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Software de manutenção de equipamentos para gerenciar serviços recorrentes, históricos de manutenção e ordens de serviço. Funcionalidade de leitura de radiofrequência (RFID na sigla em inglês), códigos de barra e códigos QR. Experimente gratuitamente. Leia mais sobre o EZOfficeInventory
O Valuekeep é um software de CMMS/CAFM baseado na nuvem com recursos para gestão de ativos, recursos e manutenção, geração de relatórios personalizados, análises etc. Leia mais sobre o Valuekeep
O BulkdataPro é um software de gestão de frotas que ajuda as empresas a otimizar processos relacionados a gestão de ativos, faturamento, compras, alocação de trabalho, entre outros, em uma plataforma centralizada. Os supervisores podem agendar serviços de manutenção de ativos e manter um registro do histórico detalhado de serviços. Leia mais sobre o BulkdataPro
As pessoas compram o software PEMAC para ajudar a reduzir as falhas nos equipamentos, analisando os motivos da falha e informando a tomada de decisão. O PEMAC Assets CMMS é uma solução fácil de usar para vários sites, permitindo que as empresas desenvolvam estratégias de manutenção preventiva que maximizam o tempo de atividade dos equipamentos. Leia mais sobre o PEMAC Assets
O UpKeep é um CMMS móvel para equipamentos que permite aos usuários gerenciar a equipe, atribuir ordens de serviço, sincronizar dispositivos, entre outras coisas. Leia mais sobre o UpKeep
Asset Panda's cloud-based asset tracking & management platform supports work order management, purchase order management, compliance management, check in & check out, depreciation, service management, enterprise service desk solutions, & more, plus iOS & Android mobile apps Leia mais sobre o Asset Panda
Job Tracking & Invoicing Functionality Through Your Mobile Device .Instant Access to Your Customer Info from any Device. Includes Tools for Quoting, Scheduling, Job tracking, Billing & Invoicing, Electronic Payments, QuickBooks integration, and a growing list of other great features. Leia mais sobre o mHelpDesk
Wintac will no longer be maintained after January 2022. The FieldEdge team is here to support your next step: Leia mais sobre o Wintac
O Fiix é um software de gerenciamento de manutenção informática (CMMS na sigla em inglês) baseado na nuvem que organiza, rastreia e agenda suas atividades de gerenciamento de manutenção. Leia mais sobre o Fiix
Hippo CMMS is a leader in simple preventive maintenance and equipment maintenance software. It's web-based, easy to use, comes with unlimited users and cost-effective. What else is there to say? Get a demo or free trial now. Leia mais sobre o Hippo CMMS
eMaint CMMS helps maintenance teams reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs with a configurable and easy-to-use interface. Leia mais sobre o eMaint CMMS
Quickbase empowers enterprise organizations to quickly turn ideas into applications with no-code. Use Quickbase's no-code platform to gain transparency, improve the resiliency of your supply chain, make better decisions, and improve time to production by unlocking data stuck in your core systems. Leia mais sobre o Quickbase
MaintainX is a mobile-first work order & procedure digitization software which helps factory frontline teams know exactly what they need to do & how to do it with centralized safety procedures, environmental checklists, tooling & gauge reporting, maintenance procedures, training checklists, & more Leia mais sobre o MaintainX
A cloud-based tool tracking solution that includes patented QR code labels, mobile apps and award winning features. Leia mais sobre o GoCodes
Maxpanda continues to disrupt the EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE CMMS software industry with a platform that's faster, better, and much more affordable. Leia mais sobre o Maxpanda CMMS
Equip your frontline with an inspection solution that they can learn in minutes, so you can manage operations from wherever you are. iAuditor is used to conduct over 1 million inspections per month across all industries for safety, quality control, and operations. Leia mais sobre o iAuditor
Workiz is the only field service management and communication platform for small-medium on-demand businesses in North America, built by and for field service professionals Leia mais sobre o Workiz
ProntoForms is the leader in enterprise-grade mobile forms. Built with field teams at front of mind, ProntoForms makes real-time, accurate data collection fast and easy. Empower your field employees to complete complex inspections, audits, and other tasks on their mobile devices with confidence. Leia mais sobre o ProntoForms
O ManWinWin é um software de gerenciamento de manutenção projetado para ajudar as empresas a organizar, rastrear, reparar e gerenciar ativos. O aplicativo da Internet de marcas inteligentes permite que os clientes selecionem solicitações de manutenção, relatem problemas e supervisionem o progresso em tempo real usando códigos QR e etiquetas NFC. Leia mais sobre o ManWinWin
BigChange JobWatch is a web-based mobile workforce management solution that combines back-office capabilities with field-based connectivity to provide a paperless system spanning job planning, resource scheduling, dispatch, driver tracking, invoicing, alerts and reporting for businesses of all sizes Leia mais sobre o BigChange
MPulse is a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) offering tools for maintenance tracking, scheduling, and reporting, designed to be used by equipment and facilities maintenance businesses Leia mais sobre o MPulse
Service Fusion helps equipment maintenance companies impress customers and reduce employee headaches, without breaking the bank. Leia mais sobre o Service Fusion
ManagerPlus is an asset and maintenance management software for medium to large-scale operations that aims to help organizations manage PM schedules, assets, work orders, inventory, inspections, reporting, and more. Suitable for a wide range of industrial sectors: manufacturing, construction, fleet. Leia mais sobre o ManagerPlus
AssetCloud enables government and education organizations to automate asset management including check-in/check-out, auditing and reporting Leia mais sobre o AssetCloud
Asset Essentials is a cloud-based maintenance solution developed for daily advanced maintenance operations management. Leia mais sobre o Asset Essentials
