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Ferramenta de segurança de e-mail com arquivamento
O SolarWinds Mail Assure é uma ferramenta de segurança de e-mail que visa a proteger as empresas contra ransomware, spam, phishing e outras ameaças de e-mail. A plataforma baseada na nuvem oferece recursos, como proteção de e-mail, arquivamento de e-mail, gerenciamento de infraestrutura de serviços, continuidade de caixa de correio e integração ao... Leia mais sobre o SolarWinds Mail Assure
Filtro antispam para e-mail comercial. Segurança de e-mail vital.
O SpamTitan é um filtro antispam que identifica e bloqueia e-mails maliciosos e de spam para proteger e-mails corporativos, com análise e autenticação em várias camadas. Leia mais sobre o SpamTitan by TitanHQ
Segurança, criptografia e arquivamento de e-mail na nuvem
O modusCloud é uma solução de segurança de e-mail na nuvem com ferramentas para detecção de spam, supervisão de ameaças, arquivamento de e-mail, detecção de phishing e muito mais. A plataforma baseada na nuvem oferece recursos que incluem filtragem, continuidade, criptografia e arquivamento, a fim de fornecer proteção aos e-mails da... Leia mais sobre o modusCloud
Software de proteção contra ataques de ransomware, phishing e fraude de CEO
O software Advanced Threat Protection da Hornetsecurity foi projetado para detectar e proteger as empresas contra ataques direcionados, ransomware, CEO e fraude de phishing com recursos como mecanismo de sandbox, varredura e reescrita de URL, congelamento, análise forense de fraude direcionada e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o Advanced Threat Protection
Cloud based email security solution
Avira Managed Email Security is an email protection solution dedicated to scanning emails and stopping any suspicious emails before they reach user networks Leia mais sobre o Avira
Cloud email security & anti-spam solution
ZEROSPAM is a complete cloud email security and anti-spam solution that protects domains against spam, ransomware, spear phishing, viruses, phishing and all harmful emails. Detect disguised executable files & infected macros sent as attachments via emails or downloaded through a malicious link. Leia mais sobre o ZEROSPAM
Cloud based email and web security solution
Topsec Email Security is a complete email filtering solution that helps organizations to check all their incoming and outgoing email content for virus and spam. Leia mais sobre o Topsec Email Security
Cloud-based cybersecurity and network monitoring platform
DNSFilter is a cybersecurity management software that enables enterprises, K-12 schools, and universities to detect online security threats and malware using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, machine learning (ML) algorithms, and content filtering capabilities. Leia mais sobre o DNSFilter
Secure email for confidential & sensitive documents
NeoCertified provides secure email encryption with Outlook integration for businesses of all industries, including healthcare, finance, legal & education Leia mais sobre o NeoCertified
Assinatura eletrônica segura, criptografia de e-mail e compartilhamento de arquivos
O DeliverySlip é uma solução de segurança de e-mail, compartilhamento de arquivos e assinatura eletrônica em nuvem, que oferece criptografia de e-mail em nível industrial, transferência segura de arquivos, aprovações eletrônicas, formulários da Internet, envio em massa e muito mais. O software funciona dentro do Microsoft Outlook, Gmail e vários... Leia mais sobre o DeliverySlip
Advanced email security and compliance for SMBs
SilverSky Email Protection Suite is an email protection service that helps small and mid-sized businesses identify and prevent cybersecurity threats in compliance with industry regulations. Protects against targeted attacks, social engineering and data loss. Leia mais sobre o SilverSky Email Protection Suite
Email Security — Reinvented
Avanan catches the advanced attacks that evade default and advanced security tools. Its invisible, multi-layer security enables full-suite protection for cloud collaboration solutions such as Office 365™, G-Suite™, and Slack™. The platform deploys in one click via API. Leia mais sobre o Avanan
Email phishing protection and fraud detection solution
Retruster is a cloud-based phishing protection solution designed to help small to large organizations identify fake and malicious codes in incoming emails. Key features include data security, ransomware protection, identity theft prevention, background screening, and threat tracking. Leia mais sobre o Retruster
Cloud-based email security, phishing protection & anti-spam
ContentCatcher is a web-based SaaS solution offering email security, encryption, anti-spam, phishing protection and compliant archiving to assist organizations of all levels to combat and mitigate malicious email threats, with features including anti-virus, filtering, URL defense, reporting and more Leia mais sobre o ContentCatcher
Making Email Safe
The Email Laundry makes email safe. This hosted anti spam and virus service keeps spam, phishing and malware away from your users Leia mais sobre o The Email Laundry
Threat detection and monitoring for businesses and MSPs
Dark Web ID is a cloud-based cybersecurity tool, which monitors the dark web and alerts businesses to any risks or threats. The platform can be used by MSPs or enterprises to prevent data breaches and ensure sensitive employee or company data is not available on the dark web. Leia mais sobre o Dark Web ID
Cloud security software
McAfee cloud security software offers a scalable solution for IT teams in small and medium-sized companies. McAfee offer a number of SaaS products that provide desktop, email and web security for small businesses. Some of the McAfee for Small Business security products include: McAfee Email Protection, McAfee Web Protection, McAfee Total... Leia mais sobre o McAfee Cloud Security
Email security platform
Stop worrying about sensitive information falling in the wrong hands. Maintain security and compliance and even stop forwards in their tracks with ForwardFreeze®. With guaranteed delivery and real time tracking, you can now regain control of electronic communication. All with customizable features (large file transfers, true message recall, etc.)... Leia mais sobre o email2
Cloud Email service
Hosted Email collaboration suite with full synching with Outlook and all smartphones for email, contacts, calendar and tasks. 25GB mailboxes and full email security and continuity package included. Leia mais sobre o Secure Suite
Cloud-Based Security for Mac OS X
Flextivity Secure provides worry-free AV protection for all your Mac computers (AntiVirus, Firewall, Location-Aware Network Protection, Policies...) Leia mais sobre o Intego Flextivity Secure
Internet security and compliance services
MXSweep is a global provider of SaaS Internet Security & Compliance services including email security, content control & business continuity, encryption, email & sharepoint archiving, web and mobile security to corporate and public sector customers. Leia mais sobre o MXSweep
Corporate email security solution
Vade Secure is a predictive email defense and security solution to protect corporations against ransomware, phishing, graymail and spam Leia mais sobre o Vade Secure
Auditing, monitoring and reporting tool for Office 365
O365 Manager Plus is a cloud-based reporting, auditing, monitoring and management solution for Office 365. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it helps users manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, Skype, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, & other services from a centralized dashboard. Leia mais sobre o O365 Manager Plus
Email monitoring solution for marketing and IT teams
MxToolbox Delivery Center is a cloud-based email monitoring solution, that assists marketing teams with tracking email deliverability & monitoring domain health. Features include analytics, SMTP diagnostics, header analysis, response management, threat investigation, server monitoring, & reporting. Leia mais sobre o MxToolbox Delivery Center
Invoice & wire fraud prevention application for Outlook 365
Email Shield is a cloud-based email security add-in, which helps businesses across various industry verticals such as banking, fintech, eCommerce, government, mobile, travel, gaming, telecommunications and more, prevent email-based fraud attempts and receive fraud risk scores and alerts. Leia mais sobre o Email Shield