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O ClickMeeting é uma plataforma baseada em navegador para hospedar webinars e treinamentos. Ele permite que os usuários conversem com várias pessoas, compartilhem telas e traduzam reuniões em tempo real. A sala do webinar pode acomodar até 4 apresentadores e até 5.000 participantes ao mesmo tempo. Leia mais sobre o ClickMeeting
Habilitando equipes a uma comunicação mais rápida e efetiva com vídeo. Leia mais sobre o PixelMixer
Vimeo is a video management solution, which helps brands, publishers, & organizations of all sizes upload, host, stream, & share video content. The platform is a white-label solution, meaning users can personalize videos using a custom logo, colors, themes, thumbnails, & playback speed. Leia mais sobre o Vimeo
Adilo is a cloud-based video hosting and marketing platform that helps enterprises send personalized video messages, stream videos in HD, SD, HDR, and 4K resolution, create personal channels, and embed videos on the website, landing pages, or blogs. Leia mais sobre o Adilo
Vadootv is a cloud-based video software designed to help businesses of all sizes create, host, and distribute videos. Leia mais sobre o Vadoo is a cloud-based video hosting and editing software that provides businesses with tools to create, edit and distribute videos through emails, social media platforms, and more. Supervisors can add videos to marketing campaigns, customize the media player according to brand guidelines, and secure them using the password protection... Leia mais sobre o
YouTube is a video hosting service designed to help individuals, video creators, and businesses search, discover, upload, and share videos. It allows users to create video channels based on specific topics, subscribe or follow other channels and organize videos in the form of playlists. Leia mais sobre o YouTube
Wistia is an online video hosting platform that provides businesses with easy to use services and facilitates successful video marketing. It has features such as Turnstile email collector, clickable calls-to-action, measure performance of videos, create video sitemaps and more. Leia mais sobre o Wistia
If you’re using video in your marketing strategy, you need a way to tie video views to revenue. Say hello to video with Vidyard! Leia mais sobre o Vidyard
SproutVideo is the best video hosting solution for businesses. We've helped small and enterprise businesses securely share videos online. Allowing them to effectively accomplish business goals, connect with customers, or communicate internally. We make It easy to grow your business with video. Leia mais sobre o SproutVideo
Designed to help enterprises grow, and boost productivity across various departments, StoryXpress powers some of the biggest brands in the world, including Target, Johnson & Johnson, Revlon, Hanes, and Unilever. Leia mais sobre o StoryXpress
Cincopa is a cloud-based multimedia solution designed to help businesses create videos by adding annotations, call to action (CTA) buttons, and forms and promote them across various channels. It enables professionals to streamline lead generation, audience targeting, digital asset management, and user engagement operations via a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Cincopa
Hippo Video is a cloud-based video management solution which includes tools for webcam, audio, and screen recording, video editing, sharing of videos through social media & help desk systems, video embedding in websites & emails, export of videos to YouTube, real-time engagement analytics, and more Leia mais sobre o Hippo Video
Coolix is a web-based video platform that helps businesses build interactive shoppable videos for advertising campaigns and generating leads. Features include engagement analytics, visual storytelling templates, user behavior tracking, tagging, and product catalog creation. Leia mais sobre o Coolix
Trusted by 1000+ companies in 60+ countries, ImageKit is complete media management, optimization, and delivery solution which can help you deliver a seamless visual experience to your audience on websites and apps. Leia mais sobre o
vooPlayer is an interactive video hosting & marketing platform which is designed to help businesses create customized, embeddable marketing videos Leia mais sobre o Spotlightr
O Kaltura oferece uma plataforma de vídeo online de código aberto. Use a plataforma flexível do Kaltura para aprimorar sites, serviços da internet e plataformas da internet com funcionalidades avançadas de vídeo, foto e áudio personalizadas. Leia mais sobre o Kaltura Video Platform
Brightcove offer a range of video marketing, hosting and advertising solutions. Products include a video marketing suite with features that manage and organize video library, publish on-demand content on any device, capture leads, track results, and analyze performance. Leia mais sobre o Brightcove
SlidePresenter is the leading enterprise video platform for employee-generated learning. Empower your employees to easily and quickly turn their knowledge into engaging video learning nuggets and share them on your own video platform - so that knowledge is available to all employees at any time. Leia mais sobre o SlidePresenter
Enterprise Video Suite is a professional live streaming platform. Users can host, edit & share videos and have a video library with CorporateTube. This is the Enterprise Video Suite from movingimage. Leia mais sobre o Enterprise Video Suite
TogoTiki bundles interactive video & 360 creation tools with media hosting services into a single, cost-effective, easy to use platform allowing you to deliver exceptional content. Leia mais sobre o TogoTiki
Flowplayer is a scalable, performance-first HTML 5 video player & platform hosting solution for publishers, broadcasters & digital media Leia mais sobre o Flowplayer
Broadcast Cloud includes a transcoding engine that supports up to 4K resolution, linear playout, support for multiple bitrates, and closed captioning integration. Users can schedule programming in advance or in real-time, then send it out over the internet or airwaves. Leia mais sobre o Broadcast Cloud
Brid.TV is an online video platform that helps publishers and ad networks grow their businesses through high-end video monetization solutions. Brid.TV’s premium ad solutions allow publishers to maximize their yield by delivering the highest quality video ads for each unique viewer. Leia mais sobre o BridTV
A browser-based system to create and manage events, video portals, virtual booths, and real-time videoconferencing via live, hybrid, and online, high quality servers, worldwide. Leia mais sobre o IMS Event & Video Streaming Platform
Gumlet is a solution that helps users manage, process, and stream video globally. Track, measure, and improve end-user video experience with Gumlet Insights. Leia mais sobre o Gumlet
WowTo is a cloud-based platform, which helps small and midsize businesses in education, technology, and other sectors streamline video making via artificial intelligence (AI), multi-language subtitles, screen recording, automatic translations, and more. Leia mais sobre o WowTo
Boost the reach, brand positioning and engagement of your communication with webinars and tv-grade audiovisual content and provide a great visual and interactive experience. Leia mais sobre o Watchity
Vidone is a video hosting solution that allows businesses to get paid for each unique viewing or downloading address of their content. The cost of the payout depends directly on the location of the viewers and differs for the countries from which the viewing or downloading takes place. Leia mais sobre o Vidone
Creator is video hosting platform for OTT, E-learning, enterprises, and video commerce needs. Leia mais sobre o Creator

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