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Plataforma inovadora de venda de manufatura (CRM e CPQ)
No Mind Cloud CPQ, a plataforma de vendas que combina CPQ e CRM para os setores de manufatura no SAP. Leia mais sobre o Manufacturing X
Pacote 100% gratuito de ferramentas de CRM, colaboração e comunicação
O Bitrix24 é uma plataforma gratuita de colaboração com código aberto e na nuvem, que oferece ferramentas de CRM, gestão de documentos, tarefas, gestão de tempo e gestão de projetos. Usado por mais de 5 milhões de empresas em todo o mundo. Leia mais sobre o Bitrix24
Orientação do processo de venda e relacionamento com o cliente em tempo real
O DealHub (antigo Valooto) é uma plataforma de orientação do processo de venda e relacionamento com o cliente, que ajuda as equipes de vendas a reterem clientes interagindo com eles durante toda a jornada de compra. Leia mais sobre o DealHub
O futuro dos documentos
O PandaDoc é um software de gestão de documentos que agiliza propostas de vendas, contratos e outros documentos com assinatura eletrônica, modelos, análises, CPQ e integrações de CRM. Leia mais sobre o PandaDoc
Full Suite of Integrated Business Apps
Odoo is a fully-integrated, customizable, and open-source suite of business applications. A majority of the business needs such as CRM, Sales, Project, Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting are met through this all-in-one software solution designed for every company, regardless of size and budget Leia mais sobre o Odoo
Online Quoting and Proposal Software
Quotient is a cloud-based quoting software to create, present, send and approve quotes online. With Quotient you can create professional, custom branded quotes and save templates to automate the quote creation process in the future. You can use Quotient to track the progress of your quotes and your clients have the ability to accept quotes... Leia mais sobre o Quotient
Quoting & Proposal CPQ Solution Integrating w/ Your Systems
QuoteWerks is a web-based configure price quote (CPQ) software solution which enables companies of all sizes to create, edit & view quotes and proposals online Leia mais sobre o QuoteWerks
Quote. Propose. Close.
ConnectWise Sell increases quoting volume and wins. Integrated with top CRMs, automated workflows keep data visible, reporting simple, and get you to “yes” faster. Leia mais sobre o ConnectWise Sell
Custom-built business management software.
Custom business management software that simplifies. One simple system to incorporate all facets of your workflows, from account management to invoicing to payment processing. Best of all, because Logicbox builds a system specifically for you, choose only the modules you need, with no bloatware. Leia mais sobre o Logicbox
The World's Most Powerful CPQ Platform
Configure One CPQ empowers companies to easily configure, price, quote, & sell complex products. Make Configure One the cornerstone of your digital transformation, win more business, and delight your customers. Leia mais sobre o Configure One
Product configurator, ecommerce and sales enablement
Verenia is the highest rated CPQ on the market. Offering a complete selling solution for your business. Configurator, Guided Selling, Sales Portals and eCommerce in one omnichannel platform. Leia mais sobre o Verenia CPQ
Next generation Configure Price Quote (CPQ) apps
Salesforce CPQ is a configure price quote solution fully native to the Salesforce platform that delivers automated sales quoting with out-of-the-box capabilities like Guided Selling and Pricing & Discount Schedules, to save time while turning around accurate branded proposals, all without leaving Salesforce Leia mais sobre o Salesforce CPQ
Cloud-based quoting for technology service providers.
