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Cin7 is the automated inventory management platform for brands growing their revenue over $1 million. Cin7 synchronizes their stock with sales and orders across every physical and online sales channel and automates order processes for greater efficiency. Cin7 is not ideal for Rentals or Asset management type of businesses. Brands that sell or distribute products use Cin7 to keep costs down, margins and cash flow high and stock at the right level.

Cin7 Omni is a highly configurable inventory management and order management solution with built-in EDI and integrations to all the popular ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and 3PLs. It's best-in-class for all combinations of B2B and D2C sales channels, warehouses, shipping, and fulfillment. Cin7 Omni provides exceptional automations, workflows, reports, and analysis to enable brands, retailers, and wholesalers to operate efficiently as they scale and efficiently match demand to supply.

Preços a partir de:

325,00 US$/mês

  • Versão gratuita
  • Teste Grátis
  • Assinatura

5 principais alternativas ao Cin7 Omni

Principais benefícios do Cin7 Omni

Stock can be marked with custom statuses, including faulty, reserved, and in transit, allowing users to flag stock or reserve goods during a transition

Users can sell directly from distribution center stock if a shop’s stock is insufficient, with no need for branch transfers

Cin7 processes sales over multiple channels with all stock synced in real time

Stock can be tracked across multiple branches through one Cin7 account, maintaining accurate figures when stock is distributed between locations

Stock can be bought and sold in different units, with Cin7 tracking based on the main unit of measure, with orders able to be displayed in another unit at a different price

Cin7’s cloud POS can continue to work even when not connected to the internet

Consumidores típicos

  • Autônomos
  • Pequenas empresas (2-50)
  • Médias empresas (51-500)
  • Grandes empresas (500 ou mais)


  • Baseado na nuvem
  • Instalação local


Austrália, Brasil, Canadá, China, Alemanha , Reino Unido, Índia, Japão, México, Nova Zelândia, Estados Unidos



Preços a partir de:

325,00 US$/mês

  • Versão gratuita
  • Teste Grátis
  • Assinatura

5 principais alternativas ao Cin7 Omni


Cin7 Omni Software - 1
Cin7 Omni Software - 2
Cin7 Omni Software - 3
Cin7 Omni Software - 4
Cin7 Omni Software - 5
Cin7 Omni Software - 6
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Cin7 Omni - Vídeo
Cin7 Omni Software - 1
Cin7 Omni Software - 2
Cin7 Omni Software - 3
Cin7 Omni Software - 4
Cin7 Omni Software - 5
Cin7 Omni Software - 6


