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Plataforma de agendamento de salas de reuniões e videoconferência
O Vectera é uma plataforma de conferência online baseada na nuvem, projetada para auxiliar as equipes de vendas, sucesso do cliente e consultoria financeira no agendamento de salas de reuniões e videoconferência. Os principais recursos incluem compartilhamento de tela, transferência de arquivos, marca personalizada, calendários e criptografia de... Leia mais sobre o Vectera
Plataforma de marca branca para pequenas e médias empresas de assistência médica.
O ContinuousCare é uma plataforma de marca branca baseada na nuvem projetada para ajudar organizações de saúde de pequeno e médio porte a fornecer serviços de telemedicina. Inclui consultas de texto, gerenciamento de consultórios, aplicativos móveis nativos para iOS e Android, um portal do paciente, domínios de sites personalizados, supervisão... Leia mais sobre o ContinuousCare
Practice Management Made Simple
Practice Management Software with HIPAA-compliant EHR, mobile Telehealth, autopay and more for therapists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech-language pathologists, dietitians, nutritionists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other health & wellness professionals Leia mais sobre o SimplePractice
Web-based mental health software for practitioners
TheraNest Mental Health is a practice management and therapy notes tool that allows users to keep track of health records and manage payment processing Leia mais sobre o TheraNest
Telemedicine solution for healthcare professionals & clinics is a cloud-based telemedicine solution designed to help healthcare professionals diagnose & treat patients via videoconference, audio communication, or text message. Features include virtual waiting room management, notifications, screen sharing, group calling, file transfer & image capture. Leia mais sobre o
Online mental health EMR and practice management software.
Web-based practice management & electronic health records (EHR) software for behavioral health with thousands of active users, and unlimited customer support. Leia mais sobre o TherapyNotes
Cloud based solution for medical practice management
Kareo helps medical providers in optimizing clinical processes by handling administrative tasks so that doctors can focus on patient care Leia mais sobre o Kareo Billing
Cloud based EHR
Cloud-based EHR with fully customizable medical templates and easy billing software with industry leading iPhone and iPad apps. Leia mais sobre o DrChrono
Ótimo software para fisioterapia e reabilitação
O WebPT é um software na Internet de registros médicos eletrônicos (EMR) para fisioterapia e documentação que ajuda na administração de clínicas de terapia. O WebPT é intuitivo e simples, o que facilita a transição do uso de papel para uma clínica digital. Leia mais sobre o WebPT
EHR & medical practice management solution
PrognoCIS EHR is an electronic health records solution that helps organizations manage medical practices, telemedicine, revenue tracking, medical billing & more. The real-time prescriptions functionality lets users identify, authorize & track alternative therapies & medication costs for patients. Leia mais sobre o PrognoCIS
The Leading AI & Patient Engagement Platform
Single Digit No-Show Rates: Telehealth, Appointment Reminders, Patient Self-Scheduling, & Digital Forms. #1 Customer Rated Support & Custom Workflows. Leia mais sobre o Mend
Controle o seu tempo. Domine o seu negócio.
O vcita é um aplicativo de gestão empresarial completo criado para pequenas empresas, que ajuda a gerenciar clientes, agendamentos e faturamentos e a administrar a empresa. Leia mais sobre o vcita
Cloud-based EHR and practice management software.
