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Glew is a multichannel eCommerce analytics tool for stores hosted on WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento offering customer insights, merchandise analytics and performance reports for online retailers and digital agencies. Users can connect all the platforms that run their business in one place, and extract, transform, load (ETL) data for seamless cross-channel reporting, and get actionable insights using data visualizations, automated reports, alerts and more.

Glew offers 30+ integrations for eCommerce, point of sale, marketing and advertising, inventory management, shipping, subscriptions, ERP and more. Glew can extract data from all of these sources and store it in intelligent data warehouses, transform it for accurate reporting, and deliver actionable insights to help users grow their business. With advanced analytics for performance, customers, products, marketing channels and more, Glew provides improved access to data, helping users make smarter decisions for their store.

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US$ 948,00/ano

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Principais benefícios do Glew

  • Get more from data with simple, beautiful visualizations for everything from average order value to trending LTV with Glew.

  • Schedule and automate reports for better communication across teams - like a daily snapshot, a high-level performance review or a detailed advertising report.

  • Sync data across various sources automatically every hour to get continuous access to the most updated and accurate information.

  • Add unlimited historical data to see how customers, products or orders are trending with meaningful month-over-month, year-over-year and seasonal comparisons with Glew.

  • Add any team member to Glew - there's no cap on the number of users or seats on accounts.

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    Preços a partir de:

    US$ 948,00/ano

    • Teste Grátis
    • Assinatura


    Performance analytics
    Top products
    Product segments
    Discount analytics
    Facebook advertising analytics
    Subscription analytics
    Customer profiles
    Customer segments
    Report scheduling
    No-code data integrations
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    Captura de tela do Glew: Performance analytics Captura de tela do Glew: Top products Captura de tela do Glew: Product segments Captura de tela do Glew: Discount analytics Captura de tela do Glew: Facebook advertising analytics Captura de tela do Glew: Subscription analytics Captura de tela do Glew: Customer profiles Captura de tela do Glew: Customer segments Captura de tela do Glew: Report scheduling Captura de tela do Glew: No-code data integrations


    Total de recursos do Glew: 30

    • Análise de custos
    • Análise de dados de vendas
    • Análise de dados em tempo real
    • Análise de dados visual
    • Análise de despesas
    • Análise de lucratividade
    • Análise de tendências
    • Análise do histórico
    • Análise financeira
    • Catálogo de produtos
    • Catálogo online
    • Criação de relatórios personalizável
    • Definição de perfil de clientes
    • Descoberta visual
    • Filtragem de dados
    • Geração programada de relatórios
    • Gerenciamento de mala direta
    • Gerenciamento de multicanal
    • Gestão da receita
    • Gestão de comércio eletrônico
    • Gestão do desempenho
    • Integração de comércio eletrônico
    • Múltiplas fontes de dados
    • Painel de atividades
    • Rastreamento de comportamento
    • Rastreamento de vendas
    • Relatórios de desempenho
    • Relatórios e estatística
    • Visualização de dados
    • Visualizações filtradas


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    Jonathan j S.
    Classificação geral
    • Setor: Artigos esportivos
    • Porte da empresa: 501-1.000 funcionários
    • Usado Diariamente durante 6 a 12 meses
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    • Probabilidade de recomendação 9.0 /10

    The best "SNAPSHOT" Solution to Understand your eCommerce Business!

    Avaliado em 16/10/2019

    Glew has been an absolute dream to work with. We started with our rep who later transitioned to our...

    Glew has been an absolute dream to work with. We started with our rep who later transitioned to our primary support contact as well. The team is clearly passionate about the product and it shows. Thier commitment to product development and consumer education is by far my favorite aspect.

    They host regular webinars, not just training on the product but on bigger industry trends in understanding attribution modeling, acquisition tactics and how to incorporate this data into your decision-making and marketing plans.

    This is a huge step plus and helps provide the knowledge and data for you and your team to grow your business.

    Vantagens really excels at thing - putting easy to comprehend dashboards at your fingertips with actionable insights for managing your e-commerce business. Whether it's daily reports for you to act on, or delving into rich history of reports for trends forecasts, Glew thrives in merrying in all data from your connected platforms into an easy to understand and customize report.

    I can quickly see inventory velocity, conversion rate trends, channel marketing gains all coming in from analytics, marketing and CMS system playing together seamlessly.

    What's best, it's great to share and show snippets to stakeholders with ease, but quickly make custom reports or facet down on the data for your day-to-day to find actionable insights to grow your business.

    This is all on top a responsive staff and tech support team that has supported us growing from 1 site to 10 sites in less than a year.


    Like all aggregator data platforms, not everything is supported or can provide all things to all users.

