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O Virtuagym é uma solução de bem-estar empresarial tudo-em-um para levar o clube ao próximo patamar, com uma participação eficaz dos membros. Pronto para melhorar a eficiência e a participação dos membros e aumentar os lucros? Reserve uma demonstração e prepare-se para transformar o clube. Leia mais sobre o Virtuagym
O Wellable acredita que o bem-estar é uma solução única. Nenhuma tecnologia é ideal para todos. O Wellable permite que os funcionários escolham as tecnologias que melhor se adequam a cada um e dá suporte aos empregadores com ferramentas fáceis de usar para criar e administrar desafios criados para suas populações. Leia mais sobre o Wellable
O Mindletic é um lugar seguro no qual os funcionários podem refletir sobre seu estado emocional, obter informações e dicas personalizadas, além de treinar a mente da mesma maneira que treinam o corpo, de maneira individual, com a comunidade ou com profissionais certificados. Leia mais sobre o Mindletic
Uma plataforma de bem-estar holística para gerenciar e melhorar a resiliência mental, a autoliderança e o desempenho dos funcionários. Leia mais sobre o Remente
Everything you love about Amazon is now available for rewards and recognition. Awardco has partnered with Amazon Business to bring millions of reward choices, lower vendor fees and dollar-for-dollar recognition spend to your organization. More choice, less spend, all in one simple platform. Leia mais sobre o Awardco
Motivosity is a social platform where employees can give each other small monetary bonuses, connect with groups, and celebrate wins. Leia mais sobre o Motivosity
Sprout é uma plataforma corporativa de saúde e bem-estar que oferece aos funcionários acesso rápido e central a informações holísticas de saúde, recomendações personalizadas, redes sociais, desafios, pesquisas de risco à saúde, grupos e muito mais. O Sprout ajuda a identificar e recompensar comportamentos de saúde positivos no local de trabalho. Leia mais sobre o Sprout
Nectar helps team members feel connected, engaged and valued no matter where they work. Build camaraderie and celebrate wins both big and small. Leia mais sobre o Nectar
O é uma plataforma de software empresarial para academias que oferece programas empresariais de bem-estar. Faça avaliações digitais de saúde e nutrição, passe exercícios online ou presenciais para indivíduos/grupos e acompanhe os hábitos de saúde e condicionamento físico dos funcionários. Leia mais sobre o
Optimity offers a no-code, developer-friendly health and financial wellness engagement platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing technology systems. Leia mais sobre o Optimity
Woliba is a corporate wellness software that helps businesses manage processes for employee recognition, engagement, and wellbeing on a centralized dashboard. It allows employees to participate in virtual challenges and earn points based on steps, calories, and other performed activities. Leia mais sobre o Woliba
Zingtree allows you to build no-code, interactive decision trees that help you create agent scripts, guide customers, and manage internal processes. Leia mais sobre o Zingtree
GoVida enables businesses to digitize their employee wellbeing strategy. The platform improves the physical and mental health of colleagues whilst delivering measurable improvements to employee engagement and productivity. Leia mais sobre o GoVida
TeamMood is employee engagement software for businesses that helps track the well-being of teams via analytics, feedback exercises, and motivation tools. It gives managers real-time insights into their team members' overall productivity and mood by measuring key metrics such as email activity, time on task, and billable hours. It enables companies... Leia mais sobre o TeamMood
Oracle HCM Cloud is a suite of human capital management applications that help find and retain talent including HR, benefits, payroll, & performance management Leia mais sobre o Oracle Cloud HCM
Virgin Pulse helps cultivate a culture of well-being through employee wellness programs and culture-first technology for a happier and healthier workforce Leia mais sobre o Virgin Pulse
Blueboard is an employee rewards & recognition platform which enables enterprises to distribute custom, hand-curated experiences as rewards to employees Leia mais sobre o Blueboard
Designed for individuals, non-profit organizations, education, mining, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, and other industries, Fitbit is a cloud-based fitness tracker application that helps streamline corporate wellness programs. The platform helps individuals track sleep quality, monitor health rates, and access self-learning programs from a unified... Leia mais sobre o Fitbit
Happy at Work is a corporate wellness software designed to help businesses monitor employee satisfaction levels and evaluate workplace culture. Administrators can view employees’ comments and receive notifications about negative trends across the organization. Leia mais sobre o Happy at Work
MyLifeWell is an award winning one-stop employee wellness platform designed to streamline an employee's end to end wellness. With personalized assessment, goals, challenges & rewards, the platform provides an immersive wellness experience for higher employee engagement and lower healthcare costs. Leia mais sobre o MyLifeWell for Business
inKin is a platform that helps businesses connect with their customers in real-time through social media, messaging, and email. It helps users automate follow-up emails with potential clients using templates. Leia mais sobre o inKin
Motionsoft is a tab-based club management software solution for gyms, fitness clubs, franchises, and hospital wellness centers that comes with 28 modules and provides 360-degree view of members accounts. Learn more today by visiting Leia mais sobre o MotionSoft
Engaging behavioral health training for the workplace with personalized turnkey training and microlearning focused on psychological safety, resilience and behavioral health. Leia mais sobre o Headversity
Snowfly is an employee engagement and gamification software designed to help businesses measure the performance of employees and engage them through incentives and rewards. It enables organizations to create, implement, and manage recognition programs to improve employee experience (EX) and satisfaction. Leia mais sobre o Snowfly