Total de recursos do Cin7 Omni: 137

  • API
  • Acesso offline
  • Acesso para Celular
  • Administração da distribuição
  • Administração de website
  • Alertas/notificações
  • Análise de dados em tempo real
  • Análise de tendências de vendas
  • Arquivo morto e retenção
  • Arrastar e soltar
  • Atendimento do pedido
  • Atualização em tempo real
  • Auditoria de inventário
  • Automação de pedidos
  • Banco de dados de contatos
  • Banco de dados do cliente
  • Barcode/Ticket Scanning
  • CRM
  • Campos personalizáveis
  • Carrinho de compras
  • Catalogação/Categorização
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Cobrança e faturamento
  • Compatibilidade com vários formatos
  • Compras e recebimento
  • Contas de clientes
  • Controle de estoque
  • Controles/permissões de acesso
  • Código de barras/RFID
  • Códigos SKU/UPC
  • Dados em tempo real
  • Etiquetagem
  • Etiquetas de remessas
  • Gerenciamento de SEO
  • Gerenciamento de aplicativos
  • Gerenciamento de e-mails
  • Gerenciamento de faturas
  • Gerenciamento de multicanal
  • Gerenciamento de pedidos de compra
  • Gestão 3PL
  • Gestão da cadeia de fornecedores
  • Gestão da qualidade
  • Gestão de Pedidos em Espera
  • Gestão de aquisições
  • Gestão de armazéns
  • Gestão de artigos reservados
  • Gestão de canais
  • Gestão de clientes
  • Gestão de comissões
  • Gestão de comércio eletrônico
  • Gestão de conteúdo
  • Gestão de descontos
  • Gestão de devoluções
  • Gestão de estoques
  • Gestão de estoques
  • Gestão de estoques de fabricação
  • Gestão de estoques do varejo
  • Gestão de exceções
  • Gestão de fornecedores
  • Gestão de importação/exportação
  • Gestão de impostos de vendas
  • Gestão de itens
  • Gestão de mercadorias
  • Gestão de pedidos
  • Gestão de pedidos especiais
  • Gestão de projetos
  • Gestão de promoções
  • Gestão de recebimento e armazenamento
  • Gestão de remessas
  • Gestão de renovações de pedidos
  • Gestão de vales-presente
  • Gestão do fluxo de trabalho
  • Histórico de transações
  • Histórico do cliente
  • Identificação do produto
  • Imagem de marca personalizável
  • Importação/exportação de dados
  • Impressão de códigos de barras
  • Impressão de rótulos
  • Integração da contabilidade
  • Integração de QuickBooks
  • Integração de mercado
  • Integrações de terceiros
  • Kits
  • Lembretes
  • Listas de materiais
  • Marketing por e-mail
  • Modelos
  • Modelos personalizáveis
  • Monitoramento
  • Monitoramento em tempo real
  • Múltiplas moedas
  • Operações de negócios integradas
  • Orçamentos/estimativas
  • Otimização de estoques
  • PDV para varejo
  • Pagamentos eletrônicos
  • Painel de atividades
  • Para B2B
  • Para varejistas
  • Pedido por correio
  • Pedidos de vendas
  • Pedidos recorrentes
  • Personalização
  • Pesquisa e filtro
  • Planejamento de vendas e operações
  • Ponto de vendas (PDV)
  • Previsão
  • Previsão da demanda
  • Previsão de vendas
  • Processamento de cartões de crédito
  • Processamento de pagamentos
  • Processamento de pedidos
  • Programa de fidelidade
  • Programação de fluxo de trabalho
  • Rastreamento de estoque
  • Rastreamento de pedidos
  • Rastreamento do custo
  • Rastreamento do número de série
  • Reconhecimento de códigos de barras
  • Recurso AS2
  • Registro de pedidos
  • Relatórios de vendas
  • Relatórios e análise de dados
  • Relatórios e estatística
  • Relatórios em tempo real
  • Relatórios personalizáveis
  • Reposição de estoque
  • Seguimento de status
  • Segurança de dados
  • Sincronização de dados
  • Sincronização em tempo real
  • Suporte de banco de dados
  • Transformação de dados
  • Troca de dados eletrônicos
  • Várias localizações
  • Várias lojas



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Classificação geral

4,3 /5
Relação qualidade/preço
Suporte ao cliente

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Exibindo 5 avaliações de 530
Classificação geral
  • Setor: Gestão de organizações sem fins lucrativos
  • Porte da empresa: 2-10 funcionários
  • Usado Diariamente durante 1 a 5 meses
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Praticidade
  • Suporte ao cliente
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 10.0 /10

Cin7 has transformed our small business - We absolutely love Cin7.

Avaliado em 23/11/2017


Integrates all of our Sales Channels with our inventory management - streamlines our business - Customer Support is absolutely Outstanding.
Cin7 has transformed our small business and we could not be happier. Cin7 consolidates all of our sales channels; to include, 2 EDI sales channels. To have all sales channels integrated with inventory management in one application streamlined our business processes and reduced manual admin requirements. Truly, Cin7 is one of a few applications where technology actually reduces workload and frees up our small staff to focus on marketing, product development, and customer service.

The Cin7 customer support is OUTSTANDING. Our On-Boarding Account Manager was fantastic. The Support team made our transition to EDI smooth and they patiently trained us to automate our EDI processes. The telephone support provided is priceless. Knowing that we can reach out for help, around the clock, from an intelligent and caring "human" is absolutely essential for our small team of 8 employees. Each of us multitasks and manage many applications...we do NOT have time to be experts in any one application. We do NOT have time to read technical information, use forums, or play the back and forth never ending game of trouble tickets. With Cin7, we don't have too. We can simply pick up the phone and get help Immediately.

In the strongest term, we high Recommend Cin7 to anyone who is serious about running a successful eCommerce Business.


We did not have a way to import sales history from Stitchlabs...there might be a way..need to assess

Resposta do Cin7

Thank you for a Fantastic five star for Cin7. We are glad you liked Cin7 and our service. We will get in touch with you shortly about your query on importing sales history

Classificação geral
  • Setor: Empacotamento e contêineres
  • Porte da empresa: 11-50 funcionários
  • Usado Diariamente durante Mais de um ano
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Praticidade
  • Suporte ao cliente
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 7.0 /10

CIN7 is Great for the Middle Tier company looking to move from small business

Avaliado em 12/07/2022

CIN7 was easy to implement into our Techstack, When placing orders on CIN7 it was made with ease....

CIN7 was easy to implement into our Techstack, When placing orders on CIN7 it was made with ease. But CIN7 only works with small to mid-level businesses. If your company continues to grow, You will grow out of CIN7.


