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O que torna o Virtuagym tão especial?

Combinando o que há de mais recente em tecnologia baseada em nuvem com conhecimento especializado no setor de academias, o Virtuagym é uma plataforma construída a partir do zero para empresas ambiciosas.

Um software para academia que transpira usabilidade, o Virtuagym criou uma solução completa que abre novos fluxos de receita, reduz o tempo de administração e, por fim, fornece a plataforma perfeita para elevar sua academia de ginástica.

Com uma ampla gama de funcionalidades, como sistemas de check-in na entrada da academia e cobrança automatizada, o Virtuagym é adaptável a empresas de todas as formas e tamanhos.

Criar uma loja virtual é um processo simplificado. Com módulos incorporados para faturamento e cobrança, não há necessidade de combinar várias soluções para colocá-lo em funcionamento. O Virtuagym faz tudo para você, a um preço baixo.

Mas isso não é tudo, o mundo do Virtuagym é seu para explorar. Faça uma demonstração gratuita ainda hoje.


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Ásia, Austrália, Brasil, Canadá, China e outros 5, Europa, Alemanha, Índia, Japão, América Latina


Holandês, Inglês, Francês, Alemão, Italiano e outros 5, Polonês, Português, Russo, Espanhol, Turco

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68% avaliações positivas
Muito bom
Ryan L.
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By far the BEST training software for Fitness Professionals!

Usado Diariamente durante 6 a 12 meses
Avaliado em 03/02/2017
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

I have been using Virtuagym since April 2016.. I have used other platforms for my business (Mindbody, AmStatz, MyPTHub).. Virtuagym is on another level. There is a reason why they are internationally recognized and used by gyms around the WORLD. What sets them apart from any other service out there is there database of exercises and the ability to demonstrate each movement without having to be sent to a youtube video. The workout builder is awesome and very easy to use. The ONLY problem I can say about it is I wish there was a way to switch between reps vs time on exercises, and allow a way to create supersets & circuits. I have been able to easily work around that by just adding a note in the specific workouts I create. And their customer service has already confirmed them working on updating that portion of the software. Speaking of customer service.. They are amazing! You can call them anytime and speak to a real person! If you email them about an issue, someone replies within an hour.
Scheduling clients is super easy. The app allows clients to register for their classes and automatically tracks remaining sessions/credits.
The nutrition side is great for holding clients accountable and works similarly to myfitnesspal, but better, mainly because it is integrated with the workout portion of the program allowing clients to track calories burned/consumed. As the trainer it allows us to monitor each client individually allowing the info to remain private between trainer/client.
The software also has a online portal allowing you to create "groups".. This allows you to separate members and easily communicate with your entire team.
Overall I absolutely LOVE Virtuagym. Whether you're running a small studio (like me) or managing a large capacity box gym, investing in Virtuagym will instantly separate you from your "competition", especially with the custom mobile app!
*****5 STARS ALL DAY! *****


Everything! But most of all I like the Workout Builder. 2nd would be the "Online Portal"


The ONLY thing I wish they would update is the Workout Builder.. Offering buttons to more easily switch reps/time, type of workout (circuit, hiit, supersets). Also maybe a way to copy exercises if you are doing them more than once within a workout? Virtuagym has already confirmed they are working on updates. In the meantime I have been able to easily work around these by adding little notes within the specific workouts.

Resposta do Virtuagym

Hi Ryan,

thank you so much for your feedback! Just reading this made us feel proud about the hard work we all put into creating not only a great product but also cater each client's specific needs.

As my colleagues have already confirmed, we are currently building a new version of the workout editor which will include many more different functions such as circuits and supersets.

All best,

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Joost H.
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VG can be big

Usado Diariamente durante Mais de dois anos
Avaliado em 16/06/2016
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

I like VG because it offers it all. In the beginning the development went very fast, but lately I didn't see a lot of improvements. The small details make VG hard to work with. And also for training, I don't like it. It's to complex The supportservice is great and doing the best they can.
I hope the development will show some results in the next year.


Virtuagym tries to be a total sollution, and will be that. But for no it's "in progress".

Has a lot to offer.
The foodapp is great
Customer administrations is good, but need a lot of solvings
Roster app is great. Easy overview of groupsessons and PT.
Extra pay options are good.


Trainingsapp is to difficult to use. Takes to much time to search for excersises.
App is not ready for Ipad.
Customer administrations is not perfect, but for that goal it has to be perfect. It's so unhandy that you cannot undo your actions.
Coachingapp is not usable to coach. I want to get a sigh when it's my cliënts birthday, when they want or need contact with an instructor.
Taskapp is not easy to use.

Resposta do Virtuagym

Hi Joost, thank you for your honest and elaborate feedback! We are very sorry to hear that you feel Virtuagym is not offering the things you need as a total package at this point. Lately we have focused a lot of attention on creating new option in our Financial part. For example, we now offer recurring online payments for the whole world! Next to that, we've had updates like iCal/Google Calendar connection with the scheduling app, scanning your POS items with a barcode scanner, more check-in options and in the next update you'll see we've been working hard on a Walkthrough system for new (and existing) customers! In the upcoming months, we expect to release more features regarding invoices, but also a new Schedule and of course the long awaited Workout Editor. We are still working on that, it's just a huge project! We'd love to have a call to talk about important things you feel are missing and how we could improve your experience. I will contact you later this week! Regards, Floor

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Daniel D.
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Virtuagym: great all-in-one system

Avaliado em 10/03/2017
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

My partner and I began with Virtuagym after I had investigated their booth at the 2016 Club Industry Show in Chicago.
From a mobile-fitness owner's standpoint and for traditional clubs, this system can be your go-to for a complete software.
First off, their support is exceptional with live chat and dedicated, rapid email response. All of my concerns and questions were always answered in a timely manner and from my requests, they've made changes to our system for us on what we wanted.