InSync’s Telemedicine feature offers group therapy sessions, access anywhere on any device, ability to host multiple providers in one video-call, email notifications, one click links for instant calls, and all of this accessible directly in InSync’s Patient Portal. Leia mais sobre o InSync Healthcare Solutions
Cloud-based Practice Management, EHR, and eRx Software
RXNT is an integrated Clinical & Practice Management platform for healthcare professionals which helps you manage patient records and medical billing, e-prescribe medications, and schedule doctors, patients, and resources. Elevate your practice with our cloud-based EHR, eRx, and PM software. Leia mais sobre o RXNT
Specialty-specific Healthcare IT Suite - EHR, PM, Analytics
Modernizing Medicine is a cloud-based, specialty-specific electronic health records (EHR) system & IT suite which supports practice management, analytics, revenue cycle management, MIPS reporting, image management, a patient kiosk, a patient portal, patient reminders & patient surveys. Leia mais sobre o Modernizing Medicine
Online practice marketing platform for healthcare providers
PatientPop is a medical practice management system blending web-based marketing, patient acquisition and reputation management with front office administration Leia mais sobre o PatientPop
Virtual care program software for enterprises and brands
OnCall Health is a virtual care software built for healthcare enterprises and brands. Launch and grow a virtual care program with OnCall. Features include secure video and instant messaging appointments, branded apps, analytics, 24/7 tech support, and clinical automation functionality. Leia mais sobre o OnCall Health
The EHR + PM Choice for High-Grown Medical Groups
CareCloud’s award-winning financial, clinical, patient experience and revenue cycle solutions run at the speed of your practice to drive your performance and delight your patients. Leia mais sobre o CareCloud
Build interactive decision trees that guide your teams.
Zingtree allows you to build no-code, interactive decision trees that help you create agent scripts, guide customers, and manage internal processes. Leia mais sobre o Zingtree
Cloud-based HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution
Updox is a cloud-based HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution that enables healthcare providers, pharmacists, and long-term care facilities to streamline operations related to patient engagement, communications, team collaboration, document management, and more. Leia mais sobre o Updox
Virtual care platform for healthcare facilities & providers
Bluestream Health is a virtual care platform designed to help healthcare facilities and providers connect with patients via video visits and create or manage medical workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. It lets doctors add interpreters, specialty providers, or family members to video sessions. Leia mais sobre o Bluestream Health
Cloud based solution for small to mid-size medical practices
CureMD offers an all-in-one solution which allows users to manage a practice, electronic health records and medical billing Leia mais sobre o CureMD
The only Total Patient Engagement platform.
Luma Health is your Total Patient Engagement Platform. Our smart, simple, and intuitive technology streamlines the entire patient journey, transforming your current process with better workflows and communication. From intelligent scheduling, referral management, patient feedback, intake and more. Leia mais sobre o Luma Health
Telehealth platform for hospitals and pharma companies
Healee is a telehealth software designed to help healthcare providers conduct online consultations and facilitate communication with patients via messaging, chats, or video calls. Doctors can create prepaid care packages by defining parameters, such as price, duration, and number of consultations. Leia mais sobre o Healee
Fully integrated EHR, RCM & Telehealth suite for healthcare
Azalea Health is a cloud-based suite with modules to help manage electronic health records (EHR), track revenue cycles, manage multiple practices & facilitate telehealth for hospital & ambulatory care settings. It is suitable for rural & community health care, including multiple specialty hospitals. Leia mais sobre o Azalea Health
Practice management, EMR, and medical billing solution
Intelligent Medical Software is a cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) suite of solutions designed to help healthcare businesses. Key features include chronic care management, health maintenance, clinical flow charts, a care portal, claims scrubbing, e-faxing, and clinical decision support. Leia mais sobre o Intelligent Medical Software
Telemedicine platform for healthcare providers and patients
eVisit is a remote patient monitoring platform that allows medical institutions to streamline workflows & manage patient interactions via telemedicine technology. Professionals can view incoming patient requests in the virtual waiting room and accept or deny visits based on the severity of symptoms. Leia mais sobre o eVisit
Healthcare communication and collaboration software
TigerConnect is a HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication and collaboration software that enables businesses in the healthcare industry to provide virtual consultations and manage interactions between doctors, nurses, patients, and other stakeholders via texts and audio or video calls. Leia mais sobre o TigerConnect
Patient Engagement tools to simplify patient-provider flow.
