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O Address Auto-Complete remove o atrito de formulários de cadastro e pagamento ao encontrar com rapidez e precisão o endereço correto com o acionamento de apenas algumas teclas, capturando dados precisos e validados do cliente e aumentando a conversão ao permitir que os clientes preencham formulários longos mais rápido. Leia mais sobre o Address Auto-Complete
Simply type in the postcode and select the correct address from the drop down menu, automatically populating the address form Leia mais sobre o Postcode Lookup
An Address Verification software offering UK address data for multiple occupancy premises that share a single delivery point. The data set adds over 800k addresses to the Address Auto-Complete address validation solution, increasing customer satisfaction and deliverability. Leia mais sobre o Multiple Residence
O Address Validator fornece verificação, padronização e formatação precisas e em tempo real de endereços postais de mais de 240 países. Leia mais sobre o Address Validator
O Twilio Account Security oferece verificação de identidade digital e ferramentas de inteligência para a criação de confiança mútua entre empresas e consumidores. Leia mais sobre o Account Security
MAILERS+4 is a mailroom management software that helps businesses import address lists, cleanse data, and handle discounts, among other administrative operations from within a unified platform. The presort functionality allows staff members to sort and send bulk mails based on the lowest postage rates. Leia mais sobre o MAILERS+4
SmartAddresser is an on-premise mailing software designed to help colleges, government agencies, nonprofits, and other organizations streamline address verification, deduplication, sorting, and job scripting operations via a unified portal. The platform includes a print layout assistant, which lets businesses create personalized envelopes and... Leia mais sobre o SmartAddresser
Woosmap is a cloud-based location intelligence solution designed to help developers manage location data services and optimize Google Maps for websites and mobile applications. The platform enables users to develop and deploy store locators to streamline the customer’s online browsing experience. Leia mais sobre o Woosmap
Start enjoying accurate address data, all the time. AddressFinder provides dependable and accurate address solutions for business owners that are looking to enhance their website forms and checkouts or clean up their address database. Leia mais sobre o AddressFinder
PostGrid Address Verification can validate, verify, and autocomplete physical addresses in real-time to eliminate return mail. Verify addresses across multiple countries globally. Leia mais sobre o PostGrid Address Verification
Lob Direct Mail is a software platform that allows marketing teams to use direct mail as a part of omni-channel campaigns across the customer lifecycle. Features include automatic triggers, activity dashboards, reports and analytics, invoicing, customizable templates, delivery tracking, and more. Leia mais sobre o Lob
Melissa Data Quality Suite is a cloud-based and on-premise data verification suite designed to help organizations of all sizes standardize, authenticate, and correct contact details, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses in order to streamline communication. Leia mais sobre o Melissa Data Quality Suite
Use the Placekey API for free to generate universal location IDs for any location, solving all your address matching and normalization problems. Leia mais sobre o Placekey
Our USPS address verification API can instantly verify mailing addresses in the US and Canada, ensuring successful postal deliveries. - USPS CASS Certified - Append Missing ZIP Codes - Fast, Accurate Formatting Leia mais sobre o PAV API
Loqate is an address verification platform that verifies and enhances address data to reduce failed deliveries for eCommerce businesses. Leia mais sobre o Loqate
Address Enhancement Software is an address validation software and offers features such as real-time processing, address matching API, and data cleansing. Leia mais sobre o Address Enhancement Software
DataMatch is a a data matching solution that includes address verification, 360-degree customer view, and an API-based data quality firewall. Leia mais sobre o DataMatch
Informatica Data as a Service is a data verification solution that offers address verification, email verification, and phone validation. Leia mais sobre o Informatica Data as a Service
AccuMail frameworks is a cloud-based address verification solution designed to validate, correct, and standardize addresses. The software allows users to input single addresses or work in batches and includes duplicate detection tools. Businesses can use the Address Quality tool to ensure that all addresses are complete, up to date, and standardize... Leia mais sobre o AccuMail frameworks
AccuMail Verify is an address verification API that allows businesses to integrate with third-party applications and websites. The API is available in both REST and SOAP environments and is CASS certified. AccuMail Verify allows users to instantly validate addresses by checking them against the current UPPS database. The solution also ensures... Leia mais sobre o AccuMail Verify
Shops United is Dutch-language platform for automatically creating shipments with track & trace emails and address verification. Leia mais sobre o Shops United
Global-Z verifies and standardizes global and US addresses for 240+ countries. The market leader for over 30 years, the world's best brands trust us with their global customer data. Global-Z's address verification product integrates as a REST API, automated batch file processing, or autocomplete. Leia mais sobre o Global-Z
Kycaid is a one-stop-shop compliance platform with a mission to help businesses to stay compliant with regulations through AML&KYC solutions and more. Kycaid employes holistic approach to verify your clients identity starting from document and biometric check to AML screening and KYB verification. Leia mais sobre o Kycaid

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