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O amoCRM é uma solução intuitiva de gestão de vendas e leads para pequenas e médias empresas. Ao contrário de outras ferramentas, ele pode ser configurado em apenas alguns minutos. O amoCRM é centrado no usuário, tem foco central no design interativo e na personalização para uma automação de vendas sem esforço. Os usuários podem arrastar e soltar leads em diferentes status, criar campos personalizados dinamicamente e configurar ações acionadas por comportamento com apenas alguns cliques.

Como administradores, os usuários podem adicionar novos usuários ao amoCRM com rapidez e alterar suas configurações e permissões de gestão de usuários com facilidade para que os dados permaneçam sempre seguros. Use o aplicativo para iPhone ou Android para acompanhar as notas e tarefas enquanto estiver em trânsito. O amoCRM também se integra a outros excelentes serviços, como MailChimp, Mandrill, Wufoo, Zendesk, Dropbox, Zapier, entre outros, para melhorar o fluxo de trabalho do usuário. O amoCRM oferece gestão de contatos e leads, bem como tarefas, anotações e sincronização de e-mail bidirecional. Outros recursos do amoCRM incluem um painel e KPIs, pipeline digital e análise de vendas.


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Ásia, Austrália, Brasil, Canadá, China e outros 5, Europa, Alemanha, Índia, Japão, América Latina


Inglês, Russo, Espanhol

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amoCRM Allows me to Effectively Communicate With Customers

Usado Diariamente durante Mais de dois anos
Avaliado em 26/10/2018
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

Definitely try it out for yourself, great program!


I manage a lot of accounts for different clients. Since we can’t choose our accounts and are assigned to designated clients, we need to know how to deal with people. Every client is different and unique, which means you have to adapt to their style and needs. I truly rely on amoCRM for obtaining customer information, using social media management features and progress tracking. This software enables me to launch a campaign and gain leads. This software allows me to communicate effectively with my clients and keeps me right on track with what steps to take.


Frankly, I think the program offers too many features which can be quite confusing. I haven’t tried all the features because I only use the ones that will help me in my job.
Not technically a con, but it feels a bit crowded.

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Anastasia Z.
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Great storage solution

Usado Diariamente durante Mais de um ano
Avaliado em 19/05/2019
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra


I work as a web application developer and use the platform mainly for communication with colleagues and for accessing various documents of our company. If the platform is viewed as cloud storage, then amoCRM is the perfect solution. Using the platform, you can save on third-party storage.


Developers should refine the interface, make it more humane: remove unnecessary tools from the main menu, simplify attaching files to cards.

Resposta do QSOFT

Hi, Anastasia,

Thanks for your feedback!

It's awesome that you found amoCRM a perfect storage solution as well as a good tool for internal communication. As it's not an ordinary use case for our product, we'd love to make a short interview with your company representative. If there's an opportunity to do that, please, contact our marketing specialist at [email protected]

Thanks for your comment regarding the product's interface. We'll work more on making it as convenient as possible.

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Brian møller J.
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Clarity, Complexity into Simplicity. Organized. Time for content instead of Administration

Usado Semanal durante 1 a 5 meses
Avaliado em 12/02/2018
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

I finally have the needed tool to give my customer service as I desired. I can finally correct the long processes into specific steps and see where the exact improvement is needed for the results we aim for.

It helps to have a clear plan and easy of access for all employees to collaborate on. This benefits the intern communication and makes an administrative task a lighthearted assignment and joyful instead of draining and complicated.


I love the functionalities. They are seemingly endless and can be integrated to any already setup softwares. It integrates all in one package, management into a single tool for overview and simplicity.

I can launch a whole campaign, inform co-workers for tasks and have it replicated within a minute.
There is access to all parts of the process from receiving customers on homepage, phonecall or facetoface.
And then you simply put it into the system and have a precise engagement to any customer and their unique connection with my company.

I can finally deliver the customer service and build the relationships as deep and interactive as I desired. To build trust, accountability, unique care and personalized treatment to each and everyone that will benefit.

I have clarity in the process, can improve and see statistics to each and every step on the path. Improvement is now a actuality not a wish or dream. And it makes it easy to do so as well.


Well, the software has so many functions and abilities, it takes a while to engage the whole team into all of its areas and ways. I'd like a function to turn on specific features only as a startup and then move into advanced features instead of having it all at once.

