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HitFilm Express is an on-premise video editing solution designed for the novice as well as professional video content creators such as directors, video editors, gamers, YouTubers, and filmmakers. The software includes modules such as VFX effects, audio hard limiter effects, composite shot enhancements, particle simulator, compositor’s toolkit, and more.

HitFilm Express provides a track locking functionality that allows users to work on multiple layers and track changes on the individual layers. Particle systems technique improves the quality of the content, films, or gaming videos by transforming geometrical shapes into fractal distortion such as mountains, clouds, fire, and more.

Using the footage repair feature with masking and retouch tools, users can hide specific objects while visually enhancing the outlook of the clip. Additionally, color correction and grading involve the vectorscope viewer to understand different color tones and adjust the color, saturation, and white balance in the clip.


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HitFilm Express 2D and 3D layering
HitFilm Express blurring effect
HitFilm Express transitions editing
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Captura de tela do HitFilm Express: HitFilm Express 2D and 3D layering Captura de tela do HitFilm Express: HitFilm Express blurring effect Captura de tela do HitFilm Express: HitFilm Express transitions editing


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  • Compatibilidade com vários formatos
  • Importação/exportação de dados
  • Painel de atividades


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3,3 /5
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Mersen G.
Classificação geral
  • Setor: Automação industrial
  • Porte da empresa: 10.000+ funcionários
  • Usado Mensal durante Mais de dois anos
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Praticidade
  • Suporte ao cliente
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 7.0 /10


Avaliado em 13/10/2020

It has really given me the opportunity to understand vfx and compositing a lot better. A lot of the...

It has really given me the opportunity to understand vfx and compositing a lot better. A lot of the films I've made over the years would never have been possible without this software's amazing rotoscoping U.I and compositing features. With regards to just the editing side of things, it's not really for me. However, it has never crashed before. Even when I did a 10 minute video which used about 10 different composite shots it still rendered without a fault.


One word: Rotoscoping. Nothing, and I mean nothing (that's free), can beat the rotoscoping tools that Hitfilm Express offers. I love the entire U.I for rotoscoping- it's simple and easy to use. Other free softwares like Davinci Resolve offer the same feature but don't come close to how easy it is to composite a vfx shot in Hitfilm Express. Another pro is its FREE vfx library. They offer almost everything- from fires to explosions to lightning. All come with endless settings to adjust them to your liking. Want your explosion to be larger? No problem. Want more smoke? Sure. Want more BOOM? You can change that too. It's hard to come by a free software with such vfx functionality like Hitfilm Express. Another pro is the tracker U.I. I find it so easy to use it when I need text to stay in one place in the shot. Just to get that professional look, you know?


Features are a bit limited. They really want you to buy the full paid version (Hitfilm) so if you use too many vfx options or features as a whole, your video gets watermarked. The editing side of the software is also not the best out there. I find the U.I to be rather unappealing in design and functionality. Another con, and probably the biggest one for me, is the intrusive export error that I sometimes get after using it for a while. This means that I have to save, exit the software and re-enter it for it to work.

David G.
Classificação geral
  • Setor: Gestão da educação
  • Porte da empresa: 1.001-5.000 funcionários
  • Usado Semanal durante 1 a 5 meses
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Praticidade
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 8.0 /10

Review of HitFilm Express

Avaliado em 13/11/2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, I had to do some editing and I found HitFilm Express to be very...

At the beginning of the pandemic, I had to do some editing and I found HitFilm Express to be very easy to do quality editing.


The free express version offers a lot of useful features and is quick to learn. The quality of the interface makes the software pleasant to use.


Compared to other editing software, I had to import VOB files that were not possible to do so. I have to convert the file to be able to work with it.

Chris P.
Classificação geral
  • Setor: Varejistas
  • Porte da empresa: 2-10 funcionários
  • Usado Semanal durante Mais de dois anos
  • Fonte da avaliação

Classificação geral

  • Relação qualidade/preço
  • Praticidade
  • Probabilidade de recomendação 0.0 /10

save your work! constantly crashes

Avaliado em 20/02/2021

at first it seemed nice to get a free version of what seemed to be a sophisticated program. but...

at first it seemed nice to get a free version of what seemed to be a sophisticated program. but it's really a nightmare and an attempt to get you to pay for upgrades. but why would I put money into something that performs so poorly at the most basic level? nice try.


it's free, so you get what you pay for. you get basic editing features so if you're keeping it simple this might work for you.


it seems the purpose of the free version is to get you to pay for the upgrade and/or purchase add-ons. this version is constantly crashing and freezing so SAVE YOUR WORK. TIP: you can set it to automatically save every 5 mins but I'd suggest manually saving every 2 mins! And you will find a ridiculous lack of safeguards like sliding new video over existing EDITED video will erase the edited video instead of pushing/sliding it over. I thought this was digital editing?!

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