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O Kydemy é uma solução de gerenciamento projetada para academias de dança, bem-estar, artes marciais, ginástica e centros esportivos. O software fornece recursos para agendar e aceitar inscrições em aulas, locais e eventos com suporte adicional ao aluno e recursos internos de mensagens. Leia mais sobre o Kydemy
My Music Staff is a cloud-based music school management software designed to help private teachers and music studios handle students, lessons, invoices, payments, attendance, expenses, billing, and more. Managers can send text messages to remind students & parents about scheduled lessons or events. Leia mais sobre o My Music Staff
iClassPro is a cloud-based class management software designed to help activity centers manage administrative operations such as attendance tracking, class scheduling, billing, and more. Key features include key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring, self-service portal, and skill assessment. Leia mais sobre o iClassPro
WellnessLiving is an all-in-one online booking, resource scheduling, lead generation, and reporting solution for health and wellness focused businesses Leia mais sobre o WellnessLiving
Build a customized solution to manage your music school, with online forms and payments on your website. Leia mais sobre o Regpack
Sawyer is powerful music class management software built by and for providers of children's classes. Our elegant, all-in-one interface includes custom class management, online registration, payment processing, & instant communication with parents. Easy for you, even easier for your customers! Leia mais sobre o Sawyer
Guitar Pro is the ultimate sheet music and tablature editor, which imports songs from over 20 different sources such as disk, network or creates them from scratch using innovative tools like the virtual keyboard or the guitar tuner. In addition to displaying printed sheet music for solo instruments, Guitar Pro 6 now supports vocalists with a... Leia mais sobre o Guitar Pro
O TutorCruncher é uma plataforma baseada na nuvem criada para empresas de tutoria gerenciarem vendas, comunicações, alunos e muito mais. Ele fornece recursos como agendamento simplificado, faturamento, pagamentos, CRM, análise, desempenho de e-mail e marketing através da interface personalizável. Leia mais sobre o TutorCruncher
Pike13 music software manages student profiles, check-in, billing and recurring payments, staff payroll, reporting and more. Leia mais sobre o Pike13
Fons integrates scheduling & payments for music teachers & studios. Low cost & easy setup, you'll be up and running in minutes. Awesome customer support! Leia mais sobre o Fons
Omnify is a one-stop solution for selling and scheduling services across Sports, Fitness, Wellness and Recreation. With features such as Easy Booking, Family Sharing, Check-ins Client Portal, automated emails, and Advanced Reporting, Omnify empowers you to focus on delivering high-quality services. Leia mais sobre o Omnify
Soundtrap is a cloud-based music school software designed to help artists and educational institutions create music and podcasts, modify audio recordings, conduct remote learning sessions for students, and more. Teachers can edit audio transcripts and invite staff members to collaborate on projects. Leia mais sobre o Soundtrap
O sistema de agendamentos e reservas online do Bookeo ajuda a preencher sua agenda. Aceite reservas e pagamentos online 24 horas por dia diretamente no site e na página do Facebook da empresa. O software de reservas Bookeo ajuda a aumentar a receita com recursos de marketing. Leia mais sobre o Bookeo
Take online registrations to the next level! A modern all-in-one online registration software with a user friendly registration experience, straightforward administration dashboard and powerful management & marketing tools. Ideal for after school programs, camps and classes. Leia mais sobre o Jumbula
YourVirtuoso is an administration & marketing solution for dance studios & music schools to manage their website, enrollments, payments, emails, & more Leia mais sobre o YourVirtuoso
Jackrabbit Music is a cloud-based music school management tool with scheduling, accounts receivable, POS, student portal, enrollment, reporting, and more Leia mais sobre o Jackrabbit Music
Teachworks is a cloud-based business management software solution for single or multi-location tutors, driving, music or language schools, and other educators to manage students, teachers, timesheets, scheduling, invoicing, payroll and more, with over 30 free integrations and add-ons also available Leia mais sobre o Teachworks
DanceStudio-Pro is a cloud-based solution that enables dance studios to streamline operations related to student registration, sales, scheduling, and more. Professionals can utilize the platform to sell tickets for events such as dance recitals, workshops, or summer camps and accept online payments. Leia mais sobre o DanceStudio-Pro
myClubhouse is an easy to use and highly flexible, online club management system to let you run your club the way you want. With us you'll get a premium experience, no adverts, no hidden fees and exceptional quality client-driven features. Support includes free site set-up and data import. Leia mais sobre o myClubhouse
CourseStorm is a powerful class registration and marketing platform built exclusively for adult education and training providers. CourseStorm is perfect for adult, community, and corporate education, enrichment, workforce development and training, and health education programs. Leia mais sobre o CourseStorm
Built for class-based businesses, Udio offers a range of management tools including booking and scheduling, integrated payments, powerful reporting and more. Empower customers to manage their bookings, make payments and track progress via the 24/7 portal, saving you hours in admin each week. Leia mais sobre o Udio
