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Web-based payroll timesheet & project time tracking system

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Pacific Timesheet provides time and expense software for payroll and project management, equipment, materials, production and various logs tracking. Time management features include attendance tracking for individuals and crews, time off and absence management, approvals, billing and pay rate options. Time off management includes balance and accrual rules, employee leave requests, validations, approvals and multiple holiday scheduling.

The system includes a custom reporting engine that allows for advanced sql filters and custom sql expressions for all data. We provide project manager dashboards to assist in monitoring estimated hours to complete, project budget variances, and project deadlines. Pacific Timesheet is offered in the cloud or on-premise, which supports all versions of Linux and Windows Server, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases. Our interfaces support Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Safari and Android browsers. We also support iOS and Android apps for individual and crew-based time, expense, asset and log tracking.

We support web-based biometric and proximity time clocks and IVR phone interfaces primarily for time and attendance applications. Pacific Timesheet uses the leading Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) Dell Boomi, and also provides integration services using its own propriety integration tools. Professional services include training services such as user guides, end user training for various user roles, video training development, implementation services and consulting services to develop product and feature enhancements for customers.

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Principais benefícios do Pacific Timesheet

Employee and crew time, expense, asset, production and log tracking with flexible templates to match any time and expense sheets, tracking sheets and logs.

Attendance, time off and absence management, absence points tracking, absence warnings, leave accruals, time off requests, approvals and holiday schedules allow for comprehensive monitoring and management of employee work and leave performance.

Advanced employee work schedules such as 9/80 compressed and 4/10's support holiday worked, call out and on-call pay adders.

Project time and expense sheet approvals allow for project managers to track, approve and control their projects, while other supervisory and HR can be setup to monitor and approve all aspects of an employee's work and leave hours and expenses.

Custom reporting engine provides more than 100 details and summary reporting templates with custom daily, weekly, monthly or yearly formats, targeted subtotals for reporting columns, advanced dynamic filters, SQL expressions and SQL filters, and the ability to generate reports in html, PDF, Excel or .csv formats.

Pacific Timesheet's architecture allows for surprising flexibility using simple intuitive interfaces, with no back-end coding or professional services required.


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Austrália, Canadá, China, Reino Unido, Índia, Estados Unidos


alemão, chinês, espanhol, francês, inglês, italiano

Preços a partir de:


  • Versão gratuita
  • Teste Grátis
  • Assinatura

5 principais alternativas ao Pacific Timesheet


Total de recursos do Pacific Timesheet: 46

  • API
  • Acesso para Celular
  • Acompanhamento de atividades
  • Administração FMLA
  • Banco de dados de funcionários
  • Cartão perfurado
  • Cartão perfurado online
  • Cobrança e faturamento
  • Comercial
  • Compressão
  • Controle de despesas
  • Controle de horas
  • Controle de horas pelo cliente
  • Controle de horas pelo projeto
  • Controle de licenças
  • Controle de licenças médicas
  • Controle de tempo offline
  • Controle de tempo por celular
  • Cálculo de horas extras
  • Edifícios residenciais
  • Geração de relatórios de incidentes
  • Gerenciamento de documentos
  • Gestão da folha de pagamento
  • Gestão de calendários
  • Gestão de empreiteiras
  • Gestão de fornecedores
  • Gestão de reembolsos
  • Gestão de terceirização
  • Gestão do quadro de horários
  • Horas faturáveis e não faturáveis
  • Monitoramento
  • Monitoramento de tempo online
  • Planejamento de pessoal
  • Portal de autoatendimento
  • Rastreamento de equipamentos
  • Rastreamento de orçamentos/Custos do trabalho
  • Rastreamento de vagas e licenças
  • Rastreamento do projeto
  • Reconhecimento biométrico
  • Registro automático de tempo
  • Relatórios de resumos
  • Relatórios e análise de dados
  • Relógio de ponto online
  • Seguimento de assalariados
  • Solicitações de tempo livre
  • Taxas de cobrança múltiplas



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4,7 /5
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So easy to use!

Avaliado em 10/10/2017


Switching from ADP, Pacific Timesheet has been nothing short of a god-send in terms of our employees completing their timesheets. It is more intuitive, straightforward, and completely uncluttered with extraneous info employees don't need. Most of all, our employees love that we can pre-load time coding in, so they choose what they worked on and how much time, and the system does the rest.


I love everything about it, but they could improve their website a bit. It's stuck in 2005 and could be updated to (1) look more modern, and (2) be mobile-friendly.

Avaliador Verificado
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  • Setor: Gestão da educação
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Classificação geral

  • Praticidade
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 9.0 /10

Simple, user-friendly timesheets

Avaliado em 12/03/2018


Pacific Timesheet is very easy to use as an employee submitting timesheets, requesting time off, and calculating remaining vacation time/sick time, etc.


A lot of the PTO balances are shown in hours, which is very useful for admin, but slightly less useful for a user thinking in terms of days rather than hours. Not a big deal but worth noting.

Diane H.
Classificação geral
  • Setor: Administração pública
  • Porte da empresa: 11-50 funcionários
  • Usado Diariamente durante Mais de um ano
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  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Praticidade
  • Suporte ao cliente
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 8.0 /10

Pacific timesheet

Avaliado em 23/10/2019

Promotes organization. Traceability, ease of use,advance planning available, coordination with...

Promotes organization. Traceability, ease of use,advance planning available, coordination with staff for vacations etc


AN ABILITY to edit. Keeps track of days, vacation, time off TIME IN, DOUBLE TIME. ETC, set for the year


Can not use externally to my knowledge
From. Mobile phone or from home.

Inability to use remotely from phone,home,laptop etc

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  • Modelo de preços: Versão gratuita, Assinatura
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Os clientes habituais do Pacific Timesheet são:

2-10, 11-50, 51-200, 201-500, 501-1.000, 1.001+

O Pacific Timesheet está nos seguintes idiomas:

alemão, chinês, espanhol, francês, inglês, italiano

O Pacific Timesheet é compatível com os seguintes dispositivos:

Android (celular), iPhone (celular), iPad (tablet)

O Pacific Timesheet se integra com os seguintes aplicativos:

123Signup, 15Five, 360 Enterprise Suite, ADP Globalview Payroll, ADP Vantage HCM, ADP Workforce Now, Adaptive Payroll, Anypoint Platform, Ascentis, BambooHR, Epicor ERP, Expensify, FreshBooks, Infor Cloud ERP, Infor HCM, Okta, Oracle Primavera Cloud, TeamPay

O Pacific Timesheet oferece as seguintes opções de suporte:

Email/Help Desk, FAQs/Fórum, Base de conhecimento, Suporte por telefone, 24 horas por dia (representante ao vivo), Bate-papo

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