Patient Engagement Platform designed to simplify provider and patient flows. Online booking, secure messaging, broadcast, automated appointment reminders, video appointments and remote check-in. All in one place. Leia mais sobre o Pomelo Health
Cloud based electronic medical record system
Elation is a cloud-based EHR solution for doctors & physicians to manage patient medical records, notes & appointments and generate prescriptions electronically Leia mais sobre o Elation
Telehealth solution for behavioral & mental health
Thera-LINK is a cloud-based telehealth solution designed for private, medium and small scale behavioral & mental health practitioners with HIPAA compliant file sharing, secure messaging, client/session notes, scheduling, video, electronic payments, and an online directory listing for clients Leia mais sobre o thera-LINK
Appointment reminder & patient engagement software
DoctorConnect is an appointment reminder and patient engagement software which enables medical, veterinary, and dental practices to communicate and engage with patients using features like medical appointment reminders, recall and patient retention management, waiting list management, and more. Leia mais sobre o DoctorConnect
Telemedicine platform for medical professionals and patients
Teladoc provides an online platform for medical professionals including physicians, registered dietitians, dermatologists, and behavioral health specialists to connect with patients via phone or video call, without the need for in-person visits. Leia mais sobre o Teladoc
E-Health Records & Practice Management System w/ Telehealth
ONC-Certified & HIPAA compliant cloud-based EHR and practice management platform with telehealth. Accept e-referrals, FREE claim submissions, online payments, E-statements, online scheduling, appointment reminders, clinical documentation, customizable forms, secure messaging, outcomes monitoring. Leia mais sobre o CarePaths EHR
HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution
VSee is the telehealth system used by NASA Space Station, McKesson, GE, Optum, DaVita, Trinity, and 2000+. Visit for more info. Leia mais sobre o VSee Clinic
Cloud-based medical billing & practice management platform
PracticeSuite is a full medical practice management & medical billing software with EHR & patient portal services for medical practices & billing companies Leia mais sobre o PracticeSuite
EHR, PM, Portal, Mobile, Check In Module, & Telehealth
TriMed Complete offers a complete software suite including EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal, Mobile, Check In Module, Document Manager, and Telehealth Leia mais sobre o TriMed Complete
Web conferencing platform for chat and video communication
VidyoConnect is a web conferencing platform that helps corporate businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations conduct virtual meetings and facilitate team communication through audio or video calls. Customers can record video conferences or meetings for future reference. Leia mais sobre o VidyoConnect
Simple and Secure Video Telehealth
Coviu is Australia’s most trusted video telehealth solution, powering secure and feature-rich video consultations. A web-based solution that fits seamlessly any healthcare business, large or small. Leia mais sobre o Coviu
Patient engagement platform for medical and dental practices
NexHealth is a patient engagement and experience management platform for medical and dental practices. Features include EHR and practice management system integration, online scheduling, digital forms, appointment reminders, payments, video consultations, reporting, two-way messaging, and more. Leia mais sobre o NexHealth
Patient management software for healthcare organizations
Nimbo is a cloud-based patient management software designed to help healthcare organizations manage patient acquisition, maintain medical records, and handle billing operations. Features include analytics, query notes creation, virtual waiting room, payment processing, and product catalog. Leia mais sobre o Nimbo
Medical practice management solution with EMR
iClinic is a medical practice management solution that is available in Portuguese and offered in Brazil. The platform is designed to help businesses with teleconsultation, online marketing, calendar management, and electronic medical records. Leia mais sobre o iClinic
Telemedicine App for practitioners via text, audio, & video
On-demand virtual care is what Medici's telehealth app provides for both providers and patients. Medici is built on iOS and Android platforms which makes using it very easy. Telemedicine visits done securely without the worry of workflow disruptions makes Medici the smart choice for today's provider Leia mais sobre o Medici
Practice management software for health professionals
Gensolve Practice Manager is a cloud-based practice and patient management solution for health professionals in Australia and New Zealand. The software includes tools for scheduling appointments, managing inventory, creating and storing clinical notes, processing billing and claims, and more. Leia mais sobre o Gensolve Practice Manager
HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform for doctors & patients
Chiron Health is a telemedicine software which helps medical organizations manage remote patient care, prescribing and consultation via two-way audio-video streaming and chats. Medical professionals can automate insurance eligibility checks using the Chiron rules engine & insurance database. Leia mais sobre o Chiron Health
Scheduling and labor management for healthcare organizations
Workpath is a web-based scheduling and labor management platform for healthcare organizations. Workpath improves field service provision and labor management with with seamless scheduling of appointments or shifts, instant communication, and adding transparency to field operations. Leia mais sobre o Workpath
Virtual practice management & telemedicine tool for clinics
Adracare is a virtual practice management software designed to help healthcare professionals connect with patients through video conferences, share documents and medical reports, and generate electronic prescriptions. Leia mais sobre o Adracare
O Shosp é um software médico na nuvem especializado na gestão de clínicas e consultórios médicos.
