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O Protemos é uma solução de gestão empresarial para agências e autônomos do setor de tradução. A solução pode ser instalada no local ou na nuvem e permite que os usuários gerenciem projetos, prazos, arquivos, documentos, faturas, pagamentos, finanças e muito mais, tudo em uma só plataforma. Leia mais sobre o Protemos
O Lokalise é um aplicativo colaborativo de tradução e localização de Internet, iOS e Android para desenvolvedores, gerentes de produtos e tradutores, com API avançada e SDK para dispositivo móvel. Leia mais sobre o Lokalise
O Weglot é uma plataforma de gerenciamento de tradução baseada na nuvem, desenvolvida para ajudar as empresas a traduzirem sites corporativos em vários idiomas usando DeepL, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator e Yandex Translate. Os supervisores podem adicionar termos, frases e nomes de produtos ou marcas personalizados em um glossário... Leia mais sobre o Weglot
SYSTRAN is a machine translation solution by business area to meet the requirements of professional translation. Not store or exploit any data. Systran Translate is the alternative to machine translation for businesses. Leia mais sobre o SYSTRAN Translate Pro
Smartcat is a cloud-based translation management software designed to help businesses handle multilingual translation projects on a centralized platform. Supervisors can automate workflows, track the status of ongoing projects and filter them based on multiple criteria. Leia mais sobre o Smartcat
Sistema de gestão de tradução na nuvem. Ferramenta de localização de software e tradução assistida por computação (CAT na sigla em inglês) com In-Context Editor. Leia mais sobre o Phrase
Ginger is a cloud-based proofreading software designed for businesses and educational institutes, which automatically detects errors, improves sentence structures, and corrects misused words in text, using punctuation, spelling and grammar checker tools. Leia mais sobre o Ginger
Trados Studio is a translation software for language teaching professionals and translation organizations for project reviwing and translation in one desktop platform. Leia mais sobre o Trados Studio
Translate websites, software, documents and mobile apps continuously by connecting content directly to verified translators Leia mais sobre o Text United
LingoHub is a translation management platform that allows application developers, product managers and software businesses to translate content into multiple languages using DeepL and Google Translate engines. The solution enables continuous translation management with automatic change detection. Leia mais sobre o LingoHub
Streamline and centralize your workflows using patented AI technology, dynamic machine translation engine management, and seamless integrations. Our cloud-based TMS comes with a fully-featured CAT tool, available for linguists and project managers on all platforms. Leia mais sobre o Memsource
The GlobalLink Product Suite is a modular group of technology applications that provide website and software localization, globalization management system (GMS) software products and enterprise-level, professional translation services to companies focused on gaining worldwide brand recognition. Leia mais sobre o GlobalLink
Ferramenta de localização de software feita para desenvolvedores, por desenvolvedores. Reinventado para o seu fluxo de trabalho. Leia mais sobre o Localazy
Glotio is a machine translation tool specialized in PrestaShop, soon for Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify. It automatically translates many parts of an online shop without the need to import/export texts. It connects to your PrestaShop through an API. We give away the 1st translation for free. Leia mais sobre o Glotio
Localize automates translation of web applications -- from content management, simple ordering, quality assurance, and everything in-between. Go global today! Leia mais sobre o Localize
DeepL Pro is software for managing translation in multiple languages, including Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish and offers comprehensive data protection, among other things. Leia mais sobre o DeepL Pro
O Transifex é um software baseado na nuvem para localização de sites, aplicativos de Internet e aplicativos móveis. Usando a plataforma do Transifex, você pode coletar, gerenciar e distribuir seu conteúdo on-line sem ter de acessar sites FTP ou várias versões de arquivo armazenadas em planilhas etc. Leia mais sobre o Transifex
O Pairaphrase é um sistema de gestão de tradução baseado na Internet, que fornece às empresas tecnologias de tradução profissional seguras que reduzem os custos de tradução e facilitam a tradução. Leia mais sobre o Pairaphrase
Boostlingo is a cloud-based interpretation management software designed to help language service agencies and support organizations manage appointments, scheduling, sessions, client communication, interpreters, and more on a unified portal. The platform enables businesses to provide virtual interpretation support for various languages including... Leia mais sobre o Boostlingo
Wordbee Translator is a translation management software designed to help businesses in the IT, finance, marketing, media, and other sectors interpret content and reach the international audience. The platform enables administrators to collaborate with vendors and clients on various projects in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Wordbee Translator
Crowdin allows you translate and manage localization projects of any type. Get your mobile app, web app, game, and more one step closer to the global market. Leia mais sobre o Crowdin
Adapte o conteúdo para várias regiões geográficas e públicos com a plataforma de gestão de tradução da Smartling para sites, aplicativos móveis e documentos. Leia mais sobre o Smartling
Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled platform designed to help businesses across information technology (IT), automotive, retail, healthcare, and other industries access training data to deploy applications. It enables employees to streamline natural language processing (NLP), speech analysis, and data extraction operations via a... Leia mais sobre o Appen
Translized is a solution used by software businesses to localize their websites, web apps, and mobile apps with ease. Translized offers various integrations like REST API, CLI, mobile SDKs, machine translations (Google Translate), professional translations (Gengo), etc. Leia mais sobre o Translized
Online localization tool combining software translation project management and translation interface in a single platform. Leia mais sobre o
Localizely is a trusted partner in translation and localization management operations. It helps businesses organize workflows, widen the market reach, and shorten the time to market products in different languages. Leia mais sobre o Localizely
