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FluidDraw is a machine and plant documentation tool that allows users to create pneumatic and electric schematic diagrams using tools such as a drag and drop interface, extensive symbol library, built-in circuit elements, and various other documentation tools. Businesses within production industries can use FluidDraw to manage and document plant and machine processes using sketching and diagram tools.

FluidDraw allows users to standardize documentation for machines and systems using tools such as a neutral pneumatic symbol library, intelligence equipment identification, circuit diagram creation, geometric drawing elements, project structuring and organization, reporting, product data storage, and more. Businesses can access pre-built Festo catalogs of symbols, diagrams, and more, as well as import their own custom databases, and benefit from reporting functions and pre-prepared assembly drawings.

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Principais benefícios do FluidDraw

• FluidDraw is easy to use and intuitive for creating pneumatic and electric circuit diagrams
• A symbol library according to ISO 1219-1 and EN 60617 is included.
• The Festo product range is already integrated, but other catalogs can be added as well.


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FluidDraw diagram models
FluidDraw symbol library
FluidDraw templates
FluidDraw schematic diagram creation
FluidDraw drawing frame editor
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FluidDraw - Vídeo
FluidDraw - Vídeo
Captura de tela do FluidDraw: FluidDraw diagram models Captura de tela do FluidDraw: FluidDraw symbol library Captura de tela do FluidDraw: FluidDraw templates Captura de tela do FluidDraw: FluidDraw schematic diagram creation Captura de tela do FluidDraw: FluidDraw drawing frame editor


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  • Biblioteca de imagens
  • Fluxo de trabalho configurável
  • Gerenciamento de documentos
  • Gestão de conformidade
  • Gestão de dados do produto
  • Gestão do design
  • Importação/exportação de dados
  • Interface para arrastar e soltar
  • Listas de materiais
  • Modelos de projetos
  • Modelos personalizáveis
  • Planejamento de projetos
  • Relatórios de resumos
  • Vários idiomas


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FluidDraw is available through an annual subscription (FluidDraw 365) or a one-time purchase (FluidDraw P6). Both license models offer the same software. Contact Festo for more detailed pricing information.

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