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Алексей М.
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Excel vs amoCRM

Avaliado em 16/12/2015
Fonte da avaliação: GetApp

Our office has five people. The entire customer base was carried out in Excel. That is about 1,500 clients.
database has been stolen several times by managers , who then opened their businesses.
Theft was impossible to track down. After implementing the amoCRM system , we have set up access to the customer base for managers.
And it became possible to ensure the safety of the most valuable - the customer base.
After the implementation of amoCRM , we have begun to see how many calls , tasks , emails processes manager.
And then we fired 2 manager. Since they only create the appearance of work.
It all began to count. Connect IP telephony and listened to the conversations of managers.
We implemented service quality and could boost sales by controlling the work.
Previously, there was chaos - once called the client. Then promised to call back , but did not call back.
Now in the amoCRM system we could see , whether the task on to customers , what is the result of conversation and other important performance.
Why amoCRM? This system is self-embeddable. Initially I bought one account and gave it to the manager.
He understood the system and 2 weeks after he could not work without the amoCRM. It is very convenient. Safely. And most importantly - easy!
The world will never be the same again . After using amoCRM - we will never go back to Excel.

Resposta do QSOFT LLC

Mr. Marinov! We are very grateful for such a detailed review of our system. We are also pleased that we could benefit your business!

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Galina R.
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amoCRM really helps to increase sales.

Avaliado em 17/12/2015
Fonte da avaliação: GetApp

We introduced the system to the company in early 2015.
(for reference : iTrack - Web - studio on the market since 2004)
You understand that we have a crisis in Russia , the rise in prices and etc., so we and other
companies dont have founds for promotion, and therefore sales fell.
Then we decided to implement CRM. First set Bitriks24 and were disappointed.
Enterprise Portal and Communications within the company organizes smartly,
but work with clients was not comfortable. Then we decided to put amoCRM.
It was a breath of fresh air. In Bitriks24
In Bitrikse24 managers were forced themselves to enter data into the CRM, to have analytics.
In amoCRM you work with pleasure, this system reall helps you in sales.
Analytics is at the high level. Though personally to us the standard options in analytics is not enough.
Then we decided to modify the system on our own. We had some qualified programmers in our
company, so it wasnt difficult, and we have modified system for our requirements.
We liked this app and to modify it so much, that we became amoCRM partners. And now we help
other companies to increase and automate their sales.

Life hack to work with support: usually the time for consideration of treatment is three hours.
If the task is urgent, please send your request in the support, and when you will know
number of your ticket, call to the support and say your ticket number, then ask them to
expedite time of the consideration.

Resposta do QSOFT LLC

Ms. Romanenkova! Thank you for your review!
We are very pleased that your company is our Partner and that our system has helped you to develop your business.

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Preço do amoCRM

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US$ 15,00/mês
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Recursos do amoCRM

  • API
  • Acompanhamento de atividades
  • Banco de dados de contatos
  • Banco de dados do cliente
  • Campos personalizados
  • Criação de relatórios personalizável
  • Gestão de calendários
  • Importação/exportação de dados
  • Integração de CRM
  • Integração de e-mail
  • Integração de redes sociais
  • Integração de terceiros
  • Integração do celular
  • Lembretes automáticos
  • Modelos personalizáveis
  • Notificações automáticas
  • Painel de atividades
  • Relatórios e estatística

  • Imagem de marca personalizável
  • Pagamentos eletrônicos

Perguntas frequentes sobre o amoCRM

Abaixo estão algumas perguntas frequentes sobre o amoCRM.

P: Que tipo de planos o amoCRM oferece?

O amoCRM oferece os seguintes planos de pagamento:

A partir de: US$ 15,00/mês

Modelo de preços: Assinatura

Avaliação gratuita: Disponível

P: Quais são os principais recursos do amoCRM?

Não temos informações sobre os recursos do amoCRM.

P: Quem costuma usar o amoCRM?

Os clientes habituais do amoCRM são:

Autônomos, Grandes empresas, Empresas de médio porte, Sem fins lucrativos, Pequenas empresas

P: Em que idioma o amoCRM está?

O amoCRM está nos seguintes idiomas:

Inglês, Russo, Espanhol

P: Que tipo de planos o amoCRM oferece?

O amoCRM tem os seguintes planos de preços:


P: O amoCRM é compatível com disponíveis móveis?

O amoCRM é compatível com os seguintes dispositivos:

Android, iPhone

P: O amoCRM se integra com quais outros aplicativos?

O amoCRM se integra com os seguintes aplicativos:

Akita, JivoChat, Kixie, Landingi, LiveChat, Mailchimp, Ringostat, SendPulse, Tidio, Zendesk

P: Que nível de suporte o amoCRM oferece?

O amoCRM oferece as seguintes opções de suporte:

Base de conhecimento, Suporte online, Suporte por telefone, Tutoriais em vídeo