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O Kissflow Procurement Cloud é uma solução de gestão de compras e fornecedores desenvolvida para pequenas e grandes organizações. Os principais recursos incluem gestão do fluxo de trabalho de aprovação, cotações, requisições de compra, faturamento, rastreamento de problemas, supervisão de fluxo de caixa, geração de pedidos e análise. Leia mais sobre o Kissflow Procurement Cloud
O WebReq é um software de gestão de compras baseado na nuvem, desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a automatizar as operações de gestão de compras e despesas. Os administradores podem configurar limites de gastos, criar requisições de compra automaticamente e rastrear solicitações de pedidos em uma interface unificada. Leia mais sobre o WebReq
Spendwise - formerly Officewise - is an interactive cloud-based accounting solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses manage their accounting and financial operations Leia mais sobre o Spendwise
O Precoro é um software de compras para empresas progressistas que se preocupam com tempo e dinheiro. Compras automatizadas, aprovações simplificadas e geração de relatórios eficazes, tudo em uma única plataforma fácil de usar. Leia mais sobre o Precoro
O Procurify Spend Management facilita o fluxo de trabalho de compra e aprovação, além de centralizar os dados financeiros. Leia mais sobre o Procurify
AvidXchange automates invoice?and?payment processes?for mid-market businesses. With 7,000+ customers in North America, AvidXchange processed approximately 53 million transactions with $145 billion in spend in 2020 and has paid more than 700,000 suppliers through its network in the past five years. Leia mais sobre o AvidXchange
Hybrent is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in the healthcare industry such as physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, long term care facilities, and management groups automate and streamline supply chain, procurement, and inventory control processes. Leia mais sobre o Hybrent
Order simplifies buying for businesses. From the moment you purchase through the moment you pay, Order works in-stride with your team as well as your existing vendors, workflows, and current software products for a simple, streamlined experience. Leia mais sobre o Order
O Fraxion, anteriormente eRequester, oferece um software de compras na nuvem para processos eficientes da requisição ao pedido de compra e aprovação, aprovação de faturas e correspondência em três vias, controle de orçamento, gestão de despesas e análise de gastos. Leia mais sobre o Fraxion
Cloud-based procurement management software for managing direct and indirect purchases. Companies save an average of 20% on purchases after implementing Tradogram. Leia mais sobre o Tradogram
Coupa’s cloud-based suite of financial applications provide visibility and control over all expenditure in your company; procurement, expenses and AP Leia mais sobre o Coupa Business Spend Management
Esker’s global cloud platform is built to unlock strategic value for finance and customer service professionals, all while strengthening collaboration between companies automating the cash conversion cycle. Leia mais sobre o Esker
PayEm is a global spend & procurement platform that captures requests, invoices, creates bills, schedules and sends payments to anywhere in the world, in any currency. Leia mais sobre o PayEm
WorkPlace Procurement is a mobile-optimized procurement solution for medium to large-sized organizations that automates the complete procure-to-pay cycle Leia mais sobre o WorkPlace Requisition & Procurement
Transcepta is the top AP automation solution to reduce AP costs, provide supply chain visibility, and control cash. Leia mais sobre o Transcepta
Proqura is an intuitive and user-friendly procurement management software. From running procure-to-pay process to managing suppliers, Proqura helps manage all aspects of business procurement, all in one place. Leia mais sobre o Proqura
SpendMap is Purchasing Software (e-procurement software) for companies that need to automate and streamline their purchasing processes. SpendMap is available as a hosted/SaaS/Cloud-based solution or as tradition On-Premise software. Backed by 25 years of experience, SpendMap helps companies reduce paperwork, save time, control spending and... Leia mais sobre o SpendMap
i2B provide award winning Purchase to Pay software that seamlessly helps you manage your suppliers within the cloud and also includes supplier self service. Leia mais sobre o i2B Connect
ProcurePort is a cloud hosted purchasing solution which allows enterprises to manage invoicing, expenses, inventory & budgets simply & securely Leia mais sobre o ProcurePort
TYASuite is a Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed to help businesses manage sales orders, vendors, projects, and inventories on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o TYASuite
Aestiva Purchase Order is a web-based purchasing application that offers a workflow engine, audit controls, reporting tools, and customizable forms Leia mais sobre o Aestiva Purchase Order
Sourcing Force is a source-to-pay & procurement management solution for procurement teams within industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, automotive, and public sector. The cloud-based tool facilitates the management of purchase orders, contracts, spend, validations, suppliers & more. Leia mais sobre o Sourcing Force