    That said, with 3 months on the platform - Glew surprised us by regular adding new integrations and debuting a new one for Salesforce that help complete the complete Stack for us.

    It's worth noting, Glew does not replace your analytics platforms such as GA, Adobe or built-in reporting with your CMS. It merely enhances them and make the data digestable and multi-faceted by merging all of these sources for new analysis.

    This does require you have your analytics set-up correctly. So make sure GOALs, KPIs and funnels are configured correctly on the primary system or they will just give you bad data once imported into Glew.

    Nihar K.
    Classificação geral
    • Setor: Software
    • Porte da empresa: 11-50 funcionários
    • Usado Diariamente durante Mais de um ano
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    • Suporte ao cliente
    • Probabilidade de recomendação 10.0 /10

    All in one eCommerce strategy planning machine

    Avaliado em 06/12/2018

    As an Shopify Plus Partner agency, our many merchants that are using our white labeled version of...

    As an Shopify Plus Partner agency, our many merchants that are using our white labeled version of the platform ( provides a personal touch - which is awesome. We've dubbed it Roswell Analytics (powered by Glew Plus). It solves our merchants main problem: where should I spend my time and money to get the best ROI. Simply put - Glew provides the answer.


    As an executive in the eCommerce ecosystem, I rarely give a platform 5 stars across the board. However when reps from the Glew platform approached me, he didn't try to sell me on the platform, he worked with me to help empower my merchants to understand how the holistic approach to analytics is the only way to strategically advance your KPIs. As a Shopify Plus Partner, Roswell Studios provides design, development AND strategy / consulting. The Glew platform has enabled us to provide a 4th dimension solution to the age old question - what is working, how and why?

    By connecting a dozen analytics dashboards in one central place, and combining the granular filtering, with profitability gauges (through the input of COGS) - our merchants can assess, with agility, whether to spend more on paid ads, social ads, email marketing, SEO etc. So - instead of having 7 tabs open - exporting to XLS, then using pivot tables and other madness to engage in quantitative analysis - Glew does it for you in a matter of a few clicks. Just connect your eComm platform, Google Analytics, email service provider, Ad Words, Bing Ads, Facebook, Subscription App, Shipping Platform, Rewards Platform etc. - and utilize the built in reports to get going. Custom reports are a cinch. And if our merchants need a more in depth analysis that isn't out of the box - we access MODE to engage in the BI tunnel to create super customized reports (does require development however).


    All of the integrations can initially seem intimidating - and then understanding their attribution model (first order attribution: - and making sense of it versus Google's attribution model (last click) when your merchants are married to GA presented some initial challenges. However, reading further into the science / understanding of the attribution models and educating our merchants proved to be difficult, but eventually rewarding.

    Gary M.
    Classificação geral
    • Setor: E-Learning
    • Porte da empresa: 2-10 funcionários
    • Usado Outro durante 6 a 12 meses
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    Scam Company With Bait & Switch Approach

    Avaliado em 21/02/2020

    One of the worst experiences I have ever had with a company. Buyer beware of bait and switch sales...

    One of the worst experiences I have ever had with a company. Buyer beware of bait and switch sales tactics with slimy contracts.

    Initially when looking at this software we were looking for deep analytics for our new subscription service hosted on Paywhirl. We also have a Shopify store for sales. In the sales calls I was very specific and showed all of the software we used. The sales person said our account manager would be able to set everything up because he couldn't show us what we were asking for. He just cared about getting a sale and passing us off to the account manager. After several months of trying to make the software work, they basically said that it doesn't but they "could make it work with another $4,000-$5,000 in custom development. [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] specifically from Glew was one of the worst people I've ever dealt with. Promised to solve the solution, develop a solution for the issue, and would simply forget to call us back or follow up. So we were left with a piece of expensive software that did NOTHING for what was promised. And they insisted that we would have to continue to pay for the entire year despite the software not serving any function. Why would they want a company who's super unhappy with the products or services and find 0 value in this to continue to be forced to pay for a product or service that provides no value? Another company that over promises and under delivers. I wasn't going to write any review but since I called Amex and stopped all payments .


    Didn't do anything we needed it for and what it was promised to do.


    They wanted an additional $4,000-5,0000 to customize our app after setup because it didn't work with the SOFTWARE THAT THEY SAID IT WOULD WORK WITH.