CIN7 works excellently as a Sales Tool, CRM, and Order Management software when connecting your eCommerce platform. it is excellent for Small businesses looking to get a grip on a more enterprise-level Inventory Management system.


CIN7 works great for a company not focused on manufacturing and just distribution. Due to CIN7 not being able to Commit stock for Backorders. Also not being able to have a Barcode System is a negative aspect.

Alternativas consideradas

Fishbowl, NetSuite e Zoho Desk

Razões para escolher o Cin7 Omni

Zarmoney was only able to keep inventory, Not locations, and create sales orders.

Software anterior


Razões para mudar para o Cin7 Omni

CIN7 was just the right fit for us at the right time
Classificação geral
  • Setor: Design
  • Porte da empresa: 2-10 funcionários
  • Usado Diariamente durante 6 a 12 meses
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Praticidade
  • Suporte ao cliente
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 1.0 /10

Integrated software reduces operational costs. cin7 is non-integrated with heavy duplication.

Avaliado em 13/11/2017

cin7 Reduced duplicated effort from even worse. Our worst duplication with cin7 sitting @ 6x. With...

cin7 Reduced duplicated effort from even worse. Our worst duplication with cin7 sitting @ 6x. With prior it peaked at 9x. I see cin7 as terrible, but an huge improvement on what we were doing before. cin7 saving a year is less than what I recommended.

Problems for small businesses is the software designed by people with no systems background so they make electronic versions of prior poor manual systems. Or they modulize to the point of making a complete mess.
Accountants pushing for commissions like Xero, making recommendations to people who have no idea who to ask advice, when the accountants have no idea! If cin7/QuickBooks/Reckon/Unleashed/MYOB etc would just hire a proper systems analyst and streamline the systems for decent integration, without excessive modulization which ruins the ease of use. If they did this, business software would be over 10x better than it is today. Many of cin7 maintenance problems built on poor design. From the sidelines can see this. Eg forms that they fix, then it updates back to overtyping, this a symptom of poor design.

Take quote #, Sales #, Invoice #, together that's 3 different numbers and a mess to navigate over multiple forms. If they would just use one number through quotes/sales/invoices, that would simplify and make easier to use. Add in credits that entered as negative sales on some systems, that's 4 different numbers! Find a customer by email or phone# cant be done in cin7. Finding by phone number better than surname if have more customers, yet cin7 not done enough with named customers to have discovered this yet.

Normalise design. While I was at university they recommended that business software should aim for 5NF, unless some reason for added speed. Yet today we have laggy software that grass grows faster than. So much overhead like cin7, they 1-30 seconds lag for doing anything. They taken the speed saving of reports too far, optimising for a seldom run report, at the expense of operational speed. They need to look at what is operationally most used. They can still add a little overhead for report speeds, but do it through better design with less overhead.


Some accountants with no knowledge of systems recommended it and that sold cin7 to our business as the accountants poor advice was valued more highly than someone who had actual knowledge of business information systems. It has an easier to dump in pricing structure than most, but at the same time it is easy to make a mess of. It has some connectivity, but connectivity never matches full integration.

I gave it a 35/100 last year as its not an integrated system and it slipped a few points with use. A much better integrated system scored much higher than this but had a smaller support team and had a higher cost per year but was operationally much cheaper through increased labour savings from reduced duplicated effort and errors. Business chose cheap, going for the more operationally expensive cin7 option for its lower up-front costs even with the higher duplicated effort outlined to them, they didn't understand nor listen to what that meant. Since then cin7 prices jumped by over 50%, no doubt from their design structure creating maintenance problems.

cin7 has its B2B, yet its poor pricing structure also makes its own problems for the B2B. Where cin7 will find a product, the B2B cuts off after a few (hundred) entries using the same search criteria. Its B2B design interface looks something over 20 year old, and it doesn't match what you see.


cin7 is cloud based which about the only thing that is modern. Its design is antiquated and could have come out the 1960's where they just made electronic versions of poor manual systems, making poor computer systems.

Popup help been around over 20 years, yet cin7 not yet discovered. The whole system is a flat file design that would get a tertiary student a fail for designing it. Its still 1NF or 2NF that has huge duplicated effort. Any integrated system would be an improvement. reducing duplicated effort towards none.

Take stock locations. This has been added to cin7, but not in a usable way as its been designed by someone with no understanding of inventory. Any better inventory system will see locations as just a column of data. But cin7, it basically adds 2 rows each item making things forms harder to read. Cant allocate stock to a job.

Take forms. Where a job done properly would see a standard template operating. cin7 has a different form for every iteration, making a mess for maintenance. So when cin7 fixes a form displaying incorrectly (been done), they update and overwrite the correction so it displays incorrectly again. We have had overtyping on some printed forms for like 200 of the last 210 days and they have attempted to correct this on more than a dozen tries.