Software de gestão com telemedicina para clínicas e consultórios médicos. Administradores de clínicas médicas, profissionais de saúde e recepcionistas de consultórios e clínicas de atendimento médico Leia mais sobre o Shosp
Medical practice management for healthcare practices
Cliniko is a medical practice management system that allows healthcare practices of any size to manage patients & practitioners across multiple locations. Features include multi-platform online booking, scheduling, billing & invoicing, patient histories, real time alerts, and statistical reporting. Leia mais sobre o Cliniko
Integrated EHR, practice management, telemedicine & billing
PatientClick is an integrated EMR/EHR, telemedicine, practice management, patient engagement & billing solution for medical clinics & practitioners across multiple specialties. Native patient & clinician mobile apps enable video-based telemedicine, scheduling, note updates, document viewing & more. Leia mais sobre o PatientClick Suite
Telemedicine solution for healthcare providers
Spruce is a cloud-based telemedicine platform for healthcare professionals and clinics to communicate with patients via text, video or audio communication. Features include workflow automation, secure file sharing, rotation scheduling, call forwarding, electronic payments, analytics, and reporting. Leia mais sobre o Spruce
AI-based electronic health record (EHR) tool for doctors
talkEHR is an electronic health records (EHR) software that helps medical professionals conduct virtual consultations and manage various administrative processes. Physicians can generate medical charts using customizable templates and access patient information from the database. Leia mais sobre o TalkEHR
Practice management for mental & behavioral health
iCouch is a practice management solution for mental & behavioral health practitioners within health clinics of all sizes including features for online therapy, communications, booking & scheduling, payments & invoicing, a patient portal, instant messaging, SMS/email reminders, and more. Leia mais sobre o iCouch
Telemedicine solution for dental practitioners & centers
Teledent is a telemedicine solution that helps dental practitioners manage patients, consultations, workflows, treatment planning, and more. The live streaming functionality enables users to conduct remote examinations, store medical information and collaborate with patients. Leia mais sobre o TeleDent
Telemedicine & videoconferencing software for dentists
Teledentix is a cloud-based telemedicine software, which helps dental organizations communicate and provide consultation to remote patients through videoconferencing. Practitioners can view and diagnose conditions using the device’s camera and demonstrate dental care procedures to patients. Leia mais sobre o Teledentix
Telemedicine platform for conducting virtual consultations
Beam Health is a telemedicine software designed to help healthcare organizations conduct virtual consultations with patients. Medical professionals can invite multiple patients to the platform and secure confidential data by providing unique login credentials to customers. Leia mais sobre o Beam Health
Telehealth platform for hospitals & private practices
WiCis CareFlows is a telehealth platform for hospitals, surgery centers & private practices which supports customized forms, video-conferencing, live streaming of vital signs, chat, EHR integration, & more. WiCis CareFlows offers a fully cloud-based & HIPAA compliant solution. Leia mais sobre o WiCis CareFlows
Telemedicine solution for fitness coaches and lawyers
Panther is a telemedicine software that helps astrologers, tutors, and physicians build an online consultation marketplace using customizable inbuilt themes and domains. Businesses can connect clients with experts via audio or video conferencing, screen sharing, and text messaging in real-time. Leia mais sobre o Panther
Case management for behavioral health professionals
Web-Based Case Management Software for Substance Abuse Treatment, Mental Health and Behavioral Health facilities. Offers online automated reports and forms including client profiles, assessment, treatment plan, progress notes, group notes and discharge summary. Leia mais sobre o MyCaseRecords
All-in-one, cloud based care management platform for clinics
Carbon Health is an all-in-one, cloud-based care platform for health clinics and practices wanting to connect to patients via video calls and native mobile apps Leia mais sobre o Carbon Health
Integrated, web-based, all-in-one medical software
