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O Ingentis org.manager é uma solução de criação de organograma e publicação que permite aos usuários criar organogramas personalizados para tarefas relacionadas ao RH e compartilhá-los com grupos-alvo. O recurso de simulação permite editar, arrastar e soltar objetos. Leia mais sobre o Ingentis org.manager
Impulsione as metas de planejamento de sucessão e execute programas de mentoring de alto impacto, desenvolvidos com software de mentoring. Leia mais sobre o MentorcliQ
Prepare-se para a sucessão de funcionários-chave que se aposentam ou passam para novas funções. Garanta um plano ideal para a força de trabalho para aumentar o engajamento e retenção de funcionários e evitar custos de vacância de talentos com uma ferramenta de planejamento de sucessão completa. Leia mais sobre o BizMerlinHR
O AG5 é uma plataforma de gestão de habilidades que permite aos gerentes de operações e de RH gerenciar todas as habilidades profissionais e pessoais de todos os funcionários em toda a força de trabalho. Os gerentes podem substituir as planilhas de habilidades do Excel por matrizes de habilidades personalizáveis do AG5. Leia mais sobre o AG5 Skills Intelligence Software
Motivosity is a social platform where employees can give each other small monetary bonuses, connect with groups, and celebrate wins. Leia mais sobre o Motivosity
Dayforce is a global HCM platform that transforms the employee experience. It unifies data from across the entire employee lifecycle to enable better decision-making at every level. Leia mais sobre o Dayforce HCM
With Pingboard, everyone in the company has quick access to an intelligent org chart that includes contact info, who's out sick or working remote, birthdays and anniversaries, and who knows Ruby or loves to bike. Leia mais sobre o Pingboard
O UltiPro® da Ultimate Software ajuda organizações a melhorarem a experiência dos funcionários. Dê suporte aos funcionários e expanda a empresa com soluções de gestão de RH, folha de pagamento e talentos na nuvem que simplificam processos e aumentam a produtividade. Leia mais sobre o UKG Pro
Use Trakstar's 9-box grid to place employees by Performance and Potential. See where training and movement can help advance employees in the right direction. Leia mais sobre o Trakstar Performance Management
With Oracle Taleo Cloud, you can easily access key employee data and streamline operations with modules for every talent management process – from recruiting to performance management to learning and development. Leia mais sobre o Oracle Taleo Cloud
Build talent pipeline, improve bench strength and increase retention. Ensure your people are ready for tomorrows business challenges. Leia mais sobre o Saba Cloud
An intuitive user interface with mobile support that grows with your organization. SutiHR provides employee self-service & on-boarding, personnel, applicant tracking (ATS), integrated e-signature, time tracking, performance reviews, benefits, project tracking, and IT management. Leia mais sobre o SutiHR
With TalentSpace Succession, you can create competency-based talent pools that nurture top talent and ensure you retain a highly skilled and engaged workforce. Leia mais sobre o Saba TalentSpace
STRATWs ONE is a cloud-based strategic management software designed to help businesses track and measure organizational performance according to defined goals and objectives. Managers can monitor employees’ performance through analytical reports and consolidate data from different sources to facilitate decision-making processes. Leia mais sobre o STRATWs ONE
ELMO Succession Management is an invaluable way to retain employees, identify flight risks, determine skills gaps of high-potential employees and accelerate the development of skills ensuring a strong bench strength so that future roles can always be filled. Leia mais sobre o ELMO Software
Lattice makes people management software that allows forward-thinking HR admins to develop and engage high-performing teams. Leia mais sobre o Lattice
ChartHop delivers a fresh take on People Analytics, bringing disparate sources of people data together in a dynamic platform that’s visual and actionable. This helps companies improve organizational health, drive alignment and accountability, and save time and money. Leia mais sobre o ChartHop
Together Corporate Mentorship is an enterprise mentorship platform which enables companies of all sizes to implement best-practice workplace mentorship programs for employees using online tools including registration management, scheduling, pairing, development management, reporting, and more. Leia mais sobre o Together Enterprise Mentoring
Pick and choose from a comprehensive set of HR modules built for small and medium sized businesses. Easy to use and easy to implement. Leia mais sobre o Sprigg
Quantum Workplace is a cloud-based employee engagement solution, which assists businesses of all sizes with conducting surveys and collecting employee feedback. Key features include data analysis, automated reminders, goal setting, progress tracking, engagement tracking, and talent review. Leia mais sobre o Quantum Workplace
rexx systems is an integrated HR solution designed to help businesses manage processes related to human resources including recruiting, talent management & more. Users can create approval steps, staffing requests, appointments, and job advertisements as well as publish vacancies across job sites. Leia mais sobre o rexx systems
360 Degree Feedback Tool is a web-based employee evaluation platform with which SMBs & large enterprises can manage employee evaluations, assessments & reviews Leia mais sobre o Grapevine Evaluations
Uma solução SaaS (software como serviço) baseada na Internet ideal para organizações com 100 a 5.000 funcionários, o Sage People HCM foi desenvolvido para empresas de praticamente todos os setores. Leia mais sobre o Sage People
