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Com a plataforma Betty Blocks, qualquer pessoa pode criar aplicativos de tecnologia jurídica. O programa ajuda empresas jurídicas a criar aplicativos personalizados. Leia mais sobre o Betty Blocks
CaseFox is a web-based timekeeping, legal billing, trust accounting, calendaring, and case management software for attorneys, CPAs and other legal professionals Leia mais sobre o CaseFox
Xakia is a legal management system that centralizes all Legal Department information in one place. Legal teams around the world rely on Xakia to streamline legal intake, automate dashboards and reporting, and gain holistic insight into the legal team’s workload – wherever they may be working. Leia mais sobre o Xakia
Legal Files legal case & matter management is ideal for corporations, universities, governmental agencies and insurance companies. Leia mais sobre o Legal Files
Contentverse is your all-in-one content and business process management solution. Easily upload files and find them when you need them. Securely share documents with colleagues and external parties. And run processes to collaborate with your remote team. You're never far from everything you need. Leia mais sobre o Contentverse
From document management to workflow automation, HighQ has the tools you need to strengthen and streamline the way you work. Leia mais sobre o HighQ
Legal Track is a legal case or matter management solution which helps in-house counsel members of corporate legal departments manage documents & contracts, track emails & delegate tasks all from a single platform. Legal Track is built inside Microsoft Outlook & supports e-billing capabilities. Leia mais sobre o Legal Track
GaLexy is a cloud-based enterprise legal management software which enables legal departments of all sizes to manage contracts, documents & legal spending Leia mais sobre o Legal Suite
SurePoint's Legal Management System is a law practice management solution designed to help law firms manage operations including data import & export, event scheduling, financial tracking & more. The platform offers modules for practice management, financial management & business intelligence. Leia mais sobre o Legal Management System
Onit is a legal management software that helps businesses handle operations related to workflow configuration, document creation, spend management, and request routing. It lets staff members manage, maintain, and track contract clauses and templates on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Onit
Knowliah is a legal case management solution for businesses of all sizes, which helps users manage & store critical information on a unified platform. It comes with an automated contextualization engine which lets users quickly locate relevant documents related to a specific case, customer or issue. Leia mais sobre o Knowliah
LawVu’s legal workspace is the first truly connected platform for matter, contract and spend management for in-house legal teams. Leia mais sobre o LawVu
Complinity is a comprehensive cloud-based compliance management software that tracks and monitors statutory, regulatory, central & state, secretarial and legal compliances within a company. Leia mais sobre o Complinity Compliance Software
Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions is a legal case management software that helps businesses manage insurance claim litigation, contract lifecycle, and billing processes. The platform enables administrators to support multiple currencies and manage credit notes. Leia mais sobre o Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions
O TeamConnect da Mitratech é um software de gestão jurídica com o qual departamentos jurídicos de empresas e entidades governamentais podem gerenciar litígios, conformidade e ativos com recursos como gestão de casos, faturamento eletrônico, gestão de contratos, colaboração, indicadores de desempenho, entre outros. Leia mais sobre o TeamConnect
The world's most advanced Legal Operating System. Plexus Gateway is Legal Automation, Matter Management and Contract Management in one integrated platform. Adopt one at a time or all together, and implement the legal transformation strategy of your dreams today. Leia mais sobre o Plexus Gateway
Brightflag uses AI (artificial intelligence) language analysis technology to help legal teams and in-house counsel to monitor & automatically review legal spend Leia mais sobre o Brightflag
LEX247 is a law practice management solution designed to help firms of all sizes manage processes related to case requests, client onboarding, billing, and more. It lets users automatically track time spent on client calls, meetings, emails or tasks & generate bills based on pre-defined rates. Leia mais sobre o LEX247
Lawcadia is an end-to-end legal operations platform that in-house legal teams and their law firms use for matter management, legal intake and triage, and spend management. Utilizing Lawcadia Intelligence, an intelligent automation engine, Lawcadia incorporates no-code automation. Leia mais sobre o Lawcadia
Orbit ELM is an enterprise legal management solution that can that manages legal spending and operations. Leia mais sobre o Ascent ELM
NowInfinity provide a one-stop solution for legal document and entity management needs. Leia mais sobre o NowInfinity
It is a secure, collaborative workspace for law firms, corporate legal departments and clients that makes it easy for everyone to work together on legal matters within and between organizations. Leia mais sobre o Lupl
CaseGlide’s claims litigation management solution drives collaboration through an innovative, integrated platform that brings together adjusters, attorneys, and claims leadership, streamlining processes and reducing costs. CaseGlide shortens case cycle times, lowers costs, and delivers analytics. Leia mais sobre o CaseGlide

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