eMedicalPractice is an integrated, cloud-based EHR, practice management and billing software with MIPS registry & merchant services for medical practices of all types and sizes. Features include appointment scheduling, registration kiosk, e-payments, e-prescription, telemedicine, messaging, & more. Leia mais sobre o eMedicalPractice
Remote patient monitoring platform for medical practitioners
100Plus is a patient monitoring platform that helps healthcare providers monitor patient health across multiple areas, including blood pressure, temperature, and weight. The alert functionality automatically sends notifications to doctors regarding at-risk patients with attached patient reports. Leia mais sobre o 100Plus
Telemedicine software for mental health practitioners
Quenza is a telemedicine software designed to help mental health practitioners, therapists, and social workers assign fitness activities to engage clients on a digital platform. Managers can create assessment forms to monitor customer performances on a unified dashboard. Leia mais sobre o Quenza
Cloud-based telemedicine software for pediatricians
Anytime Pediatrics is a cloud-based telemedicine software that enables pediatricians and medical practices of all sizes to interact with patients on a centralized platform. Parents can consult pediatricians about health problems concerning children via video or in-person appointments. Leia mais sobre o Anytime Pediatrics
Telemedicine software for managing patients & appointments
Meva is a telemedicine software, which helps medical organizations manage consultations, online appointments, payments, patient engagement, and more. Users can embed an online booking link to their existing website or social media channels, enabling patients to request appointments. Leia mais sobre o Meva
Practice management software with telemedicine functionality
NHCircle is a practice management software that helps healthcare institutes manage patient registrations, appointment scheduling, payment processing, and referral tracking, among other operations. Employees can track bed occupancy, book procedures, generate bills, and handle discharge processes. Leia mais sobre o NHCircle
Remote patient monitoring (RPM) & telehealth platform
HealthArc is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) software designed for hospitals, independent practices, group practices, and accountable care organizations (ACOs). The telehealth platform facilitates communication between patients and health care providers via chats, audio, or video calls. Leia mais sobre o HealthArc
Web-based mental health & emotional well being solution
Lyra is a web-based employee wellness solution that connects people with therapists to help them deal with behavioral and mental health issues Leia mais sobre o Lyra
EMR & patient management solution for medical practices
MediPortal is a cloud-based patient management solution, which helps medical practices maintain electronic health records (EHR) and streamline communication with patients. Key features include data sharing, risk management, performance analytics, remote monitoring, & forensic auditing. Leia mais sobre o MediPortal
Telemedicine for healthcare professionals and clinics
AdvancedTelemedicine from AdvancedMD enables medical practitioners to schedule and conduct consultations with off-site or house-bound patients. Features include appointment scheduling, prescription renewals, bill payments, real-time chat, secure document sharing, calendar dashboard, and more. Leia mais sobre o AdvancedMD Telemedicine
Telehealth and patient relationship management platform
OhMD is a HIPAA-compliant patient communication & telehealth platform which provides physicians with secure text messaging, video visits, and appointment reminders. The solution includes native apps for iOS and Android, allowing doctors to message colleagues, patients, and care teams from anywhere. Leia mais sobre o OhMD
Software de gestão hospitalar e de registro médico eletrônico
O eHealthFlex é um software de gestão hospitalar que ajuda as organizações de saúde a gerenciar pacientes, cobranças, agendamentos, consultas e muito mais. O sistema de gerenciamento de informações hospitalares permite que os usuários lidem com atendimento, pacientes internos e ambulatoriais, informações de laboratório, farmácia e... Leia mais sobre o eHealthFlex
HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software for healthcare centers
NextGen Virtual Visits is a cloud-based telemedicine software, which enables healthcare centres to remotely connect with patients, schedule appointments, and improve chronic care management. Leia mais sobre o NextGen Virtual Visits
Integrated telehealth solution