NETfacilities' online equipment management software captures work orders from facilities, allowing you to respond with minimum lag time. Leia mais sobre o NetFacilities
AUTOsist is a mobile fleet tracking & maintenance software which enables fleet management companies to track fuel & maintenance records simply & effectively Leia mais sobre o AUTOsist
Limble CMMS is a web-based and mobile computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed for businesses with facilities of all sizes across a variety of industries. Key features include asset management, preventative maintenance management, and work order management. Leia mais sobre o Limble CMMS
O aplicativo de gestão de ativos MapYourTag permite que as empresas rastreiem, gerenciem e obtenham rastreabilidade dos seus respectivos ativos, equipamentos e recursos. Ajuda pequenas e médias empresas e outras pessoas que precisam rastrear, gerenciar e obter rastreabilidade dos próprios ativos com facilidade e pelo menor custo. Leia mais sobre o MapYourTag
StreetSmart® offers turnkey, mobile workforce management solutions including Jobs, Forms, Timesheets, Mileage, and Track & Trace. Leia mais sobre o StreetSmart
A flexible and fully customizable web-based CMMS (maintenance management system) for small to large businesses with enterprise-wide system integrations Leia mais sobre o MaintiMizer
ServiceBox is a software for service companies to manage their end to end business including: customers, job sites, quotes, contracts, work orders, scheduling, recurring work orders, timesheets, invoices, maintenance and we integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks and Sage 50 (Canada). Leia mais sobre o ServiceBox
simPRO is a powerful FSM software created by trade contractors, for trade contractors. If you're struggling with areas of your workflow, simPRO provides a streamlined platform to address your pressing challenges all while helping you increase productivity and profits. Leia mais sobre o simPRO
Fullbay is a web-based repair shop management solution for heavy duty truck shops, providing invoicing, parts billing and mechanic efficiency reporting features Leia mais sobre o Fullbay
Using a Software as a Service model, Projetech has the proven ability and Maximo expertise to successfully provide the infrastructure, support and maintenance of your Maximo solution for an affordable monthly fee! Leia mais sobre o IBM Maximo
Ultimo will be sure to pass on the crucial signals about your equipment. Centralised on one Equipment Maintenance platform. A software platform on which it is easy to manage all your equipments and their processes. Our talent for automation and our knowledge of management used for your benefit. Leia mais sobre o Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management
FieldEZ is an award-winning field service software that helps you manage your field operations in real-time. Over 35,000 people use FieldEZ for map / drag-and-drop job scheduling, dispatch & routing, work process automation, Customer billing, SLA Management, Invoicing & Quotes. First 30 days FREE | Easily Integrate with QuickBooks, Sage,... Leia mais sobre o FieldEZ
eWorkOrders CMMS is a powerful, but easy-to-use preventive maintenance software solution that tracks an organization's equipment and assets, ensuring that upkeep and repairs are done on schedule and within budgets. Leia mais sobre o eWorkOrders CMMS
Snappii mobile app builder helps you to build and customize powerful mobile business apps with no programming or coding needed in DAYS. Leia mais sobre o Snappii
From Equipment Maintenance & Daily Work Order Management to Automatic Stores Ordering and Reports. MEX Mobile makes life easier for you and your service technicians in the field. Leia mais sobre o MEX Maintenance
Qualtrax is a cloud-based compliance management platform which allows businesses to manage accreditations, documents, processes, employee training and testing. The software is designed for forensic labs, testing labs, medical examiners, manufacturers, utilities companies, and more. Leia mais sobre o Qualtrax
FTMaintenance Select is a cloud-based, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) for work order management, asset management, inventory management, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance. The solution enables businesses of all sizes to streamline their maintenance operations. Leia mais sobre o FTMaintenance Select
Plataforma de manutenção de equipamento: Gerencie todos os detalhes da sua organização: quem, o que, quando, por quê, onde (GPS) e quanto ($). A partir de US$ 5,00 por licença/mês. Em tempo real. Acesso global. Não sabe qual trabalhador ou parte do equipamento atribuir? Basta perguntar ao "Sherpa Guide" e o programa responderá com base nos seus... Leia mais sobre o AI Field Management
Assignar is operations management software for the construction trade, delivering project scheduling, dispatch, form collection, payroll and reporting features Leia mais sobre o Assignar
Alloy Navigator is an all-inclusive IT Service & Asset Management solution that provides thoughtful answers to your toughest IT challenges. Leia mais sobre o Alloy Navigator
TrackAbout is a cloud-based fixed asset tracking software with which enterprises can track, manage & maintain physical assets effectively & efficiently Leia mais sobre o TrackAbout
Q Ware CMMS is a simple, easy-to-use, and affordable web-based facility maintenance management application. Leia mais sobre o Q Ware CMMS
Track your company's maintenance activities online to prevent maintenance from getting missed with QT9™ QMS. Connect your locations, departments and people with the QT9™ QMS. Easily set up your preventive maintenance schedule for all of your equipment with email alerts and related file attachments. Leia mais sobre o QT9 QMS
The Service Program is a QuickBooks add-on for service providing companies such as pool servicing, lawn care, pest control, sanitation and more, delivering key features across service dispatch, routing, work order management, maintenance scheduling, GPS, mobile & customer services, via a web portal Leia mais sobre o The Service Program
CHAMPS EAM is a full featured CMMS and EAM solution designed to help manage all aspects of maintenance. Take control of your maintenance program with CHAMPS. Leia mais sobre o CHAMPS

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