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O NationBuilder é um software de gestão de campanhas para organizações políticas, ativistas e ONGs, que ajuda a mobilizar voluntários, arrecadar fundos e se envolver com apoiadores. Leia mais sobre o NationBuilder
Bloomerang’s fundraising software and donor database helps nonprofits acquire, engage, and retain donors. Leia mais sobre o Bloomerang
eWay-CRM is a CRM plugin for Microsoft Outlook that helps companies manage their customers, contacts, sales, projects and marketing. It also contains apps for iOS and Android so that people can work on the go. There is also a web interface for those who prefer working from home or on Mac. Leia mais sobre o eWay-CRM
A plataforma Influitive ajuda empresas B2B a descobrir, nutrir e mobilizar clientes, desenvolvedores, parceiros e funcionários a reduzir os ciclos de vendas, amplificar o marketing, aumentar a retenção e impulsionar a inovação de produtos. Leia mais sobre o Influitive
O InviteReferrals é um software de marketing por indicação desenvolvido para ajudar as empresas a conquistar novos clientes criando e lançando campanhas de indicação de clientes em múltiplas plataformas, inclusive sites para celular, tablet e área de trabalho, bem como aplicativos móveis para Android e iOS. Leia mais sobre o InviteReferrals
VoterVoice is a cloud-based comprehensive digital advocacy solution to help you mobilize your supporters and amplify your message. Take action on the legislation and regulations that matter to you. Leia mais sobre o VoterVoice
Salsa Engage is a cloud-based fundraising solution designed to assist nonprofit organizations of all sizes with donor engagement, cultivation, and communication Leia mais sobre o Salsa Engage
Create blog and social media campaigns with your all-in-one workspace for content creation and distribution. Leia mais sobre o StoryChief
EveryAction is a unified CRM for nonprofits including tools to manage donation websites, email, fundraising, and advocacy in one simple platform Leia mais sobre o EveryAction
O DSMN8 é uma plataforma tudo-em-um para funcionários influenciadores que usa a tecnologia para ajudar as marcas a se capitalizarem com sua rede de funcionários de marketing. Leia mais sobre o DSMN8
Oktopost is the only social media management platform architected for B2B. Oktopost enables marketers to manage social content at scale, amplify reach, and integrate social with a marketing and sales stack. Leia mais sobre o Oktopost
O Sprinklr oferece produtos de gestão de redes sociais para ajudar as marcas a melhorarem sua presença nas redes sociais, aumentando o envolvimento, melhorando a percepção e tornando-se mais estratégicas. É uma plataforma de gestão de experiência social com um conjunto de aplicativos para garantir a consistência da marca entre clientes e funcionári... Leia mais sobre o Sprinklr
SmartAdvocate is a powerful, integrated case management system designed for personal injury lawyers, mass tort litigation firms, and other types of litigation law practices. This dynamic software is cloud or server based and designed to help you serve clients more effectively and efficiently. Leia mais sobre o SmartAdvocate
Charityproud is a cloud-based fundraising software designed to help nonprofit organizations streamline various administrative processes related to donations, volunteering, and more. Supervisors can utilize the built-in dashboard to view constituents’ profiles and gain an overview of their donations, pledges, membership status, addresses, and more. Leia mais sobre o Charityproud
SocialChorus is the workforce communications platform that empowers companies to work as one. Leia mais sobre o SocialChorus
Advocacy software allows organizations to mobilize advocates and supporters to speak up to lawmakers on issues important to them. Leia mais sobre o Capitol Canary
GaggleAMP is an employee advocacy and communications platform designed to empower stakeholders to share branded company messaging on social media. Leia mais sobre o GaggleAMP
O Social HorsePower é uma ferramenta de agendamento de mídia social para gerar referências e vendas de funcionários, alcançando novos públicos. Ao extrair dados do conteúdo interno, a plataforma cria conteúdo pronto para publicação em vários sites de mídia social para gerar interesse e encontrar candidatos potenciais. Leia mais sobre o Social HorsePower
Quorum is a cloud-based advocacy platform which helps public affairs professionals with stakeholder engagement, legislative tracking, and grassroots advocacy. Key features include contact management, dialogue tracking, business card scanning, predefined templates, and collaboration. Leia mais sobre o Quorum
Muster is a cloud-based advocacy platform designed to help trade associations, nonprofits and government firms track and manage their networks of supporters, and run grassroots campaigns. Key features include advocate engagement analytics, message drafting, alerts, and audience segmentation. Leia mais sobre o Muster
SmartHead software provides everything your company need to manage, track and report on ESG and sustainability performance and at the same time it allows stakeholders to engage with your sustainability. It is usable for companies of all sizes. Leia mais sobre o SmartHead
Upland RO Innovation is a leading customer reference management solution, helping enterprises harness the voice of the customer in sales and marketing initiatives to win new business faster. Leia mais sobre o RO Innovation
ADA personalizes customer engagement by putting the power of AI in the hands of the people who know your business best. With ADA, it's simple for non-technical teams to build an automated, enterprise-class chatbot that solves 80% of customer inquiries. Leia mais sobre o ADA
Socxo is a cloud-based brand advocacy software that provides businesses with tools to generate leads and measure the brand’s organic outreach across social media platforms. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds and integrate with UpContent to create, collaborate, and distribute posts across the web. Leia mais sobre o Socxo