Pricing, cin7 still not discovered dates, nor full currencies, having instead a limited flat file design vs more flexible normalised design.

So much potential, for poor implementation.

Resposta do Cin7

Hi Michael,
Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that it has not met your expectation. We have investigated all cases logged by users from your company and upon review, they have all been addressed. There is a lot more to our features and capability for example the searching for customers by email or phone number can actually be done in Cin7. If you would like to be shown how to do this, we're more than happy to jump on a call to help you make the most of Cin7.

Jan Rae
Classificação geral
  • Setor: Varejistas
  • Porte da empresa: 11-50 funcionários
  • Usado Diariamente durante 1 a 5 meses
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Praticidade
  • Suporte ao cliente
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 7.0 /10

Overall good onboarding experience nearing the end of the process

Avaliado em 22/11/2022

Onboarding got better at the end, when [SENSITIVE CONTENT] took over from Ishak, the process was...

Onboarding got better at the end, when [SENSITIVE CONTENT] took over from Ishak, the process was more smooth, replies got a bit faster and meetings were detailed. He was very patient and hardworking, he would take it upon himself to fully understand our issue and gives all the possible solution. Friendly and nice person to work with


The ease of setting up the CRM and linking all the products to the specific supplier. setting/ linking of products from Shopify to Cin7 was good, did not have so much problem and I was well assisted by [SENSITIVE CONTENT] on the overall onboarding process.


I wish the option to send DOs or other email is not limited to the Sales Order Module only, such as branch transfer. The restriction of not being able to adjust or send over kits through branch transfer is a little bit of a hassle.

Classificação geral
  • Setor: Fabricação elétrica/eletrônica
  • Porte da empresa: 2-10 funcionários
  • Usado Diariamente durante 1 a 5 meses
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Praticidade
  • Suporte ao cliente
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 8.0 /10

Geting on board with Cin7

Avaliado em 21/06/2022

The platform is clearly laid out and fairly easy to navigate. The move to the new Cin7 system has...

The platform is clearly laid out and fairly easy to navigate. The move to the new Cin7 system has meant a mass migration of a lot of information but has been surprisingly easy to ensure all our stock is reflected and priced correctly in the new platform. The help feature and Cin7 academy have proved invaluable in filling any knowledge gaps, and we have received great assistance in ironing out any issues from the customer support given.


The onboarding experience has been going very smoothly largely due to the wealth of information provided thru the Cin7 Academy, as well as customer support given for any integration and learning issues through active meeting sessions. Our contact [SENSITIVE CONTENT]
has been most helpful.


Have yet to run into any major hiccups as only in first month or so of using software, so far no major issues, platform can perform all tasks required as out previous software had.

Alternativas consideradas

Fishbowl, Zoho Books e Xero

Razões para escolher o Cin7 Omni

The Quickbooks product was finishing and ending business in Australia from July 10, 2022, so this is the reason we have switched to another platform before the end of the financial year.

Software anterior

QuickBooks Desktop Pro

Razões para mudar para o Cin7 Omni

CIN7 looked to provide the best support to transition from one system to another and level of customer support throughout. Platform looked simple to navigate.
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O Cin7 Omni oferece os seguintes planos de pagamento:

  • A partir de: 325,00 US$/mês
  • Modelo de preços: Assinatura
  • Avaliação gratuita: Disponível

Os clientes habituais do Cin7 Omni são:

2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1 000, 1 001-5 000

O Cin7 Omni está nos seguintes idiomas:


O Cin7 Omni é compatível com os seguintes dispositivos:

Android (celular), iPhone (celular), iPad (tablet)

O Cin7 Omni se integra com os seguintes aplicativos:

3PL Warehouse Manager, Adobe Commerce, Afterpay, Authorize.Net, BigCommerce, Capsule, EVO Payments, Google Drive, Inventory Planner, JAS 7.6, JOOR, Mailchimp, Maropost Commerce Cloud, Marsello, Microsoft Excel, NuORDER, OFX USForex, Online Auction System, PayPal, Payability, Prospect CRM, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Quickbooks Online, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Senter, ShipBob, ShipHero, ShipStation, Shipedge, Shipfusion, Shippit, Shiptheory, Shipwire, Shopify, Starshipit, StockTrim, Streamline, Stripe, SyncHub, TransferMate, Windcave, WooCommerce, Wufoo, Xero

O Cin7 Omni oferece as seguintes opções de suporte:

Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Fórum, Base de conhecimento, Suporte por telefone, Assistência 24/7, Bate-papo

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