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O Brivo Access é uma plataforma de espaços inteligentes e gestão de controle de acesso móvel e baseado na nuvem para imóveis comerciais, condomínios residenciais e empresas grandes com várias unidades. Leia mais sobre o Brivo Access
O Jamf Private Access oferece aos usuários acesso seguro ao ZTNA para recursos corporativos. Leia mais sobre o Jamf Private Access
SecureLink is a vendor privileged access management solution for technology enterprises and vendors which offers features such as role-based permissions, audit logs, compliance management, self registration, desktop sharing, remote support, file transfer, and more Leia mais sobre o SecureLink
O SolarWinds Remote Monitoring & Management oferece gerenciamento de patch, AV e backup, automação, central de serviços, controle remoto ultrarrápido e mais. Leia mais sobre o N-sight
O Device42 é uma solução de infraestrutura de TI para gestão de ativos, dispositivos, endereços IP, cabeamento, interdependências, acesso baseado em função, auditoria e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Device42
Kisi is a cloud-based secure access control system designed to help enterprises across various industries such as real estate, IT, healthcare, education, and manufacturing manage door access for authorized personnel or visitors using a combination of sensors and mobile devices. Leia mais sobre o Kisi
Cloud-based email signatures platform that helps businesses of all sizes and industries that use Google Workspace. It includes several functions such as creating email signatures, editing absence messages, creating custom groups, and more. Avoid labor lawsuits and data breaches. Leia mais sobre o Conecta Suite
SAP Access Control is a hybrid and on-premise access management software designed to help businesses in the energy and natural resources, financial services, consumer, public services, and other industries automate processes related to detection and prevention of access risk violations to reduce unauthorized access to critical information and data. Leia mais sobre o SAP Access Control
Foxpass is a cloud LDAP, RADIUS, & SSH key management system which syncs with Google, Office 365, & more & offers a full-featured API to help users control server access & facilitate SSO on their VPN, WiFi, & machines. Foxpass ensures employee accounts only have access to the resources they need. Leia mais sobre o Foxpass
Genea Access Control is a cloud-based access control platform that provides physical security to buildings and enterprises. The solution includes mobile-based access control, visitor management, access logs, out of the box integrations, non-proprietary access control hardware, 24/7 support & more. Leia mais sobre o Genea Access Control
O Kentik é um software de análise de rede baseado em nuvem com painéis e alertas para ajudar a transformar dados em tempo real de rede/nuvem em informações úteis, com recursos que incluem inteligência de tráfego de rede em tempo real, criação de painéis, relatórios em tempo real, portal de autoatendimento, suporte de dados e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Kentik
O Perimeter 81 é uma solução de segurança de rede baseada na nuvem que auxilia pequenas e grandes organizações na implantação de gateways dedicados e compartilhados. Os principais recursos incluem criptografia de tráfego, detecção de ameaças, gerenciamento de usuários e tunelamento dividido. Leia mais sobre o Perimeter 81
Portnox’s cloud-native network & endpoint security essentials enable resource-constrained IT teams to address today’s most pressing security challenges. Leia mais sobre o Portnox CLEAR
Access Control Manager is an open-source Linux-based software that helps businesses manage security operations and monitor properties, assets, and people on a centralized platform. Administrators can configure policy restrictions and map physical assets to specific titles, locations, and departments. Leia mais sobre o Access Control Manager
O painel de controle centralizado do NordLayer ajuda os administradores de TI a automatizar a supervisão de solicitações de acesso a uma rede da empresa, eliminando o risco de erro humano, elevando a qualidade do desempenho, diminuindo o trabalho manual e apoiando políticas de segurança, como o controle de acesso à rede (NAC na sigla em inglês) e... Leia mais sobre o NordLayer
Coveo Relevance Cloud is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled software designed to help businesses across manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and other industries streamline enterprise search and knowledge management operations. It enables professionals to manage content filtering, agent responses, and customer service and support... Leia mais sobre o Coveo Relevance Cloud
NACVIEW is a network access control solution. NACVIEW provides visibility of all connected devices across the whole network. A variety of profiling methods allows you to define what is connected to your network type of device, operating system, and more. Leia mais sobre o NACVIEW
Openpath is a cloud-based access control system, which helps enterprises gain visibility and enforce site-specific restrictions across multiple locations. Features include remote access, audit logs, a rules engine, occupancy tracking, visual identification, digital badges, and credential management. Leia mais sobre o Openpath
strongDM’s infrastructure access platform gives businesses confidence in their access and audit controls at scale. It combines authentication, authorization, networking, and observability in simplifying workflows and making it easier for technical staff to access the tools they need. Leia mais sobre o strongDM
Appgate is secure access provider that delivers solutions that prevents complex threats and reduce operational costs, securing the lives of the people that rely on them. Leia mais sobre o Appgate SDP
Adept Secure is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses monitor computing assets and prevent cybersecurity threats across enterprise networks. Supervisors can track all incoming or outgoing traffic across websites, block specific IP addresses, and redirect them to the appropriate lists for future reference. Leia mais sobre o Adept Secure
Genian NAC is a network security and access control software that helps businesses identify IP-enabled devices, manage vulnerabilities, and inspect device configurations to secure network access environments. Key features of the platform include network monitoring, device risk analysis, switch port management, IT security automation, and compliance... Leia mais sobre o Genian NAC
IBM Security zSecure is a suite of user authorization and compliance automation products designed to add new levels of security to a mainframe. It supports IBM Z hardware, software, virtualization, and standard enterprise security managers (ESMs). With audits, alerts, reporting, and authentication tools, this solution can enhance security while... Leia mais sobre o IBM Security zSecure
Carbon Black App Control is a endpoint protection software that helps businesses track compliance, set up device control, ensure malware protection, and manage other operations. It allows staff members to combine file integrity monitoring, device control, memory protection, application control, and tamper protection on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Carbon Black App Control
VMware AppDefense is a workflow and workload protection solution that models intended application behavior and identifies anomalous activity. Leia mais sobre o VMware AppDefense
Users can incorporate VMware SD-WAN into their network to gain visibility and control over applications, making sure that the right data goes to the right places at the right time. Leia mais sobre o VMware SD-WAN
VMware SASE enables users to connect to multiple clouds and automate the on-ramp of third-party services. Staff members can sequence these services seamlessly with the current vendor, or create a customized experience for the end-users. Leia mais sobre o VMware SASE
Teleport lets you manage your infrastructure from your laptop, tablet or phone. It provides secure SSH and SFTP access to any server from your browser or the command line. You can use Teleport to securely manage any server, anywhere in the world. Leia mais sobre o Teleport
Xcitium Secure Internet Gateway helps businesses protect systems against web threats and regulate web browsing activities for your users on any device, from any location, with full visibility. Leia mais sobre o Xcitium Secure Internet Gateway
Banyan Security is zero-trust remote access that enables fast, easy provisioning of user-to-application segmentation, giving users and developers passwordless, one-click access to complex infrastructure and applications from anywhere, without relying on network-centric legacy VPNs. Leia mais sobre o Banyan Security
mmesh is an all-in-one, easy-to-use hybrid cloud integration platform with network, automation, monitoring and management capabilities to build your own encrypted virtual private topology and integrate your on-prem and multi-cloud environments in minutes. Leia mais sobre o mmesh

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