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O Cadebill é uma solução de faturamento convergente para empresas de telefonia com um BSS integrado, OSS, gestão empresarial de telecomunicações e um fluxo de trabalho baseado em regras. Leia mais sobre o Cadebill
O Tridens Monetization permite que os prestadores de serviços lancem rapidamente serviços inovadores baseados em uso e assinatura digital que se diferenciem dos concorrentes, desenvolvam receitas recorrentes e aprofundem o relacionamento com os clientes. Leia mais sobre o Tridens Monetization
Webgility is a virtual bookkeeping software designed for ecommerce sellers who use QuickBooks or Xero. Webgility makes ecommerce easier for ecommerce sellers by automating busywork and data entry; Save money by replacing your bookkeeper. Leia mais sobre o Webgility
Simplify complex subscription billing and payments operations. Eliminate billing bottlenecks, get paid quickly, and scale your business without worries. Advanced, real-time reporting allows businesses to identify lost revenue and take actions to reduce revenue leakage. Leia mais sobre o Fusebill delivers agile billing and a powerful customer management system to scale with your growing business. Leia mais sobre o
Acorn is a cloud-based learning management software designed to help businesses create online courses and training programs for employees. Administrators can use the application to pin specific courses at the top of lists to promote new or time-relevant content. Leia mais sobre o Acorn
O Billsby é uma solução de cobrança recorrente projetada para ajudar empresas de vários setores a gerenciarem todo o ciclo de vida da assinatura, desde a criação do plano até o faturamento. Os principais recursos do Billsby incluem cobrança personalizável, gerenciamento de pedidos, um portal de autoatendimento, processamento de pagamentos e muito... Leia mais sobre o Billsby
O eXsight Call Accounting é uma solução totalmente integrada de gestão de comunicações unificadas e despesas de tecnologia com serviços gerenciados terceirizados opcionais. Leia mais sobre o eXsight
OneBill is a revenue management software that provides businesses with tools to streamline subscription management and billing processes. It enables to manage administrative operations, including automated order provisioning & activation, CPQ, revenue reporting, commission management, etc. Leia mais sobre o OneBill
O JeraSoft é uma solução de faturamento e roteamento multifuncional para automatizar e agilizar vários processos de faturamento de provedores de telecomunicações e IoT. Leia mais sobre o JeraSoft
Use Cloudmore to solve your B2B subscription billing and management challenges. Leia mais sobre o Cloudmore
Easily manage complex B2B subscription billing scenarios and drive long-term business value. Leia mais sobre o BLUIQ
IntegriBill is an accurate, affordable, feature-rich billing and customer care software for Telcos and MSPs. It benefits customers with affordable conversions, low monthly minimums, exceptional customer support, and nominal setup costs. Leia mais sobre o IntegriBill
We believe that people should pay only for the services they want and use. LogiSense provides of real-time usage and subscription-based billing solutions. We help businesses configure modern, sophisticated billing scenarios, allowing XaaS, telecom, enterprise and IoT companies to diversify their off Leia mais sobre o LogiSense Billing
MaxBill facilitates service providers' business growth by giving the full control over the company's operations, allowing for easy introduction and control of new services, partner onboarding and customer experience management. Leia mais sobre o MaxBill
Datagate is a telecom billing solution for MSPs that sell UCaaS, VoIP, mobile voice & data services under their own brand. Datagate integrates with popular software such as ConnectWise Manage, QuickBooks and Xero. Datagate & partners handle all telecom tax & compliance requirements in the US. Leia mais sobre o Datagate
Billit is an e-platform that provides businesses with financial management tools. Key features include invoicing, making payments, and cost tracking. Documents can be digitized, and the platform supports integration with other solutions, such as customer relationship management software. Leia mais sobre o Billit is an end-to-end Cloud Service Providers (CSP) automation platform that helps cloud distributors, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), Microsoft CSPs, and xSPs, allowing them to improve organizational workflows across cloud ecosystems. Leia mais sobre o
