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Firewall para aplicativos na web (WAF na sigla em inglês), balanceamento de cargas global do servidor (GSLB na sigla em inglês), balanceamento de cargas Leia mais sobre o Edgenexus Load Balancer/ADC
O é uma solução baseada na nuvem para gestão de TI que ajuda pequenas e grandes empresas a projetar e manter a entrega de aplicativos. A plataforma habilita empresas a gerenciar a largura de banda da rede, SSL, firewalls de aplicativos, balanceamento global de cargas do servidor e servidores virtuais/reais. Leia mais sobre o Load Balancer Enterprise ADC
A Cloudflare protege e acelera milhões de sites online usando uma única alteração no DNS, oferecendo funcionalidade de CDN e segurança avançada. Leia mais sobre o Cloudflare
SolarWinds Network Performance Monitoring software makes it easy to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve performance issues before outages occur. It delivers real-time views and dashboards that enable you to visually track and monitor network performance at a glance. Leia mais sobre o Network Performance Monitor
MariaDB is the database for all, supporting any workload, in any cloud, at any scale. Try MariaDB now. Leia mais sobre o MariaDB
Citrix ADC (formerly NetScaler) is a cloud-ready application delivery and load balancing software that enables businesses to provide high-quality user experiences for web, traditional, and cloud-native applications by balancing client traffic across the most suitable server. Leia mais sobre o Citrix ADC
Incapsula is a cloud-based web application security platform to optimize, protect and enhance website performance. It allows website traffic to route through Incapsula’s global network of high-powered servers that accelerate outgoing traffic and optimize it for faster load times. Leia mais sobre o Incapsula
All Cloud-based application systems in any vertical that uses IP-based authentication and Static IP address routing to secure their protected resources or transfer data across the Internet. Leia mais sobre o Quotaguard
Amazon Lightsail is a virtual private server (VPS) designed to help businesses deploy web applications, create websites, run open-source and commercial software, and create testing environments. It lets users route web traffic across instances to accommodate variations in traffic through load balancing. Leia mais sobre o Amazon Lightsail
AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an application lifecycle management and load balancing solution that helps businesses monitor application health, manage updates, monitor compliance requirements, and more on a centralized platform. It allows administrators to select required AWS resources to run the workload on, based on application requirements. Leia mais sobre o AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Imperva Sonar is a unified cybersecurity platform that provides fully integrated protection for applications and databases against emerging, automated, and insider attacks. It can be used to protect critical databases, applications, websites, and, APIs. The Imperva Sonar platform includes behavioral analysis, threat prevention, data governance,... Leia mais sobre o Imperva Sonar
Elastic Load Balancing is a load balancing software that helps businesses streamline processes related to certificate management, SSL/TLS decryption, health monitoring, user authentication, and more from within a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Elastic Load Balancing
Load Impact is the cloud-based load testing software, mobile app and API developers worldwide. It is used to determine your maximum capacity to understand which components fail first, its order and nature of failure. It allows load, stress and endurance testing of websites, mobile apps and APIs. Leia mais sobre o Load Impact
Varnish Enterprise is a web-based solution designed to help businesses streamline video streaming and website acceleration operations. Varnish Enterprise allows organizations to build private content delivery networks (CDNs), enhance performance, and reduce memory or CPU usage. Leia mais sobre o Varnish Enterprise
NeoLoad is a load testing software that enables DevOps teams to design and run code-less performance tests across system applications. Developers can add custom conditions or controls in tests, define application-specific parameters, and automatically update existing test scripts. Leia mais sobre o NeoLoad
The Total Uptime Cloud Load Balancer is a web-based load balancing software that routes network traffic to the appropriate servers and datacenters. The system also monitors network failures and can automatically redirect traffic to an alternate destination when failure occurs. Leia mais sobre o Cloud Load Balancer
WebLOAD helps businesses design, deploy, and manage custom test environments for various applications, websites, network protocols, and technologies. The drag-and-drop capabilities allow organizations to create personalized test conditions using building blocks and custom scripts. Leia mais sobre o WebLOAD
PC-Duo provides fast and reliable PC-to-PC remote control and remote access over LAN/WAN and internet connections. Leia mais sobre o PC-Duo
Haltdos is a DDoS mitigation solution for online businesses to defend against a wide range of DDoS attacks to minimize application downtime and latency Leia mais sobre o Haltdos
SuperLumin mitigates bandwidth restraints and improves the user experience by creating scalable private or enterprise CDN (content delivery networks) solutions. The heart of the platform is the content acceleration policy engine. SuperLumin provides proprietary software that is known for its modular design, flexibility, reliability, and performance... Leia mais sobre o SuperLumin
DynConD is a DNS-based client-server network service for optimal server selection and global server load balancing on the client-side. It takes into account the parameters of the server and the network distance between client and servers. Leia mais sobre o DynConD client-side GSLB
Google Cloud Load Balancing provides a global network of HTTP(S), TCP/SSL, UDP, and autoscaling load balancing services. Leia mais sobre o Google Cloud Load Balancing
Thinfinity Virtual UI delivers proprietary Windows applications to the web to convert Windows desktop-based applications into SaaS. Leia mais sobre o Thinfinity VirtualUI
VMware NSX is a flexible and agile software-defined Network Virtualization Platform. Leia mais sobre o VMware NSX
NSX Advanced Load Balancer is a cloud-based load balancing platform. The solution offers users features such as full lifecycle automation, future proof, pervasive analytics and more. Leia mais sobre o NSX Advanced Load Balancer

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