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PagerDuty is a cloud software that connects people, systems & data into a single view - creating visibility & actionable intelligence across their operations. Leia mais sobre o PagerDuty
Splunk Enterprise is a cloud-based platform designed to assist businesses with big data management and analysis of machine data. Key features include data visualization, performance metrics, data collection, real-time search, indexing, KPI tracking, reporting, and monitoring. Leia mais sobre o Splunk Enterprise
O Datadog é uma plataforma de supervisão e segurança para equipes de Desenvolvimento, Segurança e Operações unirem métricas, rastreamentos e registros em uma única plataforma, para que possam obter visibilidade total do seu ambiente de TI. Leia mais sobre o Datadog
At LogicMonitor®, we expand what’s possible for enterprises and MSPs through infrastructure monitoring and observability built for the modern age. LogicMonitor seamlessly monitors everything from networks to applications to the cloud. Leia mais sobre o LogicMonitor
Netreo is a cloud-based network monitoring solution which helps IT managers with application, network and systems management. Key features include fault monitoring, performance management, traffic analysis, configuration management, and web application performance. Leia mais sobre o Netreo
AppDynamics Application Intelligence platform empowers today’s software-defined businesses with the ability to proactively manage and optimize complex software environments in real time. It’s more than monitoring—it’s true Application Intelligence with cloud or on-premise deployment flexibility. Leia mais sobre o AppDynamics
O Kentik é um software de análise de rede baseado em nuvem com painéis e alertas para ajudar a transformar dados em tempo real de rede/nuvem em informações úteis, com recursos que incluem inteligência de tráfego de rede em tempo real, criação de painéis, relatórios em tempo real, portal de autoatendimento, suporte de dados e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Kentik
Avantra is the industry-leading AIOps platform for SAP Operations: helping companies transform into a self-healing enterprise. Enterprises and MSPs trust Avantra to provide them unmatched intelligence and insight into their landscape health. Leia mais sobre o Avantra
Loom Systems delivers AIOps solution that predicts, alerts, and prevents IT incident from affecting your bottom line. Leia mais sobre o Sophie
ServicePilot is a high-performance monitoring software solution providing full-stack observability via metrics, traces, and logs. Businesses can collect data from IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and security services to streamline issue resolution. Leia mais sobre o ServicePilot
Zenoss is a network monitoring software designed to help businesses in the IT, healthcare, finance, and other sectors analyze virtual, physical, and cloud-based resources to monitor infrastructures and optimize application performances. Key features of the platform include dependency discovery, multitenancy, root cause isolation, cloud data... Leia mais sobre o Zenoss
BigPanda ( Autonomous Operations platform helps IT Ops, NOC & DevOps teams detect, investigate and resolve IT incidents faster and more easily than ever before. Leia mais sobre o BigPanda
Optanix is an AIOps software that helps businesses monitor IT infrastructure, manage network performance, generate predictive analytics, and more on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to utilize multi-perspective and root-cause analysis to detect issues, take corrective actions, and prioritize tickets, among other operations. Leia mais sobre o Optanix
Moogsoft is an artificial intelligence software designed to help IT administrators and software engineers correlate similar events to resolve incidents and prevent outages. Key features of the platform include metric data ingestion, anomaly detection, event duplication, alert correlation, and data retention. Leia mais sobre o Moogsoft
Autointelli AIOps is an IT automation and orchestration solution designed to help businesses manage incidents, automate self-service processes and identify root causes for hardware and software issues from within a unified platform. It supports multiple languages and allows agents to resolve customers' queries using the remote desktop... Leia mais sobre o Autointelli AIOps

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