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O é uma ferramenta de geração de relatórios totalmente personalizável, ideal para suas necessidades de gerenciamento de segurança física. Gerar relatórios de incidentes de segurança e observações em qualquer lugar e com qualquer dispositivo é uma tarefa fácil. Faça o teste grátis e melhore a segurança física da sua organização. Leia mais sobre o
O Dataminr é uma solução de detecção de incidentes que ajuda as empresas a analisar e atenuar riscos e eventos globais de alto impacto. Utiliza a tecnologia de inteligência artificial para processar dados em vários formatos, como texto, imagens, vídeos, áudio e dados públicos de sensores de IoT. Leia mais sobre o Dataminr
From visitors to employees to contractors and beyond, manage people flows your way – while staying secure and globally compliant. Includes health screening prior to the visit and 100% touchless check-in. Leia mais sobre o Proxyclick
Silvertrac Software is a real-time guard management & security incident reporting system that allows users to report issues directly from their mobile device to a live issue monitor. Our system generates detailed reports for managers & clients to review guard performance, incidents, and more. Leia mais sobre o Silvertrac Software
Samsara is a fleet operations management platform which helps various industries including transportation, logistics & construction streamline fleet operations with features like GPS fleet tracking, ELD compliance, routing & dispatch, documents, reporting & alerts, & more Leia mais sobre o Samsara
Companies need to know who is entering their facilities worldwide. Traction Guest provides the leading enterprise visitor management system focused on strengthening on-site security. The customizable platform enables organizations to identify and track visitors and address compliance regulations. Leia mais sobre o Traction Guest
From physical security to data security, iLobby is trusted in high security facilities, airports, and banks to meet complex physical security, safety, and compliance requirements. Connect to ID/passport scanners, gates, turnstiles, Access Control systems, and more. Leia mais sobre o iLobby
Omnigo Software is an all-in-one security management and incident reporting software for monitoring safety, record keeping and analytics Leia mais sobre o Omnigo
TrackTik’s integrated security workforce management software offers security service companies complete control of every aspect of their business. Leia mais sobre o TrackTik
Workhub, formerly known as SafetySync, is an affordable and complete compliance management software created to simplify and optimize safety management and compliance in your workplace. Leia mais sobre o Workhub
Greetly is the only fully customizable visitor management system in the world and the first VMS to offer no-touch check-ins. Greetly's digital receptionist app manages visiting customers, vendors, interview candidates, deliveries, facility tours, exits and more saving time and money for our clients. Leia mais sobre o Greetly
WhosOnLocation enables organizations to manage people coming in and out of work sites and offices to improve safety and security, and protect employees & assets Leia mais sobre o WhosOnLocation
Kisi is a cloud-based secure access control system designed to help enterprises across various industries such as real estate, IT, healthcare, education, and manufacturing manage door access for authorized personnel or visitors using a combination of sensors and mobile devices. Leia mais sobre o Kisi
Trackforce Valiant is a cloud-based human capital management solution designed to help businesses manage processes related to time and labor, payroll, and more. The platform comes with a scheduling module, which enables managers to create and maintain rotating, as well as fixed, work schedules. Leia mais sobre o Trackforce Valiant
CCTV, IP, NVR, webcam video recording & analytics: people counting, car counting, occupancy monitor, heatmaps, camera events REST API. Leia mais sobre o Camlytics
Celayix is an employee scheduling solution that aims to improve workforce management, eliminate costly overtime & improve staff communications Leia mais sobre o Celayix
IncMan SOAR is a cloud-based and on-premise platform, which enables enterprises to manage, evaluate, and plan various security operation tasks such as threat hunting and investigation, triage and escalation, incident qualification, and more using machine learning and automation capabilities. Leia mais sobre o IncMan SOAR
O software Corporate Security da Resolver é baseado na nuvem e é uma solução completa para responder, relatar e investigar incidentes. Entenda o que está acontecendo e por quê. Melhore a resposta e a recuperação reunindo a gestão de alarmes, a distribuição de inspetores e a geração de relatórios de incidentes. Leia mais sobre o Resolver
Software de gestão de casos investigativos para as principais organizações de marca, bancos e escolas, para gerenciar investigações de RH, fraude e conformidade. Leia mais sobre o i-Sight
Guardso is an all-in-one security patrol operations management solution, with a PPO dashboard, client portal, and GPS-enabled mobile apps for security officers Leia mais sobre o Guardso
Patrol Points is a cloud-based physical security management solution, which assists security companies and property managers with perimeter patrolling and incident reporting. Key features include route planning, personnel tracking, device scanning, image capture, reporting, and access control. Leia mais sobre o Patrol Points
Access Control by Genea is a physical access control platform that provides identity management for the security of buildings and tenants. The solution includes mobile-based access control, visitor management, access logs, customizable data sync, access control hardware support, and more. Leia mais sobre o Genea Access Control
