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O Sightline é uma plataforma eDiscovery e uma plataforma de avaliação de documentos que ajuda as equipes jurídicas corporativas e os escritórios de advocacia a ser mais eficientes com seus fluxos de trabalho eDiscovery. Permite que eles enviem, processem, revisem, editem e produzam documentos. Leia mais sobre o Sightline
ZyLAB One is an electronic discovery software designed to help law firms and government agencies manage investigations, document review, litigation, and freedom of information act (FOIA) requests by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. It enables professionals to upload data, enhance productivity, manage... Leia mais sobre o ZyLAB ONE
O Logikcull torna o eDiscovery simples e menos dispendioso. O Logikcull é baseado na Internet e muito fácil de usar. A resolução de litígios é muito mais fácil e acessível com o Logikcull. Leia mais sobre o Logikcull
Nextpoint is smart software that automates ediscovery projects for teams of every size. SINGLE PROJECT PLANS: Free, unlimited data uploads, processing, hosting, and productions. Begin document review in minutes with powerful data analytics tools and collaborative access from anywhere. Leia mais sobre o Nextpoint
Keepit is a software company specialized in Cloud-to-Cloud data backup and recovery. Leia mais sobre o Keepit
Relativity is an electronic discovery platform for managing large volumes of data and identifying key issues across areas of litigation, investigations and more Leia mais sobre o Relativity
Cloud-based eDiscovery automation software that simplifies litigation, investigations, and audits for legal and business professionals. Leia mais sobre o CloudNine
Avanan catches the advanced attacks that evade default and advanced security tools. Its invisible, multi-layer security enables full-suite protection for cloud collaboration solutions such as Office 365, G-Suite, and Slack. The platform deploys in one click via API. Leia mais sobre o Avanan
Everlaw is a litigation platform that allows legal teams to collaboratively discover, reveal, and act on information for internal investigations and litigation cases. The platform provides eDiscovery solutions using AI and data visualization to reveal hidden details in evidence and documents. Leia mais sobre o Everlaw
CaseFleet is cloud-based case management software that empowers litigators with case chronology tools for fact management and document review. Leia mais sobre o CaseFleet
Lightning fast, highly affordable and secure cloud-based eDiscovery trusted by more than 4000 eDiscovery professionals. Leia mais sobre o Lexbe eDiscovery Platform
Reveal is an eDiscovery software designed to help businesses sort, find, and securely store electronic data to facilitate legal case proceedings. It enables employees to gain actionable insights from structured and unstructured data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. Leia mais sobre o Reveal
Zapproved's easy-to-use ZDiscovery platform is designed to help corporate legal departments to save time, reduce risk, and lowers costs during litigation response from legal holds through processing and review. Leia mais sobre o ZDiscovery
Access Ansys Cloud Direct anywhere, anytime to obtain endless simulation capabilities compatible with most Ansys solvers.. Leia mais sobre o Ansys Cloud Direct
Digital WarRoom is an electronic discovery platform designed to help law firms process, review and produce documents. Digital WarRoom allows users to create and archive information about cases in portable formats. Leia mais sobre o Digital WarRoom
Docket Alarm is a cloud-based docketing platform that enables law firms, attorneys, and legal professionals to manage lawsuits, track deadlines, and analyze case outcomes. Users can build custom litigation analytics and generate reports based on key metrics. Leia mais sobre o Docket Alarm
Um produto de arquivamento de e-mail que permite aos usuários arquivar com segurança seus e-mails comerciais e recuperá-los de forma simples. O ArcTitan está em conformidade com os padrões, é muito rápido, seguro e compatível com o Office365. Leia mais sobre o ArcTitan Email Archiving
Spectra delivers the industry’s top ediscovery tools within a simple, unified solution, and enhances your ediscovery workflow with high-value features and services. Leia mais sobre o Lighthouse Spectra
iCONECT is an award-winning eDiscovery review platform. Packed with new features including CAL, built-in processing, multi-media handling and auto-identification/redaction of PII, the platform looks to meet and exceed industry demands as firms look over the horizon toward new technology Leia mais sobre o iCONECT
O IPRO Eclipse SE é uma solução de software de electronic discovery e revisão para profissionais da área jurídica. Leia mais sobre o Open Discovery
MailMeter helps organizations manage email archiving, indexing, retrieval, eDiscovery, and more via a unified dashboard. Search capabilities in the platform enable enterprises to investigate sent or received emails by email address, domain, custom search terms, data range, attachments, and more. Leia mais sobre o MailMeter
No matter where your data lives — on premise, cloud, hybrid, or SaaS — Metallic combines unmatched flexibility with proven security and industry-leading Commvault technology. Leia mais sobre o Metallic SaaS Backup & Recovery
Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection, powered by Veritas, is a unified backup and archive as a service platform that gives you the flexibility you need to protect applications and data across the enterprise. Leia mais sobre o Veritas NetBackup SaaS Protection
Hanzo is a data discovery software designed to help legal and compliance teams identify, collect, and preserve enterprise datasets. Administrators can capture data from teams' messages and other interactive web content and replicate it for investigation and review. Leia mais sobre o Hanzo