Um marketplace flexível e personalizado de benefícios de bem-estar para todos os funcionários. Leia mais sobre o Juno
YuLife is the all-in-one insurance, benefits, and wellbeing platform designed to help businesses reward their employees. Leia mais sobre o YuLife
YuMuuv offers HR and corporate leaders a wellness app for their employees. Combining ease of use, cost-effective pricing and subscription plans that are built according to to their employees. Leia mais sobre o YuMuuv
CoreHealth's sole focus is our wellness technology that helps wellness program providers develop, deliver and administer employee health & well-being programs. Leia mais sobre o CoreHealth
Gaia Workspace is a space management solution. It features room & desk booking, employee safety, facility management, and visitor management. To improve your workspace efficiency and boost hybrid working style, Gaia Workspace is full of collaboration & reliability. Leia mais sobre o Gaia Workspace
TeamSense provides hourly workforces with convenient mobile-first absence tracking, employee communications, employee engagement surveys, a mobile ESS portal, text recruiting, and more. All delivered over text without an app required. Leia mais sobre o TeamSense
Analyze the level of team engagement and put your initiatives into action thanks to Swile solution. ▪ Measure employee experience through surveys (onboarding, pulse...) ▪ Analyze result with our smart dashboard (engagement drivers, eNPS...) ▪ Take action (result export, integrated messaging...) Leia mais sobre o Swile
Javelo is an easy-to-use performance management software that helps you build better relationships with your team. Leia mais sobre o Javelo
Pulse by Paramount Acceptance is a gym management software designed to help health and fitness centers manage trainers, payroll, lead follow-up, billing operations, and more. The online scheduling tool allows gym instructors to view employee schedules and work hours, and record members’ attendances. Leia mais sobre o Paramount Acceptance
Hoppier makes it easy for event planners to distribute food, drinks, and gift allowances to virtual attendees, anywhere in the world. Leia mais sobre o Hoppier
PsychologyCompass is an automated, personalized cognition coach for your employees. It enhances their cognitive aptitude, protects their mental health and drives peak mental performance. Leia mais sobre o PsychologyCompass
Goodworld is a social impact platform for companies and nonprofits. Leia mais sobre o Goodworld
Changers is an app based green bonus system. Earn coins in playful team-challenges for walking, cycling and taking part in healthy and sustainable activities. Leia mais sobre o Changers
Elevo is a cloud-based human resource (HR) solution which assists businesses of all sizes with goal management and performance evaluation. Its key features include feedback management, appraisals, predefined templates, group summary reports and campaign management. Leia mais sobre o Elevo
Vantage Fit is an all-in-one corporate health and wellness solution from Vantage Circle. With features like step tracking, heart rate monitoring, calorie counter, and more, it enables employers to create simple and engaging wellness programs and challenges for their employees. Leia mais sobre o Vantage Fit
The aim of PepTalk is to make work exponentially better for the organization and everyone in it, by creating shared experiences that cement teams, change behaviors and leads ultimately to 'Pleasant Productivity'. Leia mais sobre o PepTalk
Today people struggle to meditate and stay focused. With Sumondo Pro app we make sure you are able to stay mediate. During day time, it will make you alert and still relaxed with our unique designed music and breathing exercise we offer, so that you can see on the screen and follow. Leia mais sobre o Sumondo
BurnAlong is a holistic health, wellness, and fitness platform offering 13,000+ live and on-demand classes across 45+ wellness categories. With machine learning, BurnAlong curates class suggestions and wellness programs to support individual wellness goals and track individual wellness habits. Leia mais sobre o Burnalong
Best Money Moves is a mobile-first financial wellness platform that provides financial stress assessment tools, 900 pieces of content, tools, calculators, and journeys designed to lower financial stress and solve real-world money problems. Leia mais sobre o Best Money Moves
The leading employee experience platform with all the products you need to effectively move the dial on engagement. Each product suite (Listen, Recognize, Reward) is powerful alone, but they’re even stronger when used together. Leia mais sobre o Achievers
Wellness360 is a corporate wellness platform designed to help enterprises engage with employees using white-labeled websites, gamification capabilities, health challenges, rewards, and more. The system includes several report templates for administrators to track assessments, rewards collection and redemption, biometrics, and progress. Leia mais sobre o Wellness360
Fiizio is the world #1 digital revenue platform for rehab & wellness practices. Fiizio is a single, continuously expanding platform focusing on bringing rehab and wellness practitioners innovative features, tools and applets as well as the ability to offer digital products that create new revenue s Leia mais sobre o Fiizio
MoveSpring is a cloud-based employee tracking solution, which assists companies with managing employee wellness programs. Key features include a member directory, progress tracking, collaboration, group chat, content scheduling, messaging, scheduled reporting, and rewards management. Leia mais sobre o MoveSpring
LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell combines modern employee assistance, wellness, recognition and incentive programs into a unified total well-being solution that engages with 100% of your people. Leia mais sobre o LifeWorks
A plataforma modular e personalizável destaca e apresenta ferramentas com base na situação específica de cada funcionário, eliminando a confusão, aumentando a utilização e proporcionando uma melhor experiência. Combinando ferramentas de comunicação (rolagem de feeds de notícias/texto/push/e-mail) com agendamento, formação online, desafios e muito... Leia mais sobre o Refresh
Pacer for Teams is a customizable global platform that helps your organization run wellness challenges virtually. Leia mais sobre o Pacer for Teams

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