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BrainsFirst is an assessment game platform for talent selection. Recruiters in human resources and sports can use the data-driven cognitive testing to support recruitment decision making. The BrainsFirst brain testing is based on neurological scientific research from the University of Amsterdam.

The science-based gamification platform consists of four different games that measure cognitive abilities in a bias-free and challenging way. Recruiters instantly gain insight into performance and applicants are matched to the most appropriate companies and job offers.

Companies can create brain profiles based on the following words: observe, think, decide, act, organize, and workflow. Recruiters decide on the importance of each skill to achieve the best cognitive fit in their organizations, depending on whether they prefer a candidate to be direct, analytical, persistent, practical, or intuitive.

Applicants will receive an invitation from the recruiting company to enter the cognitive games on the connected NeurOlympics platform. The candidates will indirectly get tested on dozens of aspects of their brain. As a result, recruiters can get a better picture of the applicants’ stress response, working memory, organization skills, or setback reactions.


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BrainsFirst insights dashboard
BrainsFirst candidate profile
BrainsFirst insight page
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Captura de tela do BrainsFirst: BrainsFirst insights dashboard Captura de tela do BrainsFirst: BrainsFirst candidate profile Captura de tela do BrainsFirst: BrainsFirst insight page


Total de recursos do BrainsFirst: 25

  • Acompanhamento de atividades
  • Análise de dados em tempo real
  • Aquisição de talentos
  • Avaliação de habilidades
  • Comparação de candidatos
  • Corresponder e fundir
  • Gamificação
  • Gestão de RH
  • Gestão de avaliações
  • Gestão de candidatos
  • Gestão de candidaturas de emprego
  • Gestão de leads
  • Gestão de recrutamento e seleção
  • Gestão de trabalhos
  • Indicadores de desempenho
  • Painel de atividades
  • Qualificação de leads
  • Rastreamento de trabalho
  • Relatórios e análise de dados
  • Relatórios e estatística
  • Relatórios em tempo real
  • Teste de performance
  • Testes de aptidão
  • Testes e avaliações
  • Testes para candidatos



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