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Ferramenta de autoria de cursos e formação on-line
O Easygenerator é um software de autoria de cursos e formação on-line baseado na nuvem, que permite aos usuários criar, projetar e publicar cursos com uma interface WYSIWYG. Leia mais sobre o Easygenerator
Solução de treinamento móvel
O TalentCards é uma solução de treinamento móvel que ajuda as empresas a criar cartões de aprendizagem para treinar funcionários sobre procedimentos de segurança, conformidade, novos produtos etc. Leia mais sobre o TalentCards
Cloud-based knowledge and talent management software
eHabilis is a knowledge and talent management software that helps organizations maintain and distribute training sessions, best practice manuals, audio clips, infographics, and more. Team members can gain points based on knowledge acquisition, test completion, and other collaborative activities. Leia mais sobre o eHabilis
Teaching and learning collaboration for teachers & students
Google Classroom is a collaboration tool for educators to create assignments, provide feedback, and track student progress. Features include materials and resource organization, contacts database, originality reports, comments bank, locked mode, custom fields, permissions management, and more. Leia mais sobre o Google Classroom
Articulate 360 - Everything You Need for Course Development
Trusted by 98,000+ organizations worldwide, Articulate software, services, community, and content make it easy to create compelling courses for every device. Articulate 360 is an annual subscription that gives e-learning developers everything they need for the entire course development process. Leia mais sobre o Articulate 360
Smart authoring tool with VR and 360° eLearning design
Adobe Captivate is a smart authoring tool for creating fully-responsive eLearning content & immersive learning experiences with VR & 360° media assets. Add interactive elements to videos such as information hotspots, quizzes & knowledge check modules to enhance learner engagement and retention. Leia mais sobre o Adobe Captivate
Learning management system for WordPress
LearnDash is a cloud-based WordPress plugin and learning management system (LMS) for businesses, universities, training organizations, and other enterprises. The platform offers tools for turning WordPress sites into learning management systems, creating custom courses, and selling them online. Leia mais sobre o LearnDash
Solução de sistema de gerenciamento de aprendizado baseado na nuvem.
O Easy LMS, com um modelo de preços exclusivo, é um sistema de gestão de aprendizado (LMS na sigla em inglês) que permite que organizações de todos os tamanhos treinem e gerenciem seus usuários de maneira envolvente. Use testes e gamificação para envolver seus usuários ou para geração de leads. Cursos, avaliações e exames podem ser integrados para... Leia mais sobre o Easy LMS
Collaborative Learning Platform
Best-suited for large companies, 360Learning is the only Learning Suite that drives scalable business impact, for teams who connect the dots between coaching & success. Leia mais sobre o 360Learning
Create, publish, manage and monetize online teaching courses
Teachable is an online teaching course creation tool, spanning design, publishing, hosting, eCommerce and analytics for free to enterprise-level customers Leia mais sobre o Teachable
Crie, comercialize e venda cursos online com o Thinkific.
O Thinkific é uma plataforma de curso online que permite aos usuários criar, comercializar e vender cursos em seus próprios sites de marca usando temas de arrastar e soltar ou HTML e CSS. Leia mais sobre o Thinkific
Unlock the power of learning with LearnUpon LMS
Accelerate employee, partner, and customer success with learning at the core of your growth strategy. LearnUpon LMS unifies, coordinates, and streamlines training delivery across your entire network, making learning your business’s number one competitive advantage. Leia mais sobre o LearnUpon
Sistema de gestão de aprendizado (LMS na sigla em inglês), gerenciamento de desempenho e aprendizagem em vídeo ponto a ponto.
A plataforma de desenvolvimento de funcionários Bridge aumenta o envolvimento por meio do aprendizado, colaboração, capacitação e desenvolvimento de carreira. O software Bridge está equipado com um sistema avançado de gerenciamento de aprendizagem (LMS na sigla em inglês), gerenciamento de desempenho e aprendizagem de vídeo ponto a ponto. Leia mais sobre o Bridge
#1 Ranked Learning Management System
Tovuti's all in one cloud-based learning management system (LMS) gives you all the tools you need to create, deliver, and track the effectiveness of your eLearning programs. Leia mais sobre o Tovuti
Coaching management platform for professional coaches.
CoachAccountable is a cloud-based coaching management solution for coaches and coaching organizations, providing features including progress tracking, appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, metrics, groups, teams of coaches, file sharing, template creation, automatic reminders, and more. Leia mais sobre o CoachAccountable
Simplify learning at work.
Simplify learning at work. Create courses and manage live training events. Plus get 200+ courses included. Leia mais sobre o Travitor
An open LMS for workforce and extended enterprise learning.
Totara Learn is an industry-leading and flexible learning management system that gives organizations the freedom to learn. Deliver training and development anywhere, anytime. Improve engagement, ensure compliance, and achieve breakthrough results across your organization and extended enterprise. Leia mais sobre o Totara
Powering the Business of Learning
Drive engagement and increase product adoption with interactive online learning experiences. Thought Industries features a suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools that enable organizations to cost-effectively scale their external or customer training programs from a single, robust platform. Leia mais sobre o Thought Industries
We Solve Training Pain!