For specific feautures, Ill touch on a few, but their pdf catalog/brochure really lays out everything nicely for what is offered.
New and existing members can sign up for the system via request or going to the club's "online shop" where they may browse the club's products and packages. They can view a schedule with the club's class listings and book their spot. Member's receive their own profile page which can be customized and it is part of the club's own social feed. Groups can be added for different demographic purposes for what population the content speaks to.

Members can create their own workouts from a large exercise and activity database, track their progress with many measurement options. Track food with a huge database of foods as well as create your own meals by saving particular foods in the nutrition diary as a meal, so it can be accessed later if the client makes and eats the same thing. Nutrition facts are clearly displayed and this can be a good tool, however does take time and work for one to become proficient and willing to do this all the time.

The system syncs with Fitbit for basic statistics and VG has their own activity trackers that go with their system, NeoHealth, which could be a promotion to members.

From a personal coaching standpoint, I would grade this system a B. Ive been told some updates are near that would work out some kinks and be useful additions. Push notifications, a "circuit/superset" option in the workout builder, majority of posts on the social feed go through, but some receive an error and most be re-entered.
But alot is offered. You can send workouts and activities to the client's activity calendar, set up and fill in their meal plan and set goals.

For business, everything is offered. Point of sale, kiosk check ins, marketing, services, memberships and more can be edited for the individual club or coach's liking

Resposta do Virtuagym

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your nice review and for your accurate description of our service! It is great to see how well you are doing and how efficiently we are helping you run your business!

Features such as push notification and superset editor (and much more!) are currently in our roadmap, and we hope they will be implemented soon, in order to make us deserve your A-grade!

We thank you for the valuable time that you have spent to write this review, and please do not hesitate to reach out if anything!

Have a great day,

Walter - Virtuagym Customer Success Department

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Oliver R.
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Usado Diariamente durante 1 a 5 meses
Avaliado em 20/08/2018
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

My business model required a software where we can prescribe and schedule exercise for business travellers and the Virtugym software has way exceeded our expectations and in fact has shaped our business plan much more than we could of antipated.


The software is extremely versatile which has shaped the business direction of our physical activity intervention for the corporate market.

The number of exercises and activities listed in the library is amazing, you can really shape your fitness programming to any demographic, we specialise in corporate health and the library provides everything and more for our exercise prescription.

Finally, I find that the using the animated personal trainer is really motivating for clients as they are not intimidated by a perfectly toned personal trainer, which can be demotivating, this tool enables you to look at the character and visualise that you can do the exercise demonstrated by looking at an illustration.


In the membership phase of setting up the software, it would be useful if you can delete membership you no longer wish to keep active, you can only disable them. However, when I asked a member of the customer support team did explain that other users accidentally deleted memberships, so this is why Virtuagym implemented the disable option. So I guess the users need to be more carefull.

Resposta do Virtuagym

Hi Oliver,

Thank you so much for your amazing review and the time you took to write it!

We are so happy that you and your customers are happy with our product. Of course, we are aware that we can always improve and therefore customers like you who spend time to give us valuable feedback are truly important to us. Hopefully we'll be able to find a more elegant solution to the membership deletion in the future!

If you have any more feedback for us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via chat or email!
- Anna, Virtuagym Client Success Department

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Allen L.
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Customer retention and ease of communication was our primary goal this software smashed those goals

Usado Diariamente durante 1 a 5 meses
Avaliado em 08/06/2018
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra


The fact that I can communicate with all my members in one place, schedule, take payments and have the full functionality of the finance section, but also add in as many staff members as needed specifically to their individual departments just Love this option. Great to track memberships and attendance as well as online option to our business.
The support by far is AWESOME the team that looks after the UK clients are simply incredible and they go over and above to help and have worked late working on our system and to know that you have a full office pulling out all the stops to make things awesome for your business is such a relief. Telephone, email and chat feature are the support methods and when that office is shut other offices worldwide pick up the issue and assist so the support package is by far the best I've come across and without them I would have not stayed with the software. But they have gone above and beyond to help us get it right and that I value a lot, team is fantastic real-life hero's


The notifications are not very quick, and the apps are individual as opposed to being just one for portal, food and coaching. Lot to get head around at first but support is incredible

Resposta do Virtuagym

Hi Allen,

Thank you so much for your kind review!

We are so happy to hear you're happy with our product and services. As a company, we try to improve and learn every single day and that is why your feedback is so incredibly important to us!

We know what a daunting and difficult process it is to adapt and learn a new system. There is usually a lot to learn and not much time to do so - However, that is why we are here to help, assist, consult and guide you.

Please do know that if you have any feedback or require any assistance from us we're happy to help! :) - Anna, Virtuagym Client Success Department

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  • Agendamento automatizado
  • Agendamento de aulas
  • Agendamento de eventos
  • Banco de dados do cliente
  • Cobrança e faturamento
  • Cobrança recorrente
  • Controle de tempo e comparecimento
  • Gestão de calendários
  • Gestão de comparecimento
  • Gestão de inscrições
  • Integração de site
  • Notificações automáticas
  • PDV
  • Pagamentos eletrônicos
  • Painel de atividades
  • Portal do cliente
  • Processamento de cartões de crédito
  • Relatórios e estatística

  • Formulários personalizados
  • Lembretes automáticos

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