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O Auth0 é uma plataforma de gerenciamento de identidades para criadores de aplicativos e uma solução de identidade necessária para aplicativos customizados. O Auth0 oferece logon único (SSO na sigla em inglês) simples para facilitar a proteção e o gerenciamento do acesso a aplicativos da internet, tanto na nuvem quanto atrás do firewall. Leia mais sobre o Auth0
O Keeper é um gerenciador de senhas e um cofre digital que protege senhas e ativos digitais sensíveis para milhares de empresas e milhões de pessoas. Leia mais sobre o Keeper Business
O Password Manager Pro é um cofre seguro para armazenar e gerenciar informações confidenciais compartilhadas, como senhas, documentos e identidades digitais das empresas. Leia mais sobre o ManageEngine Password Manager Pro
As soluções empresariais do LastPass ajudam as empresas a assumirem o controle da gestão de identidade com logon único (SSO na sigla em inglês), gestão de senhas e autenticação multifatorial (MFA na sigla em inglês). Leia mais sobre o LastPass
Rippling is Identity Management, simplified. Experience single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and app provisioning that's easy to implement, and even easier to use. Leia mais sobre o Rippling
Okta is an enterprise grade identity management service, built from the ground up in the cloud and delivered with an unwavering focus on customer success. With Okta, IT can manage access across any application, person or device. Whether the people are employees, partners or customers or the applications are in the cloud, on-premises or on a mobile... Leia mais sobre o Okta
Jamf Pro is a comprehensive mobile device management tool for IT pros to manage, deploy and secure their Macs, iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs. Leia mais sobre o Jamf Pro
O Duo Security fornece uma plataforma de acesso confiável que oferece vários métodos de autenticação de dois fatores, aplicativos móveis e um gateway de acesso para logon único (SSO). Leia mais sobre o Duo Security
Uma única identidade para todo o acesso a aplicativos. Configuração baseada em padrões (SAML 2.0, LDAP). Leia mais sobre o JumpCloud Directory Platform
OneLogin’s cloud based identity management platform provides secure single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and directory integration with AD, LDAP. In addition to the above features, Gartner has recently named OneLogin a Leader in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for Access Management. Leia mais sobre o OneLogin
O Twilio Account Security oferece verificação de identidade digital e ferramentas de inteligência para a criação de confiança mútua entre empresas e consumidores. Leia mais sobre o Account Security
ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management program. It helps domain users to perform self service password reset,self service account unlock and employee self update of personal details(e.g telephone numbers,etc) in Microsoft Windows Active Directory. Leia mais sobre o ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus
Cloud-based email signatures platform that helps businesses of all sizes and industries that use Google Workspace. It includes several functions such as creating email signatures, editing absence messages, creating custom groups, and more. Avoid labor lawsuits and data breaches. Leia mais sobre o Conecta Suite
Modern SSO solutions need to support a diverse workforce with a choice of how and where they would like to securely gain access to their cloud apps. Avatier SSO enables access when your workforce needs it the most with Just-in-Time (JIT) cloud application user provisioning/deprovisioning. Leia mais sobre o Avatier Identity Anywhere
With directory services and cloud SSO, Jamf Connect unifies identity across all company apps and the user’s Mac without compromising trust. End users leverage a single cloud identity to easily and quickly gain access to resources they need to be productive. Leia mais sobre o Jamf Connect
Ping Identity help organizations manage and provide secure access to mobile, cloud, and on-premise applications, external and internal networks, and APIs. The platform automatically detects and blocks anomalous activities using AI technology to ensure compliance with statutory regulations. Leia mais sobre o Ping Identity
FusionAuth is the only authentication, authorization, and user management built for devs. It deploys on any application in minutes. Get every feature you need: registration & login, passwordless, SSO, MFA, SAML, OIDC, OAuth, JWT, social login and more. Comply with GDPR, HIPAA, COPPA, and PCI. Leia mais sobre o FusionAuth
Azure Active Directory, part of Microsoft Entra, is an identity and access management (IAM) software designed to help enterprises provide protection against cybersecurity attacks through single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication. It allows administrators to securely engage with internal and external stakeholders and provide on-site and... Leia mais sobre o Azure Active Directory simplifies how individuals securely prove and share their identity online. Leia mais sobre o
Secure local and remote access to networks, servers and applications using multi-factor authentication (MFA) with hardware and software authentication methods like U2F/WebAuthn Security Keys, Mobile Push, Mobile Passcode (TOTP), SMS Passcode and Email Link. Use Active Directory as Identity Provider. Leia mais sobre o Rublon
LogMeOnce is a cloud-based password and identity management solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage login credentials, provide secure access to documents, applications and services via a unified portal. The platform allows organizations to protect user accounts against hack attempts and identity theft by scanning the dark web for stolen... Leia mais sobre o LogMeOnce
Give everyone in your school system a consistent and secure home base to access approved digital applications and network files with ClassLink's Single Sign-On LaunchPad. Leia mais sobre o ClassLink
Bitium is a cloud-based identity platform that includes single sign-on, password management, and analytics for companies of all sizes. It provides the ability to manage access to various web-based applications including Salesforce, Google Apps for Work, Office 365, and Slack. Leia mais sobre o Bitium
miniOrange is a cloud based identity and access management (IAM) provider for businesses to make any IAM feature applicable such as SSO, MFA, Provisioning, Brokering, etc. on any application across the internet. Leia mais sobre o miniOrange
CyberArk Privileged Account Security helps control access to administrative & privileged accounts to reduce information leaks & risk by automating policies Leia mais sobre o Privileged Access Security Solution
HelloID is a complete, cloud-based IDaaS solution that streamlines user provisioning, self-service, and single sign-on processes within your organization or educational institution. Automate the entire user lifecycle process with HelloID by connecting your HR/SIS data to all your downstream systems. Leia mais sobre o HelloID
