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Plataforma de gerenciamento de auditoria baseada em nuvem
O é uma plataforma de gerenciamento de auditoria baseada na nuvem para organizações de todos os tamanhos, criada para agilizar o processo de auditoria e destacar visualmente os resultados. Leia mais sobre o
Solução SaaS (software como serviço) de risco, auditoria e conformidade
O StandardFusion é um aplicativo de SaaS (software como serviço) para organizações de todos os tamanhos gerenciarem seu programa de GRC e seguirem as melhores práticas de gerenciamento de risco, auditoria e conformidade. Leia mais sobre o StandardFusion
SaaS (software como serviço) com vários módulos, inclusive de gestão de risco e conformidade.
O Optial é uma plataforma de software modular que inclui soluções para gestão de incidentes, riscos, conformidade e auditoria, além de recursos de continuidade das operações e EHS. Leia mais sobre o Optial
Configurable Fixed Asset Tracking Software & Apps
Asset Panda's cloud-based asset tracking & management platform supports work order management, purchase order management, compliance management, check in & check out, depreciation, service management, enterprise service desk solutions, & more, plus iOS & Android mobile apps Leia mais sobre o Asset Panda
Workflow management solution for accounting firms
Suralink is a workflow management solution, which helps accounting firms streamline processes related to managing provided by client (PBC) lists, audits, document transfers, and more. The drag-and-drop functionality allows users to add files into the PBC lists and link them to client requests. Leia mais sobre o Suralink
Ease the burden of IT auditing
Gain complete visibility and control over IT infrastructure changes and configurations Leia mais sobre o Netwrix Auditor
GRC solution designed for multi-subsidiary organizations
The software solution establishes an automated workflow that reduces the time and cost of GRC efforts and eliminates manual labor, maintenance of multiple excel spreadsheets, etc. ProcessGene™'s GRC solution is designed for multi-subsidiary organizations, based on our Multi-Org technology. Leia mais sobre o ProcessGene GRC
Cloud based digital workplace safety and compliance solution
SiteDocs is paperless safety management software for all industries and all sizes, offering form building, safety document storage, certification tracking & more Leia mais sobre o SiteDocs
Save time and effort by replacing paper based systems.
Equip your frontline with an inspection solution that they can learn in minutes, so you can manage operations from wherever you are. iAuditor is used to conduct over 1 million inspections per month across all industries for safety, quality control, and operations. Leia mais sobre o iAuditor
Partners in compliance & EHS management systems excellence.
Compliance and management software spanning EHS and Sustainability, Quality, Security, Responsible Sourcing and Product Stewardship sectors. Leia mais sobre o Gensuite
Software de execução de operações para controladores de alta capilaridade
Restaurantes, lojas de conveniência e outras redes de varejo usam o Zenput para controlar o negócio internamente e aprimorar as operações de todas as suas lojas. Ao facilitar a implementação, o controle e a aplicação da conformidade com procedimentos operacionais e iniciativas-chave, o Zenput ajuda a melhorar o desempenho da organização e exceder... Leia mais sobre o Zenput Mobile
Compliance management platform
Qualtrax is a cloud-based compliance management platform which allows businesses to manage accreditations, documents, processes, employee training and testing. The software is designed for forensic labs, testing labs, medical examiners, manufacturers, utilities companies, and more. Leia mais sobre o Qualtrax
Next generation QMS software for compliance and automation.
Intellect provides next generation QMS software for compliance and digital transformation. Meet FDA compliance and ISO standards while also enhancing business productivity. Leia mais sobre o Intellect
Environment, health, safety and quality management software
Cority offers a web-based environment, health, safety and quality management software solution to enhance environmental sustainability , occupational health, safety and quality. Leia mais sobre o Cority
The #1 All-in-one Compliance Management System
1 cloud-based EHS platform to solve ALL your safety requirements. Simple for workers to use, simple for managers to customize. Clients can choose from as little as one app, right up to an entire suite of over 30 apps. Try now. Leia mais sobre o Donesafe
Happy auditors use AuditBoard.