EmployeeConnect is a cloud-based human capital management software, which helps organizations manage onboarding, recruitment, benefits, and more. The platform enables businesses to create a personalized HR information system with custom workflows, menus, and forms. Leia mais sobre o EmployeeConnect
StaffCircle is web and mobile, employee relationship and management platform helping organisations Communicate and perform Appraisals and One2One check-ins with both non-desk & office-based employees. Users are provided with a web app branded to the business which can be accessed by any device. Leia mais sobre o StaffCircle is a cloud-based talent acquisition and management solution which helps HR teams manage the entire talent lifecycle through artificial intelligence, from hiring candidates to retaining employees. The platform also provides tools designed to eliminate bias and encourage diverse hiring. Leia mais sobre o
Skills DB Pro is a competency-based talent management tool that helps organizations assess and leverage their employees’ greatest assets, skills and competencies using tools to accurately track those skills, as well as qualifications, learning, and career paths to create individual development plans Leia mais sobre o Skills DB Pro
Sympa HR is a cloud-based HR management platform for businesses of all sizes, which helps streamline daily operations & manage all employee data on a unified system. With several modules for management of human capital, talent and reporting, the solution allows users to track ROI on routine tasks. Leia mais sobre o Sympa HR
StarMeUp is a cloud-based engagement and performance solution specifically designed for companies that value collaborative environments and peer recognition. It was made to create a culture of professional growth with end-to-end visibility for every employee. Leia mais sobre o StarMeUp
PageUp is a powerful talent management platform with unique capabilities to transform hiring and engagement experiences. Our tools enable businesses to find great team members that help drive the outcomes they need to be competitive. Leia mais sobre o PageUp
Empxtrack is a highly configurable, customizable and integrated cloud-based HR software that covers entire lifecycle of an employee. The product caters to needs of mid to large sized organizations, without disrupting their existing processes. Used in more than 20 countries, Empxtrack is known to improve user experience, increase employee productivi... Leia mais sobre o EmpXtrack
SilkRoad Performance (WingSpan) is a performance review solution that helps to increase productivity by motivating and developing employees. The performance management app lets you set company goals, evaluate employee skills, give feedback, provide opportunities for development, and link performance with compensation. SilkRoad Performance includes... Leia mais sobre o SilkRoad Performance
Workzoom is the all-in-one Talent, Workforce and Payroll solution that engages your employees, enlightens your leaders and helps you grow your business. Leia mais sobre o Workzoom
viaPeople Performance Management software enables users to easily manage performance evaluation administration. Some of the key features that streamline the process and guide you to success include 360 feedback, succession planning, organizational charting, consulting, implementation and more. Leia mais sobre o viaPeople Performance Evaluation
Fuel50 is an AI-powered marketplace that helps businesses deliver and streamline internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling Leia mais sobre o Fuel50
Talent Successor from Head Light enables organizations to embed succession planning into staff progression and ensure continuity of talent within key positions Leia mais sobre o Talent Successor
O SkillsBoard é uma solução de gestão de talentos e aprendizagem baseada em habilidades para empresas, que fornece ferramentas para gerenciar aprendizagem, avaliações, comentários, habilidades, entre outros. A plataforma baseada na nuvem fornece passaportes de habilidades portáteis para os funcionários acompanharem e compartilharem suas habilidades... Leia mais sobre o SkillsBoard
Gloat is a talent marketplace designed to help businesses manage processes across workforce' upskilling, reskilling, career development, succession planning, networking, and other use cases. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze multiple data sources including resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and employment records to... Leia mais sobre o Gloat
Centranum is a web-based modular talent management solution designed for knowledge-intensive industries to manage employee performance and track ​competencies Leia mais sobre o Centranum
TalentGuard's Succession planning software enables organizations to determine key roles, identify high-potential employees who can fill those roles, create dedicated talent pools and accelerate the development of skills required to be successful. Leia mais sobre o Performance Management
Pounse is a cloud-based applicant tracking solution that helps hiring managers and candidates streamline recruiting processes. It lets recruiters create pre-screening questionnaires using customizable templates, enabling them to assess candidates’ eligibility for specific job roles. Leia mais sobre o Pounse
HR Central is a human resources software that comes with a policy and procedure tracker, payroll management, performance management, an employee notification system, document storage, and more. The systems also allows organizations to send out employement contracts to qualified candidates that can be received via email and signed through digital... Leia mais sobre o HR Central
Xrosswork is a employee talent pool and HR management SaaS solution that helps companies find employee talents, exchange knowledge and create open opportunities for everyone. Leia mais sobre o Xrosswork
Dedicated software for human resources that will increase efficiency by automating Human Resources processes. Leia mais sobre o Humatch

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