ProClass is an online dashboard-based solution for class and events organizers, with features spanning registration, membership management, scheduling and more Leia mais sobre o ProClass
TeacherZone is a cloud-based business & education lesson management solution designed to help lesson businesses schedule lessons and manage students. Key features include e-learning management, progress tracking, billing, payroll, time management, reporting, and notifications. Leia mais sobre o TeacherZone
Enrollsy is a cloud-based classroom & enrollment management solution which helps art centers, preschools, & before & after-school camps manage enrollment for paid programs, classes, events, and plans with accounting tools, ePayment support, a customer portal, and more. Leia mais sobre o Enrollsy
Appointment scheduling software that helps businesses manage bookings, payments and other administrative operations on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Jezzam
Achieve more, earn more with LoveAdmin. Easy-to-use software for Sports Clubs, Membership Organisations and Course & Class Providers. Get your FREE demo today! Leia mais sobre o LoveAdmin
designed for studios of all sizes. It offers online registration, marketing and online membership management functionalities within the suite. Leia mais sobre o ACTIVE Educate for schools is live, play-along music software and a lesson suite with dozens of well known songs for teaching general music, music theory, history and instruments. Features include aong library with the latest TikTok and Spotify songs, interactive play-along, quizzes that boost students' skills , resources & Lesson Plans, and student... Leia mais sobre o
Lesson scheduling made easy by instrument, teacher and date range filters. Manage lessons with 30, 45, 60-minute intervals, ensemble classes and rooms including rescheduling and cancellations. Student and Faculty portals, and renewal registrations and billing the way your center operates. Leia mais sobre o Art Center Canvas
All-In-One App for organizing and managing your sports business! Leia mais sobre o In2
AEC Academia is a cloud-based learning center management software designed to help educational institutes manage faculty, students, and courses. Features include class scheduling, grants administration, scholarship and payroll management, data import/export, and financial reporting. Leia mais sobre o AEC Academia
MusicBiz is designed to help music studios of all sizes handle student registration, class scheduling, payment processing, and administrative operations via a unified platform. It offers an event planning module, which allows businesses to manage concerts and musical events and capture and store participants’ details in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o MusicBiz
Charms Office Assistant is a feature-rich program management tool designed for all types of school officials. It combines the strengths of an assessment, communication, and financial system into one smooth interface that makes accessing information quickly and painlessly. Leia mais sobre o Charms
Wellyx is a business management solution designed to help fitness and wellness centers manage staff schedules, memberships, payments, and more. It comes with a point of sale (POS) system which allows users to create custom tips, discounts, or taxes and maintain customer profiles to track trends. Leia mais sobre o Wellyx
EMR, Practice Management, behavioral, educational and mental health data collection software including curricula. Leia mais sobre o UnitusTI
BeAKid is designed to help community centers, childcare organizations, and other educational institutions manage online registrations, staff, communications, payments, and more. The platform lets educators schedule learning sessions and design and organize custom forms to capture student details. Leia mais sobre o BeAKid
EMS (Education Management Software) for the complete management of schools, universities or entities providing education or training. Leia mais sobre o SOFTAULA
MNprogram is a cloud-based system designed to help businesses in legal, medical, healthcare, and other industries manage sales, customers, billing, accounting, and more. It enables supervisors to automate employee scheduling, run marketing campaigns, and store documents in a centralized repository. Leia mais sobre o MNprogram
My Music Lessons is a scheduling software designed specifically for private music teachers, music schools and their students. Leia mais sobre o My Music Lessons
O ClassApp é um software para que as escolas se comuniquem diretamente com os pais, através de uma canal próprio e privado. Por meio dessa agenda digital, os educadores podem compartilhar comunicados, solicitar autorizações pela plataforma e trocar informações sobre a rotina escolar de cada aluno. Leia mais sobre o ClassApp
bantu Workspace is a community management platform that helps non-profit organizations, clubs/associations, event planners, and schools manage projects, volunteers, members, and more. The data management module enables users to build a member database, assign projects, and track attendance. Leia mais sobre o bantu Workspace
Mousiki is a cloud-based music learning platform for teachers, students, and schools. It allows users to centralize data and tools on a single platform. Key features include student registration and management, class scheduling, performance tracking, invoice management, and communication tools. Leia mais sobre o Mousiki
It’s an online scheduling and client management software that allows you to create your own booking page, get paid, better manage your staff & clients, and integrate with Zoom, Google, and Stripe. Find out what Planubo is about with our free 14-day trial! Leia mais sobre o Planubo
Elvis is a management software for music schools and freelance teachers. Leia mais sobre o Elvis

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