AuditBoard is a fully integrated GRC platform for SOX, operational audits, ERM, and internal controls compliance. Leia mais sobre o AuditBoard
Enterprise quality management software system
IQS Enterprise Quality Management Software: audits, supplier quality, nonconformance, corrective actions, inspections, document control and employee training. Leia mais sobre o IQS Enterprise Quality Management Software
Digital inspections platform
HappyCo's user-friendly suite of mobile and web/desktop apps digitize your team's paper-driven processes like inspections, audits and checklists. Leia mais sobre o HappyCo
Intelligent Audit Management Software
ECAT provides intelligent audit management software for organizations with significant auditing needs to help cut costs, improve compliance, and strengthen operational excellence. Leia mais sobre o ECAT
Web-based EHS and quality management software
EHS Management is a web-based software for environment, health, and safety that optimizes business performance and enables regulatory compliance for companies Leia mais sobre o Intelex
Mobile Forms Software for Inspection, Audits, Safety Checks is a web-based form automation solution that enables the creation of customized forms, form deployment, and management of data collected in the forms Leia mais sobre o
Your adaptable & easy to use quality management solution
The most adaptable & easy to use quality management software. The QT9 QMS is a highly modular web-based system designed for biomedical, pharmaceutical, medical device, aerospace and general manufacturing companies. Automate ISO 9001, ISO 13485 with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature compliance. Leia mais sobre o QT9 Quality Management
IT asset risk management software for companies of all sizes
Keylight is a security and risk management solution designed to help organizations centrally manage audit preparation and execution, compliance, business continuity, health & safety, IT, operational, third-party risk, issues & incidents, IT threats and vulnerabilities, policy governance and more Leia mais sobre o Keylight Platform
Cloud-based audit, risk and compliance management platform
HighBond is a cloud-based GRC solution designed to help professionals streamline operations related to auditing, risk assessments, investigations, forensics, and more. The centralized dashboard provides executives with a real-time overview of potential risks and mitigation efforts. Leia mais sobre o HighBond
Cloud-based solutions for audit, risk management, compliance
Onspring provides cloud-based solutions for internal audit, risk management, compliance and related functions. We help you report clearly and work confidently. Leia mais sobre o Onspring
Web-based governance, risk, and compliance solution
ZenGRC is a cloud-based agile compliance solution that allows organizations to manage their GRC programs and track progress using a customizable dashboard. Leia mais sobre o ZenGRC
Your Tool for Inspecting & Improving Quality
RizePoint’s quality management software helps you proactively manage your quality and supplier programs. We’ve been working with companies across the globe for over 20 years to help them collect and analyze data to create meaningful reports, spots trends, and improve processes with the ultimate goal Leia mais sobre o RizePoint
QMS integrates data to reduce risk and ensure compliance.
ETQ Reliance is a modular, flexible, enterprise-level compliance platform that provides you with the visibility and control to manage quality, EHS and risk. It provides one platform solution that helps you drive efficiency and achieve operational excellence. Leia mais sobre o EtQ Reliance
Audit management for life sciences and manufacturing
Qualityze Suite is a cloud-based QMS built on Salesforce that includes modules for CAPA, change, compliance, audit, document, training and supplier management Leia mais sobre o Qualityze Audit System
Mobile friendly, web-based audit and inspection management
Beacon Quality is a layered process audit and inspection management mobile app for automotive, aerospace and manufacturing organizations. Leia mais sobre o Beacon
Web based EHS management solution for SMBs
EHS Insight is a multi-feature solution for managing incidents, risk, audits and safety at workplaces. Leia mais sobre o EHS Insight
Franchise audit, collaboration and performance tools
FranchiseBlast offers a full suite of franchise management solutions including the field audit application, benchmarking, collaboration tools, line-check application and project plans. Leia mais sobre o FranchiseBlast
Cloud-based, mobile EHS & operations platform
HammerTech is a cloud-based safety and quality management solution for the construction industry. The platform provides a range of features including personnel management, time tracking, observations and inspections management, auditing, equipment monitoring, punchlists, daily reporting, and more. Leia mais sobre o HammerTech
Web-based safety management software
Industry Safe is a web-based safety management software that enables enterprises to comply with regulations and track incidents, corrective actions, and more. Leia mais sobre o IndustrySafe
Soluções de software de segurança corporativa
As soluções de segurança corporativa do Resolver abrangem gestão de incidentes e geração de relatórios, investigações e gestão de casos, centro de comando e ESRM. Leia mais sobre o Resolver
Parcel management solution for organizations
Betachon Freight Auditing is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses monitor shipment costs and claim refunds for late shipments. Key features include time-based filing, GL coding, carrier agreement optimization, data export, historical analysis, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o Betachon Freight Auditing
SAP landscape management & monitoring
Xandria from syslink is a SAP monitoring & management system for enterprise-grade SAP systems, providing real-time monitoring, automation reporting and more Leia mais sobre o Xandria
Fluxo de trabalho, captura de dados e digitalização de conformidade
O Capptions é uma plataforma completa para capturar dados, criar fluxos de trabalho dinâmicos digitalizados, criar formulários, gerenciar aplicativos e muito mais. A plataforma Capptions foi projetada para ajudar as empresas na transição para processos e fluxos de trabalho totalmente digitalizados e os formulários digitais fornecem um meio de... Leia mais sobre o Capptions
Inspection software/app
Auditus is a professional auditing software which enables small & large enterprises to build checklists, perform audits, & analyze reports with audit templates, automated notifications, real-time analytics, and more. Native iOS & Android apps allow users to perform audits from their mobile device. Leia mais sobre o Auditus
Advanced Automation for Environmental, Health & Safety.