Passly is an identity and access management software designed to help businesses of all sizes handle employee access to corporate resources. It allows IT teams to capture and store passwords for personal or shared accounts, applications, and websites in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o Passly
Imprivata OneSign is a single sign-on (SSO) and authentication solution designed to help healthcare organizations ensure secured access to clinical and administrative applications deployed across cloud or on-premise environments. Leia mais sobre o Imprivata OneSign
Ansys Cloud is a cloud security and storage management software that helps businesses set up virtual desktops, monitor job progress, manage files, share jobs, and more from within a unified platform. It allows staff members to utilize 3D results visualization to validate simulation results while the data is in the cloud. Leia mais sobre o Ansys Cloud
SAP Single Sign-On is a software that allows businesses to streamline their application, user, and data management. It helps businesses in managing their security and access controls. Leia mais sobre o SAP Single Sign-On
Connect multiple web properties together to create a seamless registration and login experience for your customers. Leia mais sobre o LoginRadius
Loyalty marketing platform built for businesses of all sizes that lets you reach your customers in-store, online, or via mobile. Leia mais sobre o Spendgo
Autenticação multifatorial, sem senha e à prova de phishing que se integra ao logon único (SSO na sigla em inglês) existente e elimina ataques de credenciais e reduz a superfície de ataque. Leia mais sobre o Beyond Identity
Managing access to your cloud applications doesn't have to be hard. CloudEntr gives you one secure place to manage access to all your cloud applications. Login once and get secure, one-click access to all of your cloud applications, on any device, without giving up control over who gets access. Leia mais sobre o CloudEntr
PixelPin is a cloud-based cyber security solution designed to help businesses manage passwords using pictures to ensure safe authentication against mass phishing attacks. It lets teams use their own pictures to provide secure login into various applications and websites. Leia mais sobre o PixelPin
Frontegg is the only solution that enables you to implement SSO as part of a full self-service experience for your end-users. Leia mais sobre o Frontegg
O Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO) é um software de gestão de risco e conformidade baseado na internet, que ajuda as organizações a automatizarem e implementarem mudanças nos processos de meio ambiente, saúde e segurança (EHS na sigla em inglês), aderindo aos requisitos regulatórios e de auditoria. Leia mais sobre o Mitratech Compliance Manager (CMO)
SAP Customer Data Cloudenhances customer experiences across marketing, commerce, sales, and service helping you understand your customers and deliver relevant, trusted, and personalized engagements. Leia mais sobre o SAP Customer Data Cloud
SecureAuth is a cloud-based software that provides businesses with multi-factor authentication (MFA) tools to verify user identity and secure enterprise data. Supervisors can configure authentication workflows and utilize various password-less methods, such as WebAuthn or SecureAuth Authenticate, to streamline verification processes. Leia mais sobre o SecureAuth
Bravura Identity is an integrated solution for managing identities, groups and security entitlements across systems and applications. It ensures that users are granted access quickly, that entitlements are appropriate to business need and that access is revoked once no longer needed. Leia mais sobre o Hitachi ID Bravura Identity
OneAll is a social login and single sign-on software to integrate social media experiences and data to your site. It works with multiple social networking sites to offer one click login/registration, eliminating forgotten usernames or passwords and gathering demographic information. Leia mais sobre o OneAll
Entrust IDaaS is a cloud-based IAM solution designed to help organizations of all sizes deploy multi-factor authentication for accessing networks, devices, and applications. Key features include single sign-on, IAM, virtual smart cards, workflow automation, user group and identity management. Leia mais sobre o Entrust Identity as a Service
SmartSignin provides enterprises of all sizes a secure means of managing identity and access to confidential cloud data. An intuitive interface makes it possible to control employee, customer and partner access to cloud applications from a single dashboard and across multiple devices. Leia mais sobre o SmartSignin
O MIRACL oferece MFA de etapa única, que aumenta o tráfego de clientes em até 15%. O login é feito em dois segundos em qualquer dispositivo móvel, desktop ou, até mesmo, em uma smart TV, com taxas de sucesso de até 99,96%. Leia mais sobre o MIRACL Trust
Amazon Cognito is an authentication management software designed to help businesses manage user sign-up, sign-in, and access to mobile and web applications via a unified portal. The platform enables users to sign in using enterprise identity providers like OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0 and various social identity providers such as Amazon, Apple,... Leia mais sobre o Amazon Cognito
The easiest password manager you've ever used. Using a smartphone instead of a master password makes heylogin 2-factor secure by design. Just one swipe and you're logged in to any website. Leia mais sobre o heylogin
With Ping Identity, you don’t need application passwords — or the problems they create, such as administrative headaches, help desk overload or security risks. Our Internet Identity Security solutions allow users to securely access Web-based business applications without multiple logins. Leia mais sobre o PingFederate
CoreOne Suite is a cloud-based and on-premise IT management solution which helps medium to large businesses manage identity, access, operations, and single sign-on. The platform enables users to automate employee entries, withdrawals, transgressions and mutations with role-based authorizations. Leia mais sobre o CoreOne Suite
The OptimalCloud helps organizations manage and provide secure access to various applications using single sign-on (SSO) capability. Users can submit registration requests, reset passwords, delegate administrative tasks to members across teams, and approve workflows via a unified portal. Leia mais sobre o The OptimalCloud
LogonBox is a password and identity management software that helps businesses track password history, manage remote resets, handle self-service unlock, and more from within a unified platform. It enables staff members to automatically receive password expiration and system enrollment reminder notifications. Leia mais sobre o LogonBox

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