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O NetSuite é um pacote de software líder mundial de gestão empresarial em nuvem, feito especificamente para as necessidades de empresas de alto crescimento e médio porte. O NetSuite ajuda a automatizar operações, otimizar processos, diminuir os custos e a complexidade de TI e melhorar a visibilidade em tempo real de toda a empresa, fornecendo um software na web completo para todos os principais processos de negócios, incluindo planejamento de recursos empresariais (ERP)/contábeis, gestão de estoques, gestão do relacionamento com o cliente (CRM), automação de serviços profissionais (PSA) e comércio eletrônico.

O NetSuite é a solução de ERP em nuvem mais implantada no mundo, usada por mais de 40.000 organizações em mais de 160 países. O NetSuite ERP oferece uma solução moderna e escalável para executar todas as principais operações de back-office e processos de negócios financeiros na nuvem. Desde recursos abrangentes de gestão financeira que incluem soluções sofisticadas de gestão de receita e faturamento até gestão de estoque, cadeia de fornecimento e armazém, o NetSuite capacita empresas de todos os portes e setores, em todas as partes do mundo, a gerar inovação e crescimento. A inteligência comercial integrada e a geração de relatórios e análises em tempo real equipam as organizações com uma única versão da verdade e geram uma tomada de decisão melhor e mais rápida.

A solução de gestão financeira do NetSuite é usada por milhares de organizações de vários setores para gerenciar suas necessidades de contabilidade. O software acelera o fechamento financeiro, fornece uma forte gestão de despesas, oferece gestão de receita simplificada e auditável e garante visibilidade completa em tempo real do desempenho financeiro da empresa.


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Ásia, Austrália, Canadá, China, Europa e outros 5, Alemanha, Japão, América Latina, África e Oriente Médio, Reino Unido


Chinês (simplificado), Chinês (tradicional), Danês, Holandês, Inglês e outros 12, Francês, Alemão, Indonésio, Italiano, Japonês, Coreano, Português, Russo, Espanhol, Sueco, Taiwanês, Tailandês

NetSuite - Avaliações

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Great Cloud Based System

Usado Diariamente durante Mais de dois anos
Avaliado em 29/08/2019
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

It just made everything faster and more efficient. Purchase Orders, Invoices, reports could all be done electronically and without much effort. There was a system log to hold people accountable. Anything late, altered, changed, etc could be seen and noted(date, person, and time down to the second). Departments no longer had to wait for a meeting to know their budgets. They could log in and see the numbers in real time. The customer service team always responded fast and helped me with the problems I had. We could also store invoices and check copies onto their secured server. So basically this helped the office become more efficient while going green.


That it is cloud based. This helped me solve a lot of problems when I was not physically in my office. If I was sick, on vacation, or away from the office at night I could still answer questions. I didn't need to drive in and log into the software that was on the company server.


There is a lot to the system. While it can most likely do everything you need it to, there is also a learning curb that comes with it. Some of it can be self taught, while others can be covered via a youtube video. For other issues you need help on you would need to contact the customer service team. So basically the thing I liked least was that there is so much that sometimes it is hard to find what you need.

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NetSuite - Great ERP for mid-size/private companies

Usado Diariamente durante Mais de um ano
Avaliado em 06/03/2019
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

NetSuite is great overall. We have reliable numbers and the ability to create a search or report to facilitate data analysis. We have been able to automate a lot of processes (expenses, amortization, sales tax) and the interface is generally user-friendly.


NetSuite is scalable. I've used NetSuite at a company that was doing $200M+ in revenue and a company that is at $60M in revenue. I also really enjoy that NetSuite can be almost completely customized to your industry and business. NetSuite provides for a lot of automation of processes that Quickbooks cannot handle. It is also a better source of record-keeping as everything is somewhat seamlessly connected.

The batch upload of journal entries/transactions and upload in general is extremely useful and saves so much time.

My previous company used the Fixed Asset Module which was great for record keeping and for systematically recording amortization on a monthly basis. This was also extremely useful to ensure that our policy was uploaded as the amortization rule set, reducing errors in the amount of amortization per asset. The ability to report on the total assets and have their history in one spot proved useful for our audit.

Currently, we are implementing rules for 606 and the multi-book and ARM add-ons have proven very useful for our reporting purposes. I really enjoy NetSuite's use of rules for transactions as they can vary from company to company and item sku to item sku.

I love the saved search function too! So much flexibility for creating reports helps us create reports for month-end reconciliation purposes.


SuiteAnswers has a terrible algorithm for their search bar. The system is also not as intuitive as others since the actual home screen itself is customized by role. We have also run into the need for an consultant/more technical administrator to provide working scripts for some of our reporting. People with NetSuite should not expect the system to do everything perfectly, sadly the call center is far less helpful than the US-based consultants at NetSuite. However, you can always escalate to your sales rep.