    Resposta do Glew

    Hi there - this is Abby from Glew. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't had a positive experience with our product. It's our primary goal to make sure all of our clients see value in Glew, and it sounds like there was some miscommunication from the start with your subscription. We'd love to get on a call to figure out a solution. You can email me directly at abby.healy[at] and I'll make sure you're connected with the right person. - Abby

    Nathan B.
    Classificação geral
    • Setor: Varejistas
    • Porte da empresa: 11-50 funcionários
    • Usado Diariamente durante 6 a 12 meses
    • Fonte da avaliação

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    • Probabilidade de recomendação 9.0 /10

    Exactly what we needed

    Avaliado em 14/02/2020

    For the first six months at my company, we quite literally couldn't export sales data [that...

    For the first six months at my company, we quite literally couldn't export sales data [that contained the SKUs] from Magento. We tried everything. No stones were left unturned. Believe me, I know how crazy that sounds. I was completely dumbfounded and frustrated by this for a long time. Consider the wide array of limitations associated with being unable to export *any* historical sales data... Before I found Glew, I used Google Analytics and a custom purchasing dashboard in Magento. neither of which suited our needs very well.
    I have experienced a few issues with Glew and the data veracity and consistent accuracy thereof, but the support team is generally pretty responsive and helpful. Naturally, the more complex the problem, the longer it takes to resolve. The one pain point of Glew is the occasional instability and inaccuracy of data aggregation. Unless I notice sales data that's obviously wrong or new SKUs that are missing, it's highly likely it will fly under the radar, which concerns me. I wish an error code was thrown or a flag raised if data is not aggregating correctly.
    Glew was exactly what our company needed and alleviated a few high priority pain points. Everyone in our company receives the daily snapshot, which is an awesome feature. When it comes to sales and purchasing, I cannot think of one question that arose and was unable to be answered by Glew or exportable data from Glew. I, quite literally, use Glew multiple times every single day. Couldn't live without


    - Glew provides much of the data that we were unable to export from Magento in an easily accessible way.
    - Even people with little or no Glew experience can navigate and utilize for simple tasks, but the capabilities are vast and the features are robust which opens the door to great insights.
    - Bespoke reports can be set to be delivered to your inbox at a specific time.
    - The vast majority of data is exportable in CSV format, so even if Glew doesn't have the report you need, you can export the data and make it yourself.


    - every time we create new products, they are not automatically included in the next import. I typically have to generate a ticket for the Glew team.
    - it is occasionally prone to data aggregation errors . There have been instances where I have noticed sales data is incorrect. With the help of the support team, we always get to the bottom of it, but I wish it was more consistently accurate.

    Jamie S.
    Classificação geral
    • Setor: Varejistas
    • Porte da empresa: 11-50 funcionários
    • Usado Diariamente durante 1 a 5 meses
    • Fonte da avaliação

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    • Probabilidade de recomendação 5.0 /10

    Not meant for small businesses or startups

    Avaliado em 17/09/2020

    During the time we used Glew, it was exceptional insight into our business without having to do too...

    During the time we used Glew, it was exceptional insight into our business without having to do too much digging across multiple applications. It gave us some valuable suggestions to allow us to focus on the right items in our store and reposition our brand.


    Glew has amazing analytics that tell you a few insights that are hard to get anywhere else unless you have a financial analysis on staff. Some things I find incredible are the analytics that actually allow you to see suggestions on different items to offer customers as a bundle deal. You can also see quite easily which items don't bring you enough profit to make it worth advertising and keep focused on only the most profitable items in your store.


    This application is incredible but way too much for any business not bringing in at the very least $50k per year. If you bring in less than this, utilize whatever free tools you can find until then. For medium-larger businesses, this tool seems practically essential.

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    O Glew oferece os seguintes planos de pagamento:

    • A partir de: US$ 948,00/ano
    • Modelo de preços: Assinatura
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    Pricing is based on annual revenue: - Under $1M: $79/month, billed annually at $948/year - $1M-$5M: $249/month, billed annually at $2,988/year - $5M-$10M: $499/month, billed annually at $5,988/year - $10M-$15M: $649/month, billed annually at $7,788/year Discounted pricing available for multi-year contracts. Agency, enterprise or multichannel retailer? Contact us directly for pricing.

    O Glew oferece os seguintes recursos:

    • Analytics dashboards
    • Catalog management
    • Channel analytics
    • Channel profitability analytics
    • Cost of goods sold reporting
    • Customer analytics
    • Customer purchase behavior analytics
    • Daily performance snapshots
    • Data visualization
    • Loyalty program analytics
    • Monthly eCommerce reports
    • Multiple data sources
    • Product analytics
    • Store performance management
    • Trend analysis
    • Weekly updates
    • eCommerce reports

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    ActiveCampaign, BigCommerce, Criteo, Emma, Engagement Cloud, Mailchimp, Pardot, Peoplevox, Shopify, Twitter

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    Suporte por telefone, Suporte online, FAQs, Base de conhecimento, Tutoriais em vídeo

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