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O My360 é uma solução de encenação virtual baseada na nuvem, que ajuda agentes imobiliários a criar tours interativos por várias propriedades usando imagens estáticas ou GIF. A plataforma permite aos usuários personalizar tours online com conteúdo personalizado, adicionar botões de chamada para ação (CTA) e incluir descrições. Leia mais sobre o My360
Scenics removes the complexity out of the process of creating virtual tours: the creator uploads a panoramic picture from her 360° camera and turns it into an interactive virtual tour with the built-in drag-n-drop editor. Leia mais sobre o Scenics
Animoto is an online video making software designed to help non-profit organizations and businesses in the photography, education, real estate, fitness, and eCommerce sectors create and share customizable video content using a music library, templates, fonts, and more on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o Animoto
LiveTour from iStaging is an immersive virtual tour creator which can capture any space in 360° VR, for presentation to prospective clients, guests or buyers Leia mais sobre o LiveTour
EyeSpy360 is a virtual tour software that helps businesses create 2D and 3D models and floor plans to organize remote property tours. It allows users to record and distribute virtual tours with audio narrations to provide relevant information and context to potential buyers and tenants. Leia mais sobre o EyeSpy360
ThingLink is an interactive media editor that allows annotation to images, videos, 360 files and 3D models using hotspots. Create engaging online course materials, presentations, virtual tours, infographics, gamification and much more in just a few clicks. Leia mais sobre o ThingLink
Kuula is a cloud-based software that enables businesses in the real estate, hospitality, architecture, and education sectors to create, edit, and share 360-degree virtual tours with audience. Leia mais sobre o Kuula
Fusion by RTV is a virtual tour management software that helps businesses manage video production for real estate listings, apartments, hospitals, universities & communities. It enables organizations to host private tours, generate flyers, manage leads, and create e-brochures, among other processes. Leia mais sobre o Fusion
O Concept3D é uma solução baseada na nuvem que ajuda organizações de nível empresarial a criar mapas 3D e experiências virtuais para melhorar o envolvimento com visitantes e clientes. Os recursos incluem planejamento de espaço, gestão de conteúdo, orientação, envolvimento virtual, renderização em 3D e visualização de dados. Leia mais sobre o Concept3D
iGUIDE is a virtual tour software that helps real estate businesses build 3D and 2D virtual environments with room dimensions, 360-degree images, and more on a centralized platform. It enables staff members to create and add color-coded floor plans in virtual tours to optimize user navigation. Leia mais sobre o iGUIDE
Pano2VR is a software platform that converts panoramic or 360° photos/videos into interactive, virtual experiences. These virtual experiences can run on any modern browser, integrated with existing websites, and viewed via virtual reality devices. Leia mais sobre o Pano2VR
Software for real estate agents, that automatically generates 3D virtual tours, floorplans, immsersive video-calls and live Open House events. Leia mais sobre o Floorfy
Real Estate Virtual Tours Creator is a cloud-based virtual tour solution which assists real estate agents and property managers with marketing and listing management. Key features include image uploads, social media sharing, floor plans, and website management. Leia mais sobre o Virtual Tours Creator
Cupix is a trusted partner of choice for delivering the industry’s most flexible and easiest-to-deploy 3D digital twin platform to builders and owners everywhere. Capture your jobsite in 3D with just our mobile app and a 360 camera. Leia mais sobre o Cupix
SeekBeak is an all-in-one platform for 360° photo hosting & tour creation that enables users to create interactive panoramic images and virtual tours using any mobile device or desktop computer. Users can add text, videos, images, sound, eCommerce, and more to hotspots and take control of branding. Leia mais sobre o SeekBeak
TogoTiki bundles interactive video & 360 creation tools with media hosting services into a single, cost-effective, easy to use platform allowing you to deliver exceptional content. Leia mais sobre o TogoTiki
Tour Builder is an online platform for virtual tour creation using videos, photos and audios for individuals as well as small & midsize businesses Leia mais sobre o EAB
BRIOXR is a cloud-based virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 3D product visualization solution which allows users to showcase their standard & 360 videos. The codeless, drag-and-drop platform allows users to customize their content experiences with animations, triggers & clickable links. Leia mais sobre o BrioXR
DiveIn Studio is a cloud-based software that enables businesses in the real estate, tourism, education, and construction industries to create branded virtual tours using 360-degree photos. Tour creators can add images, videos, links or documents to their virtual tours. Leia mais sobre o DiveIn Studio
Threshold 360 provides the leading platform for 360° virtual tour creation & publishing in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. We help destinations and location-based businesses, significantly increase their digital engagement and conversion by bringing locations to life online. Leia mais sobre o Threshold 360
Cyclomedia is a location intelligence platform to manage imaging of physical environments using video, laser measurement, and imaging. With artificial intelligence, assets can be recognized such as lighting masts, traffic signs, and advertisements. Leia mais sobre o Cyclomedia
O Studio 360 é uma plataforma da internet que também é acessível por meio de aplicativos em dispositivos Android e iOS. Proporciona aos desenvolvedores e agentes imobiliários a oportunidade de oferecer tours virtuais de propriedades aos clientes usando a tecnologia de realidade virtual. Leia mais sobre o Studio 360
Inreal EXPERIENCE is software for the virtual presentation of construction objects, such as spaces, offices, and residential buildings. The web-based application allows property inspections through 3D simulations, even before construction has actually begun. Individual adaptation is possible. Leia mais sobre o Inreal EXPERIENCE
Tourbuzz is a virtual tour software designed to help real estate businesses create and manage floor plans, 3D tours, and property websites. The platform uses video conference and 3D imaging technology, which enables clients to walk through a place and visually interact with the environment using desktops and mobile devices. Leia mais sobre o Tourbuzz

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