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Software de verificação de identidade e antilavagem de dinheiro.
O Mati é um software antilavagem de dinheiro baseado na nuvem, desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a verificar e autenticar a identidade dos clientes por meio de análise de documentos e recursos biométricos. Os gerentes podem identificar tentativas de fraude e realizar verificações adicionais por e-mail ou dispositivos móveis. Leia mais sobre o Mati
Ferramenta de automação de conformidade para serviços financeiros digitais
O iComplyKYC é uma solução antilavagem de dinheiro projetada para ajudar as empresas a automatizar a conformidade dos processos relacionados ao financiamento digital. Ele permite que os provedores de serviços financeiros coletem ou analisem dados de KYC, integrem clientes e gerenciem riscos durante todo o ciclo de vida do cliente. Leia mais sobre o iComplyKYC
Cloud-based anti-money laundering software for banks & PSPs
Clear View KYC is a cloud-based anti-money laundering (AML) software designed to help banks, financial institutions, payment service providers (PSPs), and casinos prevent financial crimes and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) activities. Leia mais sobre o Clear View KYC
Solução de verificação de identidade para transações online seguras.
O Token of Trust é uma solução antilavagem de dinheiro baseada na nuvem, projetada para ajudar os comerciantes online a autenticar dados e validar a identidade de indivíduos. Ele coleta informações de várias fontes em um banco de dados unificado, permitindo que os usuários associem o comportamento a pessoas identificáveis e reais. Leia mais sobre o Token of Trust
Ferramenta antilavagem de dinheiro para prevenir crimes financeiros.
O NameScan é um software de antilavagem de dinheiro, desenvolvido para ajudar empresas nos setores imobiliário, de seguros e jurídico, entre outros, a evitar crimes financeiros e combater atividades de financiamento do terrorismo. Permite que as organizações simplifiquem a conformidade de antilavagem de dinheiro usando a funcionalidade de triagem... Leia mais sobre o NameScan
Compliance management with photo & video verification
Ondato is a cloud-based compliance management solution for financial institutions, which provides tools for identity verification, customer onboarding, data validation, authentication & more. The suite of tools includes photo and video identity verification, facial biometric authentication & more. Leia mais sobre o Ondato
Anti money laundering and identity verification tool
GlobalGateway is an anti money laundering (AML) and identity verification platform for businesses across industries including financial services, eCommerce, retail, healthcare, and government. It helps businesses to manage compliance, reduce fraud, and build trust with potential customers. Leia mais sobre o GlobalGateway
GRC solution designed for multi-subsidiary organizations
The software solution establishes an automated workflow that reduces the time and cost of GRC efforts and eliminates manual labor, maintenance of multiple excel spreadsheets, etc. ProcessGene™'s GRC solution is designed for multi-subsidiary organizations, based on our Multi-Org technology. Leia mais sobre o ProcessGene GRC
Automated cloud-based document collection system for clients
FileInvite is a cloud-based solution for automating the process of collecting information and documents from business clients with more efficiency and security Leia mais sobre o FileInvite
Compliance management and fraud prevention software
Alessa is an AML compliance, continuous controls monitoring and fraud prevention solution that provides early risk detection and the ability to investigate, track and resolve unusual or suspicious activities - all to maintain compliance and reduce revenue losses. Leia mais sobre o Alessa
Turn a Single Data Point into a Trusted Identity
Pipl is the world's leading provider of online identity information with over 3 billion cross-referenced online identities. Leia mais sobre o pipl
SAS Anti-Money Laundering
Take a risk-based approach to monitoring transactions for illicit activity. Only SAS delivers high-performance analytics and multiple detection methods so you can monitor more risks – in very large data volumes – in minutes, not hours, to comply with anti-money laundering and counterterrorist financing regulations. And safeguard your institution’s... Leia mais sobre o SAS Anti-Money Laundering
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Software
Actimize's AML solution suite enables integrated AML lifecycle management while delivering insight across the customer lifecycle to ensure smart and cost-effective AML operations for a positive, holistic customer experience. Leia mais sobre o Actimize AML
Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering
Provides an enterprise platform enabling efficient detection, investigation, and reporting of suspected money laundering and terrorist financing activity. The solution allows organizations such as banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies to monitor customer transactions daily. Leia mais sobre o Oracle Financial Services Anti-Money Laundering
Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Solution
MemberCheck is a service designed specifically for non-bank financial industries to allow reporting entities to comply with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing legislation in an efficient and cost effective manner. It utilises the most detailed and accurate global list, available today, of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs),... Leia mais sobre o MemberCheck
Money laundering and terrorism financing prevention
AMLcheck from RiskMS is a money laundering and terrorism financing prevention software for organizations to protect themselves from money laundering activities Leia mais sobre o AMLcheck
Tax practice management tool for accountants & tax advisors
TaxCalc is a tax practice management solution designed to help accountants, tax advisors, and finance professionals manage clients, calculate tax returns, prepare financial statements, and more. It enables finance teams file clients’ tax returns, validate entries, and monitor due dates. Leia mais sobre o TaxCalc
Transaction Monitoring and Anti-Money Laundering Solution.
Meet today’s complex regulatory and payment challenges with EastNets flexible, configurable, and globally recognized anti-money laundering software used today by over 600 financial institutions and corporates worldwide. Leia mais sobre o EastNets
BSA Compliance & Fraud Prevention
Banker's Toolbox has assisted many organizations in removing an MOU or C&D as a result of enhanced AML monitoring after implementing our solutions. BAM+ was originally written as a program to get an institution out of a C&D situation. It was so successful that we started selling it as our flagship product. Leia mais sobre o Banker's Toolbox BAM+
IT-based Anti-Money Laundering Software
TONBELLER provides banks with a solution to counter money-laundering risks. Alerts generated by the system are based on customer data and settings specified by the user according to the risk. Case management functionality supports decision process like invalidating a suspicion, filing report. Leia mais sobre o Tonbeller
Fraud Prevention, Identity Verification and Authentication
EVS knows that identity fraud prevention measures are most effective when fully integrated with the interactions that occur between a business and their customers. The identity verification solutions offered by EVS provide the flexibility, simplicity, and value required to empower businesses to realize this level of integration. Leia mais sobre o IdentiFlo
Identity verification and AML checks for businesses
Australia Post Digital iD is an identity verification platform that helps businesses meet their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) / Know Your Customer (KYC) & Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF) compliance obligations. Digital iD helps businesses increase conversion rates & seamlessly verify customers. Leia mais sobre o Digital iD
Anti-money laundering verification solution
SmartSearch is a cloud-based anti-money laundering (AML) solution designed to help businesses in industries such as legal, insurance, and accountancy, maintain compliance and ensure financial protection. Key features include client monitoring, credit alerts, workflow creation, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o SmartSearch
Financial fraud detection solution
TruNarrative is a cloud-based fraud detection solution designed to help businesses in banking, finance, and eCommerce industries maintain compliance during transactions. Key features include identity verification, risk assessment, account monitoring, eKYC, audit trails, and case management. Leia mais sobre o TruNarrative
AI-enabled platform for identifying AML & KYC risks
Merlon is an anti-money laundering (AML) research platform that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify and assess financial or KYC (Know Your Customer) risks. Analysts can log their notes, decisions, and other activities to maintain audit trails. Leia mais sobre o Merlon