre o NLP Cloud
SmartRoby is a cloud-based Robot as a Service platform that uses a business-oriented interface to manage all of an organisation's automated processes, with an economic model based on the actual consumption of robots and real-time visibility on the amortisation of automation projects. Leia mais sobre o SmartRoby
MeaningCloud is a text analytics software designed to help businesses across publishing, banking, insurance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries gain data insights into unstructured information sources. It enables employees to extract data from various document types. Leia mais sobre o MeaningCloud
Entregue notícias personalizadas e melhore o envolvimento do público com o software de inteligência artificial e a API de processamento de linguagem natural (PLN) do Magnet. Leia mais sobre o Magnet
Qemotion is a cloud-based semantic and emotional analysis solution designed to help businesses evaluate the opinions of employees and customers via a unifed portal. The platform includes artificial intelligence technology, which lets organizations identify customer issues, track ratings and reviews, and take appropriate measures to ensure an... Leia mais sobre o Qemotion
Khoros Flow is a cloud-based chatbot solution which provides features such as automated responses, intent recognition, natural language processing, code-free development, and automated routing. Leia mais sobre o Khoros Flow
Manage your workforce and data labeling projects efficiently with our AI Data Annotation Platform that provides intelligent NLP annotation tools, team collaboration features and Intelligent Automation. Leia mais sobre o M47AI
IBM Watson Knowledge Studio is a cloud-based machine learning solution that helps with knowledge management using natural language processing, and provides features such as natural language understanding, model evaluation, collaborative environment, model deployment, annotation, and model development. Leia mais sobre o IBM Watson Knowledge Studio
Klangoo NLP API is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that offers natural language processing (NLP) technology to businesses across multiple industries. It helps users analyze text using patented algorithms. Leia mais sobre o Klangoo NLP API
An automated no-code AI platform that enables end-to-end data science and AI for the organization and provides value across different departments Leia mais sobre o FutureAnalytica
kama DEI (Designed Experiential Intelligence) is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that uses natural language processing (NLP) to respond to customers with customized replies based on their personality. The solution works with chatbots, smart speakers, mobile applications, and more. Leia mais sobre o kama DEI
Patent Monitor is a SaaS solution for classifying and filtering large numbers of patents. By using a unique combination of NLP and Machine Learning, Patent Monitor can reduce manual workloads by around 80% and can reproduce your expert's classification behavior. Leia mais sobre o Patent Monitor
Easily convert the text into natural human-sounding speech and download it as an MP3 file instantly. Add background music from the curated list and control it's volume with ease. Leia mais sobre o Speechactors
Cloud-based revenue management solution that provides actionable recommendations to optimize product portfolio and pricing/promo strategy to build profit margin and maximize ROI for CPG, Retail, Life Science, Medicine, and other sectors. The platform provides various features such as pricing management, strategy recommendations, notifications/alert... Leia mais sobre o Revenue AI
MealMe's core approach is to offer technology via APIs and SDKs that are easily integrated into any platform. This Data Suite provides point of interest data with depth and quality. MealMe's Ordering Suite gives companies the ability to embed checkout for 100M+ products from 1M+ stores. Leia mais sobre o MealMe
Dost is an inclusive language assistant, available on Microsoft Teams, Slack and Email. Create toxicity free and bias free messages using Dost. Dost provides real-time, private, 1:1 nudge to the individual sending a message containing bias, with education material and recommendations to fix bias. Leia mais sobre o Dost
The NovaceneAI Platform provides a web-based interface as well as a flexible API. Algorithms can be applied to the data via the UI or programmatically, enabling business users apply AI with ease, and allows engineers to add inference capabilities quickly into ETL pipelines. Leia mais sobre o NovaceneAI Platform’s AI assistant, ATHENA, connects distributed databases (ERPs and CRMs), delivering on-demand insights to direct your next move through 3 key functions: 1.) Real-Time Information Extraction 2.) Proactive Recommendations, and 3.) Automated Actions. Leia mais sobre o

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