One solution for both your Learning Management System (LMS) and Online Training Course Design. We'll solve your training pain. We'll make your courses look great. We'll love you more. Pain free Leia mais sobre o SmarterU LMS
Online training course creation & delivery for organizations
Coassemble is a web-based online training tool that combines an eLearning authoring tool and learning management system in the one platform. Coassemble allows users to create content, share it with users, track content with a full suite of analytics and more, from a single integrated platform. Leia mais sobre o Coassemble
Scalable LMS for trainers & Professional Training providers.
A top pick of providers in continuing education and employee training, the Academy Of Mine platform is fully white-labeled and enhances branding by integrating seamlessly with your website. Designed to scale with your business, options include adaptable features and custom external integrations. Leia mais sobre o Academy Of Mine
Online learning management tool for medium to large firms
Teachlr Organizations is cloud-based course authoring & learning management system designed to help medium to large businesses manage and improve measures to train employees, partners or clients, with keys features and the best user experience. Leia mais sobre o Teachlr Organizations
Online course authoring for eLearning
LearnWorlds allows professionals within the education industry to create and sell custom online courses, as well as carry out online training, build custom school websites, and track learning. The white-label solution is fully customizable and can be used to train students or employees. Leia mais sobre o LearnWorlds
The smarter, faster way to produce quality digital learning
The award winning elearning authoring platform that will help you create and manage high quality digital learning, at scale. Leia mais sobre o Elucidat
Ferramentas de criação de ensino à distância e publicação para equipes.
O dominKnow é um conjunto integrado de avançadas ferramentas de criação de ensino à distância, projetadas especificamente para equipes. Leia mais sobre o dominKnow
Community and membership management software
Mighty Networks is a community software platform designed to help businesses create online courses, develop branded mobile apps, and build online communities. It lets users create membership sites to offer paid online courses, paid groups or bundles of both courses and groups to members. Leia mais sobre o Mighty Networks
SaaS Learning Management System for corporates and trainers
ProProfs LMS is a learning management system offering advanced eLearning authoring tools to create online courses. It can automatically convert documents & presentations to online course content. It also offers detailed analytics, course completion reports, and advanced security controls. Leia mais sobre o ProProfs LMS
Social learning platform for educators & learners
GoConqr is a free social learning network that enables learners and educators to create, share & discover courses, mind maps, flashcards, notes, slides & more Leia mais sobre o GoConqr
Learning Management System / Learning Experience Platform
Rise Up is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) and multilingual Learning Experience Platform (LXP) which manages training in all its aspects. Its key features include blended learning management, authoring tool, virtual classroom, customizable branding and engaging features for learners. Leia mais sobre o Rise Up
eLearning course authoring tool
Udutu Course Authoring is an eLearning course authoring tool which supports pre-designed templates, multimedia, SCORM compliance, HTML5 publishing, and more Leia mais sobre o Udutu Course Authoring
All-in-one marketing software
Simplero is a single software for your website, sales funnels, email marketing, online courses, and membership sites. Leia mais sobre o Simplero
Polling and survey software with learner engagement
TurningPoint is a polling and survey software that helps organizations conduct in-person and remote assessments using multiple choice, true or false, numeric response, and open-ended questions. Participants can respond using their own cell phone, tablet or computer. Leia mais sobre o TurningPoint
LMS for creating content & online assessments for training
CourseWebs is a learning management system with course authoring, online exams, eCommerce, certificates, reporting, SCORM, APIs, and more Leia mais sobre o CourseWebs
Instruction and training software for corporate trainers
LENA is an online training software designed to help corporate trainers create training courses on data protection, waste collection, compliance, and other subjects using customizable templates. Leia mais sobre o LENA
An LMS that helps deliver online courses and exams at scale.
Synap is an award-winning LMS that lets organisations deliver personalised, effective and engaging training at scale. Leia mais sobre o Synap
eLearning authoring tool for interactive learning
Koantic is a cloud-based interactive content authoring tool which allows users to create, publish and track interactive videos and eLearning content from anywhere. The software offers a drag-and-drop interface, WYSIWYG editor, course branching, storyboarding, graded quizzes, gamification, and more. Leia mais sobre o Koantic
Cloud-based and responsive HTML5 eLearning authoring tool.
Gomo is a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that global organizations use to collaboratively create and deliver mobile-first and responsive HTML5 learning content. Leia mais sobre o gomo
Game-based microlearning for employee engagement
mLevel is a cloud-based eLearning solution which utilizes game-based microlearning to increase learner engagement, knowledge retention, & learning effectiveness Leia mais sobre o mLevel
It takes more than LMS software to do good online learning.