Quoter is a modern, cloud-based quoting platform that helps technology service providers sell more and get paid faster. Leia mais sobre o Quoter
Guided Selling Software
Sofon helps sales employees to easily and quickly translate customer requirements into error-free professional proposals and quotations Leia mais sobre o Sofon Guided Solutions
Configure Price Quote
Apttus enables sales channels to sell more, sell bigger, and sell anywhere on the cloud. Built within the Salesforce1 platform, Apttus CPQ boosts sales effectiveness by guiding users to the best possible quotes for all products, pricing, and channels. In addition, by integrating quoting software with your contract processes, you can automate... Leia mais sobre o Apttus CPQ
Web-based CPQ solution for small businesses
CIS Configurator is a web-based CPQ (configure, price and quote) solution with integrated tools for building flexible quotations and automating sales processes Leia mais sobre o CIS Configurator
CPQ and B2B Ecommerce platform for NetSuite
Verenia for NetSuite is the most complete CPQ solution for NetSuite manufacturers, W/D and retailers. With the only native CPQ inside NetSuite, users can have guided selling, configure price quote, or sales portal to seamlessly connect the dots between the front and back office. Leia mais sobre o Verenia for NetSuite
Sales proposal automation (CPQ) solution
Automate your sales proposal process with iQuoteXpress (IQX) and save as much as 70% on the time and costs tied to building, sending, and tracking sales quotes. Leia mais sobre o iQuoteXpress
Sales app combining content and real time quoting together
Apparound is a cloud based mobile app that digitises sales content and sales processes. It is developed to help companies improve sales productivity. Leia mais sobre o Apparound
Proposal generation & visual configuration for manufacturers
Tacton CPQ is a cloud-based configure, price, quote solution, which assists manufacturing companies with proposal generation and visual configuration. Key features include approval workflows, document templates, customer lifecycle management, predefined dashboards and more. Leia mais sobre o Tacton CPQ
CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solution for sales document production
Product configuration and quote solutions to create instant quotes and close bigger deals. Make more money, faster! Leia mais sobre o CallidusCloud CPQ
CPQ Software (Configure, Price, Quote). Complexity made easy
BlueprintCPQ is leading the way in 'Lead-to-Order' process, helping guide users with personalised and informative content at key buying stages. Leia mais sobre o BlueprintCPQ
Visual Product Configurator Solutions for Manufacturers
Powertrak CPQ is a quoting, guided selling and ordering solution that offers 2D & 3D product configurations with virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Leia mais sobre o Powertrak CPQ
Visual Configuration software for manufacturers
ATLATL delivers speed and accuracy to power a more productive sales experience. Leia mais sobre o QuoteBooks
Power up your CPQ.
KBMax is redefining CPQ & ecommerce for companies globally with our visual and complex configurator. Leia mais sobre o KBMax 3D CPQ
Web-based sales & product configurator
Qmaze is a web-based CPQ sales & product configurator designed for companies that sell custom products, serving B2B and B2C companies with 2D and 3D visualization Leia mais sobre o Qmaze
CPQ Software for Manufacturers of Complex Products
Cincom CPQ is a configure-price-quote platform that provides a better buying experience for customers, enabling real-time, accurate pricing and sales quotes/proposals. Cincom CPQ provides sales reps with expert knowledge and confidence they need for selling complex products. Leia mais sobre o Cincom CPQ
CPQ software & Quote-to-Cash app
Oracle CPQ Cloud is configure, price, and quote (CPQ) software and a Quote-to-Cash management solution to turn sales opportunities into revenue faster. Oracle CPQ Cloud is used to improve sales process and increase efficiency by automating the production of sales proposals and quotes. The Oracle CPQ Cloud's BigMachines products enables you to... Leia mais sobre o Oracle CPQ Cloud
CPQ software to simplify and automate the quoting process
eRep CPQ software allows sales channels to select, configuration pricing, quoting, and submit orders that flow into the manufacturer's ERP. eRep includes guided selling, workflow approvals, proposal generation, and channel management features. Leia mais sobre o eRep CPQ +
Automation, insights and best practices to grow a business.