AnywhereCare is an integrated telehealth solution which supports electronic visits from patients and provides geo-based pharmacy recommendations Leia mais sobre o AnywhereCare
Web and mobile, EHR agnostic enterprise patient portal
Bridge Patient Portal is an EHR agnostic enterprise platform for hospitals, physicians, and patients which is designed to enhance the patient experience with tools for registrations, appointment scheduling, online billing, care plan management, patient forms, secure messaging, reporting and more. Leia mais sobre o Bridge Patient Portal
Telemedicine solution for healthcare providers & patients
CDoc is a cloud-based telemedicine solution designed to help healthcare providers offer virtual access to patients and connect them with specialized doctors. The remote clinical care platform provides home monitoring, addiction support, and medical education. Leia mais sobre o CDoc
HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution
CareClix is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that helps healthcare clinics manage remote consultations, patient monitoring, ePrescribing and more. Professionals can access patient medical records, carry out examinations, verify policy coverage and suggest treatments. Leia mais sobre o CareClix
Remote patient monitoring and wellness management platform
Vivify Health is a remote patient monitoring solution that helps medical institutions create & manage custom wellness programs for patients with chronic & post-acute illnesses. Care managers can conduct pre-operative assessments & patients are reminded about upcoming appointments via notifications. Leia mais sobre o Vivify Health
Remote patient monitoring solution for medical providers
Certintell is an HIPAA-compliant remote patient monitoring solution that helps medical organizations manage appointments and streamline communication between patients & providers through telemedicine technology. With its dashboard, practitioners can automate claim submissions and billing operations. Leia mais sobre o Certintell
Cloud-based telemedicine solution for healthcare providers
AMC Health is a cloud-based telemedicine solution that helps healthcare clinics streamline operations related to remote patient monitoring. The patient panel allows medical professionals to track patient health based on multiple criteria such as blood pressure, pulse, weight, glucose and more. Leia mais sobre o AMC Health
Maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) solution
CloudVisit is a cloud-based maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) solution designed to help businesses across various industry verticals, manage airline maintenance, remote inspections, online video appointments, patient monitoring, and post-operative follow-ups. Leia mais sobre o CloudVisit
FDA-approved concussion assessment suite
ImPACT is a web-based concussion management suite designed to help businesses in the healthcare, sports, and education sectors automate processes related to baseline testing, assessment scoring, and symptom reporting. The Pediatric module lets users manage concussions for patients aged 5-11 years. Leia mais sobre o ImPACT
Telemedicine & remote patient monitoring for clinical teams
Hale is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform for small and mid-sized clinical teams to increase practitioner capacity and patient access to medical care. Features include secure messaging, live video visits, pre and post visit questionnaires, photo sharing, payment processing, and more. Leia mais sobre o Hale
Telemedicine and remote patient monitoring platform
Virtual Care Management is a remote patient monitoring platform for medical practitioners to oversee patient conditions and treatments. Features include clinical workflows, appointment scheduling, custom reports, video consultations, billing, diagnostic device integration, mobile web app, and more. Leia mais sobre o Virtual Care Management
White-label telemedicine platform for the healthcare sector
Dr. TIS is a telemedicine software designed to help businesses in healthcare sector with virtual patient screening & live conversations from remote geographical locations. It lets medical practitioners view information of patients waiting in virtual queue to offer services in the order of access. Leia mais sobre o Dr. TIS
Telemedicine software with screen-sharing capabilities
CGM ELVI is a telemedicine software that helps healthcare professionals provide remote consultations to patients via video calls. It allows patients and doctors to upload and share images and documents, such as care plans, vitals, x-rays and more. Leia mais sobre o CGM ELVI
Telemedicina para o setor médico.