We focus on helping smaller organizations design, build and run online programs at a very low cost. Sign up now for your Unlimited FREE LMS Trial and let us build you a module of your content as part of your test-drive. Leia mais sobre o SaaS LMS
Sistema de gerenciamento de aprendizagem de conformidade
O WorkWize LMS é um sistema de gerenciamento de aprendizagem (LMS) de conformidade de ciclo fechado, que oferece suporte à criação rápida de cursos, controle de versão, aprovação de documentos e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o WorkWize LMS
Cloud-based learning management system
CD2 Learning is a cloud-based learning management platform which helps users create and manage employee training using built-in content authoring tools, social collaboration, and gamification. Users can create custom learning experiences for employees based on roles and responsibilities. Leia mais sobre o CD2 Learning
Cloud-based eLearning platform for teachers and students
Pocket Study is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed to help educational institutions conduct classes, create lessons in the form of flashcards and distribute study materials or documents among students on a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Pocket Study
Cloud-based eLearning course authoring tool
isEazy is a cloud-based eLearning course authoring tool which allows users to create multi-device eLearning courses with interactive content including video, audio, galleries, hot spots, linked images, charts, exercises, games, and more Leia mais sobre o isEazy
Learning management system for teachers & corporate trainers
SimTek Learning is a cloud-based learning management and virtual classroom solution that helps independent trainers, teachers and corporate tutors create and deliver courses online. Its key features include video conferencing, session streaming, interactive whiteboards and screen sharing. Leia mais sobre o SimTek Learning
Learning management and development system for enterprises
PROPEL eLearning is a learning management & development system designed to provide enterprises with the tools to create, deliver & distribute eLearning programs Leia mais sobre o PROPEL eLearning
Software for Learning and Development Teams
Synapse software increases the productivity of your L&D team. Streamline and centralize training intake, project planning, knowledge capture and content design in a single platform. Consolidate your disparate tools so you can make better decisions and author content with unprecedented speed. Leia mais sobre o Synapse
Mobile learning management for small businesses
Practi is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) which helps small business leaders create their own online & offline mobile training courses Leia mais sobre o Practi
Learning management system for regulatory compliance
Skillcast is a cloud-based learning management system that helps businesses to manage eLearning, training & regulatory compliance. The platform offers ready-made courses and enables users to create custom content for risk assessment & learning administration along with reports & audit for review. Leia mais sobre o Skillcast
Cloud-based digital learning solution
Wizcabin is a course authoring solution designed to help learning & development (L&D) teams automate processes related to creating, editing, and publishing content in SCORM or HTML5 format. Training professionals can use the tool to share courses with co-authors, experts, and colleagues. Leia mais sobre o Wizcabin
Social learning management & course authoring system
iQualify is a social LMS designed specifically for educational institutions providing the tools to create courses, engage learners, and assess learner progress Leia mais sobre o iQualify
Fully customizable learning & training management solution
Learning management system which can manage any type of training; web-based and allows for any screen to be customized. Leia mais sobre o Ability LMS
Cloud-based eLearning content management and course creation
CoreAchieve is a web-based learning management and content distribution platform designed to drive member, constituent and corporate engagement, supporting single or multi-part courses incorporating multiple content formats and quizzes, plus gamification, eCommerce selling, analytic reporting & more Leia mais sobre o CoreAchieve
Learning management system (LMS) for businesses
Collective University is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed to help businesses create certifications and degrees to train employees and share knowledge across teams. Users can build and manage online courses, onboard new personnel, and track employee learning. Leia mais sobre o Collective University
Corporate learning management system
EXLhub is a corporate eLearning management solution which provides the tools for course authoring, training, AI-assisted learning experience creation & more Leia mais sobre o EXLhub
LMS for professional education & partner & customer training
Crowd Wisdom is a cloud-based learning management system designed specifically for professional education and development programs, as well as partner and customer training. The platform allows businesses to build a customized online learning program for their learners or employees. Leia mais sobre o Crowd Wisdom
Dutch-language course authoring & remote learning platform
LessonUp is a Dutch-language course authoring platform for schools to create and arrange remote, digital and interactive online lessons. The platform includes a library of over 250,000 lessons, including quizzes and videos, which can be accessed via native mobile app, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Leia mais sobre o LessonUp
Online learning platform
Hubper is an online learning platform, which combines course authoring tools with real-time learning analytics to help organizations develop custom educational resources. Organizations can add relevant content to custom learning modules and build an online academy for continuous learning. Leia mais sobre o Hubper
Learning management system with online course catalogs
IBT LMS (Learning Management System) is an on-premise and cloud-based software that helps organizations manage web-based training (WBT) courses and assessments. It allows tutors to offer courses based on multiple learning methodologies, such as community, blended, and simulation-based training. Leia mais sobre o IBT LMS
Online learning platform for educators and students
Course Hero is a cloud-based learning management platform, which enables students and educators to connect and access a variety of study materials such as guides, class notes, or videos for different subjects. Leia mais sobre o Course Hero
Web-based interactive content authoring software
Lectora is a content authoring tool that helps businesses design, publish, and deliver assignments, quizzes, and surveys across multiple learning management platforms. It enables content developers to collaborate on tasks, add reviews, and create interactive, video, and scenario-based assignments. Leia mais sobre o Lectora