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Plataforma corporativa do programa de saúde e bem-estar.
O Wellable é uma plataforma de programa de bem-estar dos funcionários que capacita as organizações com as ferramentas para projetar e lançar desafios envolventes de bem-estar, fornecer conteúdo de saúde com base em pesquisa, fornecer uma ampla gama de serviços no local e fora do local e oferecer programa de cessação do tabagismo aos funcionários... Leia mais sobre o Wellable
Corporate health & wellness platform
Sprout is a corporate health & wellness platform which gives employees quick & central access to holistic health information, personalized recommendations, social networks, challenges, health risk surveys, groups, & more. Sprout helps identify & reward positive health behaviors in the workplace. Leia mais sobre o Sprout
Software completo de administração de academias de ginástica
O Virtuagym é uma solução única e completa para academias, feita sob medida para personal trainers e academias de ginástica de todos os tamanhos. Leia mais sobre o Virtuagym
Corporate wellness, recognition, and engagement application
Woliba is a corporate wellness software that helps businesses manage processes for employee recognition, engagement, and wellbeing on a centralized dashboard. It allows employees to participate in virtual challenges and earn points based on steps, calories, and other performed activities. Leia mais sobre o Woliba
Build your own question & answer style troubleshooters
Zingtree is a toolkit that enables the creation of troubleshooters, agent scripts and interactive decision trees, perfect for customer support & contact centers Leia mais sobre o Zingtree
Employee recognition platform for enterprises
Blueboard is an employee rewards & recognition platform which enables enterprises to distribute custom, hand-curated experiences as rewards to employees Leia mais sobre o Blueboard
Employee wellbeing & corporate wellness
Virgin Pulse helps cultivate a culture of well-being through employee wellness programs and culture-first technology for a happier and healthier workforce Leia mais sobre o Virgin Pulse
Modern Club Management Software + Integrated Billing
Motionsoft is a tab-based club management software solution for gyms, fitness clubs, franchises, and hospital wellness centers that comes with 28 modules and provides 360-degree view of members accounts. Learn more today by visiting Leia mais sobre o Motionsoft
Gym management software for health and fitness centers
Pulse by Paramount Acceptance is a gym management software designed to help health and fitness centers manage trainers, payroll, lead follow-up, billing operations, and more. The online scheduling tool allows gym instructors to view employee schedules and work hours, and record members’ attendances. Leia mais sobre o Pulse
Employee rewards & recognition platform
Achievers is an employee engagement & recognition solution designed to help businesses motivate and encourage their employees, improve retention, results & more Leia mais sobre o Achievers
Performance & Talent Management
Elevo is a cloud-based human resource (HR) solution which assists businesses of all sizes with goal management and performance evaluation. Its key features include feedback management, appraisals, predefined templates, group summary reports and campaign management. Leia mais sobre o Elevo
The #1 Total Well-Being Technology Partner for Providers
CoreHealth's all-in-one workplace wellness platform gives providers the tools to design and deliver wellness programs that are unique to each client to maximize employee health, engagement and productivity. We INSPIRE your participants, IGNITE your programs and REVOLUTIONIZE your business. Leia mais sobre o CoreHealth Technologies
Employee wellness program management
MoveSpring is a cloud-based employee tracking solution, which assists companies with managing employee wellness programs. Key features include a member directory, progress tracking, collaboration, group chat, content scheduling, messaging, scheduled reporting, and rewards management. Leia mais sobre o MoveSpring
Help your employees feel loved.
LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell combines modern employee assistance, wellness, recognition and incentive programs into a unified total well-being solution that engages with 100% of your people. Leia mais sobre o LifeWorks
Cloud-based Mental Health Platform
Ikkuma is an employee engagement and wellness solution which aims to increase employee motivation and productivity, and improve their lifestyle habits. The software includes a virtual coach, 8 well-being dimensions, individual and team challenges, points and leaderboards, activity feeds, and more. Leia mais sobre o Ikkuma
An all-in-one corporate health and wellness solution.