Intella is an eDiscovery platform designed to help investigators, auditors, government agencies, banks, and enterprises organize, search, visualize and assess collected evidence or data. Managed service providers (MSPs) can review and manage email conversations, import or export load files and view shared case information across multiple devices. Leia mais sobre o Intella
Exterro E-Discovery Software Suite is a case management software designed to help businesses manage data, projects, reviews, case assessments, and more. The platform offers an in-place preservation functionality, which enables managers to secure electronically stored information (ESI) from accidental deletion. Leia mais sobre o Exterro E-Discovery Software Suite
Venio Systems transforms eDiscovery into a streamlined process. Venio Systems increases productivity by automating manual tasks, simplifying error-prone processes, and processing data with speed through AI technology. Leia mais sobre o Venio Systems
O Onna é uma plataforma para pesquisa em tempo real em vários repositórios que ajuda no eDiscovery e na localização de itens de alto valor em todos os departamentos jurídicos. Leia mais sobre o Onna
E3:Universal is an on-premise platform designed to help professionals, investigators, and businesses in the public sector process, search, parse, review and report on evidence across mobile devices, computers, cloud data, email conversations, operating systems, and more. Its E3:Viewer platform lets enterprises access reports to gain insights into... Leia mais sobre o E3:Universal
eZReview is an eDiscovery solution designed to help corporations, government agencies and law firms manage investigations, discovery requests, and subpoenas. The centralized platform includes modules for data processing, case assessment, knowledge management, document review, & workflow management. Leia mais sobre o eZReview
Aware is a data governance, data loss prevention, and intelligence application for businesses in all industry sectors. Key features include policy creation, metadata extractions, data captures & transfers, OCR, integrations, reporting & collaboration tools, search & filters, archiving, and more. Leia mais sobre o Aware
MailXaminer is an email forensics and examination tool for law enforcement units, legal advisors and consultants, and cyber crime investigation experts designed for in-depth analysis of email files. Recover, read & analyze various facets of emails with support for both web & desktop email clients. Leia mais sobre o MailXaminer
Donoma OneVault delivers multi-data archiving of email and communication records for centralized, streamlined archiving. Leia mais sobre o OneVault
DISCO é uma solução de eDiscovery baseada na nuvem que permite que escritórios de advocacia, organizações governamentais e empresas otimizem as operações relacionadas à análise de dados, gestão de fluxo de trabalho, colaboração em equipe e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o DISCO
Safelink Data Rooms is a full feature virtual data room and secure extranet solution with encrypted data transmission and storage held offshore Leia mais sobre o Safelink
Enterprise File Archive, by MessageSolution, is an automated solution which helps firms of all sizes manage electronic discovery & file archiving & storage, in compliance with GDPR regulations. The platform allows users to streamline eDiscovery across multiple file & email systems. Leia mais sobre o Enterprise File Archive
Discovery Assistant is an on-premise software designed to help businesses search, capture, and retrieve data from electronic documents. Supervisors can import documents, such as emails, spreadsheets, and word processing documents, from desktop PCs, handheld devices, network servers, and other storage media. Leia mais sobre o Discovery Assistant
Lex Machina is a cloud-based legal analytics software that enables law firms and corporate businesses to assess cases, extract litigation data, and predict case outcomes using natural language processing and machine learning technologies. Leia mais sobre o Lex Machina
The world’s leading law firms, corporations, and government agencies choose Casepoint’s legal discovery platform for litigation, investigations, data privacy requests, and compliance. Leia mais sobre o Casepoint
FlyView for SharePoint is an enterprise search and productivity web plugin which helps users navigate through SharePoint sites, libraries, and folders in real-time. The platform enables professionals to explore websites, handle cross-site collection browsing, and view an interactive run-time menu. Leia mais sobre o FlyView for SharePoint
Liquid Lit Manager is an eDiscovery software that helps legal teams in healthcare, education, manufacturing and other sectors collaborate on cases, budgets and strategies across various legal issues. It allows managers to combine case-related documents in PDFs and split them according to file sizes. Leia mais sobre o Liquid Lit Manager
iFinder is an enterprise search application tool that helps businesses process information quickly and utilize received insights to facilitate decision-making processes. Professionals can search for important information and documents and intelligently enhance this data using AI methods. Leia mais sobre o iFinder
Magnet AXIOM Cyber is a cloud-based incident response and digital forensics software. Leia mais sobre o Magnet AXIOM Cyber
INDICA has developed a high performance data management platform. Find the right information fast and make better decisions Leia mais sobre o INDICA
O JUIT é uma solução jurídica que utiliza a metodologia da jurimetria para fornecer dados relevantes acerca dos temas pesquisados. Através de ferramentas de busca assertivas, a plataforma auxilia advogados e departamentos jurídicos a encontrarem resoluções para os seus casos. Leia mais sobre o JUIT

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