Reverso is an on-premise and cloud-based grammar checking tool that provides businesses with contextual translations in multiple languages including Russian, Polish, Hebrew, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, German, Dutch and more. The application uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology to provide accurate translations in native... Leia mais sobre o Reverso Context
POEditor is an online localization platform and collaborative translation management system for teams of all sizes. You can use POEditor to easily translate apps, websites, themes, plugins, games or other software, and to automate the localization workflow. Leia mais sobre o POEditor
Fluency Now is a translation management platform that supports multiple file formats, offers seamless collaboration with translators and teams, and includes integrated internet browsing, built-in terminology, import and export capabilities, AES 128-bit data encryption, and reporting capabilities. Leia mais sobre o Fluency Now
Writer (formerly Qordoba) is an AI writing assistant for businesses. What makes it powerful is the style guide platform behind it, which enables you to customize writing guidelines to your unique brand and helps everyone at your company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. Leia mais sobre o Writer
Unbabel is a language operations platform that helps businesses deliver a multilingual customer experience. The solution translates between any language pairs, detects and fixes style and consistency errors, resolves translation mismatches, localizes content, and delivers websites and applications in multiple languages. Leia mais sobre o Unbabel
Babylon Translator provides instant on-screen translations in over 70 languages. It can be downloaded by individual consumers or used by businesses and large enterprises. With this solution’s premium features, users can utilize OCR technology to access text, term, and formatted document translations. Babylon Translator is compatible with Mac and... Leia mais sobre o Babylon Translator
SimpleLocalize is a solution for keeping translations in sync with your team and software. In SimpleLocalize, every project has its own space on our servers to host translations and deliver them using CDN. You can automate the translation process using our SimpleLocalize CLI tool. Leia mais sobre o SimpleLocalize
EasyTranslate software assists businesses in automating translation flows or creating content from simple keywords. Companies can set up tailored workflows, speed up translations through AI, and collaborate with teams. Core features include translation flow, account structure, and quality tools. Leia mais sobre o EasyTranslate
OneSky is a cloud-based localization and translation software for apps, games and websites with an all-in-one platform Leia mais sobre o OneSky
Translation Worldwide Software by JBI SOFTWARE is designed to help businesses across healthcare, legal, medical, insurance, banking, and other industries manage language translation projects. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution allows employees to handle text interpretation and translation processes and reduce lawsuits. Leia mais sobre o Translation Worldwide Software
QuaQua offers real-time interpretation solutions for every type of meeting, conference or event, both on-site and remote. Leia mais sobre o QuaQua
The OpenText Translator for Content Suite is for any OpenText Content Server customer that works with information in multiple languages. Period. Leia mais sobre o OpenText Translator for Content Suite
LinguaScribe is the most powerful content language app. You can automatically translate, transcribe, turn text to speech and combine all options together creating language workflows. Leia mais sobre o LinguaScribe
Nitro is a professional online localization service facilitating the accurate and authentic online translation of texts by native-speaking linguists into 70+ languages within 2-24h for business and personal use. API can be used for the integration of the text translation feature into a client's app. Leia mais sobre o Nitro
AWS provides machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions designed to help businesses analyze data insights, personalize the customer experience, optimize business processes, and more. Leia mais sobre o Machine Learning on AWS
Amazon Translate is a translation management software that helps businesses manage translations in multiple languages, such as Arabic, French, Danish, Gujrati, Punjabi, Swedish, Ukrainian, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and more. It allows staff members to utilize translation customization functionality to define names and other terms unique to... Leia mais sobre o Amazon Translate
Translation Workspace by Lionbridge, the global language services provider of translation and localization services, is the company's cloud-based translation productivity platform. The translation app provides on-demand access to advances language asset management tools. Translation Workspace works with Lionbridge's to connect your... Leia mais sobre o Lionbridge
Language Weaver is a translation-as-a-service platform that is revolutionizing translation by making multilingual content capabilities easily accessible to every industry and for every use case imaginable. Leia mais sobre o Language Weaver
MotionPoint is a turn-key website localization solution designed to solve the operational complexity of translating, deploying & operating multilingual websites Leia mais sobre o TransMotion
O Net-Cloud é um sistema de gestão de traduções baseado na Internet para controlar o processo de tradução de ponta a ponta, desde o planejamento inicial do projeto, sua cotação e execução, até o compartilhamento de arquivos e o faturamento. O Net-Cloud combina recursos de CRM, ERP e gestão de conteúdo para fornecer uma ferramenta completa. Leia mais sobre o Net-Cloud
Lilt is a cloud-based translation management software that helps businesses utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically identify & translate website content into multiple local languages. Supervisors can translate content according to the local languages of the target audience. Leia mais sobre o Lilt
Translation Studio is a language detection and translation tool for Salesforce, which helps businesses of all sizes communicate with customers in preferred languages according to requirements. It allows users to manage orders and returns from multiple channels on a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Translation Studio
Lingua Custodia is the unique Fintech company, founded by asset management professionals, applying Artificial Intelligence to Financial Translations. We build machine translation engines specifically designed for the financial industry. Leia mais sobre o Verto
Neural machine translation for a website or application via an API Affiliate and Coupons Leia mais sobre o myLang

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