CySight enables organizations to tackle the increasing density, complexity, and expanse of modern physical and cloud networking. Deploying cyber network intelligence, CySight allows network and security teams to substantially accelerate incident response by eliminating blindspots, analyzing network telemetry to discover anomalies, uncover... Leia mais sobre o CySight
TRACT is a billing/subscription platform that supports any business model. Subscriptions usage, metering, rating, entitlements, machine to machine (IoT) & more. Leia mais sobre o Gotransverse
Telecom billing & revenue management which enables telecoms to introduce products, generate invoices, collect payments, offer bundles & much more. Leia mais sobre o TimelyBill
MBS is a billing and provisioning software designed to help businesses in the telecommunications sector manage tasks, customer relationships, accounting, and issue reporting. Administrators can add custom logos and advertisements to create personalized invoices. Leia mais sobre o MBS
Solução de CRM & Billing brasileira que favorece o crescimento da operação de cobrança recorrente, com maior automação de processos, governança de bases e compliance. A solução multi-moeda integra com diversos meios de cobrança e financeiras, além de integrar com diversos sistemas de mercado. Leia mais sobre o NG Billing by Objective
Magnaquest is a world leader in Subscription management, billing and CRM with a cloud-based product that handles all stages of subscriber life cycle management Leia mais sobre o SURE!
Convergent, extendable billing system for telecoms and service providers Leia mais sobre o Hydra Billing
Manage your entire subscriber lifecycle for multiple recurring revenue models, sales channels and products/services – boosting customer loyalty, ousting the competition and driving sales. Get the revenue you deserve by automating accounting, reporting and forecasting with a single capture source for revenue generation activities. Leia mais sobre o Aria Platform
CFAST is a cloud-based billing & provisioning solution for telecom operators which offers recurring billing, CDR, CRM, client portal, wholesales, and more Leia mais sobre o CFAST
Sakon TEM is a cloud-based telecom expense management software, which helps large enterprises manage cost and usage of communication inventory and associated IT services, such as mobile or wired telephony, cloud license tracking, and IoT connectivity. Leia mais sobre o Sakon
Splynx is a billing and network management software designed to help small to midsize internet providers handle subscribers, billing, and related operations. The system can be integrated into existing internet service provider (ISP) infrastructures and allows administrators to automate various processes. Leia mais sobre o Splynx
Cloud based end-to-end subscription and metered billing, customer care, business intelligence and analytics solution for communication service providers and IoT companies. Leia mais sobre o SpryBill
OpenEnvoy creates end-to-end visibility, greater operational efficiency, & improved cash flow for finance leaders and teams. Leia mais sobre o Open Envoy
Track and optimize wireline, mobile and cloud expenses and services in a single-pane view and allocate costs back to the business. You'll reduce costs by 20-30% a year, and continuously optimize your telecom, mobile, and cloud environments according to industry best practices. Leia mais sobre o Cimpl
Emersion is a business automation software designed to help businesses streamline billing, customer engagement, and payment processing operations via a unified platform. The application allows employees to automate recurring tasks, configure workflows, and display billing history and company logos on invoices. Leia mais sobre o Emersion
Invoice Cloud, an EngageSmart solution, provides online bill payment services for utilities, local government, insurance, and consumer finance. The SaaS platform offers a complete, and secure electronic bill and payment solution that can be configured to meet the unique needs of any organization. It engages customers throughout the payment process... Leia mais sobre o Invoice Cloud
CSG Singleview is a cloud-based billing and provisioning software designed to help businesses handle customer information and streamline convergent charging on a centralized platform. Supervisors can gain an overview of clients’ spending across various service types and charge them for transactions based on billing rules. Leia mais sobre o CSG Singleview
Core functions are: maintain master data, offer management, invoicing, ordering, warehouse management, statistics, interfaces to third-party software like webshops, shipping companies, accountings, payment terminals, storage solutions and many more. Leia mais sobre o OfficeNo1

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