Our solution is hosted and at times runs slower than I would prefer. I wonder if there is a way to increase the speed at which we can click through multiple cells or post a large amount of journal entries.

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After you climb a steep learning curve, NetSuite is incredibly powerful.

Usado Diariamente durante Mais de dois anos
Avaliado em 09/01/2018
Fonte da avaliação: Capterra

We were able to have a single source of truth for our customer, vendor lists, for inventory, and for financials. Once our system was implemented, gaps analyzed and filled, and users trained, NetSuite has been an effective platform for our business.


NetSuite is an extremely powerful and inclusive package of applications that are extremely well-integrated.

For SMBs who've outgrown Quickbooks or other "smaller" accounting packages, it's a major improvement.

For manufacturing concerns looking to gain more traction and control over their processes, it is far beyond what lower-priced ERP systems provide. Again, it us a major improvement.

NetSuite is extremely extensible through external interfaces, 3rd party add-ons, internal scripting and through customizations.

Implemented correctly, it is relatively fast, and with its browser-based interface, there are no client issues and never any need for IT to upgrade a client version on every workstation because a new feature-set has been implemented.

It's CRM is adequate, useful, and given NetSuite's signature internal integration, it is easy to implement an effective lead-to-cash system.

The ecosystem also has multiple vendors who sell integration services, for example, there are a number of SalesForce to Netsuite integration partners who can (relatively) quickly connect the two systems. On the backside, the same is true of many popular shipping, warehouse management and other packages. Or, you can roll your own JSON connectivity.


NetSuite is not easily deployed, and requires expertise to get things mostly right the first time. They address this in their ecosystem by encouraging customers to work with NetSuite partners -- VAR firms that have undergone certifications -- to deploy the system.

There is a steep learning curve, even for system analysts familiar with other ERP, CRM and web commerce platforms.

There is a saying in the NetSuite community that is very true: "you can do anything with NetSuite, but it is going to cost you." Those costs may be development hours for internal developers, fees paid to partners, license costs for addons and integrations, etc. etc. Count on it with any major NS effort.

NetSuite is usually quite reliable, but it can and will "get slow" from time to time, and there are infrequent outages that can last a few minutes to an hour or more. These never come at a good time (is there ever a good time?) and getting information regarding status of repairs can be frustrating.

Free advice: vett your NetSuite partner carefully, and make sure that they can and will provide effective ongoing support. Some firms are better than others at this, and it is a good question to ask references before you hire anyone.

Plan on your implementation taking longer than you expect. This is true with most ERP implementations, NetSuite included.

Support from the company itself can be an exercise in frustration, but persistence and insistence can really help.

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Martin K.
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a NetSuite view from the perspective of a user and partner

Usado Diariamente durante Mais de dois anos
Avaliado em 07/11/2017
Fonte da avaliação: GetApp


multi anything:

- multi tennancy
- multi currency
- multi language

absolute flexibilty / release secure customisation

ALL in ONE product for ALL industries *** real/public CLOUD

- Accounting
- financials
- controlling
- reporting
- KPIs
- recurring billing
- bank reconciliation
- credit card statement import
- LEAD to CASH process
- PROCUREMENT to PAY process
- inventory
Project management

- 2 x major release changes per year
- since ~20 years
- for 15000 "logos" = 40000+ clients


Customer does not need a special expertise to use NetSuite. An internal NetSuite admin can be trained - she/he needs to have some ERP-economical background through - sure.

interface / API / development plattform "in the cloud"

Whatever is not fully included so far can be "attached" e.g.

global HR
- no ERP with accounting on earth has an HR product fully integrated that can cover the same amount of counties as expected from the accounting side of view. Too many regulations.

same with PAYROLE

and BI
- the BI requirements are too diversified that 1 product can cover all. Eithger the internal NetSuite tools will do the job or you attach whatever suits best

and eCommerce
- NetSuite has kind of a "simple" webshop and a SUPER DUPER webshop named SCA = SuiteCommerce Advance that can do everything you need.

Rule of thumb with pricing: probably a 5th to a 10th of the price of DEMANDWARE or HYBRIS but INCLUDING webdesign AND fully integrated REAL TIME solution


Maybe performance - does not apply in all countries and is very dependant on the amount of individual scripting/programming in the individual system. This can be monitored and maintenanced but still needs to be done.