Qvalia is a customizable accounting platform that promotes collaborative workflows and provides users with automation tools to manage daily tasks. Key features include invoice processing, receivable ledgers, performance analytics, credit card processing, online payments, and order management. Leia mais sobre o Qvalia
Unifize is a cloud-based collaboration software that helps bring people, processes and data into one collaborative platform that looks and feels like a simple chat app. Infinitely configurable to processes using a drag-and-drop builder. Leia mais sobre o Unifize
SnapAP is a totally paperless procure-to-pay solution covering purchase order approvals, electronic purchase orders, e-invoicing, and cash management Leia mais sobre o SnapAP
BusinessBid is a procurement management solution, which helps businesses manage processes related to requisitioning, sourcing & automated purchasing. The supplier relationship management (SRM) system lets users manage vendors & receive reminders for meetings, contracts, or other tasks. Leia mais sobre o BusinessBid
iQuantum brings to the marketplace an AI/ML powered procurement tool to gain full visibility on all spend types for Procurement leaders. It integrates a robust diversity spend solution with supplier sustainability, performance management and contracts management. Its AI/ML brings predictive analyt Leia mais sobre o iQuantum
Accrualify Spend Management Platform is a procurement and purchasing software designed to help midsize and large businesses manage budgeting, invoicing, payment processing, and accruals using machine learning-enabled tools. Administrators can configure approval workflows among staff members to manage vendor-specific, blanket, and expense reimbursem... Leia mais sobre o Accrualify Spend Management Platform
mjPRO is a Saas based, integrated e-procurement product with 70,000+ rated suppliers that digitizes an organization's entire procurement value chain, from "planning a purchase" to "payment to the supply partner." Powered by AI/ML, mjPRO connects all data and users for 100% spend visibility. Leia mais sobre o mjPRO
Vendora’s vendor management system will help businesses to overcome the complexities of vendor-buyer relations. With this web & mobile based software migrate your pen-and-paper vendor management strategy, keeps vital data secure, do vendor assessments & recommend improvement actions to gain more val Leia mais sobre o Vendora
JAGGAER eProcurement is a configurable supply chain collaboration solution designed to help businesses manage procurement, sourcing, supplier networks, and more. Administrators can facilitate purchasing experience by comparing catalog items and internal inventory on a unified marketplace. Leia mais sobre o JAGGAER eProcurement
Team Procure is a cloud-based procurement software designed to help businesses manage electronic auctions, bid collection, request approvals, and order tracking, among other processes from within a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Team Procure
discus procure is an end-to-end e-procurement solution that manages the entire procurement cycle from requirement creation to the final payment, thereby bringing order and transparency. Leia mais sobre o discus procure
SutiProcure is a cloud-based procurement suite for managing the procure-to-pay cycle while providing granular insight on requisitions and purchasing activities Leia mais sobre o SutiProcure
Synertrade Accelerate is a digital procurement management solution that helps users manage the entire procurement process with a full set of flexible and scalable applications including supplier management, procure to pay, e-sourcing, purchasing intelligence, spend analytics, and more Leia mais sobre o SynerTrade Accelerate
SoftCo Procure-to-Pay automates your entire finance process from procurement to invoice automation and payment posting to your financial or ERP system. The solution is truly global, handling multiple entities and multiple currencies in multiple languages. Leia mais sobre o SoftCo Procure-to-Pay
Sakon TEM is a cloud-based telecom expense management software, which helps large enterprises manage cost and usage of communication inventory and associated IT services, such as mobile or wired telephony, cloud license tracking, and IoT connectivity. Leia mais sobre o Sakon
Track and optimize wireline, mobile and cloud expenses and services in a single-pane view and allocate costs back to the business. You'll reduce costs by 20-30% a year, and continuously optimize your telecom, mobile, and cloud environments according to industry best practices. Leia mais sobre o Cimpl
Zumen is an all-inclusive platform to manage the complexities of NPD Sourcing and provide visibility to all the stakeholders across every step of your procurement process, from sourcing to contracts to procurement to accounts payable Leia mais sobre o Zumen
Vendorplace assists firms to improve their liquidity standings without debt, maximizing cash flow processes. Key features include an activity dashboard, purchase order management, electronic payment, approval process control, expense tracking, vendor management, invoicing, and bank reconciliation. Leia mais sobre o Vendorplace
Xepelin is a free financing and payment platform for all companies. Leia mais sobre o Xepelin
The next-generation procurement software digitalizing the entire procurement cycle while configuring no-code workflow for each aspect of procure to pay. Leia mais sobre o Procure to Pay

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