Vantage Fit is a cloud-based corporate wellness software designed to help businesses improve employee engagement and productivity through assessments, incentivization, and custom challenges. It provides mobile applications, which lets employees use a built-in monitor to track their heart rates. Leia mais sobre o Vantage Fit
Cloud-based employee wellness management solution
HealthChase is a cloud-based employee wellness management platform that helps businesses in sports, retail, transportation, and other industries improve employee wellness using custom gamification tools. It provides users with an ROI calculator to measure the financial returns of wellness programs. Leia mais sobre o HealthChase
Environment-focused, employee motivation & wellness platform
Changers is a customized health platform which combines environmental protection, occupational healthcare, & employee engagement in one app, enabling users to create & track challenges designed to motivate employees to cycle or walk more or participate in environmentally friendly activities Leia mais sobre o Changers
Employee benefits, wellness and engagement platform
Our modular, customizable platform highlights and features tools based on each employee's specific situation eliminating clutter, increasing utilization, and providing a better experience. Combining comms tools (scrolling news feeds/text/push/email) with scheduling, eLearning, challenges and more. Leia mais sobre o Refresh
Web-based mental health & emotional well being solution
Lyra is a web-based employee wellness solution that connects people with therapists to help them deal with behavioral and mental health issues Leia mais sobre o Lyra
Meeting Management Solution for Board, Committes & Teams
Beenote is a meeting management tool which focuses on all meeting processes as scheduling meeting, write agenda and minutes, follow-up on tasks team and more. Leia mais sobre o Beenote for meetings
Human resource and recruitment solution for SMBs
Eurecia is a cloud-based human resource management solution which assists personnel managers and recruiters with employee management, skills assessments, and interviews. Key features include payroll processing, leave tracking, employee onboarding, customizable reporting, and overtime management. Leia mais sobre o Eurécia
Employee engagement & recognition platform
O.C. Tanner is a cloud-based employee recognition and engagement solution which helps enterprise clients with performance management and collaboration. Key features include feedback management, a rewards program, surveys, activity tracking, and analytics. Leia mais sobre o O.C. Tanner
Corporate wellness for managing behavior change programs
GoPivot is a corporate wellness solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, environmental, transportation, logistics, & retail, manage rewards, giveaways, & internal wellness programs to promote employee engagement & workplace safety Leia mais sobre o GoPivot
Cloud-based employee engagement & wellness software
engage4 is a cloud-based corporate wellness software designed to help businesses track, measure, and improve employee engagement through surveys and group events. It provides a personalized news feed, which allows staff members to join multiple groups and access the details of upcoming events. Leia mais sobre o engage4
Corporate wellness and health navigation platform
Castlight Complete is a cloud-based corporate wellness solution designed to help employees access and utilize their benefits from the centralized platform. Managers can customize the interface with company-specific information, programs, and recommendations. Leia mais sobre o Castlight Health
Corporate wellness & employee engagement platform
Limeade is a corporate wellness program designed to engage employees & promote a healthy work culture with offers of personalized activities & recommendations Leia mais sobre o Limeade
Employee wellness & mindfulness programs
Whil is a wellness solution that helps students, employees, and individuals to manage stress, practice mindfulness and develop better emotional intelligence Leia mais sobre o Whil
Corporate wellness program management platform
Terryberry Wellness is a cloud-based employee wellness platform designed to help corporations encourage healthy behaviors & reward employees for taking steps towards improving their health. The solution covers health risk assessments, group & individual challenges, biometrics, education, and more. Leia mais sobre o Terryberry Wellness
Employee wellness program management solution
ADURO is a wellness program management solution that helps enterprises across various industries including healthcare, transportation, financial, & government improve employee well-being. The Wellmetrics module allows managers to create personalized performance profiles for employees. Leia mais sobre o ADURO
Employee engagement and wellness program
Zevo Health is a workplace wellness platform that provides employees with personalized wellness plans to achieve their health and fitness goals. Mental and physical health experts conduct research into each business to find out the goals, needs, and characteristics by which to design the program. Leia mais sobre o Zevo Health
Cloud-based corporate health and wellness platform
Incentfit is a corporate health and wellness platform that rewards and incentivizes employees for developing a healthy lifestyle by providing various wellness challenges based on mindfulness, mental health, cycling, steps per day, and more. Leia mais sobre o IncentFit
Corporate wellness and employee engagement tool
Lifeomic Precision Wellness is a cloud-based employee wellness and engagement platform, designed to help companies manage the health and wellness of their teams and encourage participation through weekly content, real-time tracking, wearables integration, and more. Leia mais sobre o LifeOmic Precision Wellness