O PAEEON é uma solução de telemedicina baseada na Internet que permite que consultórios médicos, farmácias, hospitais e outros estabelecimentos de saúde realizem consultas online por vídeo. A plataforma também oferece ferramentas para gerenciar o agendamento de compromissos, prescrições eletrônicas, cobrança, finanças e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o PAEEON
Solução de telemedicina e saúde digital
O BR HomMed é uma solução digital de saúde e supervisão remota de pacientes para profissionais de medicina brasileiros, disponível apenas em português. A plataforma atende a uma variedade de casos de uso, incluindo supervisão remota de pacientes, triagem online, discussão de casos médicos, solicitação de segunda opinião e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o BR HomMed
Solução integrada de PEP e telemedicina
O Amplimed é um software médico brasileiro disponível apenas em português, que combina PEP, RES, telemedicina, agendamento de consultas online e cobrança de TISS em uma única interface. A plataforma também oferece um módulo de especialidades para diferentes áreas do consultório médico. Leia mais sobre o Amplimed
Software médico de relacionamento com pacientes
O iMedicina é uma ferramenta médica de relacionamento com pacientes em português para consultórios médicos no Brasil. O software inclui gerenciamento pós-consulta, telemedicina, gerenciamento de registros médicos, agendamento de consultas, gestão financeira, marketing por SMS e e-mail, prescrição e muito mais. Leia mais sobre o iMedicina
Video consultation solution for medical professionals is a web-based, German-language video consultation solution for medical professionals including doctors, therapists, and nurses. The platform offers chat functionality, video conferencing, file transfer and download, doctor profiles, appointment management, and more. Leia mais sobre o
Solução brasileira de telemedicina
O Telemedicina Morsch é uma plataforma brasileira de telemedicina baseada na nuvem que oferece ferramentas de gerenciamento de teleconsultas para organizações do setor de saúde. A solução fornece gerenciamento de PEP, geração de relatórios e estatísticas, processamento de pagamentos e salas de espera virtuais. Leia mais sobre o Telemedicina Morsch
Solução brasileira de telemedicina e agendamento de consultas
O 4Medic é uma plataforma brasileira de telemedicina baseada na nuvem, projetada para ajudar as clínicas médicas a gerenciar consultórios e teleconsultas remotas de pacientes. Os médicos podem agendar consultas, escrever prescrições eletrônicas, armazenar dados do paciente, gerenciar contas financeiras e realizar consultas por... Leia mais sobre o 4Medic
Plataforma brasileira de telemedicina com videoconferência
O Doutor Ao Vivo é uma plataforma brasileira de telemedicina baseada na nuvem, com recursos importantes como salas de espera virtuais, prescrição digital, mecanismos de notificação e um escritório virtual personalizado. Os usuários podem realizar chamadas de vídeo e voz, gravar consultas e enviar resultados de exames aos pacientes. Leia mais sobre o Doutor Ao Vivo
French-language agenda and teleconsultation platform
Maiia is an agenda management and teleconsultation platform for France-based health professionals. Agendas can be created and customized within the platform and teleconsultations can be realized with or without appointments Leia mais sobre o Maiia
French-language teleconsultation solution for doctors
Livi is a French-language teleconsultation solution for healthcare professionals. The platform offers features such as video conferencing, patient accounts, secure health data storage, electronic prescription management, and more. Leia mais sobre o LIVI