Access Control Manager is an open-source Linux-based software that helps businesses manage security operations and monitor properties, assets, and people on a centralized platform. Administrators can configure policy restrictions and map physical assets to specific titles, locations, and departments. Leia mais sobre o Access Control Manager
Guard Center is a cloud-based security management solution designed to automate security operations and back office management Leia mais sobre o Guard Center
Reporting and Case Management for security services to connect field info to back office digital archive. Simple, intuitive workflow. Leia mais sobre o Presynct_OnDemand
ITRAK 365- The most scalable and adaptable QHSE software solution for the Microsoft Cloud. Leia mais sobre o ITRAK 365
Solink is a loss prevention & security solution which connects video recording & point of sale (POS) data to generate smart insights & risk alerts. The cloud-based platform aims to transform conventional surveillance systems by integrating with real-time sales data to provide additional visibility. Leia mais sobre o Solink
Guard1 is a physical security software designed to help businesses automate facility security operations and monitor guard tours. It enables administrators to track field workers’ patrolling progress and real-time statuses such as completed, in progress, or missed checkpoints on a unified platform. Leia mais sobre o Guard1
Novagems is a workforce management software that helps businesses manage and track activities of security guards. Managers can monitor the locations of guards across multiple sites using geo-fencing, GPS tracking, barcoding, and NFC code scanning capabilities. Leia mais sobre o Novagems
Kugadi is a web-based solution that provides a mobile security guard tour system with GPS & RFID tracking, and a computer-aided dispatch system. Kugadi's capabilities are extended to mobile with mobile app, Officer Assist. Leia mais sobre o Kudagi Officer Assist
Guardhouse is an end-to-end workforce management system custom-built for security companies which enables open communication between the field and the office, smarter guard scheduling, GPS tracking, compliance licenses and renewal reminders, and error-free invoicing Leia mais sobre o Guardhouse
WebEOC is an emergency management software that helps local, state, and federal agencies prepare action plans in order to handle infrastructure or natural disasters and workplace violence. Leia mais sobre o WebEOC
Hirsch Velocity Software is a security management system designed to help businesses across a variety of industries including education, healthcare, and government organizations manage access and implement security parameters. Leia mais sobre o Hirsch Velocity Software
Ontic empowers physical security teams to proactively and continually assess, collaborate and act on more threats to keep people safe. Leia mais sobre o Ontic
D3 SOAR is a cybersecurity software that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as healthcare, manufacturing, energy, utilities, finance, media, and the public sector. It helps organizations manage cases, respond to incidents, build workflows, and more on a centralized platform. Leia mais sobre o D3 SOAR
Blue Iris is a video security and webcam software, which lets businesses manage security of employees, buildings, and assets through video surveillance and access control capabilities. It enables business owners to view live or recorded videos using mobile applications. Leia mais sobre o Blue Iris
Allpass is a safety management software that helps medium to large businesses, schools, and event organizers conduct health screening checks to secure workplaces. The platform lets teams check-in, certify health status, and receive a pass to enter premises. Leia mais sobre o Allpass
O Remoty é uma solução responsável pelo controle de eventos de alarmes, a qual também oferece aplicativos para Android e iOS, um deles para a comunicação interna entre as equipes de campo e monitoramento, e o outro para que os clientes tenham um acesso remoto as imagens das câmeras de segurança. Leia mais sobre o Remoty
BlueID is a platform for implementing authorization management. It is linked to functions, such as mobile identification, access controls, and authentication. Integration takes place within the app software or control modules and backend systems. Leia mais sobre o BlueID
GuardLink is an end-to-end online training platform to train, track and monitor guards, and securely store compliant certs, with revenue sharing option. Leia mais sobre o GuardsLink
SIACONTROLROOM is a user-friendly, intuitively designed operations and performance management software aimed at security service providers. Leia mais sobre o SIACONTROLROOM
A critical event management platform to track, monitor and respond to security threats to protect people and assets. Leia mais sobre o WatchKeeper
Openpath is a cloud-based access control system, which helps enterprises gain visibility and enforce site-specific restrictions across multiple locations. Features include remote access, audit logs, a rules engine, occupancy tracking, visual identification, digital badges, and credential management. Leia mais sobre o Openpath
Empower your team with the Defendry Alert System to automatically detect, deter, and report threats including guns, gunshots, banned people, intruders, and more in just seconds. Leia mais sobre o Defendry
Verkada is a physical security management software designed to help businesses in the manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail, and other sectors remotely access and store video footage of events in real-time. Key features of the platform include motion plotting, people and vehicle analytics, time-lapse, live access feed, and server room... Leia mais sobre o Verkada
Supercharge your cameras with AI-powered Video Analytics Leia mais sobre o Wobot VMS
IPSS is a complete screening system with high-speed temperature scanning and AI based facial recognition combined with comprehensive data logging and compliance reporting. Leia mais sobre o IntelliPass

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