The Armatic platform enhances the power of your existing accounting/ ERP software and your existing CRM system with workflow automation, powerful business intelligence and fully integrated cross-department communications functionality to automate tasks in finance, sales, support, HR and operations. Leia mais sobre o Armatic
A SCM suite that manages quotes, orders, inventory and spend
A robust native Salesforce Platform suite that manages Inventory, Spend and Order Fulfillment. FinancialForce SCM's features include a powerful quoting tool, flexible price lists and EDI integration. Manage Inventory with Warranty, RMA, Inspection, Receiving and Shipping modules. Leia mais sobre o FinancialForce SCM
Proposal management, quoting, and product configurator
Experlogix CPQ is a quote & order automation platform for ERP & CRM systems to support the entire quote-to-order process for manufacturers & high tech companies Leia mais sobre o Experlogix CPQ
Price quote creation & proposals for sales staff
Technicon CPQ is a configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution for manufacturers of complex products, for development of custom price quotes, proposals & bid packages Leia mais sobre o Technicon CPQ
Collaborative deal desk software for Quote-to-cash process
RevvSales is an intuitive deal desk software that optimizes your deal creation cycle. It singularly combines all aspects of a custom creative deal such as Opportunities, Products and Pricing, Quotes and Contracts, Deal Analytics and Approval Workflows. Leia mais sobre o RevvSales
Smart CPQ by FPX transforms buying and selling processes
Over three decades ago, FPX’s Configure-Price-Quote® (CPQ) gave life to sales force automation. At the time, the ability to streamline the sales process, maximize sales effectiveness and boost revenue was unlike anything ever seen before. Today, FPX continues to lead through innovation by offering Smart CPQ. Part of an Experience Management... Leia mais sobre o Smart CPQ by FPX
Vendavo® CPQ Cloud is at the Heart of Commercial Excellence
Helps B2B organizations coordinate, control, and streamline their quote-to-cash processes by making sure sales reps have the right combinations of products & pricing for every situation. Enterprises can now increase sales productivity and win rates while delivering an improved customer experience. Leia mais sobre o Vendavo CPQ Cloud
Configure, price & quote (CPQ) for buy-side & sell-side
ASC Pricing and Quoting is a CPQ (configure, price & quote) platform that facilitates sales configuration, RFP management, sourcing, procurement & collaboration Leia mais sobre o ASC Pricing and Quoting
Quick, accurate, professional quotes. Every time.
Solidify is a CPQ solution designed to automate the entire quotation process, with approval workflows, custom dashboards, product catalog integration, and more Leia mais sobre o Solidify
Sales proposal and quote software with E-sign
GleanQuote is a cloud-based platform designed to help small to medium firms automate processes for preparing, sharing, tracking & e-signing online contracts. With a drag-and-drop interface, it allows users to create separate HTML pages for all proposals, enabling customers to sign from any device. Leia mais sobre o GleanQuote
CPQ designed to connect sales & production processes
Elfsquad is a cloud-based CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution designed to help businesses automate pre-production processes and customize products according to client requirements. Users can generate personalized brochures and documents with product information, pricing, images, and more. Leia mais sobre o Elfsquad
Deliver sales automation with PROS Smart CPQ
PROS Smart CPQ automates the configure, price, quote process empowering your sales to create accurate, tailored solutions for each customer, every time. Leia mais sobre o PROS Smart CPQ
Quote Software
With Nirvaha Quoting, organizations can create quotes from their pre-existing templates and item lists in seconds. With the click of a button, users can specify rich text document templates (including images) to be used for creating quotes. Sales teams can then create quotes automatically by selecting items, units and discounts. Once created,... Leia mais sobre o Nirvaha Quoting
The product configurator camos Configurator is the leading technology system for accurate configuration of products with many variants and/or complex products within the industry. The sales team can configure customer-specific products without expert knowledge and prepare technically correct and precisely calculated quotations. Leia mais sobre o camos Configurator
Sales communications platform
IBM CPQ is a sales management and enterprise social networking platform designed to ease communication between sales and distribution channels. IBM CPQ connects suppliers, distributers, sales staff, support teams, partners and clients all via the one application, with the ability to create communication permissions. IBM CPQ comes complete with... Leia mais sobre o IBM CPQ
Sales and quotation configuration
Selectica CPQ is a sales management and quotation simulator platform that automates leads and sales tracking. Selectica CPQ enables sales managers and reps the ability to view the most cost/profit effective leads in the software by matching the most cost effective sales packages to potential clients. Selectica CPQ also acts as an intranet... Leia mais sobre o Selectica CPQ
CPQ (Configure Price Quote) Advanced Quoting
FinancialForce CPQ Advanced Quoting is a CPQ app native to the Salesforce Platform that enables teams to effectively configure, price & quote goods & services Leia mais sobre o FinancialForce CPQ Advanced Quoting
Product configurator & CPQ for SAP
Configit enables users to sell customized complex products online or offline using powerful configuration software Leia mais sobre o Configit
AI-powered price optimization solution
Zilliant is an AI-powered price optimization solution designed to provide pricing and sales teams with proactive, detailed guidance on pricing by examining data on quotes, agreements, orders, customer size, products, market share, and competitor prices. Leia mais sobre o Zilliant
CPQ suite of applications to manage sales force automation
Merkato is a sales configurator suite designed to help businesses automate processes related to quote generation, e-commerce management, & upselling. Users can create documents including parts lists, order confirmations, payment terms, or delivery instructions, based on financial calculations. Leia mais sobre o Merkato