Not as "chique" as "best of bread" solutions

The overall ERP problem: make users in their various roles aware of all the options they have ... in most case an internal problem which of course refelcts to supporting professional providersevice

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Full Featured Cloud Based Solution

Avaliado em 25/02/2016
Fonte da avaliação: GetApp

Our company performed a lengthy evaluation of ERP solutions to move to in order to enhance our capabilities and support our expanding business. NetSuite offered the most robust cloud solution at the lowest price (best value solution). We are an import/export wholesale distributor with the need for multi-company, multi-currency capabilities. We have five separate legal entities with three primary operating entities and use public warehousing (more than 15 locations), so being able to report on an individual and consolidated basis was essential. Despite these needs, we are a small company in terms of employees (less than 25). NetSuite's OneWorld product was key to meeting our needs and as a cloud based solution we can maintain with limited staff. As the Controller I am the main administrator of our NetSuite solution, with no IT staff. NetSuite has delivered on their promise, providing a robust solution that provides a full-featured dashboard to monitor key performance indicators, easy secure access from anywhere, mobile capabilities, robust reporting capabilities and very customizable to meet business needs.


Easy to use.
Can be set-up and running in a short time-frame (90 to 120 days).
Good, proven implementation method that essentially is done with remote support via web-ex sessions.
Full featured dashboard with short-cuts
Email alerts to keep you informed of key data changes or approvals needed
Web storefront
Very easy to customize or configure to meet your business needs
Robust reporting
Easy navigation with short-cuts and global (Google) type search capabilities for finding transactions, communications, customer, vendor or employee records.
Always updated to latest version (version updates twice year)
Can fully support with no IT staff, making use of NetSuite support as needed, however, most questions and issues can be resolved by using NetSuite's SuiteAnswers self-service solution area and extensive online help that is part of the ERP system.
Great online training tools


Support is responsive, but depending on level of support purchased can take awhile to get answers and issues resolved. We have Silver Support which is limited to submitting cases on-line and waiting for NetSuite support to respond by email or call. NetSuite does assign an Account Manager who can be contacted by phone anytime to help expedite support issues as needed.
Complex system that is very configurable to meet your needs, but this creates a lot of noise as there are many things you may not need or use, making the software somewhat confusing and cumbersome to use at times.
Must have good internet connection and bandwidth to ensure good performance. Uptime is high (99.8%), but when not working all you can do is monitor and wait for NetSuite to fix issues. Longest downtime we've had is 45 minutes.

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Preço do NetSuite

A partir de
US$ 499,00/mês
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Recursos do NetSuite

  • API
  • Dados em tempo real
  • Gerenciamento de faturas
  • Gestão de conformidade
  • Gestão de estoques
  • Gestão do fluxo de trabalho
  • Importação/exportação de dados
  • Painel de atividades
  • Rastreamento de estoque
  • Registro de auditoria

  • Acompanhamento de atividades
  • Armazenamento de documentos
  • Auditoria
  • Campos personalizados
  • Criação de relatórios personalizável
  • Integração de terceiros
  • Monitoramento
  • Notificações automáticas
  • Relatórios e estatística
  • Relatórios em tempo real


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Perguntas frequentes sobre o NetSuite

Abaixo estão algumas perguntas frequentes sobre o NetSuite.

P: Que tipo de planos o NetSuite oferece?

O NetSuite oferece os seguintes planos de pagamento:

A partir de: US$ 499,00/mês

Modelo de preços: Assinatura

Avaliação gratuita: Não disponível

P: Quais são os principais recursos do NetSuite?

Não temos informações sobre os recursos do NetSuite.

P: Quem costuma usar o NetSuite?

Os clientes habituais do NetSuite são:

Grandes empresas, Empresas de médio porte, Pequenas empresas

P: Em que idioma o NetSuite está?

O NetSuite está nos seguintes idiomas:

Chinês (simplificado), Chinês (tradicional), Danês, Holandês, Inglês, Francês, Alemão, Indonésio, Italiano, Japonês, Coreano, Português, Russo, Espanhol, Sueco, Taiwanês, Tailandês

P: Que tipo de planos o NetSuite oferece?

O NetSuite tem os seguintes planos de preços:


P: O NetSuite é compatível com disponíveis móveis?

O NetSuite é compatível com os seguintes dispositivos:

Android, iPhone, iPad

P: O NetSuite se integra com quais outros aplicativos?

O NetSuite se integra com os seguintes aplicativos:

BambooHR,, Daptiv PPM, EasyEvent, InterWeave Quickbooks Integration, InterWeave integration with Quickbooks, InterWeave Smart Payment Gateway, InterWeave SugarCRM integration with Quickbooks, InterWeave eMail Gateway, SnapLogic

P: Que nível de suporte o NetSuite oferece?

O NetSuite oferece as seguintes opções de suporte:

Base de conhecimento, Suporte online, Suporte por telefone, Tutoriais em vídeo