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eStudio's online office software tools are designed for any business that wishes to increase productivity and improve communications between workers and clients. Currently eStudio's software are being utilized by: Publishers, Realtors, Architects, Software Developers, SEO companies, Property Managers, Financial Management Firms, Graphic Designers, Video Production Facilities, Educators, Web Designers, Software Developers, Public Sector Administrators, Public Relation Firms, Building Contractors, Advertising Agencies, Trade Show Exhibit Builders, Event Planners and many other types of businesses.

Our collaboration tools include:

* WorkSpace - user restricted folders and document management
* Review and Approval - workflow tool
* Version Control - sign out files to control versioning
* Discussion Boards - community building - knowledge base
* Live Chat - secure with saved transcript
* Finances - to track budgets and expenses
* Company Calendar - share company events among users
* Personal Calendar - to track schedules and next-step responsibilities
* Scheduler Calendar - set schedules for other
* Calendar Export - export calendar events for easy import into Outlook
* Publish Calendar - share company events with visitors to your website
* Contact Manager - user restricted folders with contact notes
User Administration - create users, set privileges
eStudio Customizations - customize the color scheme of your eStudio
Messaging Administration - manage and customize email notifications
Presentations - create slide shows
Polling - let your group vote on logos, policies
Projects - user based project management simplified
Supervisor Report - get granular reports on active projects
Gantt Chart - draw visual representations of all tasks in your projects
Issue Reporting - communicate obstacles among project users
WorkLog Recording - record hours and description of activities
WebLinks - create secure links to important web pages and blogs
Access Logs - know who logged in to work and when they logged out
Vault - private secure FTP upload areas
Reception - Add Messages to turn your Reception area into a portal
eTeams - custom distribution lists to control access and send email alerts
Client Extranets - secondary eStudios to keep each clients portfolio separate
Online Back-up - use our FTP tools to backup business critical files
QuikNotes - intranet based post-it notes
RSS Reader - aggregate feeds from many sites into one place for users
Sceen Sharing - share your computer screen with up to 10 participants at once
eTraining - conduct training seminars using powerpoint presentations and videos
Webcam Conferencing - make eye contact with 10 webcam users at onceSame-Page eStudio combines project management software, document management software, calendar software and contact management software so your business, NFP or adhoc group can improve work flow and enhances communication between work groups and clients.

eStudio is cloud based software and very scalable. eStudio includes 30+ easy-to-use features including document management, file sharing, online calendars, online contact management, and project management software. eStudio's online office software tools are designed for any business that wishes to increase productivity and improve communications between workers and clients. eStudio is easily customized, each user will see the features that are appropriate for them and their business needs. Start with eStudio 7. Need more power? Trade up to eStudio Pro and get more storage, more projects and more FTP spaces. If storage, privacy and security is of concern eStudio eXtreme can be configured with SSL certificates and isolated hard drives


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US$ 59,00/mês
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Avaliado em 27/12/2016
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This product does so many things. I started out needing scheduling tool but a year later I was loving the project management tool also. My creative/marketing dept uses it for review and approval for our ad campaigns. The subscription price is cheap and customer support is five star.


Easy to manage many users. Each person only sees their assignment, schedules, files etc.


No app but frankly the actions I need to do are not really suitable in an app. BTW I can log in from any smart device.

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Preço do eStudio

A partir de
US$ 59,00/mês
Opções de preços
Avaliação gratuita
Relação qualidade/preço

$59 per month - Unlimited User subscription model

Recursos do eStudio

  • Projeções

  • API
  • Acompanhamento de atividades
  • Armazenamento de documentos
  • Bate-papo
  • Comentários
  • Controle do acesso
  • Espaço de trabalho colaborativo
  • Ferramentas de colaboração
  • Função de busca
  • Gerenciamento de arquivos
  • Gerenciamento de documentos
  • Gestão da comunicação
  • Gestão de permissões
  • Imagem de marca personalizável
  • Integração de terceiros
  • Interface para arrastar e soltar
  • Notificações automáticas
  • Painel de atividades
  • Segurança de SSL

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Principais recursos do eStudio

  • Cloud based
  • Scalable
  • Unlimited users

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P: Que tipo de planos o eStudio oferece?

O eStudio oferece os seguintes planos de pagamento:

A partir de: US$ 59,00/mês

Modelo de preços: Assinatura

Avaliação gratuita: Disponível

$59 per month - Unlimited User subscription model

P: Quais são os principais recursos do eStudio?

O eStudio oferece os seguintes recursos:

  • Cloud based
  • Scalable
  • Unlimited users

P: Quem costuma usar o eStudio?

Os clientes habituais do eStudio são:

Autônomos, Sem fins lucrativos, Administrações públicas, Pequenas empresas

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