The Buyapowa platform powers innovative advocacy and refer-a-friend programs for some of the world's leading brands, including GAP, Sprint, Expedia, boohoo, and many more. We allow brands and retailers to identify their biggest advocates, and motivate and reward them for bringing in new customers. Leia mais sobre o Buyapowa
O Ambassify oferece um software de marketing de defensores de marcas que mobiliza clientes satisfeitos para gerar continuamente um boca a boca positivo tanto online quanto offline. Leia mais sobre o Ambassify
Customizable political advocacy software that offers state/federal legislation tracking, social campaigns and messaging to legislators. Leia mais sobre o Congress Plus Advocacy
Queue is a marketing platform for digital agencies & growth marketers to create, track, & manage advocacy campaigns with gamification & social media integration Leia mais sobre o Queue
BeAmbassador is a cloud-based solution, which helps businesses with optimizing marketing, sales, and human resource strategies through social media branding and ambassador management. Key features include feedback management, content sharing, activity monitoring, analytics, and performance tracking. Leia mais sobre o BeAmbassador
Engaging Networks is a cloud-based digital engagement platform for nonprofits that helps organizers make fundraising pages look exactly the way they want. Engaging Networks also facilitates online fundraising, advocacy campaigns, email marketing, event management, P2P, data management, and more. Leia mais sobre o Engaging Networks
ExpertVoice is an all-in-one advocacy platform that allows brand managers, eCommerce teams, and digital marketers to recruit passionate brand "experts" to advocate for brands/products across any channel. Turn sales associates or customer "experts" into brand advocates and curate and authenticate product reviews to reaches the most consumers.... Leia mais sobre o ExpertVoice
Qomon is a Saas software and the best-in-class digital organizing platform & mobile app for advocacy groups. Leia mais sobre o Qomon
Enview helps busy policy pros stay a step ahead of the opposition by providing the most intelligent, streamlined, and collaborative policy tracking platform available. Leia mais sobre o Enview
Ujoin is a cloud-based advocacy management solution designed to help nonprofit and trade organizations run and manage grassroot campaigns, as well as white-label action pages, to influence city or county councilors, state or federal legislators, department chairs, and other decision-makers. Leia mais sobre o Ujoin
Social Seeder is an ambassador marketing software for running ambassador, referral, affiliate, influencer marketing & advocacy programs from a single platform Leia mais sobre o Social Seeder
Today’s top campaigners are activating grassroots power with New/Mode. Campaigners around the world are using our platform to grow their community, amplify voices and win campaigns. Leia mais sobre o New/Mode
yawave is a user interaction suite which can be easily integrated via embed code or plugins. It promotes lead generation, fan engagement, content efficiency, awareness and customer experience. Leia mais sobre o yawave
One Click Politics is a cloud-based advocacy solution which connects supporters with decision makers through email, SMS, voice calls, social media, and more Leia mais sobre o One Click Politics
Partyline is a cloud-based advocacy management software designed to help political organizations handle projects and manage advocacy campaigns. Supervisors can store stakeholder and legislators’ information, including contact details, FEC-reported transactions, district demographics, and biographical details in a centralized database. Leia mais sobre o Partyline
Dynamic Signal’s employee advocacy platform unifies corporate social media sharing while raising brand awareness by encouraging positive employee engagement Leia mais sobre o Firstup
The Zuberance Brand Advocate Platform is a cloud-based solution that systematically identifies Brand Advocates (highly-satisfied customers who recommend a company, brand, or product without pay or incentives).; energizes and amplifies Advocates by making it easy for them create and share content. Leia mais sobre o Zuberance
Districtor is a cloud-based advocacy solution which helps businesses synchronize mailing lists from Mailchimp & extract elected officials' data to enable advocacy using email campaigns. Users can update officials’ contact information with voting district lists according to current government. Leia mais sobre o Districtor
NextBee is a cloud-based customer engagement & marketing platform designed to help organizations manage referral & loyalty marketing campaigns to acquire customers. Features include reward programs, performance metrics, leaderboards, user activity tracking, gamification & communication management. Leia mais sobre o NextBee
Orca is a customer reference management software designed to help sales and customer success teams set up custom time frequencies to manage referral requests. Administrators can create auto-approval rules to approve or deny organizations’ references. Leia mais sobre o Orca
Leadership Connect is the most trusted service for advancing an organization's policy or business development goals. Prioritize your outreach efforts with interactive organization charts, relationship maps, relevant legislation, spending, and news. Leia mais sobre o Leadership Connect
Impactive is the leading all-in-one digital organizing platform for Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations. We offer outreach tools, like Peer-to-Peer Texting, Broadcast Texting, Phone Banking, Friends and Family Messaging, and more. Leia mais sobre o Impactive
Limber is a unique tool designed to deploy and optimize your content marketing, social selling, and employee advocacy strategies. Leia mais sobre o Limber

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