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YouTube is a video hosting service designed to help individuals, video creators, and businesses search, discover, upload, and share videos. It allows users to create video channels based on specific topics, subscribe or follow other channels and organize videos in the form of playlists. Leia mais sobre o YouTube
Videolinq is a cloud-based workspace solution for teams to create high-end live broadcast experiences on multiple social media platforms. Features include real-time closed captioning, moderated chat, stream monitoring, add-on graphics, and broadcast success measurements. Leia mais sobre o Videolinq
Otter is a transcription software designed to help businesses generate notes for meetings, interviews, and lectures through voice dictation or file transcription. The AI-enabled solution allows organizations to record, organize, and save voice notes and interactions in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o Otter
Rev is cloud-based speech-to-text transcription software designed to help businesses add transcripts, captions, and subtitles to content in order to optimize searches across web. Features include collaboration, file sharing, timestamping, team management, audio trimming & multiple format support. Leia mais sobre o Rev
CaptionHub is a collaboration software designed to help marketing agencies automatically generate multilingual subtitles for media files. Key features include ripple editing, watermarking, built-in messaging, right-to-left language support, cut detection, private hosting, and account management. Leia mais sobre o CaptionHub
Maestra is a speech to text software designed to help educators, researchers, marketers, journalists, and media houses automatically add transcriptions, captions, subtitles, and voiceovers to audio and video files in real-time. The platform enables professionals to translate text into various languages including English, French, Spanish, and... Leia mais sobre o Maestra
3Play Media is designed to help businesses across media, entertainment, eCommerce, fitness, education, and government sectors handle closed captioning, transcription, audio description, live captioning, and subtitling operations. It enables users to manage podcasts, enhance search engine optimization (SEO) activities, and track audience engagement... Leia mais sobre o 3Play Media
Verbit provides accurate captions & transcription of live and recorded video to make them accessible & engaging to all audiences. These tools help educators, government entities, legal agencies, business leaders and media producers meet the needs of those with disabilities & all engage viewers. Leia mais sobre o Verbit
Livecast Media is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses create and manage live streams via a unified portal. The platform enables organizations to create personalized event pages with custom logos, content, and a multimedia player and embed them into the existing websites to interact with the target audience. Leia mais sobre o Livecast Media
VideoTranslator is a cloud-based platform that offers businesses with AI transcription, translation, and hardcoded captions in real-time. It allows users to transform text, image, and video content using multiple languages and dialects. Leia mais sobre o VideoTranslator
Trance is a closed captioning software designed to help content creators automatically generate translations and transcripts using speech-to-text engines. Administrators can import and export existing scripts and color-code specific content on a unified interface. Leia mais sobre o Trance
Zeemo.AI is a cloud-based video transcription and captioning/subtitling software designed to help businesses automatically transcribe and add multi-lingual subtitles to videos using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Leia mais sobre o zeemo
VITAC is a cloud-based platform that provides closed captioning services to businesses across various industries including event management, government organizations, educational institutions, and more. Supervisors can use the Internet Captioning Service (ICS), a web player, to embed and display real-time captions across meetings or live broadcasts... Leia mais sobre o VITAC
Adobe Closed Captioning is designed to help professionals using Adobe Connect display captions in videos. It enables employees to modify fonts, sizes, and colors of captions, skip or fast forward them as well as manage captions in multiple languages. Leia mais sobre o Adobe Presenter
CaptioningStar is a closed captioning solution designed to help businesses upload transcripts and embed captions in videos. It enables professionals to add a timed text description of the audio and background sounds that are being displayed on the screen, enhancing the audience engagement activities. Leia mais sobre o CaptioningStar transforms your media into text and subtitles within minutes. With the latest Ai technology, we offer accurate qualitative speech to text transcripts in 30+ languages such as English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish for your business. Leia mais sobre o Txtplay

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