ERA EHS Software is a web-based compliance management solution that automates environmental, health & safety, sustainability, quality, and audit management. Advanced automation and KPIs drive efficient and cost-effective compliance. Designed by true environmental experts to deliver EHS compliance. Leia mais sobre o ERA EH&S Software
Automated Risk and Compliance Processes
LogicGate is web-based software that allows businesses to automate risk and compliance operations by visually designing their workflow. Leia mais sobre o LogicGate
Audit, compliance & risk management platform
Audit Prodigy is a suite of audit, compliance, and risk management solutions for audit professionals, which offers products for resource optimization, compliance management, issue management, task and project planning, certifications and surveys, document management, and more. Leia mais sobre o Audit Prodigy
Software de gerenciamento de auditoria interna
O TeamMate+ é um sistema de gerenciamento de auditoria interna projetado para ajudar os auditores e a liderança de departamentos de auditoria a gerenciarem todos os aspectos de uma auditoria. O TeamMate+ permite às empresas identificar riscos, criar relatórios de avaliação, agendar projetos, alocar recursos, capturar horas etc. Leia mais sobre o TeamMate+
Web-based compliance management software
The only all-in-one healthcare compliance software solution that centralizes every aspect of your compliance program. Leia mais sobre o Healthicity Compliance Manager
Modular, mobile, online EHS management software
BasicSafe supports workplaces with managing compliance documentation and safety training, identify and track incidents, schedule audits, store permits and more Leia mais sobre o BasicSafe
Integrated risk management platform for SMBs
MyVCM by Ostendio is an integrated risk management platform designed to help SMBs operate their cybersecurity programs. MyVCM offers organizations the tools they need to perform security audits, manage incidents, establish security controls, configure risk alerts, and more. Leia mais sobre o MyVCM
Audit issue management solution for businesses
AuditFindings is a web-based solution that assists small to large organizations issue tracking through automatic audit trails. Key features include social commenting, data import, issue tagging, document management, reporting, and notifications. Leia mais sobre o AuditFindings
Expense report audit solution with artificial intelligence
AppZen is an expense report audit solution which utilizes artificial intelligence to help businesses audit expense reports, invoices & contracts. AppZen’s AI technology reads 40+ languages & 100+ currencies, identifying any duplicate expense claims, travel & booking violations, & more Leia mais sobre o AppZen
Paperless compliance & quality assurance
CoInspect is a cloud-based inspection, compliance & quality assurance solution designed for restaurant chains, hospitality groups, government agencies, and more Leia mais sobre o CoInspect
Software de conformidade de qualidade e EHS
O NimonikApp é um software de conformidade de qualidade e ambiente, saúde e segurança que ajuda organizações globais a cumprir os regulamentos e padrões do setor com recursos que incluem um banco de dados de EHS e requisitos regulatórios de qualidade para mais de 90 países e 200 jurisdições, auditoria móvel e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o NimonikApp
Environment, Health, Safety (EHS) Management Software
VelocityEHS comprehensive EHS management software includes risk analysis, incident management, corrective action, compliance management, ergonomics, and more Leia mais sobre o VelocityEHS
Quality management, document control, & training
QualityOne provides a unified solution for quality management, document control, and training, allowing users to manage quality processes, documents, and role-based curricula and training in one place with tools for document control, nonconformance and investigation, complaint management, and more Leia mais sobre o QualityOne
Flexible. Interconnected. Comprehensive.
AdaptiveGRC is different because it has been designed and built as one, unified and integrated governance, risk management and compliance product suite. The software has a common and easy-to-use application interface and data framework throughout, allowing it to be very agile. Leia mais sobre o Adaptive GRC
Chemical inventory & hazardous waste management software
Chemical Safety Software is a cloud-based environmental management & reporting system which tracks & manages the flow of chemicals & hazardous materials Leia mais sobre o Chemical Safety Software
Detailed Auditing, Alerting, Reporting and Management for Office 365 & Azure AD
Knowledge Vault is a cloud-based auditing, alerting, reporting and management platform for organizations that are looking for an easy and affordable way to optimize and secure their Office 365 & Azure AD application suite and popular cloud-based storage systems. Leia mais sobre o Knowledge Vault
Food Quality Management System
SafetyChain is a Quality Management System (QMS) that helps F&B companies improve yield, throughput and compliance with a flexible, user-friendly software platform that captures, manages and analyzes real-time operations data. Leia mais sobre o SafetyChain
SaaS ERM software with top-rated customer support.
LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. LogicManager's ERM software empowers organizations to uphold their reputation, anticipate what's ahead, and improve business performance through strong governance. Leia mais sobre o LogicManager
Zero Trust Privilege for Today's Modern IT Threatscape
Centrify's cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege secures modern enterprises & stops the leading cause of breaches -- privilege access abuse. Leia mais sobre o Identity Services
Streamline audit & inspection management & ensure compliance
The Enablon Audit & Compliance Management solution offers tools to manage EHS regulations and streamline business processes. Leia mais sobre o Enablon Audit Management
Automation solution for risk-based auditing
Pentana is an audit automation solution for risk-based auditing, offering risk assessment analysis & summarization, automated reporting, action tracking & more Leia mais sobre o Pentana
Proactive quality management & audit software
E-Data Now! is designed for executing audits and resolving issues from the manufacturing floor and field environment, tackling a variety of audit types like layer process audits, compliance audits, customer complaint investigations, factory audits, PPAP validation, 5S, material certifications & more Leia mais sobre o E-Data Now Audit Management
Integrated risk management solutions (RMIS)
Riskonnect enterprise risk management allows organizations to make informed decisions, track risks, and gather data to help drive strategic growth Leia mais sobre o Riskonnect
Record, track & route customer complaints
isoTracker Complaints Management allows organizations to record & track customer complaints, route them for investigation, issue actions and escalate responses Leia mais sobre o isoTracker Complaints Management
Intelligent health & safety assessments & action planning
Safe365 is an intelligent solution that assesses or audits any size organization's health & safety program & helps develop a custom action plan or strategy Leia mais sobre o Safe365
SaaS-based enterprise risk management and GRC solution
Procipient is an enterprise risk management and GRC solution which helps manage & streamline audit operations through pre-built compliance frameworks, insights, and GRC integrations. The software offers a range of modules enabling full management of documents, audits, issues, remediation, and more. Leia mais sobre o Procipient
Auditing, monitoring and reporting tool for Office 365
O365 Manager Plus is a cloud-based reporting, auditing, monitoring and management solution for Office 365. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it helps users manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, & other services from a centralized dashboard. Leia mais sobre o O365 Manager Plus
Documentation, audit, compliance, and reporting system
Sword Audit Manager is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses automate the entire internal audit lifecycle through reporting, documentation, and compliance management. Sword Audit Manager lets users generate reports based on planned and unplanned activities through horizontal scanning. Leia mais sobre o Sword Audit Manager
Cloud management platform for enterprise IT teams
CloudAware is a cloud management platform designed to help enterprise IT teams deploy and manage applications across Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Key features include data collection, custom fields, filtered views, data encryption, tag management, and analytics. Leia mais sobre o CloudAware
SPC and quality management solution for manufacturers
CASQ-it is a cloud-based statistical process control (SPC) solution that helps enterprises maintain quality control across development, material, and support processes. It lets users conduct security inspections to detect issues across catalogs or test schedules. Leia mais sobre o CASQ-it
Gestão de conformidade, governança, risco e conformidade (GRC na sigla em inglês), auditoria e acesso privilegiado
O Fastpath Assure é um conjunto de governança, risco e conformidade (GRC na sigla em inglês) que permite às empresas otimizar as operações de segurança e auditoria. Os usuários podem analisar e relatar tarefas, transações e acesso à segurança segregados, garantindo visibilidade das atividades e eliminando conflitos de função. Leia mais sobre o Fastpath Assure
Enterprise accreditation management solution
Jetpack is a cloud-based enterprise accreditation management solution designed to help businesses automate processes related to document management, benchmarking tools, self-studies, and assessments by collecting vital data through surveys. Leia mais sobre o Jetpack
Accounting platform for managing business expenses
Center Expense is a cloud-based financial management solution that helps enterprises streamline accounting operations and track expenses. Users can perform regular audits on transaction data using artificial intelligence (AI) technology and generate expense reports in various formats. Leia mais sobre o Center Expense